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it's not in cake form
i don't care
fuck off

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Massive Damage!

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Crab pinches Hand
Hand holds Scissors
Scissors holds Crab


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There's a kind of vicious symmetry here, I'll give you that.

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Let's meet the meat!
>Plz, I have 10000 children!
>I'm sure they'll be delicious also.
I can't wait until we uplift cattle...

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not so fast, shears

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The saddest crab

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Happy crab time

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Who taught you how to cook?

You toss crabs in the pot while they're still alive. Just like lobsters and crawdads.

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Sure is /b/ in here.

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Personally I just pull off all the bits I wanna eat then turn them loose. It's less cruel that way.

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Jack Nicholson Crab Battle!

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And now I'm hungry.

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We need drawfaggotry of a Nid or a Daemonette doing this to a... I going to go with a Guardsman? They're similarly disposable.

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I know Daemonettes have the claws for it, but Nids are more crustacean in appearance so you get a nice symmetry there.

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take all your crabs and tie them together with turkey ties, leaving a significant distance to hold them by. soak them in ice water for about fifteen minutes, cover up the bowl so they can't climb out. now's a good time to get the water boiling. put some sage (pictured right) in the water for flavor. when they've been soaking long enough to be cold on the inside, cut off that excess string and drop them in the boiling water. it usually takes a crane to get them out.

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25 Minutes later...

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FUUUUUUUUUUUUU I was gonna sage with that post! I would've luld so hard

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As somebody of /v/ pointed out, one of the few things a crab is fully and inherently capable of comprehending is the nature of scissors.

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Enjoy your waterlogged, not-as-sweet-as-mine crabs faggot.

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>Pictured right
>It's on the left

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Pretty much why I hate meat eaters. The majority of them are such cowards they couldn't' even get their own flesh to eat.

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they can't feel pain, ya know...

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Crabs: not that difficult to catch.

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I raise cattle.
I give the newborn calves names.
Like Chuck
Or Roast
When a bred cow starts showing I'll give her some oats, and while she eats them from my palm I'll tell her, "I'm going to eat your baby". She looks up at me with those soft, dull eyes as she chews I can know that she knows.
Sometimes I'll plan on eating lunch out in the pasture. Naturally, I eat a lot of red meat, and I can imagine them catching the scent of my roast beef sandwich. They think, "That's so familiar. Chuck?"
Also I use tons of chemicals and hormones.

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Lawful or Neutral Evil?

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The crab is D&D 3.5.

The scissors are 4th Edition.

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I only ate crab once in my entire life, I recall it was quite nice.

Why am I posting this?

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The truth just makes me sad.

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So you're saying that Real D&D is Lobster.

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Because Crab Hairdressers are love.

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Wait, you actually got the full set? Can you post it with spoilers or something?

I just want it for artistic reasons.

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No spoilers on /tg/, but it looks like an anthro version of the Shogun Ceanataur from Monster Hunter.

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There's nothing explicit of her, to my knowledge.

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I know, I just want to cause some fighting at MH Generals in that other board.

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would you be interested in MH tabletop?

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When I used to live near the shore I'd put out crab pots every two or three days and bring home a bushel of those fuckers I had to clean by hand. The way I learned was to rip off the claws first, rip off the top shell, tear out the gills, clean out the organs with a spray from the hose and toss the good parts in a bowl and the leftover crap in a bucket which got dumped back in the bay. Circle of life, baby. None of this pussy ass scissors nonsense. We used bare hands.

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>But the problem with the knife method is basic biology: Lobsters' [and crabs'] nervous systems operate off not one but several ganglia, a.k.a. nerve bundles, which are sort of wired in series and distributed all along the lobster's [crab's] underside, from stem to stern. And disabling only the frontal ganglion does not normally result in quick death or unconsciousness.

thanks DFW

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isn't that the normal way to do it?

I dunno, I'm Chinese.

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Step 1. Find concrete wall.
Step 2. Receive crab.
Step 3. Hit edge of crab shell by its eyes straight down on to the edge of the concrete wall.
Step 4. Top of crab pops off
Step 5. tear everything out of the middle
Step 6. Break in half and toss in pot.

Done and done.

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MFW I'm expected to empathize with non-sapient creatures.
I barely empathize with other Humans.

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Well, are you posting the rest?

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Monster Hunter is way too fast paced and unforgiving for tabletop. And even then, the weapons themselves play differently with different speeds.

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Go nuts. Especially when you see what else he's drawn.

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I'm workin' on it.
It's more a 'Capcom philosophy' sort of tabletop game though. check in maybe a week and I'll have the core down

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