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New iteration of the Kicks game development. It's been awhile since the last thread, but there's little work left to be done so working towards the finish is good.

We've gotten done the core gameplay and combat mechanic, character creation and leveling components, backstory and fluff, and balancing mechanisms. I believe the only thing left to do is some fine tuning of each aspect (possibly), and simply writing up some basic brands and setting-wise details such as NPCs.

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Here's some of the stuff we've done so far, for people who'd like to see the progression;


I believe one of the workers on this is making a more easily read pdf/doc file, so it should be easier to approach upon completion. Though, it will probably take some work before the fluff addition is functioning, but that aspect of it isn't essential to the gameplay.

The components that are, are more or less finalized I believe.

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Through IRC last time we were able to figure out the leveling mechanic which worked something like this;

With your three shoe class types, you've got Strength, Speed, and Style. Each has a benefit and weakness over another. Similar to Rock, Paper, Scissors, Strength prevails over Speed, Speed beats out Style, and Style overcomes Strength, creating a sort of pyramid with each point being one of the three classes.

Because of these strengths or weaknesses, it would be only natural to want not to suffer as greatly VS your class' superior.

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The idea is that picking your primary class, will give you a distinct edge in it. For example, if you were a level 1 and chose Speed as your focus, your skills would be something like;

Strength - 1
Speed - 3
Style - 1

As you progressed through the game you would go up in your skill, as with level. However you likely wouldn't want to focus in only Speed, ending up with something like 30 in it, with still just the 1 and 1 in Strength and Style.

Given that, there is a method for increasing skills directly, without having to rely on leveling only. The method is similar to leveling though more direct. It uses the Kickback buy system, where you trade in your Kickbacks earned for some reward. Normally it would be for level, so trading in say, 5 Kickbacks will make you go up a level, and then you get a new ability and skill boost.

However if you should wish to, you can also directly improve your skills for whatever purpose, simply by trading in Kickbacks as well. This doesn't factor to the amount to level up, it's just a quick spend to boost skills. As it stands, 1 Kickback traded = 1 point in a skill. Such that, trading in 2 Kickbacks with your level 1, for a boost in Speed would result in;

Strength - 1
Speed - 5
Style - 1

This is good for improving where you need, but though this is a Speed character, it's only natural that increasing speed would be easier. For the other two skills it's more difficult, representing the character's weakness in the other areas.

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That's where we break it down into a spread. So for your Speed character, in relation to the skills it's something like;

3/1 Kickbacks per Strength
1/1 Kickbacks per Speed
3/1 Kickbacks per Style

So it takes 3 Kickbacks to go up 1 point in Strength and Style, while only 1 Kickback to go up 1 Speed. This allows for character to improve skills they normally wouldn't be good in, but makes it more difficult for them than someone who specializes in that skill.

We allow the player then, to decide if they want to alter their spread to better accommodate the sort of character or leveling they wish to play with. So say they wanted Speed and Strength, well then they can alter their spread to better suit that. Something like;

2/1 Kickbacks per Strength
1/1 KB per Speed
4/1 KB per Style

Now they have their speed specialization, but a better rate for Strength as well, only 2 KB for 1 point of Strength. However they take a hit in style, but that's something they have to cope with. Then again, they weren't aiming for Style in the first place, were they?

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Now spread alteration is entirely up to the player, and they can make whatever spread they want so long as it keeps to the total KB amount required and penalty something when they improve another. Some possible spreads would be;

1/1 KB per Strength
1/1 KB per Speed
5/1 KB per Style

3/1 KB per Strength
2/1 KB per Speed
2/1 KB per Style

4/1 KB per Strength
4/1 KB per Speed
1/3 KB per Style

So really the way a character levels and has its trends, is up to the player, and it determines the sort of character that is being played. So if they wanted a Strength and Style character then they would alter their spread accordingly. Normally it would be encouraged for players to stick to the normal spread for their class, but this way allows for different specializations or focuses on more areas than just one. In this way, you can come up with many different sorts of characters and spreads to accommodate them, rather than just a focus on one Skill for that one character, and that's it.

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So this method of skill improvement, along with what we had with Comfort levels and abilities, finalized the method of leveling in the game. The issue with it being incomplete, that for a good while plagued actual gameplay in test runs with real groups. However with it done, it means that in terms of functionality, the game is more or less complete.

In playing, one might run into some bumps in the road (we still need to create a list of abilities for characters), but things that could easily be sorted out. With the character creation, leveling, gameplay and combat, one could run or play the game sufficiently well which was the idea from the start.

As stated prior, we still need to do an ability list and simply finalize the backstory/setting for more detailed play, however both these aspects aren't essential to play, and ideally things that could be handled by the DM in making their own version of the game/setting.

Now we'd still like people's assistance in working on the things we haven't fully completed yet, and need people for things like editing, art, and whatnot (for the purpose of making a working pdf/file for the whole game). But the game itself is more or less complete, in the sense that it can be played. Any further changes and work, which we welcome people to participate and help in, will be mostly cosmetic in nature, save for the ability list.

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Hey y'all. PDF-fag here. Note that I made this before Surua put this new bit about the growth spread up, so it's obviously up for discussion. But here's a working set of rules to play with!


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Ahh, there we go.

Which brings me to another question, how can we (people involved in the development process) further continue to work on this when necessary, outside of threads like this?

The IRC was a great help, but it seemed to die off after a day or two. I don't think it's absolutely essential, but it'd be useful to be able to maintain contact when needed.

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I'd say stick with the IRC channel. Homebrews here come and go, so there will be periods of nothing until someone comes up with another idea.

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Ok, what fucking anime is that from? Because it looks retarded enough to be interesting

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Sounds good then, what was the channel again?

Kicks something on the Rizon server?

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Fanart from "Persona 2: Innocent Sin" for the PlayStation.

#KicksDev I thought it was.

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Or maybe the actual anime sequence. Damn it's been forever since I touched that game.

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Ok, thanks for the clarification.

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Skimmed over the manual, so far it looks great! We should expand on the Thanks page to credits or something though, I shouldn't be the only person mentioned in it lol.

Other than that, we'll still need to work on the abilities at some point I figure, but it looks fantastic with what we've got.

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Ok, looked over the manual in it's entirety. The writing style is good, and I like the feeling you've got going for it.

I'd say the only thing that seemed a bit off to me was the bit in the combat section with the troika of Strength>Speed>Style>Strength, as I figured it was simply conceptual, rather than if we were to come up with ways of representing it in game. I'm not opposed to the idea of course, I just figure it might be difficult when you can get characters that specialize in potentially two areas VS just one. I'm sure though we can come up with something.

I didn't fully understand the wagering, but everything else looked fantastic. A phenomenal start, I should think.

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