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So, fa/tg/uys and ca/tg/irls, in your opinion, why are there so few girls involved in... well, traditional games? I know my gaming group has had... Five girls in 2 years. Only one came to more than 5 sessions (at once a week on multi-year campaigns, this is short term business), and she later went batshit insane.

Most of us are in committed relationships. Me and one other person are the exception, but the other is nigh asexual, and I make a conscious effort NOT to hit on/flirt with/show off to/fuck them so shit's not awkward. So it's not the "bastards only ever hit on me" syndrome. In fact, it's more like they just aren't interested at all. I remember at one point we were overflowing with players (think 25+ people jostling for a seat at a 6 person table each week. HELL), but not a one was female.

Has your group encountered this? Is your table the exact opposite? Why do you think this might happen?
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My friend's girlfriend joined our group a month ago, before then we hadn't had any females playing with us. Granted, we haven't even been gaming together for six months yet. She's really the only one of us the puts any effort into roleplaying aside from me, and she's actually pretty cool.

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It's not the sort of thing that caters to their tastes.

Same reason there's not swaths of guys thinking that Twilight is the next big thing...

...and although Sewing doesn't exactly have Double-X-Chromosome requirements, it's also a skill heavily dominated by the (elderly) ladies.

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I've been gaming with the same group of people for the last 5 years. One of them is a girl, so I haven't had a no girls in the d&d game experience. But I do see that the male to female ratio to traditional games as a whole is seems to be disproportionately skewed to more males than females. I'm really not sure why.

Also: I see your cute puppy and raise you mine

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Here's a fun thought: how cultural do you think that is, and how much of that is biological? NATURE VS. NURTURE DAMNIT.

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Your dog means nothing OP. I have seen the endtimes and now you will too...

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.... Peppy? Is that you?

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I don't know what the issue is. My last group was mostly women, and the Faerun game I'll be running this summer, aside from me it'll be all women unless somebody brings boyfriends/husbands.

Personally I think it's mostly a failure of marketing. And that most neckbeards have few female friends to introduce to the hobby. Most of my gaming gets done outside of traditional circles, with friends rather than strangers. And given the subculture's norms I can see why women don't show up for stranger games, you know?

Pic related, my Shadowrun GM with her boyfriend

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It's genetic. Just whether you prefer pizza or butt fuckings.

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OP here. I shall not be outdone!

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I was in a nearly all female group once; 4 girls, DM's husband, and female DM. I played a female (non-slut, non-lesbian) and so avoided nearly all in-game flirting. Girls were all mostly chill and I don't think anyone was interested in anybody, so it worked out alright.

That said, yeah the proportion of guy gamers vs. girl gamers is quite steep.

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I count sewing as one of the skills that everyone needs. Minimum levels are darning a sock buttons and patches

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I know a lot of nerdy types of girls happen to like roleplaying, mostly of the free form sort. I think the key is bridging the gap between what they like and what we like. Maid is really awesome at doing this. I have ran Maid for more girls than guys and they seem to love it.

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Never had a female player or even ever have female friends show the slightest interest,

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Half the people in my group were girls once. It's not good to have more than one. They gossip a lot.

Compared to video games there is a lot more.

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>roleplaying, mostly of the free form sort

Case in point. That Shadowrun GM? Before I ran SR for her last year her only experience with roleplaying was online LJ RPs. And she rapidly blossomed into hands down the best player I've ever had. The one other girl, seen in the bottom left here, that's going to be in both our games this summer, the other holdover from last time? Similar story. It's fertile recruiting ground. The two new ones we're getting, one's an old friend from high school who's been gaming for a while but has only gamed with me and mine once before, a few years back when we were in undergrad. The other is a friend from undergrad who I know has played some Exalted and Whitewolf; WW seems to do a good job of marketing itself to women.

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Really, gaming of any sort is a male-dominated and male oriented type of activity. Doesn't mean females can't enjoy it; it's just outside the majority's interests. However, it is becoming more common for them to join us, which is pretty bitchin.

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As long as you get 1 girl into a campaign, and you make it good, usually the girl will try to invite the other girls, or at least tell them that roleplaying is fun.
Just getting girl /tg/ gamers is rather hard...

Also, cats motherfuckers, what are you going to do about it, nerds?
>captcha wilayou capuchin
Why yes, I will.

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>It's not the sort of thing that caters to their tastes.
Our group was half girls - The guys did the whacky antics and the mechanics, while the girls were focused on roleplaying and whacky antics.
So it was win-win.
It's exactly the kind of thing girls like, even stereotypical ones. Though I guess you're all playing D&D, where I can understand if girls don't like it. It is way too focused on rules.

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Our DM breaks the rules a lot cause he is a self appointed god with a squirt bottle.

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As a gay man, I am outraged at the increase in female players coming in to predate on the shy, unsure, socially awkward and passive boys in the group.

Bitches be muscling in on my turf.

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i loled heartily

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Time for you to find new hunting grounds! The vaginas are beginning to stake a claim.

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My sister took after my hobbies, and so became a gamer girl. She has introduced several friends to the hobby, and I am okay with that--dated one, another became a surrogate little sister. I also do a lot of theater, and theater girls LOVE RPGs because it's like acting and writing all in one.

If anything, it's a marketing thing. Women love tabletop gaming when they get the chance, but RPGs get labelled a super geeky thing so they don't bother with it.

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I've found that it's far better to say nurture than nature, especially because of the vast amount of shit that can affect a person in modern society.
On a slightly related note, I just found out that tests showed IQ was 60% hereditary in middle class Americans, but only 10% hereditary in lower class Americans.

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IQ doesn't measure shit other than how Western and upper-class you are.

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>I also do a lot of theater, and theater girls LOVE RPGs because it's like acting and writing all in one.

Can second this.

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If I wanted to be mean, I'd say women have no imagination, but I know this is not true.

The two in my group are just the dullest fucks of humankind.

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Yeah, I just found that out too.

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That is true of all standardized tests.

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You'll find no disagreement here.

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Fucking hate the ACT and SAT

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Most girls just don't find this sort of thing interesting enough to get involved in regularly. Long and the short of it.

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I'm the only girl who plays in our gaming group. I had two of my old roommates play some Dark Heresy with us but they got bored pretty fast. As for the "bastards only ever hit on me" syndrome, the majority of women I've asked to play traditional games use that as an excuse when I tell them the group is made up of men plus me. Regardless of me telling them that their blind acceptance of stereotypes (that they have no actual basis for other than "that's what everyone tells me they're like" yet refuse to listen to people from that community when they tell them they are wrong) is the reason that convection is perpetuated. Just give it a chance. But still, they refuse.

With the girls I know that are interested in traditional games I find that they usually started young either out of personal interest or from being exposed to it by family members, close friends, etc. Not a lot of girls my age will try it now (21 here) and the majority of women I see at my game store are their with their boyfriends. Maybe it has to do with women not being as objective based as men are which is what a lot of traditional games demand from their players.

Also, entering into a community with high levels of competition can be intimidating to both genders but it's been proven that women aren't as competitive as men so (and now talking about strategy games here) many women shy away from this aspect of traditional games, especially if they're going against their they know (added bonus of not being able to live up to their friends/significant other's competitive feel and expectations whether or not their friend has those feelings at all).

I've been meaning to run a study on this at my college but I feel like it would come off as "feminist saying girls don't want to be raped when playing games" and need to find a way to work around that. I think it's a very interesting topic though. It's a shame more females don't enjoy traditional games.

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I can't believe OP thinks a girl could understand all the complex rules of something like DND 3.5.


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3.5 isn't very complex compared to earlier versions too which is funny.

The DM and I are the only people in the group that understand the rules in depth, the rest just ask us questions and we help them a long. The books are almost 300 page double column and require lots of reading to learn everything. Not hard but time consuming.

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The point is, women couldn't possibly understand the rules themselves. They would need someone to hold their hand and tell them how to roll for a magical unicorn or some shit.


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Well, in my group only the ST and I knew the rules...
And we played oWoD. Most players didn't even know what some of their abilities do and we re-made the fight rules every single session. Even after I printed everything as a summary, nobody could remember how to fight.
It was incredibly frustrating. And it wasn't just the girls who forgot the rules.

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I'm only in this thread for the cats.

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Well, it seems the typical thing that always happens whenever I've seen a girl at the table - she's mostly uninterested [even if she shows interest and says she's interested] puts no effort into learning any of the mechanical rules, and essentially forces everyone else to play her character for her.

I think maybe 2 out of 7 girls I've played with have actually given a shit about what's happening. The rest are like "derp derp I'm going to run into the magical sphere of darkness while on the edge of a volcano. Oh I have to roll some dice? Okay. What? My character is dead? Well I guess I'll text message my friends like I was doing before you interrupted me."

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In general, there are two kinds of ca/tg/irl that might show up at a gaming table - the kind who like the easy attention that being around in a predominantly male-dominated environment brings, or the ones who actually like playing games. Unfortunately, the former vastly outnumber the latter, and it's hard to tell the difference until time passes.

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