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Brothers, Abaddon was a poor choice for Warmaster of Chaos. Even with Tzeentch's blessings of wisdom, his tactical incompetence has cost us thousands of troops in useless Black Crusades. We must destroy him, and let me, the man who personally corrupted Horus himself, become the ultimate champion of Chaos!

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I agree. Have you heard the rumors about him losing his arms? What kind of Chaos Warmaster would be so weak?

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No, you'd be terrible, too. There's an annoying cultist at my base camp, smells of bacon and has a speech impediment... she'd be much better.

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>cost us thousands of troops
And you care?
You...you...double heretic!

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Heh. Fools, don't you know? Abbadon is working for Malal! His incompetence is actually his attempt to sabotage the Black Legion! His arms were given as a sacrifice to the Lord of Anarchy and Terror in exchange for power!

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Kharn is a nice guy, give him the job!

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>useless black crusades
are you unaware of the emotion and turmoil created by them? sound successful to me

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>Challenge failbaddon to ARM wrestling contest
>Ask for handshake
>Ask for a round of applause
>offer chaos secret handshake
>ask him to lend a helping hand

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Oh, don't get me wrong, Khorne feeds upon our deaths as well as the servants of the Corpse-Emperor, but we could get a future net-gain of deaths if Abaddon wasn't leading them.

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>Every human in the Imperium is forced to take Prozium
>No more emotions for anyone
>No chaos


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You are aware the the chaos gods are at the point where they don't NEED their respective emotions, but can cause it at will?

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Nice win for the Necrons.

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[Citation needed]

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[Explanation needed]

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No more chaos, the only power that the necrons oppose/cant master.

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Everyone is incompetent.
No one is fit to lead.

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You know why they want to seperate the Immaterium and the Materium right?

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Question: What do the Daemon Primarchs do, besides getting beat by Draigo?

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Don't you just love the player base, we give them the most competent military commander in the entire game and they call him incompetent.

Well, back to fisting Avatars it is.

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Planning to be beaten by draigo

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Sit around looking evil.
Except Angron.
He's a very proactive daemon primarch.

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Ready to help. Here it goes:
Magnus: sit alone in his tower and plot evil things to bring down the Emperium
Lorgar: medidate alone for 10k years on Word Bearers' homeworld.
Fulgrim: sitting on his own world of unlimited pleasure, doesn't care much about anything else
Perturabo: busy being useless somewhere in the Warp
Angorn: Steamrolling sectors like badass with his bros every once in a while
Mortarion: busy being useless in the Warp as well, being bitchslapped by a Grey Knight.
Alpharius: Presumably killed by the Girlyman, but this KIA is unconfirmed.

So here we have only one truly active primarch - Angorn and one potentially active: Alpharius, if he's ever alive.

Comparing to the loyalists: Russ, Corax, Khan, Vulcan are presumably alive but missing, El'Jonson is alive and well, but dormant, Chaos is going to get it badly once the MIA's are found.

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nhoo ohnee is loyal
evehryy ohne is a heretik.jpg

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>are you unaware of the emotion and turmoil created by them? sound successful to me

>Khorne feeds upon our deaths as well as the servants of the Corpse-Emperor

>You are aware the the chaos gods are at the point where they don't NEED their respective emotions, but can cause it at will?

But...what...how does that....


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>>A couple idiots in this topic arguing that Abba Dabba Ding Dong isn't a fucking halfwit peon

Oh /tg/...

How far you have fallen from the days of yore...

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and that's not even considering that Alpharius is a renegade, maybe. perhaps.

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Problem, Abaddon?

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>Brothers, Abaddon was a poor choice for Warmaster of Chaos.

Nope. He's the best Chaos has to offer. He's just poorly written in codex, and previous one, and the one before....

Just wait for Abaddon's books by Aaron Dembki-Bowden. You'll see how badass he is.

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Guys, be fair for a moment.
Keep in mind that Abaddon has to fight CREED every time he wants to get past Cadia.

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Dude, it's been canonically stated in a novel in the Word Bearers series that Erebus thinks Abaddon was not a good choice for Warmaster of Chaos.

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I agree. And just think, strategy sessions would be a breeze. None of this planning shit. Just running forward and killing shit. At the least, it would be a refreshing change of pace.

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Failbaddon is fail, but cut him some slack. What does he have to work with? A bunch of cocaine filled hair metal-marines, dust marines, rotting marines, crazy killy stabby choppy whacky marines who are pretty fun to be around and finally some regular evil marines with spikes. And daemons aren't exactly reliable either. Not exactly the best warrior material for conquering the galaxy/whatever Abaddon is trying to do. He does what he can, but it's hard without arms.

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The Alpha Legion already has half of the damned Imperium infiltrated with sleeper agents just awaiting the code-phrase "the solar winds are particularly calm around Heironymous this time of century, Lord-Captain".

But nooooo, let's do this the HARD way.

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Just imagine the lost loyal primarchs to somehow return and wreck some traitor scum marines. Fuck stagnation, Khan's gonna show the world eaters how pillaging is really done.

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I'm not sure I'd trust the Alpha legion that much, with all the "death to the enemies of the false emperor" shenanigans.

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It's all part of their supremely complex meta-trolling plan. They're trolls trolling the trolls who troll the trolls while trolling trolls who are a-trolling.

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I know I'm going to laugh like hell when they troll themselves into trolling their own plan.

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"Throne blind you all; who hypno-indoctrinated Brother Alpharius with the Malfian Candidate protocol?!"

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The problem for Abaddon is that he has been given instructions and advice from his mistress, a pink-haired girl who speaks in an odd accent.

(Little does Abaddon know that she's actually Creeeeeeeeeeeeeed in disguise, trolling chaos from within)

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I just read that aloud and my upstairs neighbors started pacing really loudly.


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dur hur failaddon is the only retarded /tg/ meme that is more annoying than that CREEEED bullshit

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Butthurt CSM player detected.
Got steamrolled by IG? Cry some more.

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Shut the fuck up Malal you don't even exist anymore.

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When it's clear that even GW considers him a joke...
BFG Armada:
>You may not place a Chaos Lord on the same ship as Abaddon (you don’t
>get to be a Chaos Lord by spending lots of time near a bloody-tempered maniac!).

>"You have failed me for the last time..."
>Abaddon the Despoiler does not tolerate failure,
>as many of his followers have discovered to their
>cost. If Abaddon’s re-roll is used for a Command
>check or Leadership test on another ship or
>squadron and the test is failed a second time, he
>will become angry – very, very angry! In the
>Chaos Shooting phase Abaddon will direct at
>least half the available firepower and lance
>strength of the ship he is commanding against
>the weaklings who have failed him (assuming
>the worthless scum are within range and fire
>arc). Resolve the attack as normal, just as if
>Abaddon’s vessel were an enemy.

>Should this dreadful failure occur on Abaddon’s
>own ship, it will lose one Damage Point as the
>Black Legion massacre those who failed him

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You forget the 13 black crusades. He's almost destroyed the imperium 13 times, but always just been foiled. He's a cartoon supervillain.

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What's that? I can't hear you over the sound of my thousands of hidden worshippers.


>>Implying Simply conquering Terra was the objective of ALL of Abbadon's crusades.

Nigga you REALLY need to catch up on your fluff. His first crusade was the one where Abbadon got his sword. And the 12th was when he got the blackstone fortresses.

Hell, a couple of crusades weren't even led by Abbadon, they were led by Angron.

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