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greetings everyone.
Yesterday, one of you in an image dump, asked for a female Seneschal, smoking Lho, wearing a corset, answering to her comm-link angrily.
As promised, I did it, though I went perhaps a bit overboard on her hair...
afterwards, i'll dump RT-related pictures I have. Rogue trader general thread if you wish.

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As well, I was asked to draw a sultry female navigator some time ago. As last time the mod didn't like the minoan style bare chest, here is a censured version...

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and now, ladies and gentlemen, time for some art dumping.

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Ban for fetish fuel.

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lol. Post the uncensored here

Also, you might possibly be Kate Beaton.
If only...

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of course, if someone wants to participate, feel free to do so !

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done, and kate who ?

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The artist (uhuh, right...) behind Hark! A Vagrant. It's this silly, sometimes good sometimes not webcomic with a historical theme.

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But everything is a fetish!

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Could you draw what this guy does during his downtime?

Maybe he looks into a mirror with a mirror behind him reading.

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If I have some time, perhaps.
I used this as a reference...
>pic related

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damnit, Internet is slow today.
nice pic by the way. If only I've find it when I was drawing...(though I was asked a corset).

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>fichad LAERTES,

EMPEROR DAMNIT! Captcha knows Laertes Olivares, and know what I was going to post !

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>>You'll somporn
Is Thulsa Doom our captcha ?

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You're a good man, OP. I don't think I've seen Starship Hair before.

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thank you. it was already done IRL, not with 40k ships of course, so it is not really new.

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What are those tubes and purity seals in her crotch area needed for?

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Chastity device, for the discerning purger of pleasure cults. The purity seals repel the unclean. The tubes pump burning promethium over whatever manages to bypass the former.

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>Lovin' existe
indeed captcha.

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Am I alone ?

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Observing, but a touch busy to contribute right now. You're also already dumping everything I've got on file.

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Not at all. /tg/ likes to leave its imagedumpers to do their thing

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just nice to know there are people locking...

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Link to uncensored? A lot of /tg/ drawfags put their stuff up at http://www1.tgchan.org/kusaba/draw/

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We're looking allright,
And I'm very very thankful. My collection is growing to immense proportions.

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http://img715.imageshack dot us/i/minoannavigator.jpg/

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right there for the moment.

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I just hope the anon who asked for this drawing will get it.

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I've got it saved in any case and plan on reposting it whenever Cathedral-Ship-Hair is required.

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I did!
:3 and I enjoy it immensily. I.. had something more like this in mind, but eh
I'm not one to critiscize free drawfagging

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Are you still around, OP? Can I ask you for a bit of drawfaggotry?

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Hey, my group's artist did pic for her Rogue Trader.
Nice to see someone saved it.

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I'll try a more standard version an other day, I think, if my muse agrees. Its your current character, or one of your friends ?

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I'm still dumping and here. It depends of what you want ! I'm more a portrait guy.

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My current character. No nonsense seneschal with a secret love of frilly things. Normally she maintains a a very demure business woman outfit- pinstripe. I would very much love to see the kind of situation that would force her to do up her hair in macaroni

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Oh really? How'd that game turn out?

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macaroni hair ???? I don't really see what it's look alike, and Google offer me... this.

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Could've gone better, Rogue Trader was probably not the greatest way to get her into Tabletop RPGs. But she did have fun, and it was a pretty decent one-shot with some other close friends of hers.

I'm going to be running a Dragon Age RPG game with her and her boyfriend to try and ease her into everything a bit better. Rogue Trader was too free for her and she had trouble making up her mind on somethings.

Nice girl though.

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by the way, do you want her still in her black& white pinstripe costume ? any specific detail on her features, face, expression ?

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A portrait of my current Explorator.

Basically, a Magos Genetor that sculpts himself as he sculpts his replacement limbs. His body is perfectly proportioned, all his cybernetics are Best Quality and highly refined - Doc Ock mechadendrites and a rebreather more like Darth Malak's iron jaw than a gasmask.

In a nutshell: a prettyboy techpriest. With a sniper bolter.


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good luck for you all ! Sure, Rogue Trader can be hard for a new player. At least, it wasn't the worst case : A brand new Gamemaster who has never mastered...

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The upside to it all is that her boyfriend got into 40k due to it and is now the Arbitrator in my Dark Heresy group. And he's doing a pretty damn good job.

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it's doable, but as it takes me some time to do a portrait properly, I'll work on your techpriest after the seneschal that was asked before. quick question though : what kind of clothes for your techpriest ? classic mechanicus robes ? When you talk of sculpting himself : is he still made of flesh, or of metal/ceramique/whatever ?

It won't the first excentric Techpriest I've seen.
>pic VERY related
And juste to be clear for everyone : no more requests after this two, for the moment. I want to be sure to deliver.

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no more info on your requests ?

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Probably not even here anymore. Ingrate bunch.

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Ah let's see. She perfers deep blue and white. Generally she has her hair up in a tight bun. Glasses on a silver chain. She wears garters, short but respectable business skirt, double breasted suit. Has a miniaturized inferno pistol holstered along the upper part of her thigh.
She's a stern woman- when she smiles her eyes remain cool and distant. You don't want to see her when she's closing in on a business kill- she becomes more savage, almost feral really.
Maybe a small gorget arounder her neck with the aquillia on it?
Also- total dominatrix in the bed room, which she doesn't visit often.
Also- Macaroni is the elaborate style of hair popular in Europe during the late 18th century. It often involved elaborate hair pieces.
Hence the song "Yankee doodle stuck a feather in his hat and called it macaroni."

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If you're bored, I have a real nice request myself.

>> No.14498302

Oh also- she wears very sensible and plain high heels.

Business is her first and profit is her domain, and she looks to it always.

She usually has a dataslate or some file clasped in her hands or under her arms if she's taking a quick lho break

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Standard robes. Pic related, it's my original inspiration.

Apart from his mechadendrites, he is as of yet still quite human. But as I said, he's pretty much perfect physically. (He has the False Man origin, so he was specifically created that way by his creator/mentor/predecessor. They have a... difficult relationship, it's the reason he's out in the Expanse.)

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Ah, thanks. I don't even know really the names of hairdresses in my own language, so in english... just to be sure, late 18th century period : wig or natural hair ?
it will come in third in order. tell me, & let see If I can do it or not.

Small precision : as one anon once remarked here, I can't draw feet & legs correctly yet.

>just for the heck of it, a WFRP character portrait.

>> No.14498408

I'm no expert in anatomy, but I think if you were to straighten the foot on the right and enlarge the feet slightly you'd be fine. The rest of it is absolutely lovely.

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Generally they were wigs.
Ah. I don't want an elaborate piece for my Seneschal, Calistra. Just a nice neat small bun, or a short cropped bowl hair cut should do.
A bowl haircut is- gah, ah very low hair cropped evenly around a persons neck line.
Search flapper

>> No.14498502

Why, thanks.
That would be a man, 175cm height, fit. He's bald, wearing a gas maskwith integrated nightvision. In the pose I request hereby, he'd be wearing no shirt so one can see the electoo on his left shoulder, resembling scale with gold bars on one side, lead bars on the other.
He's handling different chemicals, mixing poison, which produces some smoke (thus the gasmask). Ideally, he would bestanding infront of a table filled with chymistic equippment.

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flappers ? that's the sororita like hair dress ?
For the macaroni, well, I knew them under the name of "petit-maƮtres" or "Incroyables", with the women version "Merveilleuses".

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doing chemistry without a shirt ? preposterous !
I'll try, but you'll be served in third position, as I work in FIFO.

>> No.14498573

Sure, I can wait.
If you got a question, just ask.
I'll be here for some time.

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Not that I think of, a gas mask hide all the eventual bones of contention.

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a few more pics, and I will go to sleep.

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Honestly /tg.

I could never get the whole censorship in art around here, what's wrong with you

>> No.14498765

Sure is worksafe 'round here.

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Oh really? People are more likely to be disturbed by you watching ads about Oppai mousepads with a cameltoe blondie fingering herself than actually giving a shit about a character concept whose nude appearance was intended and done with actual taste.

Art is not porn, stop censoring.

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I don't understand either, but eh, i don't want to get banned again, especially for something so stupid.

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and last one! please continue if you feel so. good night or good day to all.

>> No.14498871

Thank you for your efforts.
I saved those character arts like I was payed for it.

>> No.14498893


It's a simple matter to link it from off the board. Everyone still gets to see it, it just requires a copy and pasted link. We also get to avoid any deletions, bans and general aggravation this way.

>> No.14498999

Ah French. And yes many of the SoB are protrayed wearing bowl cuts.

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Hey I would like to ask for an RT themes on the guy to the left, long greatcoat with the same top parts as the jacket he has in that picture.

Under the coat you can see a chestplate somewhat like the one on the right, but less bulky and round, it should be lacking the center "Window" of skulls. Instead the center should come to an edge, try to make it look like carapace armor if you can.

His weapon should look like a cross between a sawed-off double shotgun and a plasma pistol, with a cord leading behind his back.

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