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I managed to get a camera for the next few days and took some pictures of the completed model. There's a space marine there for scale as well as the plastic kit Stormraven a friend let me borrow to measure for the model (he altered the tail fins on his).

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From the back

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No primer on the figure? Are you bad or something?

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I like the papercraft one better, it screams, orca fighter from C&C Tiberium anything, or the dropship for Aliens

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Here's page 1 (of 7) for the template. I'm working on making a Grey Knight version tonight.

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I had nothing to do with the plastic Stormraven other than borrowing it to measure for scale. As for the marine, I play spess wuffs

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page 3 0f 7
I posted this yesterday, but I've made a few minor adjustments since then to make the wings build easier.

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Paper Terminator Guy is a bro. Posting paper terminator in his honour.

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Can you post the imperial fist termie too pretty please?

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Still no Hurricane Bolters. I'll do them sometime later. They look idiotic on this thing anyway.

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There's a Fist version too?

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I don't remember doing an Imperial Fist Terminator, but I'll look after I finish uploading this.

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No, no Fist version has been made. Maybe you were thinking of the Angry Marines terminator. They're yellow and red too.

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Thank you OP.

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Why the hell are you friends with the abomination that would inflict such horrors to the poor thing?

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page 7 of 7
Have fun building. I may do a death company version later if there's enough interest.

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Hmm I swear I saw one, maybe somewhere else then. Could I have the angry marine then?

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would you happen to have any black templar stuff? i some how deleted it and i cant find anymore.

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Please do a Baneblade

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Because the other guy wouldn't let me borrow his Stormraven. Johann may not be able to build models worth a damn, but he's a bro.

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>mfw I thought the paper one was the real on in the thumbnail

Good job OP.

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>Paper Deff Dreads

Oh yes. Oh yes, I can fap to this. Where can I disregard wenches and acquire some of these?

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Get ready to be sued by GW OP.

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Page 1 of the Angry Marines terminator. I'm just going to bump the terminator thread on /po/ to the front page after posting pages 2 and 3 on here. You guys can just visit and get whatever marine factions you want in nice vectored multi-page pdf files.

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Do you use regular paper for these or do you have to use special paper?

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GW cannot sue anonymous for making fanart. Papercraft that is released for free qualifies as fanart.

/po/ thread has been bumped. pay it a visit and get Blood Angels, SPace Wolves, Black Templar, Dark Angels, Ultramarines and Salamander flavored terminators.

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>a Baneblade

:D Oh god please do.

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Georgia Pacific 110lb cardstock. Aileen's fast-grab tacky glue. Faber Castel black brush marker for edging. Plain old break-blade boxcutter (does the same job as an Exacto blade for cheaper). A really good pair of scissors goes a long way. Cheap HP printers have no trouble printing on the card stock, just make sure you print on the smoother side.

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Could you post a blank version of the storm raven please?

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I'd really like to see more of those Kanz. Do you have an archive or something on /rs/ Paper Terminator Guy? I don't want to hassle you for them or anything if they're hosted somewhere I can grab them from.

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Here's the green one. Most of the model is just a slight veriation of the one you can find online by Patoroch. I just gave it chicken-walker legs and a kustom mega blasta. One of the main things that makes Patoroch models so difficult is that there aren't always tabs. You sort of have to glue the edge of the paper to another part (especially with round shapes).

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Thanks a bunch.

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>MFW the paper version looks better than the real one

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I would totally make a template for an Assault Ram or a Baneblade if I could borrow one for a few days.

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Ok the pdf and images look huge. Do I need to print them in a special size or paper?

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Similarly, if I could just get a few photos of an Assault Ram taken at 90 degree front, top, side and back along with a few guide measurements, I can recreate the whole thing. This pic here is great, but I don't have any measurements to determine scale.

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grey knight Stormraven pdf is up over on /po/

So is anyone going to try and build some of these? I doubt this thread will survive for long, but if possible, I'd like to see some pics of people's progress.

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any chance for instructions?

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Working on the Grey Knights Stormraven now. I'm trying to take pictures during the build so I can write up a tutorial later.

If you're good with papercraft, you can have one of these together in 4-5 hours.

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I fully support paper-hammer! It might get me to actually play some 40k. I'm sure as hell not going to pay for and paint minis as a single father, and if I'm playing on a VTT or other online 2D format I'm going to play a game with better rules!

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