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ITT share a short story.

"As you have given me temporary respite from my eternal imprisonment, I shall grant

you a single wish."
The large Djinn's booming voice resonated in the space around me.
"So tell unto me your fondest desire, and I shall make it truth!"
I thought for a while then. A long, long while. What did I want?
A good woman?
A happy life?
"Djinni, I know my fondest desire."
"...Speak then."
"I want power."
"A common wont of mortals. What sort?"
I took a deep breath.
"I want the power to change things for the better. To right wrongs, to help people who

need it."
I started a bit as the Djinn's great frame heaved with laughter.
"Very well then! A simple enough wish to fulfill, for it is something all mortals

already possess!"
With a flash and a puff of smoke, the Djinn vanished.

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I would fucking kill my DM.

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And you would be a failure as a player for it.

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i salute the DM who did that. I pulled a very similar stunt in pathfinder recently.

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That's such a classic Djinn move

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Any other stories?

I guess I'll make another on the spot.

A Wizard's spells, in order learned:
-Assorted cantrips
-Eagle's Splendor
-Detect Magic
-Shield Another
-Greater Shield Another
-Arcane Mending
-Greater Arcane Mending
-Cure Disease
-Cure Poison
-Greater Restoration
-Raise Dead
-Life Exchange

Throughout the book, the handwriting becomes harder and harder to read, as if the writer were getting desperate.

On the last page of the book, there's a small message.

"Dear Moira,
I always loved you. I only hope that my spell will work and you will be able to read this.
Magus Gregor."

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Lord god Sagan approves.

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A man traveling across a field encountered a tiger. He fled, the tiger pursued. Coming to a precipice, he caught hold of the root of a wild vine and swung himself over the edge.

The tiger sniffed at him from above. Trembling, the man looked down to where, far below, another tiger was waiting to eat him. Only the vine sustained him.

Two mice, one white and one black, little by little started to gnaw away the vine. The man then saw a luscious strawberry near him. Grasping the vine with one hand, he plucked the strawberry with the other.

How sweet it tasted.

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Know what would have tasted sweeter?
The fucking mice.

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A man traveling across a field encountered a tiger. He fled, the tiger pursued. Coming to a precipice, he caught hold of the root of a wild vine and swung himself over the edge.

The tiger sniffed at him from above. Trembling, the man looked down to where, far below, another tiger was waiting to eat him. Only the vine sustained him.

Two mice, one white and one black, little by little started to gnaw away the vine. The man grabbed the mice one by one and bit off their heads, spitting the bloody ruin onto the tiger below. Climbing the vine, he stared that striped bastard right is his furry face.

"Bring it, you thundercunt."

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The man quickly dodged to the side as Liono sprung on the offensive, the Sword of Omens swinging through the air. Seeing a nearby strawberry, he threw it at the furry in desperation.

"My eye...it...burns with... juicy flavor!" said the cat in an obnoxiously halting voice, clawing at his face with poorly animated arms.

Suddenly, Panthro climbed up from the base of the cliff, holding two mouse corpses in his mouth. "Whu mummpreshu bu..." *spit* "While I appreciate the mice, you're in trouble now." Nunchucks whirled through the air. "You'd best start running."

The man sprinted into the forest, Panthro hot on his heels.

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Thundercats had nice animation for an 80s series...

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Ah yes.. as the amount of cuils increase we'll get closer and closer to the hamburger story.

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Leaping over fallen logs, slapping vines out of his face, the man's breath ran hot and ragged. He could hear the solidly built cat lope behind him easily, dancing through the foliage with a preternatural grace. Eventually, the man could run no farther. He lifted a large stick off the ground and turned to face his pursuer.

The gray anthromorph entered his vision, menacing in the shadows, eyes glowing orange. Suddenly, a noise.

"Snarf snarf snarf." Some manner of pot-bellied red lizard with a human face and white beard enters the clearing with a basket in hand, foraging for some berries on the ground. "Snarf snarf," it whined, face to the ground.

Pissed at this abomination, the man hit the thing on its head as hard as he could with the stick. Knocked out cold, it fell to the ground with a sickening thud.

Panthro emerges from the woods, spouting ghetto nonsense and now wearing a do-rag, taking the odd creature in his arms.

The man runs anew.

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Mashing my F5 key.

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The man had ran for a good half of the day, when he came to a big huge tree. A gorilla was waiting for him under the tree. Examining closely, the man sees a treehouse, up in the canopy of the tree.
"George, where have you been, homie? Come on up, we made you some clam chowder."
"No can do man, Thundercunts after me."
"Damn son, them guys are asking for a driveby."
The gorilla then pressed a piece of bark, and a hidden garage door opened. Inside is an orange ford mustang, and a gang of gorillas ready with uzis and berettas.
One of them, wearing a backwards baseball cap and some bling, asked the lead gorilla.
"Who's the target, boss?"
"Thundercunts. They be messin' wit' ma man Georgie here."
"I pity the foo'," said another gorilla, a whitish mustache seen on its lips.
Then the gorillas and the man piled into the Ford Mustang and took off to bust a cap on the Thundercunt's asses.

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The man keeps sprinting through the woods, the sounds of ebonics fading in the distance. When he could no longer hear them, he stopped to catch his breath, pulse pounding in his ears. Where am I, what is this place, and other such pointless questions raced through his head. And now, singing in the distance.

The voice was lacking of emotion, very flat in tone. More of a drone than anything, but all the more enticing for it. Curious, the man pressed onward, stick in hand.

The man emerged onto a jungle pool with a waterfall. Beneath the cascades was a beautiful silhouette, curved and vivacious. High breasted, full of hip, slender waist, powerful ass and thighs. It caressed itself slowly with both hands, as if it knew it was being watched, cupping and squeezing. He could not take his eyes off of her spotted yellow skin. Turning, she caught the man's glance and smiled.

She walked out from beneath the falls towards him, wading through the water, her eyes never leaving his.

"Hello, stranger. My name is Cheetara. That's a big stick you have there." Her hands gently grasped the shaft. "No need for that here."

She stepped closer, her breath on his face.

"I usually like to go fast..." She placed her hand on the man's chest. "Sometimes slow is best."

"I ain't got time for your bullshit, demonspawn." *BONK* *THUD* The man left the she-devil naked and unconscious and continued his journey.

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My cuil meter has broken

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My mind!

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The jungle grows dark. A storm. Thunder. Lightning. Rain. Rain and rain and rain.

The man grows frightened. Red eyes in the shadows. Noises in the dark. Fierce growls and odd clicks. A howl in the distance.

His stomach rumbles with hunger. Seeing a bunch of blackened, soggy bananas on the ground, he takes those in one hand and continues on, wet and miserable.

Suddenly, a stone temple. A fortress. Salvation.

The door menaces. It is lit. Someone is home. Finding a doorbell, the man rings it.

A tattered gray being wrapped in white bandages opens the portal. "GREETINGS, MORTAL, WELCOME TO MY... are those bananas? I simply LOVE bananas! Do come in!" The creature eagerly ushers him inward.

"Follow me, follow me," it says, going down a dank passageway. It leads him to a kitchen, bedecked with inert stone appliances. "Let me see those bananas."

The man decided to make the best of this very odd situation. "They're not much, all soggy and blackened."

The creature stroked its chin thoughtfully for a moment, then snapped its fingers. Flinging back its cloak, it assumed a deep, theatrical voice.

"Ancient spirits of EVIL, transform this decayed form into BANANA BREAD!"

Instantly, the blackened fruit transmuted into a piping hot loaf of delicious smelling delight.

"Cool trick."


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>my face when

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Now that got a lol outta me.

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This thread is becoming more and more awesome constantly.

that filename

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So the man spent the evening in the company of the kindly old creature, who was named Mumm Ra. They talked about Mumm's grandkids and the latest 40k codex, which they both agreed was pretty piss-poor.

"How did I get here? You know much of magic, surely you know."


"Hmm. Quite."

Afterwards they played chess. The man slept in the guest bedroom, which was again made entirely of stone, but despite that slept well after his arduous day and full stomach of starchy treats.

In the morning, the man bid his farewells, continuing on his journey to find his own people, his own time. Mumm Ra in his flower print apron waved from the front porch as the man left the distance, stick in hand, banana bread in his pocket.

Through the jungle he continued, enjoying himself. For hours he pressed on, until he heard a loud snap.

"Aww, shit, my space board!," warbled out an adolescent boy, voice cracking constantly.

A high girlish voice replied. "I told you not to try to grind that tree limb, you asswipe! Tygra's gonna flip shit."

The man readied his stick and parted the branches.

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O-o..o-P-p..ppp...i-is a f-fag-ggot...

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Who cares about the OP, Thundercunts for life.

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The man saw two more cats, these the size of children. Identically dressed in smocks with belted pouches around their waists, they were staring at two pieces of plastic on the canopy floor.

The man didn't quite know what to make of them. While they did not project the aura of danger that the first two cats possessed, they did not possess the same seductive traits as the third. While they may be different in temperament, surely they were from the same tribe. And that meant danger.

The man took a handful of banana bread in his hand and crushed it into crumbs. Keeping that in one fist and his stick in the other, he casually sauntered out into the clearing.

"Well met, friends. What seems to trouble you?"

The boy brightened. "Oh HI, mister, nice to MEet you!," he said, voice cracking all the while.

"He broke his fucking spaceboard," whined the girl nasally. "Now we're stuck out in the middle of nowhere."

The man looked concerned for a moment, then smiled. "Lucky I am here to help protect you, then. But surely you have a way to protect yourself."

"A LAsso."
"These goddamn bouncy balls."
"We're pretty HANdy with our slingshots."

The man stared at them. "Surely you can't seriously expect to protect yourself with a bouncy ball and a lasso."

"BeliEVE me, mister, we can handle ourselves!"

The man threw his handful of banana bread crumbs at the girl's eye, remembering his food-tossing talents from the day before. Surprised, she stepped backward, tripping over one half of the broken board and hitting her head on a tree root. The man flew at the boy mercilessly and brought him low with a mighty swing. And kept swinging

When they had stopped moaning and slipped into unconsciousness, he checked their pockets.

Bouncy balls.


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I really have no other Thundercats lore at my disposal. Thought about doing a cross-over with other 80s cartoons, but haven't the time tonight. Ya'll have a good one :)

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You are the most best.

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Farewell, brave writefag. May you be blessed with natural 20s and easy loot.

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Nothing short of beautiful, Storyteller.

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\( '-')c[~]

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