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Y no drawthread?

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Holy shit guys. Ignoring a drawthread? /tg/ I am disappoint.

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A disembodied boob. It hates butts.

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Draw a Space Marine playing football, like 40k blood bowl.

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draw me some chick sitting on some dude's face

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A sister of battle with such a big butt that she can't fit in her power pants but she tries anyway.

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Okay here is what I would ask;

An Imperial Psyker, a woman. She has been irradiated by the throne of Terra and as such has no hair at all. Instead, to mask her hairlssness she has tattooed litanies and prayers along her hairline that proceed down the back of her head to the bottom of her neck. The litanies are written very small and are vast in number. Her left eye is bionic as well as her left ear. She wears nobles clothes that have torn sleeves at the shoulders- revealing the two halves of the Imperial Eagle tattooed on her arms.

She carries a revolver and a power sword.

Also- if you could draw her dramatically walking away from an explosion or some rubble- I would love you forever.

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A new rule 34 on a cliff racer

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A Space Marine sitting at a computer, glaring angrily at the monitor, saying "This is very heretical."

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DAMNIT its fucking late as fuck here!

Draw me The emperor as Julius Caesar and Khorne as Mark Antony on horseback about to fight the Gauls.

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Greenmarine! Hey, bro!

I've got a BBEG for my D&D campaign, but can't find any artwork to depict her. She looks sort of like a drow, but with small tusks coming from her lower lip, and she's wearing a blindfold and a serene smile. The BBEG is wearing clothing made up of tightly wrapped strips of leather, completely covering everything below the neck, and small metal charms hang from some of the folds.

Bumping with kitten pictures.

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Big Pimping Techpriest with pile of satisfied women (guardwoman, commissar, techpriestess, eldar, tau) under him

Or just the girls

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These four could be combined. Just sayin'

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>A sister of battle with such a big butt that she can't fit in her power pants but she tries anyway.

This, only make her all around huge.

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I'm looking for a character portrait for one of the games I'm in now, I'd be quite grateful if you'd do one up for me. One of the following two characters:

1. A halfling bounty hunter who dresses a bit like a fantasy version of Crocodile Dundee, complete with his very own "knoife"- actually a machete sheathed on his back, right next to a quiver full of arrows. He rides a mountain goat, and travels with an albino goblin who resembles a fist-fighting John Wayne and always has a cigarette hanging from his mouth.

2. A tiefling "businessman," in a fine red coat with gold trim. He has pointed ears and backward sweeping horns, with his red hair styled to match. There is a bowler hat perched jauntily on his head, and a very richly decorated rapier at his side.

Many, many thanks in advance if you decide to draw either of these fine fellows.

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Don't bring your fetish bullshit into this, just a big butt is enough.

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Requesting a woman in this pilot suit, helmet off. Predominantly latina qualities, with short but frizzy brunette hair.

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So basically, a biracial black/white?

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if it HAS to be porn I'll live with the same template only Caesar and Antony are fingercuffing Cleopatra as the bropound in the air.

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I guess my request is sort of out of place.

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Request: pretty much a portrait, doesn't need to be anything more than the shoulders/neck up.

A woman in her mid-thirties, career soldier in a brutal, footslogging war. She's got a fairly grim expression, perhaps bordering on the thousand yard stare. A burn or shrapnel scar (Whichever is easier or interests you) marks the left side of her face, and has claimed an eye. Hair is around ear-length but irregularly cut, as if she just used a knife to shorten it. I'd appreciate it.

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male vampire in the desert.

you know, to go with this female vampire in the day in the city.

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I love you forever

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Isabela from DA2 on all fours and leashed.
There is a quest from Gamlen in act 2 or 3 iirc, when you bring her along and after you visited the tree in the alienage she comments something along the lines of: "I hate to be led around... unless it involves leashes, and sex... which this is not!"

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Working on yours now.

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You are awesome.

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Under the impression that latino/a is used to refer to hispanics.

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GM, requesting sexy Dark Eldar chick with 80s hair.

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Could I get a female version of this guy?

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You're the best greenmarine.

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Thanks, bro. You rock.

This is the cutest picture of a cat I have. Please, take it, with my gratitude.

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Also, I'll request a sexy Dark Eldar Hellion sitting half-naked on her hoverboard, shlicking away.
Note: The board is floating over water, and another naked female Hellion is shouting "Hey McFiera, you bojo, those boards don't work on water!"

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hey i need a picture for my rouge trader

his name is maxius thunda'clez

dont know what he looks like besides, could you help me?

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Space Marine putting on a pair of aviators with the caption "Bitch I run this"

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Sweet cock juggling christ that thing is adorable.

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Hey green:

Kind of a sort-of-not-/tg/ related req, but:

Night elf priest from WoW in fancy robes, she has pale lavender skin and shoulder-length, blue hair.

no facial markings n'shit.

I'm assuming you've run into WoW stuff, but yeah. idk.

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A female Tiefling warlock wearing two glowing rings. One red and the other one light blue.

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A Pathfinder choker throttling an older human bard while a half-ogre paladin attempts to pry the little rubbery bastard off of him, screaming 'LET GO FOOTNOTE!'

Pic related, they're chokers.

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Sorry, half-ogre barbarian.

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Since I suck at art, I must ask you good sir.

I'm running a Tiefling Archivist in a friend's 3.5 campaign.

He's got sharp features, wears typical long flowing robes and a short shoulder cloak with a hood. His right sleeve is missing and his arm is covered in geometetric tattoos, his right hand is bandaged. He's got heterochromia (I rolled randomly for it. ._.; ) so his right eye is green, his left a maligned purple or red. His hood can be down or up, he's got short jet black hair.

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Youngish male moon elf bladesinger? Long dark blue/nearly-black hair, slight bluish tinge to pale skin, dark blue gold-flecked eyes, determined expression. Holding a longsword, possibly with ~magiceffects~ rising up around it?
He has simple but effective studded leather armour, and a green cloak whose bottom edge is slightly ragged with long wear.
Basically standing there looking very much 'mess with me and I will fuck you up.'

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Link, clothed as pictured

but a girl

I am a simple man

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Dude, you can get images like that all over the internet

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I am aware. Does this make a request any less valid?

I like GM's style, and it's up the the artists to choose the requests they fill.

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Oh yeah- Do you have a devart or something, greenmarine?

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Tried but got tired halfway through it.


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She has a chin-stripe. Lol.

re-bumping this >>14490600

>> No.14490932

Thanks GM! Though she do look like a curvy halfling.

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A well-dressed nebbish of a man, like a cross between Waldo Butters and Gaius Baltar. He has green eyes and medium-length black hair in a neat widow's peak.

He is holding this gun, and a ferret the size of a salami-his wereform-is coiled around his ankles.

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Not really.
Probably getting one on a near future.

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No color for you

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Forgot image.

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One of my friends likes your art, was gonna bother you about commisions/see if you did them/had a website, since they wanted to see more of your stuff.

but ya, holler when you get it going.

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That's bloody perfect! Thank you very much. <3

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Welcome. Wasn't sure you'd still be here.

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Fuck all this drawfag shit, there's art for an eAmon?
[Seriously though, drawfriends are great.]

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Draw a Greyknight spraying himself with a can of Sister aerosal blood odourant

>> No.14491193


very cool, thanks man!

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make it an Old Spice ad parody. With bitz o' sistas everywhere

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Have some half assed crap.

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A Human Wizard from a fantasy version of China. She's Chinese in appearance, stacked, and has a fox familiar. In terms of body and outfit, think a fusion of Blazblue's Litchi Faye Ling and Dynasty Warrior's Lian Shi. Pic related.

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A drawthread? Original Content? Competent contribution to the board at large?

Better be careful, greenmarine, the mod just might ban you for that shit.

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more butts!
a butt from each tau caste!
flat and boring for the etheral
slim and cute for the air caste
nice and normal for the water caste
athletic and firm for the fire caste
round and bootiful for the earth caste

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thanks broski

>> No.14491346

I think i'll go to bed now. I'll be drawing more shit tomorrow when i get to work.

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Wouldnt the air caste be skeletal and anorexic and horrible looking?

Also I'm pretty sure the ethereal caste would have a bulbous red nub protruding from their butts

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Vladimir Putin, pimpin' on a throne, with three of his finest ladies attending.

>> No.14491436

Krieg Andrew Sisters


>> No.14491443

bad idea for the air caste, we need to make it still pretty in some way.

Also, for the etherals.... why not. normal ass with protuding red bulge...

>> No.14491453

A bongwater elemental.

>> No.14491489

will be drawing shit this afternoon, so let's not let this thread die. will be doing the weeaboo marine with the shiny blade, but other requests welcome.

Also, requestan:
Krieg-chan standing at attention, stiff and perfectly immobile, as a commissar is inspecting her rear trench. If gasmask off, maybe a blissful smile and blush.

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Let's see the Tau version of a Space Marine.

>> No.14491513

There was a 'what model would you put in the cupboard from the Indian in the cupboard' thread earlier... and someone replied with the idea of a Necron Flayer who would detach his foreskin while he slept and wear it as a hoodie

I would so love to see this idea made visual

>> No.14491548


here, its old pic.

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Last one for today. Night folks.

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it's called a fire warrior

>> No.14491654

A cute Orders Hospitaller Sister with out the mask nervously tending to an arm wound of an ogryn who is totally enamored with her.

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A tailless Tiefling in fullplate with a heavy repeating crossbow and a bayonet. The armor is orky looking and painted red. He's wearing a backpack that is filled to bursting with bolt cases.

He may or may not be Heavy Weapons Tiefling.

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A married pair of samurai from the L5R setting. The man is a Tsuruchi of the Mantis clan - he would be wearing a light green or yellow. He is a bowman, with a yumi. It's a large, asymmetric bow, about 2 meters tall - much taller than him. His hair is kept fairly short and is black, though the edges are slightly bleached from occasional, accidental contact with make-up, for when he is not serving in the army he's a kabuki actor. He can be in kimono or armor, as you choose - if in armor, he has a helm with a large mane behind it. The mane is dyed a vibrant green, and is loose and heavy in the style of a kabuki wig. His build is lean and would be almost androgynous if not for the muscle he's built drawing his heavy bow. He's a fairly dark man as Rokugani go, and is clean shaven except for his sideburns and the small, cleanly trimmed beginnings of a goatee.

His wife is a Hida of the Crab Clan, and a couple inches taller than he is. She would be wearing the dark purplish-blue of the Crab Clan. A bit lighter than him skin-tone wise, and a bit heavier set - fairly fit, but not well-defined. Solid and dependable, a balancing influence to her husband's passion, and a tough fighter. She wouldn't be armed while they're together, but if she is, she has both her daisho and a hand axe. Her hair is black and long but not exquisitely trimmed - it's allowed more or less to hang as it will and is, unusually, a bit curly at the very ends, hanging loose and perhaps a bit dead near her breast.

The both of them have dark brown eyes, and they are very much in love.

As to the circumstances the pair are in, I leave that to you.

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cool, I just came in, how far are you in the request?

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When, greenmarine gets back, Jokaero tits please.

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5 seconds on google

>> No.14492833

Tau Ethereal Dominatrix. whip or riding crop,commissar cap, tall boots, fishnet stockings, and maybe a corset. Because sometimes the greater good hurts.

>> No.14492881

Holy fuck this thread is overflowing with ronery.

How about just a picture of AT-43 mech? Your choice.

>> No.14492935

I'll try to draw one right now.
Have this derpy Revan to keep you company until I'm done.

>> No.14493515

Here's a pretty derpy Hetman. Enjoy.

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>> No.14494456

Can somebody draw a Mikuforged?

I think I saw a (deliberately humorous?) clumsy attempt at that on Pixiv.

Can you top that?

>> No.14494470

crossposting from the other drawthread.

A Red Scorpion Space Marine and a Eldar Striking Scorpion arguing over who is the most scorpion-y.

>> No.14494485

Hm… I would like it if you drew a picture of an Avatar of Khaine that has been possessed by some powerful Slaaneshi daemon. Perhaps with a cool looking claw, either like a daemonette or a keeper maybe? I think it would be interesting...

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we need more tau art.

>> No.14494642

10 seconds in google

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>> No.14495191

I walked right into that one.

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>> No.14495818


How ridiculous.

Rather like asking for a demon of Slaanesh being possessed by a demon of Khorne.


>> No.14495885

Fireball just got a second season, aswell!

Drossel's appearance has changed, and not for the better. :/ Gedachtnis looks cool, though.

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>> No.14497600

Anybody fancy drawing my marines? They're basically renaissance themed (rapiers, the occasional feather hat etc), and the particular unit i want drawn is their land speeder variant; marines riding on giant pterodactyl creatures. Thanks in advance if anybody takes this up.

>> No.14498500

bumping in hope

>> No.14499650


did he ever post it?

>> No.14500042

bump in hopes of greenmarine loving.

>> No.14500370


Request bump I suppose.

>> No.14500918

bump for return of drawfags.

>> No.14501341

Gggh, let me warm up a bit more, i think i might be having a shitty art week


>> No.14501434


warm up with a jokaero chick?

>> No.14501518

meh, missed the orky part of the description.

>> No.14501690

I know i've put tits on things that are not supposed to have them before, but the idea of a monkey with tits is a little unappealing at the moment.

>> No.14501710

How about a guardswoman with tits? Preferably straddling/brandishing a leafblower

>> No.14501756

Maximum fetish fuel brown elf girl, dem tits, dem hips, dat everything. Brandishing a big futuristic looking shotgun with a large drum magazine in one hand. It should have girly accessories like cell phone charms. clothing is users choice, skimpy but more than underwear.

>> No.14501814

what this guy said

>> No.14501817

Hey Green!

how about drawing a female warforged fighter with a VERY obvious female form wielding a heavy flail. She was created as a sextoy but her master died before she was put to the test. She's absolutely ditzy (as in total bimbo blonde ditzy) and is now questing for a bigger brain.

her only items of clothing is a skanky, ripped top and some panties

>> No.14501879



>> No.14501916

Here. Forgot to say please.

>> No.14501967


>> No.14502183

Hey, how about Greenmarine using dick-chucks to defeat something, like a Reasonable Marine saying "no fun allowed"?

>> No.14502397

elephant based space marine

>> No.14502607

Sorry, had to play a little game of Blood Bowl.

Doing this.

Also if someone else does >>14502183 i'll do that person's request with extra love and dedication.

>> No.14502653


BloodBowl! What race do you play? I run a BB league in my city.

>> No.14502956


Since i suffer i horrible condition that limits my tabletop gaming experience, my BB fun is limited to the vidya.

You can guess what race i like to play the most.

>> No.14503010


If I had to guess... Orcs? Since they're green? I don't know man. There are a lot of teams. Either that or Amazons because tits.

>> No.14503123

>>Orcs because green
>>Amazons because tits.

Simple, right?
I like playing DE and Chaos every now and then.

>> No.14503147


I play a chaos team in our league, CLAW ALL OVER! It's boring but effective. No one else is playing a killer team so I keep the super stars in check by maiming them all. What're you drawing next? Green tits?

>> No.14503487


>> No.14503760



at least the sword itself was fun to draw.

>> No.14503776

bumpan' for this...

>> No.14503833

For once, I'll ask you to selfbump your requests if you are still there.

Other requests welcome, but as you can see, I'm not at the top of my abilities.

>> No.14503848


>> No.14503907


I just posted that as a reference. For maximum fetish brown elf girl. And I know how you do dat everything justice Technomancer.

>> No.14503912


>> No.14503926

nevermind, I mistook this>>14502956
for your request, sorry.

Maybe I'll do this.

but keep the requests coming.

>> No.14503929


aaaaaah holy crap someone drew my request aaaaaah


>> No.14504038 [DELETED] 

bump, niggers

>> No.14504074

Regal-looking female Farseer of Ulthwe, helmet off - long dark hair tied back from her face, dark eyes - holding a Singing Spear loosely with one hand, runestones for foreseeing the future just beginning to hover up out of the other hand.

>> No.14504111

Please, Mister Drawman, could you draw me an image of an ork in mega armor riding a manticore in a pose similar to this? I would be tickled pink if you did!

>> No.14504143

Finally, I'm going to draw the brown elf girl

But I've got time left, so keep em coming.

>> No.14504155

Gaptau taking it in the ass from a tyranid, probably like 2-3 tentacles in there at once.

>> No.14504158

Why are half the requests here for girls? Are you that lonely, /tg/?

Draw me a kawaii kawaii Jurgen, gais.

>> No.14504182

desperately rebumping.

>> No.14504224

ah, next one, then.

how's the converion progressing?

>> No.14504338

also, requestan Kheradruakh the Decapitator fighting U'Zuhl the Skulltaker

>> No.14504560

and requesting a dark eldar beastmaster who happens to be a pokemon trainer

>> No.14504563



Also, how about some new DoW II art?

Bluddflag: "That Inquisitive girly ain't returning me calls, Mister Nailbrain!"
Mr. Nailbrain: "Aw, Ah'm sure shes just, uh, busy boss!"

>> No.14504595

fuck yes!

We need more Bluddflag/Mr.Nailbrain drawfaggotry

those two are awesome

>> No.14505164


I cannot into decent clothing, into proper shading or into girly gubbins.

I want into crons. don't know why. So first, I'm going to draw some tau pornography, and then some crons. that's it. Urkh.

>> No.14505258


>> No.14505326


That actually looks really good imo. Just gotta clean it up a little.

>> No.14505800

a kolbold gunslinger in the style of clint eastwood

>> No.14505811

requesting a Halo-lich. Originally human, but highly corrupted by the Halo device it wields. Assuming that Halo artifacts are actually necrontyr regeneration phylacteries.

>> No.14505911

he should look like this

>> No.14505950

A cyborg. Just some kind of cyborg. Not too clean, not too grimdark. Holding a present-time weapon.

Thou can useth all thy creativity!

>> No.14505981


If we go by the literal meaning, it could be a guy with glasses.

>> No.14505987


or someone who has a plate in their ass or something

>> No.14505989

Or even a guy talking.

>> No.14505990

if you are up for some Necrons, could you draw a Necron Lord as it would look with the body of a Necron Wraith?

preferably floating over some unfortunate victim he has just slain.

>> No.14505996

Don't worry, once I'm finished with the tau girl, I'm going to dump a shitload of necron sketches.

>> No.14506001

A space marine cybot with predominately violet colors, fallen to Tzeentch (not thousand sons). With all kinds of sorcery, scolls and daemonic illusions around him, while he crushes one of his opponent with is mighty foot.

It has an eye-shaped, blueish halo.
Have fun doing it. Quality>Time as always.

>> No.14506015


I...I see. Well. Make him look like a soldier-cyborg. Not too Japanese-high tech, not too grim-mechanic like techpriests.

You get the picture (punpun)

>> No.14506020

Not going to do this, but just a little precision: In English, it's "Dreadnought", not "Cybot".

Filthy Kraut

>> No.14506049 [DELETED] 


mfw I got detected.

>> No.14506072

That's because I am a wizard. Hence the name.

>> No.14506095

A sorcerer of Tzeentch methinks.

>aborts cessen
I know that my art is shit, capthca, but it isn't an abortion ;_;

>> No.14506109

Tall and lithe female air caste stripper working the pole.

>> No.14506125

mhhh, maybe.

>> No.14506140

Please? I saw the one you did with the air caste talking to the rogue trader and she was really hot. Dem legs, and Dem hips man.

>> No.14506155

was supposed to be a water caste. But anyway. Expect a Nihei's babe's body type for an air caste, so even taller and more slender.

>> No.14506156

I'm totally want that bitch.

>> No.14506184

Ok, the more sexy xenos leg the better. If she seems too flat you can just give her breast implants for the greater goods.

>> No.14506241

I'm currently running an AFMBE game, and I could use a few notable characters drawfagged if anyone's up to it. Pick any you like. The game has, so far, taken place in NYC, if you want to know for clothing/personality/whatever

Calisco - Main leader of a settlement called charlie, formerly military, probably still wears BDUs and doesn't bother with shaving all that often. Probably gruff, too.

Maurice - Former pimp turned leader of a one-building outpost guarded mostly by gangbangers etc. Still wears bright primary colored suits and animalprint accessories. Probably has a hat with a feather. Black.

Seamus - Players refer to him as a "wildcatter", lives alone or in very small groups, maintains multiple one-room safehouses and panic rooms. Fat, usually wears those short sleeved work shirt things. Probably has some irish or scot in him.

Army doods - Players just picked these guys up from a helicopter wreck. 2 pilots and 3 grunts. I don't really need a picture for them, but if anyone's bored, hey.

Carlos - Surprisingly not mexican or anything. Leader of a gang willing to take from others, whether they're civies or military remnants. Short tempered, probably bald, probably tatted up on the shoulders or something. Go nuts with everything else since I haven't set him in stone and I'm too indecisive to.

Even if nobody has time, thanks for all the other stuff. All of it from everyone looks pretty damn great.

>> No.14506251

That ain't a pimp's name. That's a redneck's name. or at least a prole's. Sounds extremely vulgar anyway.

>> No.14506259

That's just what his friends call him, mayn.
Also I can't think of given pimp names very well.
Can you?

>> No.14506268

Ok this is going to be long winded but... The character described is mine for Alice in wonderland-esque setting using the FATE Rpg system / Dresden files rpg as a base. Attached image is what I mean in terms of clothing.
A young the thin side of an average looking build standing about five eleven, with skin the color of hickory wood. His hands were covered with small nicks and scars that continued all up and down his arms shown off by the pulled up sleeves of his dark close fitting duster. Under that he wore a wrinkled but clean looking shirt with a faded scarf worn round his neck. Jeans, secured with hand made leather belt, and worn work boots finished off the look of a man who worked with his hands for a living in harsh places The young man had brown hair that was shaggy and long enough to fall down in front of his eyes.

>> No.14506326

just my luck.
I make a request.,.. and the thread dies.

>> No.14506344

I still don't understand why I drew her naked.


>> No.14506365

Shits and giggles, of course.

>> No.14506370

gonna eat a bit and I'll be back within, say, less than half an hour.

>> No.14506377

She is beautiful and ethereal, thanks man. I will have to request more air caste from you in the future.

>> No.14506387

Naw, I mean, I'm into non-nude, so it kinda spoils it for me. I don't think it's because I'm being lazy. I'm afraid that I might consider this as an actual artwork. That scares me a little.

>> No.14506411

I like it. Very Sleek and well... awesome

>> No.14506424

Avatars can be possessed.

>> No.14506430

You can give her more clothes and detail it up into something that you are more proud of, I will not complain.

>> No.14506448

On the contrary, I'm very satisfied with the result, that's why I wouldn't ad any detail that might ruin it. But I find it unfappable, so it's a very weird situation for me.

>> No.14506459

Everyone has their quirks.

>> No.14506487

I may have requested it as some sexy xenos fap, but what you gave me is art. She is like a mist or a trail of smoke, it is elegant and minimalistic. Really, it is art

>> No.14506585

Also, technomancer, I'm trying to gen you a #mancer(etc) tripcode just for shits and giggles. Always fun. Probably won't be in this thread, though. Unless you want one with #Ward or #Funky

>> No.14506624

Uh, I seriously don't think i'll ever use one. I mean, the only time a faggot used my name, it was to "prove" me that I was samefagging or some shit. So, no, thanks.

>> No.14506629

Aw. Ok then.

>> No.14506642

Draw Espagnoll as a imperial lord comissar executing Zelda fanboys.

>> No.14506686

greenmarine, i never saw if you finished this'un or not, but repost would be great if you did :3 same request, this guy, lotsa missile weapons lodged in his arm, catfolk huntress w/ bow next to him, red eyes, foaming tusks.

>> No.14506982


>> No.14507056

Photoshop is being gay and refuses to open, it's been at least an hour so.

>> No.14507082

ouch. I know that pain

>> No.14507165

Heya, greenmarine!
Not sure, since I've been offline for a couple of days now, but I once requested a stout woman in her late 20s, wearing a loose-fitting red robe and a white dress underneath, offering a lich a pie, with the lich confused but accepting. Did you ever draw it?

>> No.14507258

Bumping the thread and hoping this gets some Greenmarine love.

>> No.14507345

T'hat's it. i'm fed up with toshop. I'm going to get some sleep, and hope for my laptop to be working better when I'm up.

>> No.14507386

Take care man, and dream of beautiful Tau girls.

>> No.14507494

Bumping for this

>> No.14507913


>> No.14508716


>> No.14508848

he looked more interesting holding the hat.

>> No.14509301

Not the requester, but dem ponts! They look ossim!

>> No.14509316

Here I am for another T&A request GM, thanks for the previous ones you've done for me. This goes out to any other drawfriend who has a penchant for drawing beautiful ladies.

This time, if you could, I'd like a voluptuous high elf from Warhammer Fantasy. You can go wild on the details, I'd just like her to be nice and curvy, maybe a beauty mark by an eye.

>> No.14509425


>> No.14509523

with glasses. Awesome

>> No.14509613

Here you go! have my Death Specters Deathwatch chaplain!

>> No.14509620

heres the model

>> No.14509635



>> No.14509662

better version


>> No.14509821

Well off I go...gonna toss up a request to anyone willing to take it:

A heavyset (not horrendously fat, but "healthy") woman with long brown hair kept in a loose braid. She carries a belt full of healing potions around her waist and a lute on her back. She's dressed in a gypsy-like dress with a creme-colored robe over it that seems to fit a bit loosely and is open in the front. She's offering a fresh slice of pie to a lich, who is confused but accepting it nonetheless.

>> No.14510416

I'm gonna do this

>> No.14510462


>> No.14510520

Charlie Sheen as a Psyker responding to accusations of being a Heretic with "I'm Her-winning".

>> No.14510599

Sorry for not being active during the day, guise. My boss is being quite a douche this week and i have no time to drawfag. I'll be back on this thread at night.

>> No.14510845

ah....that's no problem. Hope karma bites your boss in the appropriate areas.

>> No.14511124


rebumpin for this~

>> No.14511205

Because I want to.
Sorry, I'm pretty terrible but I gave it a shot.

>> No.14511320

Gentlemen, I'm back.


Now that this is done (I uploaded another version with visible sketchlines in my thread, dunno which is best) I'm gonna draw crons.

>> No.14511333

but first, i'm going to read those last issues of SHAKARA!

>> No.14511358

Requesting a Grey Knight, covered in Battle Sister blood and bits. Khornette is fangirling over him, much to his dismay.

>> No.14511375

Had to do a brutal double take there.
Looked like she was polevaulting at first...
But wow...

>> No.14511390

Thank you

>> No.14511416

Would you draw my nWoD char? She's about 5'2, very thin, pretty flat, twiggy legs, black hair, and wears vintage/gotchic style clothes. Hipster chick, glasses, the works.

>> No.14511660

Oh, by the way, any suggestion concerning those cron sketches will be welcome. Influences, shape, subject...

>> No.14511901

I like.
Very confusing. Lots of little details...
But awesome

>> No.14512270

yeah, dun goof'd.

>> No.14512358

more crons

>> No.14512408

bumping on a hope that my chubby pie maker is drawn.

>> No.14512420

sorry, faield again

>> No.14512431


>> No.14512449

a bit of feedback would be nice

>> No.14512493

I really dig the Immortals, the robes bulk them out nicely and the braids/tassles on the faceplate are a nice touch. The basic Warriors look very fragile though, with thin spines and narrow legs. I'm not sure if that was intentional or not?

>> No.14512570

It's intentionnal. I find the squatted pose a bit ridiculous, and more adapted to stalking pretators like Flayed Ones. Also, they're supposed to have physcs-raping xenotech, so, the more unlikely, the better. on a mini, that would pose balance problems, though.

Tried to do something different for the gauss weapons. Less like a rifle. Good idea? could be better?

more to come

>> No.14512594

>Good idea? could be better?

The Warrior weapon looks really good - more like a bladed staff, a little reminiscent of the Warscythes carried by Pariahs, so there's a nice aesthetic going on there. The Immortal weapon I think could do with a bit of work, it's very simple looking - a big framework for the two Gauss tubes with the handle sticking out the back. Perhaps change the arrangement so the two tubes aren't atop each other, with some added worky bits so it retains the sense of weight?

>> No.14512612


I think they look just fine. Stark, imposing, and skeletal; just what 'crons ought to be.

Now do Shakara as a Pariah!

>> No.14512640

I will draw inspiration from him.

yeah, will work on this.

here, a few simple ideas to add more variety to warriors

>> No.14512684

I will say one thing, though - I really, really, love the long, gangling arms. It just moves them a little away from the very human-like shape the current models have, distorting the profile enough to make them eerie and inhuman, without making them so alien they lack the "whatever species you are, you look at them and see 'HERE IS DEATH'" motif the GW design teams angled for.

>> No.14512729


>> No.14512773

Oooh. Yes. Now that works very well. The shape reminds me a little of the guns carried by Destroyers, so that links them together, and the blade at the end rather than a barrel is an interesting design. I can imagine it more directing arcs of Gauss lightning than actually firing beams/blasts of energy.

Speaking of Destroyers, what would you do with them? The big, flat, featureless skimmer base always looked a little awkward and dull to my eyes. Especially next to the far more visually interesting Wraiths.

>> No.14512789

for the pariahs, I'm hesitating a bit. On the one hand, they have a very special status, and as such, they are granted a nice, human-looking body, which they might be allowed to customize and make unique. One the other hand, most blanks/nulls/untouchable are complete asspies with a serious lack of ego and imagination.

>> No.14512840

for the destroyers, I have far more liberty. The Fall of Damnos, despite some fluff choices I disapprove of, made the quite interesting by making them necrons obsessed with exterminating everything (hence the name), trying to become weapons by adding more and more and more woapons and augmentations onto them.

So, for the base, maybe very different things.

I also had an idea to exploit the shape of the base: the elytres could be made into wings, I mean like the usual mesopotamian stylized wings. and from this, other ideas might stem.

>> No.14512884

That could work. Or at least, repositioning the Necron torso - stuck out front as it is, the base has the effect of looking a little like a giant ass, which isn't the most flattering of things.

As for Pariahs, if you wanted them to be unique yet retain the general lack of imagination/ego, you could always represent that with relatively minor aesthetic changes between individuals. The idea being that while they all have the ability to look however they like, tend to fall into very similar patterns.

>> No.14512885

Maybe their Lords decorate them? Like customizing your car, they preen and show off who has the best Pariah conversions.

>> No.14512935

That's an interesting concept, and could lead to amusing caricatures.

pic related

>> No.14512943

more seriously. Monolith bases.

>> No.14512974

Interesting. The top-left sketch especially; a disk, the Necron rorso on top, and several tails/tendrils below. Though that might make them too close to the Wraiths.

>> No.14512986

she's got some junk in the trunk

>> No.14513002

Yeah, that's why I didn't develop it any further. but if that can be reminiscent of tentacles, all for the best.

>> No.14513074


>> No.14513164

I'm getting clumsy...

>> No.14513248

ladies, check this

>> No.14513373

bumping this if you're still drawing necrons

>> No.14513382

Smooth and elegant, far more so than the current designs. The work on the base itself also fills the empty space nicely.

>> No.14513387

oh, right, nearly forgot.

>> No.14513436

yeah, but I think the baba yaga version has more potential. Maybe for a lord, whatchathink?

>> No.14513474

Possibly. The very upright, vertical look of the Baba Yaga version is such a departure from the more horizontal design of the current Destroyers that it almost strikes me as being appropriate for an entirely new sort of unit. I'm not quite sure what, though. It would certainly make for an interesting Destroyer Lord though.

>> No.14513551

not sure about the wraiths...

>> No.14513610

By and large, I don't think Wraiths need a lot of changes, beyond the arms being stretched out a bit and the silly claw of hypodermic needles being replaced by more scalpels/flensing blades. That's an interesting look for a Lord though, looks a little serpentine rather than ghostlike.

>> No.14513635

I just mean that they are the unit (apart fom lords) that uses the necrontyr trollphysics the most, so I thought that giving them a more lovcraftian aspect would be suitable. Hence the tentacles, but it looks a bit too much like a venomthrope, then.

>> No.14513692

Right, yea. The combination of the hunched over back and the mass of tendrils below. Maybe several extra arms, rather than tentacles? Then remove the obvious head for a cluster of sensor nodes. Like floating Shoggothy things.

>> No.14513718

good, reminds me I wanted to add centipede-like legs on destroyers (combine themselves with spyders to better augment themselves) but it would look far better on wraiths.

>> No.14513933

better, I think.

>> No.14514026

Ooh yes, certainly. They're very insect-like now, with the six limbs and blank, faceless head. The stretched out, 'screaming' mouth on the bottom-left fellow is rather fine idea as well.

Unfortunately, if I don't get to bed I'm going to fall asleep over the keyboard. Dunno how much use my ramblings were, but hopefully they were of some interest.

>> No.14514061

they were. at least made me want to try out new ideas.

I'm gonna need some sleep as well. Looks like I just broke the fragile rythm I managed to achieve this week.

>> No.14514473


i don't really know how a space marine armor looks, but i hope this is close enough

>> No.14514772

not the requester, but that's actually pretty sweet

>> No.14514775

>awesome drawfag
>doesn't know shit about what he's drawing on a board where you see it fucking everywhere


>> No.14514795

>i don't really know how a space marine armor looks, but i hope this is close enough
You must be new here. Welcome aboard.

>> No.14515782

Whalecum to /tg/!

>> No.14518750


>> No.14518850

I'll just leave this here.

Good light effects?

>> No.14519064

It's so shiiiiiiny...

>> No.14519337

You still here Technomancer?

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