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Does the Imperium raise Guard regiments from Terra? Could they? Or is it that all the billions upon billions of its inhabitants are considered too holy/too busy praising the Emprah to be put into regiments and sent off to fight?

There's plenty of people on the planet to raise several regiments and I'm sure most of them would be happy to get the fuck out since a good deal of them live in absolute shit conditions.

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afaik the only people on terra are the high lords, the emperor's custodes and the administratum. there are no average citizens there, so no.

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The Solar System probably has several guard regiments all to its own. Probably the best-equipped and best-supplied, too.

I mean, with all the hype they have about Terra's defenses, the IG has to have some part in it.

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All space marines come from Terra

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There was that Meriken IG force from the Macharian Crusade thing from BoLS.

They're a normal IG unit, but "rich enough that they can supply everybody with carapace armor and bolters as standard issue" essentially.

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...where's the Emperor's Private Pool on this map?

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Wherever the fuck he says it is.

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Terra has a PDF, but it's Adeptus Non so there's no tithe for the Guard. Also, the Imperial Fists recruit new marines from Terra.

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Terra has countless hordes of scribes, servants and menial labourers to prop up the ruling elite. Then there are the people below them, the lost underhivers and sumpdwellers, the forgotten mutants...

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Well, the Administratum on Terra numbers into the billions, the majority of them count as civilians. Plus there's the Ecclesiarchal staff on hand, they've got god knows how many underlings working there. And there's the constant stream of Psykers who get sent there for sanctioning, many of whom stay on Terra to join the Astronomican or remain as teachers for other psykers there. Then there's the Inquisitorial staff in their complex in Antarctica, someone's got to file those papers on what planet got "redeemed" this week.
And to top that all off, there's the billions of pilgrims who come to Terra that never really leave because there's always some other shrine or temple they need to pray at. There are plenty of civilians on Terra, the planet is an ecumenopolis after all.

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Short answer is 'yes'.

There have been references across the editions, and really there is no reason there shouldn't be still.

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Just because Terra is the Capitol of the Imperium doesn't mean it isn't shit just like every other world. There are massive throngs of downtrodden plebes who don't work for the Administratum. In fact one of the day-to-day tasks of the Custodes is to prevent those who line up outside the Palace gates to apply for work from rioting.

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No tithe is required for Terra or rest of the Solar System. They have their own PDF which is so well equipped and trained they're like Space Marines. Mars has the Skitarii and Titan Legions. Then you have the Navy HQ around Jupiter.

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...which is not to mention the Grey Knights on Titan and the Segmentum Sol Battlefleet.

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...and the hordes of Bolterbitches, the Psykers at the Scholastica Psykana, and the MOTHERFUCKING CUSTODES.

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...most of whom enjoy the protection of ultraheavy fortifications designed by Girlyman hisself.
So Terra's pretty well defended.

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actually Terra is home to some of the most ancient Imperial Guard regiments that have as much glories won and history as any space marine chapter. Understandably, these regiments are really god damn powerful and have some of the craziest equipment around, going so far as even power armor.

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You mean Rogal Dorn.

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Yeah Dorn and Pertabo built the forts.

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Oh... right.

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No, it was just Dorn, that's one of the main reason Perturabo went heretic: he was pissed off that Emps liked Rogal more than him.

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I'm pretty sure that the old school fluff on the siege of terra mentioned a "2nd Terran armor division" or something that helped Khan and the White Scars take that spaceport.

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>>Emps likes Bro-tier Dorn more than Mr. autistic building blocks man.
>>Buttmadhurt heresy tiem!

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That was post-Unity era shit. Terra used to produce a fuckton of soldiers during the Great Crusade period (look at the Lucifer Blacks, Geno Chiliad, Therio Huskarls, and others).

Does Terra recruit a PDF in the traditional sense? Quite possible. Does whatever PDF there is pale in comparison to the forces garrisoned there? Absolutely. Much of Terra is directly under watch from some of the biggest, nastiest, and most famous units in the Imperium. Space Marines aren't very popular on the world... something about them makes people nervous. I wonder why. But Titans guard the walk to the Imperial Palace, the Psykana schools are filled with experienced and powerful psykers, and a shit ton of psykers in training. SoB are stationed there in huge numbers, the Navigator houses each have their own armies, the Custodes are around when they need to be, the Officio Assassinorum still has clade temples on the planet....

The list goes on and on. And if it was really bad, Astartes could be called to hold to fortifications Dorn built ten thousand years before. Because thinking that the Imperial Fists and a couple dozen other chapters stationed in the Sol Segmentum wouldn't flock there at the first sign of impending invasion is silly.

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>implying all the primarchs weren't severe aspies

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Not to forget that Mars is in the same solar system.
The Adeptus Mechanicus probably has some bitchin' defenses on that.
And it pumps out Titans.

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Not any more.

Terra used to have own IG regiments, in fact, all regiments during Great Crusade were first and foremost Terran-born.

Now it has only pilgrims (no scotts though), administratums and High Lords and their underlings.

After HH Terra hasnt sent its sons to War.

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Out of curiosity has Terra ever been invaded or nearly invaded after the Heresy?

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But some necrons landed on Mars and then left using their FTL ships.

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>implying Vulkan wasn't the broest of bro teirs. A veritable broseidon.

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Oh cool, sorry I am kinda ignorant when it comes to 40k lore. Love the hell out of it and read it whenever I get the chance. So wait how did the Necrons get away? I mean I know their tech is crazy and all but isn't Terra and the solar system suppose to be one of the safest and most fortified places in the galaxy?

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There was the time the Marines and the Admech team up to finally deal with Goge.

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Yes. The end of the Reign of Blood involved multiple Space Marine chapters besieging the Imperial Palace to hunt down Vandire.

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You remember in looney toons how whenever the coyote would get close to the Road Runner and it'd just disappear into a puff of smoke? Like that. Almost literally.

Beep Beep.

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Rogue leader of the church during the Age of Apostasy

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Their ships are inertialess.
They came in moving at many times the speed of light, landed some troops, realized that the solar system was horrendously overfortified, recalled the troops and then flew off at many times the speed of light.
Supposedly they didn't even realize that the Sol solar system had humans on it. They just wanted something on Mars. The Void Dragon maybe.

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The whole Void Dragon thing kinda has me at a loss. The Emperor imprisoned it. Then the Adeptus Mechanicus uses it to power their creations or am I completely off base?

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With 40K fluff you can never be off base. Ever.

Also, good job Captcha!

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From the Lexicanum:
Key Features of the Void Dragon

* The Void Dragon may be based on Mars.
* The Void Dragon may be worshiped by some of the Adeptus Mechanicus as the Machine God.
* The Void Dragon may be feeding in order to return in strength.
* The Void Dragon controls and consumes victims slowly through the use of technological implants.
* The Void Dragon may be able to remotely control technology over vast distances.

Horus Heresy and the Dragon of Mars

In the book series, The Horus Heresy, a great deal about an entity almost certainly the Void Dragon is revealed, called "The Dragon of Mars". The Emperor himself defeated a creature of godlike power who existed on Earth itself centuries ago (what this implies about the Emperor's natural lifespan is uncertain, but Space Marines, his genetic children, do not age normally either) sometime during the 12th century (the text states during the reign of the Emperor Diocletian however, which suggests a date around the 3rd/4th century)3. He traveled to Mars and imprisoned the entity within the Noctis Labyrinth, purposefully not destroying it. The creature is described as having "drunk the heart of stars" and "worshiped as a god", which heavily implies it to be a C'Tan. It had no name of its own, but the Emperor dubbed it "The Dragon of Mars", and bound it there. Once the Warp storms began and the Dark Age of Technology ended, the Dragon of Mars sought to claim the red planet by sending out dreams from its imprisonment, teaching the humans there how to build incredibly advanced machines, and in turn, worship those machines. Thus, the Dragon directly created the Mechanicum. This was in fact the Emperor's plan all along: to create a technologically advanced society that would be able to provide the industrial machinery for his Great Crusade.

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So in the 4th century the Emprah flew to Mars... Seriously? Did he have a jet pack? A spaceship from Atlantis? Or did he use the power of the dragon balls?

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He was formed from the souls of thousands of ancient psykers.
You bet your ass he flew there. Or maybe teleported Dr. Manhattan style.

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That's pretty awesome, so speaking of the Emperor is he going to reincarnate or whatever that I read has been hinted to once or twice? I mean if that happens isn't it game over Chaos and Xenos alike?

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Not only did he fly there, but he did it with the Void Dragon in tow (as much as you can have some sort of multi-dimensional half-god "in tow").

I like to imagine he grabbed the Void Dragon's tail and just took a mighty hop up to Mars.

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>The combined might of the Old Ones and all their creations fails to destroy Void Dragon
>Emperor shows up and kicks its ass
>Then enslaves it for mankind's ends
Problem, xenos?

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Maybe he used his immense fucking psychic powers to teleport there? Y'know, like how a fuckton of lesser psykers can teleport over shorter distances?

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>Void Dragon is Robot Cthullu.

>what this implies about the Emperor's natural lifespan is uncertain
Lexicanum also says the Emperor was born in 8000bc and predates all the Chaos Gods.


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Serious question that I am curious to know people's opinions on or just speculation. If the Emperor did return (only if he did, not saying he will) would it literally spell the end for all the enemies of Mankind? I mean is there anyone or anything out there that could stand against him and I would also imagine that he would revive and greatly restore the Chapters in many ways. But is there another "Horus" out there to go toe to toe with him or at least give him trouble?

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The emperor was born thousands of years ago in ancient Anatolia. That was stated back in the Realm of Chaos books.

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Ya, but I didn't know he predated the Chaos Gods.

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First, there'd be another Imperial civil war. Not everyone would believe that he'd been reborn, and another Great Crusade would have to be fought all over again.

Once the Emps reunited his Imperium, his next issue would be what to do with the Ecclesiarchy - personally I think he'd leave it alone, since i've always thought that the crafty old bastard's plan was to set himself up as a god so that he'd have the faith of billions to back up his fight with the Chaos Gods.

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The ancient shamans who were repeatedly reincarnated from the warp after death saw what was coming and created the emps as a counterbalance to the Chaos Gods.

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Abbadon the Despoiler.
As much as /tg/ likes to pretend that Abbadon is the king of failure, his Black Crusades are very successful at achieving their goals.
Or daemon princes could fight him. Or the C'Tan. The Outsider and the Nightbringer might be able to put up a fight.
But the Emperor did not like people worshiping him at all. And the whole Imperium worships him. He would be pissed at the state of things.

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That, and some of them started getting eaten between reincarnations, I think. There were lots of really mean things brewing in the warp when the three were coming to.

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So you think any of the Chapters would rebel or would they fall in line immediately or wait to actually see him? That and would he purge the nonbelievers or would they be shown he was truly back?

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Ah, but would he? He razed all other churches, but didn't exactly impose the death penalty on those caught with the Lectitio Divinitatus, now did he?

It's a conspiracy, I tells ya! He set himself up as a god! His denials of divinity only made the sheep believe it more!

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I think some would rebel. Just look at the Astral Claws. Astartes aren't perfect, and many chapters have turned against the Imperium in the past millenia.

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My knowledge of who has turned and who is loyal is kinda bad. I guess I am only familiar at best with the more well known Chapters. I mean it would make for an interesting point if he did return I would imagine, but that all aside. Say he comes back, there is another crusade, he has to set things right, would their be a technology revival and how would his enemies fare against his return? Would they be wiped out quickly or would it be a long drawn out process or would they be able to fend off him?

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No no no no no. The entire point of the Imperial Truth was to dispel such superstitious notions as religion and gods. Without any such belief the chaos gods would wither under an age of reason and understanding (between humans)

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What about the sensei? They're the literal children of the Emperor. They're not quite Primarchs, I'm sure, but I imagine they could kick some serious ass.

Also, is the Emperor even conscious? It heavily implies he is at some point, and at other points the fluff paints him to be a braindead vegetable.

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Sensei are old fluff, no longer canon or mentioned at all

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>What about the sensei?
Outdated third edition fluff.
Also: hated by the Imperium and actively hunted down and killed.

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Fluff is never old and outdated in the sense that you're thinking of.

It remains a part of canon until it is specifically retconned.

Like the squats for example.

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In case is the half eldar brother space marine of the Ultramarines technically still legit?

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Yes actually.

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I bet gork and mork love the emperor. He's probably the best warboss in galactic history.

Also if the emperor was reborn I think the surviving Primarchs and Space marines would know. Didn't most of Emps's lost sons immediately understand who he was, and what they were when they felt his presence?

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The void dragon had gone to ground on Earth after, wounded already from the great war with the old ones, he was further wounded by the psykic shock wave from the chaos gods growing power and Slaneshes birth.

The Void Dragon had been slowly healing and re-building his power through sacrifice when the emperor came upon him.

It is still an increadable accomplishment for the Emperor to bring down the Void Dragon, but the Dragon was wounded at the time, though still a being of god-like power.

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Yeah, that's the initial appearance, and if you'd asked my initial opinion then I would agree!

So, if the Imperial Truth is so important, why isn't possession of a copy of the Lectitio Divinitatus punishable by summary execution? Why is it tolerated? Imperial Officers will shoot you for a lot less.

The Emperor wants to take power from the Chaos Gods because belief makes them strong. As a massively powerful psychic being on the same scale, it'd make perfect sense for him to wish to be worshipped, as surely it would have the same effect on him. Remember; he's not mortal!

Hence my paranoia. I know what the Imperial Truth seems like, but I don't trust the writers not to try an ass-pull like this.

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>The void dragon had gone to ground on Earth after,

No it didn't. At no point does "Mechanicum" state that the fight literally took place on Earth. And it contradicts directly several points of Necron fluff, such as the Tomb Worlds always being purged of all life beforehand. Or Necron machinery on Mars' moon Phobos, used to sustain the Dragon.

Semyon's story is not meant to be taken literally - he says this explicitly.

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>he was further wounded by the psykic shock wave from the chaos gods growing power and Slaneshes birth.
>chaos gods growing power
>despite not yet being sapient
>and Slaneshes birth.
>despite hir being born after the Dark Age

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You're saying that the date - 1100 AD - given in "Mechanicum" is certain? Despite being explicitly said to be uncertain? Despite the fact that Diocletian was dead for 900 years by that time? Despite the fact that legends of a thunder god defeating the serpent of knowledge that, in universe, are described as being inspired by that event, have existed for 6000 years at least? Despite the various other accounts, mentioned in the book, being placed at different dates?

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Here's a fun theory:

The Golden Throne is a device masterminded by Void Dragon to aid in regaining its power by forcing the Emperor's corpse to feed it from the psyker sacrifices.

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Thing is, it does make sense. Mars had all life purged from its surface, so maybe it was a secuphlure (sp?) used by Void Dragon. He comes to Earth for shits and giggles, get stabbed by the Emperor, who traps the Dragon in his own throne room

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>Terra is a hive world, the earth has long ago been stripped of all forms of resources; its soil is utterly barren and its atmosphere is a fog of pollution. Massive, labyrinthine edifices of state sprawl across the vast majority of the surface. Its oceans have long ago boiled away

Nice going assholes.

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Humanity, FUCK YEAH!

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Being old doesn't make fluff more reliable. If anything, it's the opposite.

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The shaman thing is probably still canon, liber chaotica mentioned undivided demon princes originating from mass suicides melding together.

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Besides, the same fluff which had Emperor's birth and the Shaman story also had the Sensei and Illuminati. Nothing of this has been retconned, if you accept one bit, you will have to accept it all or be a cherrypicking faggot.

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That is stupid, the gods don't need worship, they are just reflections of peoples thoughts in the warp that clump together.

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>Does the Imperium raise Guard regiments from Terra?

Yup, Custodes. Their special trait is that they all wear carapace armor.

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I wonder if 40K will ever bring in the first Daemon Prince ever.

I mean, Fantasy has Be'lakor.

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The Byzant Janizars are a Terran regiment

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Each bit of Terra soil wasn't incredibly expensive? I doubt there are any common people in the traditional sense living there, with the exception those who are necessary to the "good" functioning of the Imperial Institutions.

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AFAIK, there's fucktons of people living there, in Hives.Just many of them are living in sub-African conditions with hive-AIDS.

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When there is no more soil, you build in vertical.
So someday, some fucker would build his house over you, and with the time, you get a nice hive city.

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