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>he·don·ism [heed-n-iz-uhm]
>1. the doctrine that pleasure or happiness is the highest good.
>2. devotion to pleasure as a way of life.

I'm preparing to throw my Dark Heresy roleplayers at a Slaaneshi cult in about four sessions, and I'd like to get things like descriptions and NPC personalities ironed out.

What I need is glorious, decadent hedonism. Not pussy hedonism, none of that "lol have lots of sex and take lots of drugs" weak-sauce (I'm reserving that for the underlings, who haven't learned to appreciate the true finer things in life). I need ideas for what pleasures the leaders of such a cult would indulge in. Out-of-the-box ideas for the heights of pleasure a mortal might climb, and how they can share that joy with their fellow heretic. About the most creative thing I've seen in the official 40k setting is Noise Marines, and I think Slaanesh could inspire something a little more interesting than that.

Let's get those juices flowing.

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A Slaaneshi party would be like what would happen if the Gay Pride parade and a horde of Woodstock hippies crashed into a hardcore BDSM club comprised entirely of LaVey Satanists during one of their "Rock Out With Your Cock Out" rock and rape parties.

It's pretty much like that scene from Event Horizon, where they finally unscramble the message from the dead crew. Rape, murder, loud noise.

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Your pic actually isn't all that bad a start. Wasting extravagant resources on trivial pleasures seems pretty hedonistic to me.

Maybe one of the cult-heads could be a rogue trader or merchant who sends minions to their deaths to get something simple, like having a fully-manned and supplied ship that does nothing but make weekly runs to the edge of the sector to get fresh spring water for him to drink.

It's something simple yet decadent, and it'd also be a good way to get the acolytes onto his trail. Checking shipping records, it'd look pretty curious to waste a whole ship just to transport a few dozen gallons of water, over and over again.

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>Slaaneshi cult
>none of that "lol have lots of sex and take lots of drugs"

You're being That Guy as a DM, taking fluff and trying to change it to fit your holier than thou perception of it. You started your thread with the dictionary term of Hedonism, which means absolutely dick in this context. I don't care what fucking Oxford dick-sucking Merriam Webster or some shit thinks hedonism is, .hedonism within the context of Warhammer Slaneeshi fluff means rape, drugs, loud music.

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Start with Eyes Wide Shut, kink up the sex a few notches, replace the suits with drapings of colorful silks, spike everything with enough drugs to turn Mr Rogers into Ozzy Osbourne in five seconds flat, and set it to a soundtrack of noise (it's a "music" gene, try youtube).

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There are two ways to go with this I think. You can create a Slaaneshi villian based on a sort of subtle hedonism. This would be a sort of bond villain that only drinks 3 millenia old amasec thrice decanted through a series of rare digital neurotoxins that produce a laudanum - like mixture. Or only smokes cigars obtained from the rare dried leaves of a large carnivorous death world plant. This would just be someone who has reached a sort of heightened sensibility about things and would be pretty snobby about it.

Then there's the more grimdark villain that only finds pleasure in the bizarre or perverse. Given the corrupting powers of the warp I think this is more likely. This is someone who finds pleasure in things no one would normally want to or think to take pleasure in. A personal example that made me wut was a video of japanese girls stomping bunnies to death with high heels. I don't understand how anyone could find sexual pleasure from such a video. But it is possible. So this sort of deviant could only be made to experience pleasure by the smell someones bowels evacuating in a certain way after being killed in a specific fashion after being feed certain foods. One of my favorite stories I ever heard was caligula pumping someone full of wine and puncturing them with a sword after the had ballooned to three times their size. This if not done right can turn the villain into a cartoon. If done right the villain will be truly disturbing and memorable.

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Spending exhorbitant money on tiny portions of truly horrendously perverted delicacies from across the galaxy.

Feasting upon the brains of the endangered grand worm from the Calderan desert. A single toe from an Eldar queen. The liver of a Hive Tyrant seared in the combined juices of the men it has killed.

These are the delicacies of the truly refined heretic.

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Eldar don't really have queens.

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You probably also think the Sanguinor and Draigo are totally wicked sweet. Half the joy of 40k roleplay, both in Fantasy Flight's books and playing the game itself, is trying to make the 40k-verse stop sucking.

OP, if you like Noise Marines, try coming up with strange noises for the cult to have playing at their meetings or in the mansion of their local lord or something. You could have it playing on an ipod in the background while ya'll are playing or something.

Look for music that relies on harmonic dissonance, like the Drakengard soundtrack or something.

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Bullshit. Slaanesh is about excess, period. It's a testament to your own lack of imagination that you are unable to think outside of the base concept of what GW has spoonfed you, and this is precisely why the OP is running a DH game, and why you're not - or, if you are, why yours probably sucks.

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Carbon is element #6, so obviously everythign will be carved from perfect diamonds. Lightning will be with argon (18) and krypton (36) lights.

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And pumping a guy full of wine and popping him isn't like a cartoon? Face it, Caligula was a real life cartoon villain.

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Hire the greatest musicians to compose grand epic songs, with unique instruments, orchestras numbering in the hundreds and requiring a specially designed concert hall for the perfect acoustics.

Only have it played once, to keep it unique

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The Dark Eldar haemunculi(sp?), have the 1000 dark pleasures. Most of them are involve self torture stuff. One example I can think of is this one Archon has all of his skin cut off and then all of his imperfections in his organs flayed away. Then they re-knit his skin and organs together and back on. Stuff like that.

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And that scenario if played out would still be very disturbing if done well, instead "LOL I POPPD U!"

The story as I remember it was it was done as an act of intimidation. Granted Caligula was a fucking IRL loony toon, I was just giving examples.

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Then have the musicians executed.

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>You're being That Guy as a DM,
If trying to give my players a unique experience is being That Guy, then That Guy I shall gladly be.

These are both good. I like the of putting the party on the higher-ups trail through shipping logs, I think my players would be smart enough to check that sort of thing once they figure out they're dealing with Slaaneshi cultists.

Oh Jeebus, the crush fetish. I've seen comics of Disney Princesses stepping on frogs over on /co/. That'd be a good way to creep my players the fuck out.

Good suggestions so far, guys, please keep them coming!

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Have them silenced. Their hands removed, their mouths sewn shut, whatever stops them from making music. Just have them imprisoned and mute, for the satisfaction of knowing you were the last to hear their music.

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A quick look into the cult bathroom will give you a good idea of what to start with.

>toilets hand-carved from wraithbone, engraved with various scenes of sodomy (bonus points if it's studded with soulstones)
>rolls of toilet paper crafted from the silk of the near-exctinct and ridiculously deadly Grunian hive-spider (many men gave their lives to bring us this toilet paper)
>various scented hand soaps from the rendered fat of different xenos (or cult ex-members)
>the floor tiles have been imported directly (and quite illicitly) from different plazas on Holy Terra
>the mirror is actually a thick layer of mercury (or 40k equivalent) which is held in gravitational stasis against one wall
>also, any of these things may or may not have dicks on them

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Finding disturbing though not necessarily disgusting fetishes would be awesome. It would make your players "Oh god why!? What is this!? I don't even..."

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A Slaaneshi Symposium.

A bunch of cultists get together to drink amasec and have a civil debate with each other. Doesn't sound that bad, until they start to discuss things that lead to nowhere good. Like, "Why should we bother praying to the Emperor anyways? He's a rotting corpse on a distant planet that has long since forgotten about us. Am I right brothers?" And slowly but surely, it gets worse and worse until they're speaking in languages Mankind should not be able to speak, having their amasec be delivered by robed daemonettes, and their discussion has gone into the most fashionable way to sacrifice their newborn children to the Dark Gods so that they can use their blood to add that certain something to their cocktails.

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I understand perfectly. I was just pointing out that the players, who live outside the game, might not view it the same way. Hell, people think orks are real wacky. Now, imagine yourself as a human on the receiving end of an orkish invasion.

Horrible green skinned beasts the size of an astartes, descending on your home in the thousands, in their smoke belching, ramshackle war machines, killing everything in their path.

As you try to escape the carnage through the back door, it suddenly shatters, a huge iron boot throwing you to the ground in a hail of shattered wood. One of the monsters stands before you, holding some kind of flame projector, and growls out in crude low gothic,

"Toim ta do da burny dance, you twiggy fing!"

Not so funny now, is it.

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Read Fulgrim. Hardcore Slaaneshism is some seriously scary stuff.

Here's a tidbit: at one point a painter decides that her paint isn't the right color so she goes to a bar, seduces some foreveralone moron, brings him back to her studio, fucks him, then as he orgasms slits his throat and mixes his blood and semen into her paint. Later she's visited by a guy friend of hers who she tries to do the same thing to because the painting didn't turn out right and she thinks it's because the guy whose fluids she used wasn't talented enough, and her friend is a master sculptor.

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You may wish to have a look at Clive Barker's work, OP, especially Hellraiser / the Hellbound Heart. The Cenobites, particularly in the book, were hellish creatures that sought to perfect pleasure and pain. They were sexualised and sensual in a BDSM way, but thoroughly and horrifically warped. They're more about just pain in the film though.

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Cultists who spend weeks writing single letters as they try to write the most perfect prose possible. Every letter word is a beautiful work of art.

Distillation and purification of vast amounts of rare ingredients into a single drop of incredible pure spirits

Anything done over and over in the relentless pursuit of perfection, regardless of waste and expense

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Check out Doctor Steinman from bioshock, op. He'd do very well as a Slaaneshi cultist who isn't all about sex.

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For a truly horrific center piece have a performance by a virtuoso musician. Out he comes' silk robe concealing nothing of his artfully scarified body and genitals.
And here comes his instrument.....
Two young women, (or hermaphrodites, this is a Slaaneshi gig...) , their bodies twisted and broken and bound together into a large heart/harp shape. The front of their bodies have been beautifully peeled of skin, their vocal chords unnaturally lengthened and bound together. As the virtuoso plucks each vocal chord, a moan ripples from the lips of the instrument. They should be in indescribable agony.
And yet those moans, their eyes...speak of untold ecstasy....

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That's actually a really good idea. Throw in a little bit of pic-related...

I think I can definitely work this in, thanks for the suggestion.

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Have them roll willpower checks from resisting Insanity from seeing a single Perfect Cube.

It is a Perfect Cube, metal, and on a pedestal in an art gallery. It is perfect in its cube-ish ness. So perfect that mortal men cannot gaze upon it and see everything around them as failures of true geometric form.

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They spend literally all their time in front of a screen, playing video games. They have tubes inserted into anus and urethra such that they need not leave to dispose of waste. They have servitors bring food. The food is also awesome in some way. What about that thing where little birds are drowned in booze?

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What sort of madness could drive a man to feel the need to possess a solid gold bidet? I can sorta get the toilet, and the tub... but a golden bidet?

Truly, the product of a diseased mind.

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Watch A Serbian Film. That is a slaaneshi cult. The almost artistic devotion to new forms of pleasure, no matter how horrifying they may me. remmember that it was the Eldars dark and crazy hedonism that created slaanesh, so thats pretty much what they do. In fact i'd say that they would be more than hedonists, they would be libertines. The stuff they do isn't just lol have sex with each other and do drugs. It'd be violent and sickening.
Raping and toturing people while on drugs, the sexual pleasure mixing together with that equisite delights as you slowly flay thier skin away or fuck them on a bed of nails, your thrusts pushing them further into the spikes, listening with delight to thier screams of agony, screams like music to you ears as you violate them.
I'd imagine for music they'd play something like a human piano. Each note played would cause a person to shriek in pain as they were poked my needles or fire, creating a delicious choir of pain.

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OK, this is just whacky. Why not try harder at mixing paints? The Slaaneshi pursuit of perfection doesn't mean derping+fapping at every possible opportunity.

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Nonsense. All Eldar men are queens.

>> No.14486967

.....so /v/ then.
Two words OP.
Mutilation. Party.

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At the mansion, there is a man, who is constantly sculpting every available surface. Nothing he does looks particularly out of place, no dicks, no sodomy, no heretical symbols. Just normal sculpture of better than average work. He is thin, frail and constantly muttering.

If questioned he ignores you. If you attempt to stop him, he goes quietly, but as soon as you leave him alone he returns to his work. Anyone else you ask about him says that he's always been like that. Deep in his background you find that he was a subpar sculptor at one point. Then one day he started carving and never stopped. He hasn't taken a break in years, he hasn't had anything to eat or drink in the same time. The Dark Gods have gifted him with as much time as he wants to practice, to become the perfect sculptor

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After it's played once, kill the musicians.

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I've always considered the Sensates from Planescape(or at least, my understanding of the Sensates) as kinda Slaaneshi, so the cult leader would always be on the move(or constantly having shit brought to him) so that he could experience everything. Eat every dish ever thought of, drink every drink, fuck everything, get bitten, stung, or otherwise injured by countless rare xenos beasts.

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This is basically the only good idea here; most of the rest are completely retarded (build palaces with the smoothest stones and most luxurious toilet paper? are you shitting me?)
Slaanesh is about taking the most grotesque and repulsive and making it glorious, it is about exalting pain to such a level that it is ecstasy. You rip apart bodies and rearrange them to create something more beautiful, you drink the blood of someone that's still alive to feel their warmth in your throat, you stab holes in a prisoner so you can rape them in orifices that don't even exist yet.
It's not about sampling the finer things in life or having a lot of sex and doing drugs. Not even cultists on their first day would think that was something spectacular.

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Eww. If a DM pulled this I would walk away from the table.

Anyways, I would think that high-level Slaaneshi cultists don't "do" sexual stuff with mortals so far below their perceived level of superiority. If they have sex lives, it's with daemons and psykers that can bend reality such that the cultist can transcend the limited human meatbag conception of sensuality.

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Doesn't have to be a sculptor. A painter might work better. Because a painter, you can describe murals and paintings, and there's more complexity available to paintings.

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Slaanesh is excess, not necessarily in the area of pain. Yes that is part of his domain, but it isn't the sole occupant. Pursuit of perfection is also just as high on the list. Sexual pleasure is a bit overdone, but is there too.

Anybody striving to be better is part of Slaanesh's rule

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>Eww. If a DM put Slaaneshi cultists in a Dark Heresy game I would walk away from the table.
You should have known what you were signing up for, kid.

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Baron Vladimir Harkonnen from Dune.

He likes to surgically implant plugs into the hearts of young men, then pull the plugs out and watch them die as their hearts pump all their blood out of their bodies.

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>You're being That Guy as a DM, taking fluff and trying to change it to fit your holier than thou perception of it.

Neither Luscious or Noise Marines are even >implied to have sex lives. Of Slaanesh's domain, only 1 layer even INCLUDES sex.

>> No.14487129

>there's more complexity available to paintings.
Sure thing, pal.

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If anyone here's ever played Amneisa then you'll remmember the choir. The cult leader has a similar setup, dozens pipes channel sound from torture chambers into his private sanctum. The weeping of children, the screams of women as they violated in the most depraved of ways, often not even by members of same species and the howls of men slowly sliced apart by burning blades.
All the while this is going on, the cult leader couples with a daemoness, feeling exquisite pleasre as her claws slice deeply into his back. The complex cocktail of substances taken fills him a fiery feeling that straddles the realm between pleasure and pain. Nearby on an intricately worked platter lies a half eaten Tau baby. They are so tender and rich when they are young, that alien exotic flavour so much stronger.

>> No.14487152

Owns several dangerous and wild animals, raised for consumption. He watches slaves be placed in gladiatorial combat against the beasts before having it killed to be cooked. If a slave dies in combat, his remains are fed to his family, forcefully if necessary.

>> No.14487158

>play http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f2OvB33Pwdo all session
>never allowed to DM again

>> No.14487172


The idea actually spawned from the first God of War game. The architect of Pandora's temple. I thought the idea of a guy working on such a project for hundreds of years interesting. I just applied it to art, rather than contrived traps

>> No.14487198

i know its horrible. please for your own sake never see that film.
Thinking of excess i can image certain extreme sports are maybe the domain of slaanesh....tyrannid riding?

>> No.14487207


Like >>14487078 this anon makes clear, you can stay in the bounds of good taste and still be true to the material.

>> No.14487208

>smear everything in nutella
>no seriously, layer that shit on
>inch thick coating of nutella
>fucking everywhere
>coat nutella with nutella, put it between two pieces of irreplacable art to make a fine sammich, then smear it with nutella

Nutella is Slaanesh in a jar. Fucking lay that glorious shit down with a trowel.

>> No.14487227


I actually hated how in the prequel it turns out the Baron used to be a buff guy, but he raped some Bene Gesserit whore and she made a disease to get him fat.

I much preferred the excessive hedonistic image of the Baron

>> No.14487254


>Anyways, I would think that high-level Slaaneshi cultists don't "do" sexual stuff with mortals so far below their perceived level of superiority. If they have sex lives, it's with daemons and psykers that can bend reality such that the cultist can transcend the limited human meatbag conception of sensuality.

Slaaneshi's start out trying to justify their pursuits as part of some higher form of art or expression but eventually decay into sex, drugs etc. as their base desires take over. Look at what happened to the Emperor's Children and Fulgrim. Chaos isn't about achieving a higher goal its about giving into your urges and impulses.

>> No.14487259

that's because the prequels were retarded and rewrote half the characters (though not as bad as the sequels)
Then again, the second half of the original series makes no sense in the scope of the first, so eh

>> No.14487260

>Mix Nutella, Vegemite, and hot sauce
>Make into a pie

>> No.14487290

I am Forever GM, so maybe not the worst result.

>> No.14487294

Wait, what the fuck?

He was a rich old bastard who really was a goddamn hedonist. Fucked anything that moved. Indulged in whatever he wanted, and he was nothing if not a greedy man.

You don't have to make retarded excuses for him being fat, Brian Hebert.

>> No.14487300

Make it take place in an art gallery. Or have some part of it. All of the paintings are of the warp.

>> No.14487305

Slaanesh, like all the Chaos gods, is about an extreme excess of some emotion.
Any warrior can feel anger and battlelust; that doesn't make them a khornite. But when it becomes the driving force in their life and leads them to forsake everything else, that's Chaos.
Likewise, anyone can eat decadent food and have tons of sex for fun, but once they begin doing it less because they enjoy it and more because they need to experience more and more unique sensations, that's when they fall to Slaanesh. It's not a clear-cut distinction by any means, but once someone actively accepts worship of a Chaos god, you know they're beyond doing things conceivable by a normal person.

>> No.14487311

>Look at what happened to the Emperor's Children and Fulgrim.

You mean, they -didn't fuck-? Cool.

>> No.14487312

Indeed, however training the slaves to scream in perfect pitch every time is an exhusting process that takes years. Praise Slaanesh for his gifts, otherwise keeping them alive while I create the device would be impossible.

Of course, this is all for my performance painstakingly created and inspired by his works, as well as a few allusions to the fall of the Eldar, which took all my effort for a good couple of decades.

I'll still need to purchase and renovate that auditorium I found that sits on the cliff overlooking the city, such a marvelous view, however I feel it can be improved. I'll need to consult my Mechanicus contact to see how feasible it would be to launch the entire building into orbit for the grand finale...

>> No.14487322

No fuck you. He came to visit her, because she dissappeared. She was going to try to kill him because he was about to uncover the corpses stuffed in the acid. Goddamit man read the fucking book

>> No.14487328


I actually quite like this idea. The pursuit of perfection isolated. No messing with imperfect forms of sculpture or art, diving directly into the purest most perfect forms, the geometric shapes.

A perfect cube, no a single atom out of place from being exactly 7cm a side

A sphere, completely round, completely perfect in every way.

These things are given the highest honors

>> No.14487363

No doubt it's an nth dimensional object, all dimensions are of course perfect.

Tis a shame man can only view objects in 2 Dimensions.

>> No.14487364

Have a guy so dedicated to pursuing enlightenment all he does is sit and meditate. He is fed via and has tubes hooked up to his bowels. Thus he can sit and search for perfection forever

>> No.14487377


Heh, maybe there's an ongoing feud between the cultists that tips them off to the party. Some of them worship the geometry as perfect; others are all "BOOOOORING" and stick them up their butts or use them to tenderize tasty steaks or just stomp all over them to generate delicious dramu.

>> No.14487418

A man, pale and gaunt, clad in a pristine white robe. The robe is made of finest silks, and not a speck of dirt lies on it. Around his head, a matching blindfold is tied around his head. The only imperfection on it is a tiny patch of what appears to be congealed blood.

The man removes the blindfold.

His eye sockets are empty and cauterized. He had removed his own eyes, for his are the eyes that see fault in everything. Nothing is perfect and this man does not wish to bear witness to the flaws.

>> No.14487523

Up in one of the towers of the mansion is a man, scrawny, tired, bearded and otherwise seemingly completely un-Slaaneshi.

He is completely surrounded by books, books everywhere, data-slates sit atop them in many piles. The man is covered in ink stains.

He wishes to understand everything. Not just know, but understand. He reads non-stop everyday. The other people in the mansion always know when something has stumped him, because his screams of anguish can be heard throughout the complex. Many of his body parts have scars, writing, formulas proverbs. Any kind of information he finds difficult he carves into his skin.

He no longer speaks common, instead he's invented a new language, one that better conveys pure information. Those that hear him speak are assaulted by visions of things they never considered before. But of course they're understanding is imperfect, they can never know what he was trying to convey

>> No.14487674

Deep in the basement there is a locked door. Upon entrance to this room you are assaulted by an awful smell. A stench so powerful that you would be sorely pressed to remain in the room without passing out. Most just lock the door again.

However some do enter that room, always with masks on and always carrying unknown objects, they always leave with something different.

If you were to stay in that room, and see into the darkness, you will find a mass of flesh, all alive. A single man has pursued the perfect form of flesh for years. He stitches new parts onto himself as they are delivered. His servants take away the parts he is tired with, or are imperfect. Barely recognizable as human anymore, his hands are the only thing constantly moving, adding new parts, removing the old.

The stench comes from the pile of rotting parts of various esoteric creatures. Most just abandoned, occasionally an imperfectly stitched body part hangs off of his flesh, rotting and eventually falling off, putrescent in its imperfection of form

>> No.14487747


Ladies and gentlemen, what happens when you worship Nurgle and Slaanesh at the same time.

>> No.14487789

I'm reminded of this tale.


It's wordswordswordswordswordswordswordswordswords, but it is...amusing.

>> No.14488007

I archived this for some cool ideas and good writefaggotry


>> No.14488060

How about something like this; a planetary governor, secretly the leader of a Slaaneshi cult, starts a planet-wide month of celebration and festivities. Supposedly this is to honor the Emprah, but really his cultists are being deployed around the planet to instigate more and more depraved partying. All of this is to fuel the summoning of a Daemon Prince of Slaanesh to throw the entire system into euphoric self-destruction.

And your party's Inquisitor has sent them to the planet as his representatives to pay respects to the governor's supposedly holy festival.

>> No.14488082

Two things:

First what about blood sculpture. Have you ever noticed that sometimes when you bleed and the blood hardens it forms a clear almost gem like scab? Clear like a ruby but brittle? Why not have the cult leader serch out the bloods of various cultists/xenos and form intricate sculptures out of their life blood, preserving the ultimate beauty of the pure life force... Even to thepoint of a slow drain system which allows the victim to stay alive while removing only the blood that's needed.

Secondly, arn't we missing a trick ignoring who this god/ess is the lovechild of... Why not suprise you players with a original eldar, one who willingly gave himself/herself/it's self to the very god he/she/it created?

>> No.14488130

Good call. Surprisingly little derp in here, for a Slaanesh/Chaos thread.

>> No.14488134

I like some of the ideas in this thread. I really do..

Is 4chan acting up for everyone else?

>> No.14488164


>clear substance

That's not blood, that's plasma and intracellular fluid. The stuff that you get from an abrasion that's enough to hurt like he'll but doesn't actually hit any blood vessels than tiny capillaries.

Interesting concept though. Reminds me of the one someone posted earlier about the artist that used blood in paint to get it just the right shade of red.

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Fuck you, autocorrect.

>> No.14488202

been ages since I read it, but Dakki from Houshin Engi comes to mind.

>> No.14488255

there will be two of these cubes, made into dice
the cultists will LARP with them in their own homebrew RPG
with real weapons
Slaanesh will decide the fate of those neckbeards who play with the Perfect 2d6.

>> No.14488265


yeah, sorry kinda rushed the explination a bit.... I understand what you mean, but if you allow blood to solidify just right it becomes translucent, but that's probably just a loose mix of plasma and blood, but I have seen it, pure dark red but translucent and shiny....

But seeing as it's a rare occurence, even more likely to be perfect.

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>> No.14488297


I didn't even think of that, Anon. Good catch. Throw in some Sander Cohen as well. Dude was touched in the head and completely devoted to his art, going so far as to kill for it. Super creepy and Slaaneshi but gave you a feel for what you were dealing with.


Wait a minute, that thing from American Dad?! That's real?! What the fuck?!

>> No.14488302

what the fuck did I just read

>> No.14488322

But what if they're... perfectly marked?

>> No.14488342

The drowned songbirds? Yeah. It's a french thing. There's a special rag you put over your head, to hide your actions from God, and to keep the fumes in.
I can't remember the proper name, though. Sorry.

>> No.14488370

I have no idea, but I'm laughing my ass off to it.

>> No.14488454


Goddamnit, French people, I try not to be racist, can you at least not play into your stereotypes?

>> No.14488469



>> No.14488535

Holy shit, make it like Space Marti Gras, (or old school venetian carnival), whatever allows for massive in the streets celebration and Masquerade attire, masks and all for added intrigue and disguises.

>> No.14488567

>Implying Slaanesh cannot make a set of truly random dice

>> No.14488571

Masquerade Acolates tracking cultists down through alleys and streets filled with partying citizens. The cultists are trying to lose them in the crowds, and neither party can overtly attack the other or use unsuppressed fire arms without causing massive panic in the streets and being trampled.

>> No.14488572


I think you're talking about Ortolan


>> No.14488612

Molecules here.

Fuck your shit, we'll do what we like.

>> No.14488615

Yep. From wikipedia:
>These tiny birds — captured alive, force-fed, then drowned in Armagnac — were roasted whole and eaten that way, bones and all, while the diner draped his head with a linen napkin to preserve the precious aromas and, some believe, to hide from God.

>> No.14488631

Looks like a MACromolecule

>> No.14488682

He has a human organ. Not like a liver or anything, but the musical instrument. It is composed of dozens of slaves who have been lobotomized in such a way that when pricked by a needle they emit a single clear, perfect note. When he sits down at the organ's keyboard and plays every key-press pricks these slaves with spikes.

His 'concerts' drain all the 'instruments' of blood completely, requiring him to get a fresh set of them after every performance. This allows him to share his hedonism with his underlings by playing for them on occasion, like you asked in the OP.

>> No.14488704

The ruler should be one obsessed with ruling. He wears a big crown, and there are other crowns on his crown. There are also crowns on his pauldrons and on spikes or whatever that he wears specifically so he can wear more crowns. He'll be a good guy to monologue at the players.

>> No.14488713

OP here, I got distracted going to dinner and reading this.... thing >>14487789

I LOVE the idea of planet-wide-Mardi-Gras-devolving-into-Slaaneshi-party-orgy-thing. These are all great ideas, I could work out a whole long campaign around this idea alone.

You've done a magnificent job, /tg/. I've got more than enough to work with, but if you think of any more fun ideas feel free to keep the party goin'.

>> No.14488748

A perfect cube in a vacuum.


>> No.14488760


>> No.14488776

That's pretty damn Slaaneshi, especially if he plays "perfect" discordant music on it that makes ears bleed and people tear their eyes out while experiencing continuous orgasms or something.

>> No.14488799

On the subject of decadent foods, saw this posted a few days ago. Being willing to go ANY lengths to maintain one's decadent lifestyle... A good motivation, for any characters really.

>> No.14489351

Awwww shit it's KING IN YELLOW TIME!

>> No.14490406


>> No.14493248

You don't have to be Slaaneshi to enjoy partridge and foie gras.

>> No.14493257

Jombi, more CHOCOLATE!

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