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Rogue Trader help needed.

A few things....

A, an Explorator in my group got Trade (Armourer) recently. What's the difficulty on say, making a chainsword, making a best-quality chainsword, customizing a melta pistol, etc? Is there anywhere I can look those things up, or just 'best guess'? I told him a -10 for upgrading his good-quality chainsword, and a -30 for customizing the seneschal's melta pistol, as those are rare and more arcane technology. (supposedly.)

The Explorator is brand new to the setting, and is doing alright, except that he doesn't think he knows enough to come up with a character background. (He did read the 'Explorator' section of the RT rulebook.)

Secondly, how do acquisition tests work? How often should they be allowed, (Once a session was my understanding, but is that 'for each player', or 'for the group total'?) Should I allow more, but roll on the "Misfortunes" table if they do?

General advice for a struggling Rogue Trader GM. Stories are fine too. Also a dump from my small BFG folder.

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Skulls, as I've informed my group, are essential decorations in the 41st millenium...

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Sadly, not too much happened last night because their captain was out getting drunk. Which is kind of a pity; he's not their Rogue Trader, but he probably has the best understanding of the setting. Pic related. He'd know to run away from this REALLY FAST.

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>Difficulties for Trade (Armourer)

Straight outta Inquisitor's Handbook:
+30: Engraving an aquila into a weapon or armor; repairing cosmetic damage
+20: Combining armour types; affixing specialized scopes
+10: Adapting parts from one weapon to another; minor repairs
0: Adding basic weapon upgrades; basic repairs
-10: Removing Unreliable or Primitive; complex/major repairs
-20: Adding cameleoline coating to armour; creating combi-weapons
-30: Modifying power armour or crafting power weapons

>Acquisition Tests

Once per player per session ought to be okay.

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I found that; just didn't have anything on improving qualities or customizing meltas. I figured customizing would be a +0 or -10, and 'melta' would be -20. (With perhaps another -10 for 'inferno pistol'.)

Does that seem horribly off? What should it have been?

Also, a question about spacehulks; I had thought they were relatively common; should they be known and listed, or rare and have-to-search for them?

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SPace hulks are common. But they're random. Sure, you know the space hulk Emperor's Undercroft shows up in these systems every few years, and can predict it to a degree, but you have no idea how long it'll stay or, if it does, what'll be inside it this time...

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>Secondly, how do acquisition tests work? How often should they be allowed, (Once a session was my understanding, but is that 'for each player', or 'for the group total'?) Should I allow more, but roll on the "Misfortunes" table if they do?

Check out the advanced Acquisition rules in Into The Storm. Once per session/once per <time unit> per character in port is the standard, with additional tests carrying a penalty and a risk of misfortune. It's really up to the GM, though.

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>I found that; just didn't have anything on improving qualities or customizing meltas.

Define 'customizing'. If it's cosmetic, it's +30. If it's a change in Qualities, it's at least -10.

>I figured customizing would be a +0 or -10, and 'melta' would be -20. (With perhaps another -10 for 'inferno pistol'.)

-30 just for fiddling with a melta pistol? Goddamn, man, that's the same difficulty as creating a power fist from scratch! That's way too hard.

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Consider that infernus pistols are much, much rarer, much harder to make and design, plus they're only produced on something like three different forge worlds? I'd say that's about right, to be honest.

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'Customized' my players tell me, is an upgrade that reduces reload time. So yeah, -10.

As for difficulty, it does sound a bit hard, put like that. I think I might reduce it.

Any good advice or stories for a GM? How do I keep players with only the vaguest knowledge of the lore participating and having fun?

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Your game, your rulings. Personally, though I agree that the reasoning is sound, I'd hate to see what sort of modifier you'd put on repairing a damaged archaeotech component on the Rogue Trader's ship. This isn't Dark Heresy, after all -- RTs are meant to get nifty toys.

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That's actually listed as a -30, I believe, reduced because the Explorator has Lore (Archaeotech). -10 or -20, I believe.

I think I will make it a step- maybe two- easier, though. Otherwise, it is rather offscaled.
My problem with the Explorator's upgrades and acquisition tests seems to take root in the fact that they are always seeing their acquisition opportunities as "Get more weapons" and "Get more gear". Obviously that's what they're for, but it just doesn't feel right to me to have them busy hoarding and hunting down the best weapons as the sole use of their Acquisition Tests.

Also, I've been telling them that they basically have anything like a hell pistol or more common; grenade launcher, hellgun, frag and krak grenades, etc. seem like things they ought to have on their ship. Does this sound reasonable?

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Dastardly eldar, I believe...

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Are any of the premade adventures particularly good?

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Damn... Space marine chapters probably have whole forgeworlds devoted to producing the proper color of paint for their heraldry...

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Lure of the Expanse is great in my estimation. And I've heard good things about The Frozen Reaches.

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If there are no objections, proceeding with the promised BFG dump.

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This definitely doesn't belong in my Imperial Navy folder...

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from looking at just the model i always thought the planet killer shot downwards through that circle thingy

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My re-doing of the Attack Craft rules.

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Sadly, everyone's seen this one.

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And this.

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No idea where these are from....

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You can tell I play Sword of the Stars by my filenames...

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is taht all there is?

no other sections?

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I'm slow, sorry. Actually, I'm going to have to go to class soon, but here's the last section.

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With their 2.5D battlespace and restricted firing arcs, you would think that SotS would be PERFECT for a BFG mod.

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So, out of the offerings on hand for Battlefleet Koronus, what's everybody's favorite ship picks of the lot?

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Bombardment cannons, Voidsunder Lance, Avenger Grand Cruiser.

Full power total destruction.

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Overlord battlecruiser is damn nice. I'd also take the Apocalypse, provided I could find a GM who'd let me ignore the frankly bullshit rule of halfing your time in deep void

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Hate to pop your bubble there Shas'o, but avengers only have port and starboard slots, you can't mount bombardment cannons

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I am also quite fond of the Overlord, tough as it is to properly fit out. Dem fukkin' broadsides, man. Dem fukkin' broadsides.

I also like the Mars-class, though I'd never try to start with one.

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Wait...ah, yes. You're right.

Oh testicles.

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Mars does seem to be a medium level hull, specially with dat Nova Cannon. I do have a soft spot for the Dictator. The idea of performing gunboat diplomacy with an aircraft carrier in space is highly appealing

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The fun of Lure of the Expanse hinges heavily on the rival Rogue Traders. Dealing with them represents the majority of the fun, at least in my opinion.

Frozen Reaches is a fine adventure from what I've read, but the ending is a bit railroady. The finale cannot occur until <plot>, regardless of how well the explorers do or whatever they try.

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Don't worry. If I remember right, your the GM of your game, so just up the price and strength and slap broadside on the end.

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Nah, for what it's worth the Repulsive is better in that regard.

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what do voidsunder lances do?

>> No.14511179

Rape your shit. 1d10+4 on a lance battery

>> No.14511188


Power 15
Space 8
Strength 3
Damage 1d10+4
Crit Rating 3

They are rape in a can to an unshielded ship, provided you have good ballistic skill.

>> No.14511190

Yeah, I was gonna say--the Repulsive (despite the hilarious name) allows for precisely that sort of armament on a grand cruiser.

It's just a really expensive high-power lance system.

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it has strenght 1 in my book(pdf)

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Yeah, FFG writers acknowledged that as a typo. It will be fixed to S3 in upcoming errata.

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its good then

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Yeeeeah, that makes a LOT more sense. 'Cause IIRC the basic Titanforge battery from the core is also 1d10+4.

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Even more ouch. Any idea when the errata is being released?
Oh, and a general question, is the missile macrobattery worth it? Because I have an idea rattling around for it

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In general I find the weaponry in Into The Storm much better than most of the stuff in Battlefleet Koronus, with the exception of the bombardment cannons and the Voidsunder, and of course the unique stuff like torpedoes and nova cannons.

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The ItS one with the 1d10+1 damage and a lot of shots?

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I want a Mothership that can act as a moving shipyard and construct a new fleet.
What should I use for the hull? Universe or Conquest?

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Yep. Going to mount it on a Shrike class raider from BK, in the dorsal slot

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No interest in >>14510328 ??


>> No.14511368

I like that thing. Nice easy install, awesome strength for a non-broadside. Slap in a Munitorium to up the damage a bit and you have an okay weapon. Crit rating sucks, though.

>> No.14511379

Universe. But construction of a fleet? That takes decades, centuries in the case of a single battleship. Fair better you make it the central point of a flotilla

>> No.14511389

A small ship like that is perfect for it. Make sure you back it up with something a bit stronger, though.

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Torpedoes are going in the prow slot and I'm going to ask the GM for atomics and the Cypra pattern drive.
They will tremble at the sound of my silence

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Good if you are short on space because you have way too many port/starboard weapon slots to fill.

Terribad advice. The main sttraction of the Jovian Missile Battery is that it saves space. Adding a munitorium defeats that purpose as well as wasting SP. You would be better of with a Sunsear.

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>MFW every frigate on the cover is a Support.

>> No.14511423

Looks interesting. Not sure that a bonus should be gained against Eldar craft, though. Their Quality likely already accommodates for their paper thin armour.

Also, walk us through the intent of the changes?

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>yfw you roll on up on their stern with a torpedo solution

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I personaly like the Staravar Laser Macrobattery from ItS

dat range

>> No.14511440

I never did understand SPESS COHMBAT!

>> No.14511446

I would argue that the degree of purpose defeated is relatively slim. You only need one munitorium.

>> No.14511470

Same. I use the las-broadside version (Sunsear, I think) on my Overlord.

>> No.14511471

In terms of mechanics, yes the sunsear is the better gun.
But I much prefer the idea of being a stealthy motherfucker with a silent drive

>> No.14511555

Just hope the GM doesn't pull a "By the way, this ship is an Angevin Crusade veteran!" on ya.

>> No.14511562

The race specific rules were made for fluff reasons but the meat of the rules was changed to because I felt that Attack Craft were under powered.

Their primary problem was that they were rather slow and had limited range. In BFG, craft had effectively infinite range.

At the beginning, the proposal was simply to allow them to move double speed at the cost of operational limit. Since I decided to remove op limits altogether, this drawback was no longer existed so I came up with replacing the op limit with Zooom points that could expended for special effects. The rest grew as an extension of that.

>> No.14511623

re the Eldar, the idea was that the pansies could elude any hit you score by Disengaging cheaply. As per my rules, they get essentially 6 extra lives. Their crappy armour on slightly offsets this huge advantage

>> No.14511686

Eldar ships are serious rapesauce. I wouldn't go after any given one (Corsair OR Craftworld) without at least a two-class weight advantage if it was a matter of single ship combat.

>> No.14511689

Chalice-Class Battlecruiser
Modified Drive
Power Ram
Armored Prow
Energistic Conversion Matrix


Throw in Hecutor Broadsides, Jovian Landing Bays and a Godsbane Lance Battery for the weapon slots, and I'll never need to look to a different ship for combat ever again.

>> No.14511707


Well, at least with that setup when you explode you'll probably take the enemy with you?

>> No.14511805


Pshaw, one Fire Extinction System is all it takes to combat those pesky fires.

>> No.14511821

Ah, my bad. I didn't see it in your setup there so I thought you weren't rolling with one.

>> No.14511953

How doable would this setup be:

Tempest-class Strike Frigate
Mezoa Lance Weapon
Pyros-Pattern Melta Cannons
Any components capable of boosting speed or maneuverability I can get
Reinforced Prow

Can it be done? Making a Tempest into a fast, darty, fairly tough close-range brawler that will brutally savage anything it gets in striking distance of?

>> No.14511970


It's pretty much a necessity with Chalices.

Still: 4d10+23 Ramming damage with a modified base Speed of 9. I'll add Broadband Hymn-Casters, too, so they will know the Emperor's wrath has come for them in the shape of the Battlecruiser "His Glorious Throne".

>> No.14512007


Consider a Dragon's Breath Lance instead of Mezoa if you have the power and space (13/8 insteade of 9/4). Strength 3 with 1d10+6 Damage is a hell of a punch -- only the Voidsunder has more, and you won't be able to mount those. Its Range is only 3, but that isn't a hindrance if you do want to get up close and personal.

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File: 1.45 MB, 231x166, WAAAUGHBANG.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yew zoggin' 'umies an yer fancy wotsits.

Gimme a propa Krooza any day ta git ta killy fightan!

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>hymn casters blaring holy music on all frequencies as the ship closes in on the perfidious xenos

>> No.14512134

What book is that in?

>> No.14512186

I want to make an ork Freebooter Kaptin called

Gumnol Shipherdah who used to have a huge fleet (hence the name) before Morgash Kulgraz decided he wanted it.

Now he's left with three ships:
Da Gargantfists (a Kroozer, probably a teror ship)
And two brute ram ships:
The first one is an evil sunz brute ram ship with a red paint job called: MA FIST

And the second one is a Goff brute ram ship with a ramming pike called: MA ODDER FIST

His right jabs are fast but its the left hook you have to watch out for. He usualy finish his fights with a headbutt.

>> No.14512204


Lure of the Expanse. Here, use the Warhammer Armory, it's got all the stuff from all available sources.


>> No.14512238

That would be bitchin' as both an NPC and as an all-Orks campaign.


>> No.14512276

If you play a RT character with the homeworld "Child of Dynasty", and then always choose the rightmost path for Warrant, you end up with a grand total of 77 Ship Points and an Archaeotech component. Sure, your Profit sucks, but you can build sweet machines!

Best I could come up with:

-58 SECUTOR-Class Monitor Cruiser
-3 Planetbound For Millenia
-0 Modified Jovian Class 3 Drive
-0 Strelov Class 2 Warp Engine
-0 Gellar Field
-2 Castellan Void Shield Array
-1 Command Bridge
-0 Vitae Pattern Life Sustainers
-0 Voidsman Quarters
-0 M-201.b Auger Array
-1 Auxiliary Plasma Banks
-2 Augmented Retrothrusters
-1 Observation Dome
-2 Hecutor Plasma Battery, Port
-2 Hecutor Plasma Battery, Star
-3 Starflare Lance, Dorsal
-2 Mars-Pattern Torpedo Launchers, Prow
-77 Total

Not bad for a starting ship. (If combat is what you're after, that is. Otherwise, the Star Galleon looks nifty...)

>> No.14512291

I've seen at least one path that gets you 76 even WITHOUT a Child of Dynasty, with...I think 28 Profit Factor.

>> No.14512479

I'm planing to do an all ork campaign but I dont want them working under another kaptin and I dont want them to start with 3 ships.

So It'll have to be an NPC, can be an ally though.

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Whoa! Thread still up. I love you, /tg/. And Rogue Trader too.

>> No.14512776

you should add flak turrets and the lazer dfence grid xeno thingy for a total of +3 turret rating when the flak turrets are on

Since you plan on beign a close quarters kind of guy

>> No.14512795

Flak turrets are a possibility. Archaeotech/xenotech would be nice but I'm not banking on rolling up one of those results.

>> No.14512816

sure but you know, wouldnt it be nice. also you can quest for some and put them on afterwards.

>> No.14512876

Quite so!

>> No.14513155

I cannot wait to throw a Pestilaan-class light cruiser against my group. DO NOT BOARD PLAGUESHIP OF NURGLE

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I want to throw a tiny hive fleet at my Explorers. The recently got a lovely little base, and I bet it would strain their resources to the limit to try and weather one.

Like >>14509646 .

That's one of my favorite pictures for the Imperial Navy.

>> No.14513465

I opened a new campaign with the Rogue Trader just getting his papers to make him official, and a hive fleet attacking the planet they were on within hours.
They assisted with the evacuation, fought off some of the vanguard ships, fought termagaunts in the passageways as pods slammed into the hull, and warped away, fighting nid warriors and gaunts everywhere throughout the ship, desperately holding out around the vital components (Geller Fields, life support, etc.). Even after they safely got through the warp they still haven't been able to completely clear out those pesky genestealers.

>> No.14513527

So what do people think of Sunsear broadsides versus regular Sunsear batteries on, say, a Dauntless? Is the +3 power and +2 space required worth the +2 strength?

Also, melta-cannons are awesome and everybody who uses them should feel awesome. Go on, go make yourself some sort of nigh-suicidal Shrike that burns to within a pube's length and starts melta-macroing shit on fire.

>> No.14513533

What stats did you use for tyranid bioships?

>> No.14513683

Depends on the setup of everything else. If you've got the space free and aren't looking to cram specific wanted gear in there or already have it filled with what you want, go for it. If not, losing that 2 strength PROBABLY isn't going to kill you.

>> No.14515214

At that point they were mostly low-armor Raiders with macrocannons that shove nids into your ship and some lances for bioplasma.

>> No.14518875

I've found that space combat often boils down to one player giving orders and everyone else just making rolls for what they're told to do. Or sitting around doing nothing, since they've got no applicable skills. Has anyone else had this problem?

>> No.14518941
File: 85 KB, 400x251, kurogane.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


There is only one image for a ship that glorius.

>> No.14519000

If your in a situation where no one but the rogue trader has the Command skill you might have bigger problems tbh

>> No.14519009

Yeah. Unfortunately, I haven't come up with any decent way to handle it.

>> No.14519058

It's a problem with the game. You've got these rules for starship combat, and everyone loves big gothic cathdral gunships, but it more or less boils down to whatever player has the biggest hard-on for them toying about while everyone else waits for stuff to happen that properly involves them. The only time more people get actively involved is when the captain heads off for a Hit and Run attack or a full scale boarding action happens.

>> No.14519095

...I love you.

Too bad their RT can't be anywhere near as awesome enough to pilot a ship like that. Then again Daitetsu wasn't able to do it either...

>> No.14519261

Yeah, especially at low-ranks when you have little in the way of skills and a single ship. Solves itself once you start getting fleets though. Everyone's more involved when they have their own ship to command.

>> No.14519342

Perhaps that's the way to go. Though everyone's still on the same ship in my game. Something the Rogue Trader said about making sure everyone stuck together so he could send the frigate off by itself.

>> No.14519653

I have like a dozen questions for you guys. Hoping to run a RT campaign in a couple months, I've GMed a fair few times, just things seem to always go wrong, I never plan enough...

First, how do you guy suse endeavours? That section of the book really seems to confuse me...

2 How do you judge the relative difficulty of encounters? How do you ensuere there is a challenge in the NPCs but that the PCs won't get overwhelmed?

3 What sorts of plot are decent for the start of a campaign? I was thinking of making colonising/invading a planet as the first big goal could be fun so as to set up a nice base of operations that they can slowly work up build towards.

3 How important are maps? I suck at them, any decent advice?

4 How do you make your NPC's decent/realistic?

5 Is it a lot easier to just set things in the Koronus expanse and have done?

6 How do you guys go about planning an adventure, what kind of order is it best to approach things?

7 Is there a decent 40K name generator out there??? Worlds, cities and people I really suck at naming ><

7 What do people think the best all-rounder starter hull is? I have Into the Stoerm and Battlefleet Koronus as well, so variety of hulls is not a problem.

Hmm that's all I can think of for now, but just generally, how the hell do I go on about making a decent campaign for Rogue trader... I've yet to see a decent example I can model myself off of.

Any answers to these will be met with much love :)

>> No.14519916


Matt? Is that you?

>> No.14519974

For endeavours, you should generally let the players handle it. Let them make their own endeavours, assign their own objectives, and keep track of the scenes. All you'll have to do then is to give them the scores for each scene.

If your players don't feel like keeping track of endeavours, then play it by ear. But make sure to give them the choice at the beginning of the campaign.

1..You don't. No such thing as a fair encounter, they encounter what it makes sense to encounter. Generally, they'll know what they're getting into anyway.

2.Sure, sounds good.

3.Maps are very important in combat, especially in this system. No need for something really detailed, you can just scribble something on grid paper in ten seconds. Just make sure you point out the few ways to get cover in the map. And yes, there's always a way to get cover.

4.I wouldn't know how to make them realistic. I seem to go for quirky most of the time. One exaggerated character trait. It's not necessarily a good thing though, but eh, it works for me, makes them memorable.

5.Uh, yes ? Yeah, it's easier, more material written about the Koronus expanse than the others.

6.Players take care of this mostly. Sometimes, you have to push them along a little bit with a hook or two and a few twists here and there, but they can do a lot o fthe work themselves.

7.Lots of different kinds of names in the imperium. A skiitari won't have the same name as a savage warrior from a feral world.

7.An all-rounder ? Huh. No idea.

>> No.14520143

For endeavours and quests, I'll second letting the players take care of it. If they come up with some grand, master scheme to get rich give them a few hooks to point them in the write direction and write around what they want to do. Alternatively, the published adventure books have been good so far.

If you don't want to set your game in the Kornous expanese, then you could possibly set it in the Calixis sector - but you'll need to go through the Dark Heresy books to find information on there.

For ships, an all round is a ship that can do a variety of things. What a ship can do is dependent on what components it's got, ergo ships with more space can be more well rounded. The Dauntless-class Light Cruiser is possibly the best well rounded of the ship hulls you can start with - good speed, space, detection, etc. Frigates can also be good but tend to be better if you focus them toward a specific something. Larger ships have more room for toys of course.

Otherwise, I agree with >>14519653

>> No.14520159

For an all rounder vessel, the star galleon does everyhing but speed. If you want something a little faster and more warlike, the dauntless light cruiser works wonders. Also, even faster in the sword class frigate, but it will have slight problems with space if you want cargoholds an such,

>> No.14521182



>report iespoi
report who commissar captcha

>> No.14521339
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>How do I know whether an encounter is balanced?

I don't. I've just been ballparking and throwing things at my players- after all, they don't HAVE to fight much of anything, if they thing they can deal with it better nonviolently. Or, of course, flee.

>Name generator

I love it so much. Use it well.

Anyone else planning on throwing that reaver warlord at their players? Harrad Vall, or something? Seems to have a bitchin' pirate fleet out in the expanse.

>> No.14521443
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>rogue trader
>Read post
>wow this sounds amazing let me check for gameplay video
>realize I'm not on /v/ and this is not a video game

god damnit

>> No.14522064

Wow. Uh.. yeah actually... who the hell are you? :O
Hmm ok, sounds interesting, then ow does one exactly plan adventures around that? Do you guys run entirely improv or something?? Rest of the advice is sound.
Both of you, thanks a ton. Particularly for the name generator.

>> No.14522572
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Someone on /tg/ linked me to it originally. Seems fitting to return the favor. As for GMing? I tend to think about what I'll do to them next time passingly, but I don't plan things out. Find out what they want, and then (if I'm being nice or it's an easy thing,) give them the exact minimum they need to succeed, or if I'm being hard, make something impossible and count on them to be uber-lucky or to come up with something I haven't thought of.

But generally, yeah, I make it up as they go along. I do try and read a lot and keep an eye on /tg/'s RT stories, so I can crib stuff when necessary.

>go to /rs/.
>search "Rogue Trader"
>download, read
>find group, play

Don't even have to worry about system requirements!
On a partially related note, anyone have any ideas for obstacles I can give my players? They want to go colonize a world, probably one near the shipyards they took. The obvious (to me) is "Lol maidenworld", but I'm always open to suggestions.

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