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Space Elf Image Dump?

Thinking of making an Eldar Costume and am looking for design inspiration (I'm thinking a Farseer but I haven't decided yet.)

Space Elf Image Dump!

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Lets see what I've got

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This dump sucks.

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Only the Eldar would both design a vagina shaped portal and give it a clitoris.

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On the one hand, I'm glad there's someone that has images of everything.
On the other hand, I feel tiny and un-manly knowing my computer cannont spare the room for terrabytes worth of pictures.

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That's because only the eldar get any pussy

The Grey knights experimented with the Sisters of battle recently.. but we all know how that turned out

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I've got to bail to go to work soon. Just throwing what I can in before heading out the door.

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All I've got time for. Enjoy.

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Thanks, man

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path of the harlot?

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Haha, that was one of my favourites.

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I'm pretty sure Muju has finished this picture, or at least added more detail to it (I recall the eldar had a smoking joint in her left hand)

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I will bump this, eldar art interests me much.

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> I will bump this, eldar art interests me much.

Agreed! More please!

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Let me finish dumping in the other 40k art thread, then I'll move over to this one.

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This thread needs more stupid sexy banshee ass...

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>she dumps some shit, leaves for work
>comes back from work, dumps some more
Never change, sweetheart.
You make my 40k art swell.
>than I read my own words and lol'd

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>than I read my own words and lol'd

Than learn how to properly spell them.

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Hell, the community's provided me with almost all of this art. Seems selfish not to dump it if people are asking.

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Needs more stupid, sexy Kabalites.

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A quickie before returning to the Craftworlders.

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jew nose on an eldar

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We need this, but with Maugan Ra on a maugetar-bass.

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That would be pretty awesome.

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I know we are supposed to dislike the Eldar as being weak, cowardly, assholes and other negative traits which apperently makes them the perfect victims for constant humiliation through other factions in the 40k universe.

But damn i love their design and i'm primary Ork and IG player.

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>we are supposed to dislike the Eldar as being weak, cowardly, assholes
>weak, cowardly

Eldar are neither, and they're no more assholeish than several other factions in the game. And you're not supposed to dislike them, no more than you're supposed to like them.

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This is why I'm bringing them into my DH game.
One of my players is a...... fuck me, forgot the name of the Craftworld, but he has like 30 jetbikes. He loves Eldar, so I'm going to introduce a Farseer to fuck with them.
Because it's funny. To me. I just wish they were statted out properly. I have no idea where to begin with their psyker powers.

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Units are often portrayed as dying as easy as guardsmen and doing the equial amount of damage. Yes i know on the board this is not so.

The whole let a million humans die so a few hundred eldar don't need to. Yes i know they have their reasons and the imperials would gladly do the same with them, but for the common human centered player or reader this comes off as cowardly dick move.

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Saim-haim is the Jetbike heavy Craftworld.

As for their Psychic Powers? They should be really scarily powerful, but usually in indirect fashions. A Farseer can, when pressed, summon massive psychic storms that can hurl tanks around. But he'll prefer to mess with the party from afar and deal with them in ways that don't require his direct intervention.

I suppose it also depends on the rank of the Acolytes. For low to medium level ones, I imagine a Farseer should be able to faceroll them without a problem.

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A Farseer (along with Warlocks, Wraithguard and Pathfinders) is statted in "Lure of the Expanse" adventure anthology. The published Eldar stats are quite simplistic and don't reflect their background well, but should do as antagonists.

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There's a Farseer statted out in the Rogue Trader splat Lure of the Expanse on page 131

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The thing is, they do everything under covert. They do not go kill a bunch of people themselves to free three of their guys (or very rarely so), instead, they manipulate everybody else into killing each other. That's a dick move the Imperium wouldn't do. Mostly because they can do otherwise, but that's just not their style anyway.

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Well, I'm not gonna have them FIGHT them off the bat if I can help it. I don't pull punches often, and it's not like s/he will be alone.
It will tie into a small box they found WAY back when, like the second session they found. It has some importance, even if they don't know how. I plan to tie it to the Haarlock saga.
What else is in Expanse? Do they have singing spears? I remember seeing the entry for DA Exarchs, and it was pretty bad.

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reminds me of the Farseer in Necromunda

If the dude in his plans dies? Game over, man (literally, the game ends). He basically nukes the board with his brain. Very rarely do people survive.

He had a bitching model, too. Wish I had one

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Oh, now, that is nice. I take it they're quite rare these days?

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>What else is in Expanse?

Warlocks and Wraithguard

>Do they have singing spears?

No, but they have witchblades

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Think of it this way; it was rare like six years ago

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Hah, yea. So it'll be nearly impossible to find these days. Shame.

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Cannot unsee.

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yeah, I'm settling for the slightly less dynamic, but still excellent Seer Council Farseers

really not a fan of the new sculpt. Can't put my finger on why, either

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not really thread-relevant, but check out this severed head's expression before the mighty Warrior of True Metal. Even his dead enemies are gar for him

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>>Units are often portrayed as dying as easy as guardsmen and doing the equial amount of damage. Yes i know on the board this is not so.

...but that's not true. Even off the board. Guardians, sure, but Guardians are just civilians given a gun - they don't even have serious military training.

Aspect Warriors rape serious face.

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The old Seer Council ones are nicely understated; they look pretty dignified and regal. The new ones are a little more...actiony, just a little, but it's enough to alter the feel of the model. Not inherently a bad thing, but it explains why a person might prefer one over the other.

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>EVERY eldar has to follow the Path of the Warrior once in his life, thus becoming a guardian
>no proper military training

dude, what?

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>EVERY eldar has to follow the Path of the Warrior once in his life

Source? It's highly likely that most Eldar will follow a Warrior Path at least once, but as far as I know it isn't compulsory.

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>>Path of the Warrior = Guardian

...lolno. When you're on the Path of the Warrior, you're an aspect warrior. Guardians are just civvies given a gun, usually to defend the craftworld. It's in the codex, brah.

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read the fucking codex

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make a slut butt banshee

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Not an aspect warrior path, just the generic guardian path. The base of the Warrior Path.

Source? 4th ed eldar codex. Guardians page, very first paragraph.

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Actually, he's more or less right about that part. It's stated in many places that just about every Eldar will eventually feel the pull of Khaine, sooner or later.

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different angles

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Well, if you hadn't noticed, I'm currently a little busy posting images. So a quote/page number would be handy.

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A good number of Guardians were on the Path of The Warrior at some point in their lives, but not all of them.

>> No.14486531

They often have the experiences of an Aspect Shrine

Eldar can live for a long time, dude

I don't think it's explicitly stated. Just that "loads of guardians were once aspect warriors so they're pretty good in a scrap"

The rules don't really do Guardians any favors on the tabletop, though

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I haven't got the english version, but Page 49, second sentence.
"That's why every Eldar has to follow a Guardian training, the most common of the Eldar warriors"

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I have the codex right in front of me, and it doesn't say it's part of the Warrior path. It says that Guardians are warriors, but it does not say that they're on the path. The distinction is subtle but very important when dealing with Eldar.

I'll go grab some more sauce from the codex in just a second.

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There is no such thing as the "Guardian" Path. It is mandatory training that everyone gets, whether they feel the pull of fighting or not.

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Right, that means they get some combat training, but it doesn't mean they're all ex-Aspects. It means they're taught how to use a Shruiken Catapult and basic unit tactics.

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dat wraithbone thong


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Depends on who writes their apperances in most they die like flies.

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considering that the Eldar would NEVER do a half-assed job on anything, especially when it comes down to the defense of their kind, I think that it's a perfectly proper military training.

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I'm pretty sure he's just referring to the fact that all Craftworld Eldar are expected to serve as Guardians in times of need.
'All Eldar must heed the call', etcetera.

>> No.14486599

Granted, this is poorly represented on the current tabletop.

>> No.14486601

True enough. It's still a long way from them all having had experience in an Aspect Shrine, though.

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DLFG needs to get her ass in he...

>Already dumping

praise the omnissiah!

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No, referring to this:

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Almost finished. The thread is nearly maxed, I think.

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Eldar are in theory like the people on Cadia. Their culture dictates that they all have to go through basic military training in order to be capable of defending themself.

Does that mean Guardians are badly trained?

Nope, every guardian is a full fletched soldier. Just like how even the Cadian PDF is on par with most professional IG regiments.

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Sorry, but no. They wouldn't go that all-out on people who aren't currently on the path of the warrior.

I guess the best way to explain it is like this:

Guardsmen are like militia, Aspect Warriors are like career soldiers.

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...Who is this person even talking to?

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>> No.14486634

Varity, is that you?

>> No.14486638

Except that this milita is on par with career soldier regiments, which says something about their aspect warriors.

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>> No.14486652

Aye. Fluffwise, Aspect Warriors should be roughly on par with Space Marines.

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>men, women and children Eldar all have the same fucking nose. MFW

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We're talking about eldar.
True, they wouldn't force them for long to train themselves as warriors, but they'd do it far, far better than any human would.

Aspect warriors are not like professional human soldiers, they are like freaking Space Marines. Or at least Rambo on steroids with twenty times more experience, and a perfect knowledge of a dozen martial disciplines.

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This is true. Their civvies are about as good as fighting as professional IG.

>> No.14486689

And that's the image limit. Just in time too, that's pretty much everything I have.

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Too bad nobody of the BL book writers ever gives a damn about those facts.

>> No.14486699

we didn't have a tau or cron dump in a while...

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I like the Eldar for the fact that they are a faction which actualy understands how their technology works and who aren't Tau.

Yes i don't like the Tau, i don't mind their players but the faction just never interested me much.

>> No.14486725

Because most BL novels treat anything that isn't part of the Marines or Guard as a pop-up cardboard target to be shot at for three hundred pages.

Give me five minutes to get something to eat and I'll see what I can do.

>> No.14486731

This is compensated by the fact that their technology is actually magic.

The dark eldar, and the crons also understand their technology.

>> No.14486745

>>Because most BL novels treat anything that isn't part of the Marines or Guard as a pop-up cardboard target to be shot at for three hundred pages.

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>> No.14486758

I dunno, *do* the 'Crons understand their tech?

I don't know that much about Necrons, but I was under the impression that they used to be fully intelligent, but are now just mindless slaves under the control of the C'tan.

>> No.14486775

>you will never be as good a warrior as the most basic eldar guardian.

>> No.14486804

That may change. I guess that the basic cron warriors don't know much about it, but having a cron body might help.

>> No.14486808

New thread: >>14486803

>> No.14486837

>>14486621Guardsmen are like militia, Aspect Warriors are like career soldiers.

PDF are militia
Guardsmen are the elite of humanity and career soldiers

>> No.14486873

Oh, wait, fuck, did I write Guardsmen? I meant Guardians.

>> No.14486884

>elite of humanity
>not the Ultramarines

>> No.14487636

Ultramarines aren't human.

>> No.14487669

>elite of humanity
>not storm troopers

Though I guess Storm Troopers are the equivalent to "Exarchs" in the guard

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I would just like to say, that you are probably my favourite tripfag on this chan. Thank you for your contributions.

//yeah, I know that it sounds like I'm trying to suck on your clit, but seriously - keep up a good work. Thanks.

>> No.14488025

> implying that makes you sound any less creepy

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