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Are there guidelines for writing army fluff in 40k?

What fluff have you written for your 40k army?

Pic semi-related.

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The universe is so wide and expansive that you can get away with almost anything, save for ridiculous fluff-bending, like female space marines or smart orks.

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>smart orks.

How dare you sir.

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Huh, don't know why I used that image. Ah well. Brooklyn Marines go hard, nuckah.

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> female space marines

For shame, good sir.

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>The universe is so wide and expansive that you can get away with almost anything, save for stuff I personally don't like.

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Hey, Ghazghkull and Nazdreg are smart...

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Just don't break obvious continuity and try to keep it reasonable ie. No army of Female Space Marines that are more pure than the Grey Knights and have more political clout than the Ultramarines

My two armies are an Ork Warband that is stuck between IoM systems and Hive Fleet Leviathan and often fight both sides for fun and decorate themselves with bug-bitz and okyfy IG equipment. My Tau force comes from one of the newly colonized worlds one the eastern Edge of Tau space (brushing up against Smurfland) The colony is predominantly the site of Earth caste research and manufacturing hubs, and thus the army is very vehicle/battle suit heavy

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> What fluff have you written for your 40k army?

Don't be shy. We've all written something cheesy, admit it.

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Even though 40K is so vast it still has it's limitations in fluff, one of them being that females can not be space marines due to missing a Y chromosome which is needed for the organs and yadi yada yada.

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>save for stuff I personally don't like.
Yeah, wouldn't want guidelines on a fictional universe to ensure a consistent thematic approach or anything.

Why do people even play 40k if they don't like it?

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I was writing about a bunch of samurai jackish style marines until i read about that one grey knight. I felt real good knowing that my fluff made more sense than his.

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“There is no greater glory than to kill in the name of the Emperor. Kill with the flamer, for it purges the sins of His enemies. Kill with the bolter, for its roar is glorious to His ears. Kill with the sniper rifle, so His enemies may fear His touch from far away. And above all else, kill with joy in your heart, and His name on your lips.”
- Uriel Ward, Chaplain of the 2nd Company

Since the Shadow Guard's inception in late M35, they have served with distinction in thousands of battles across the galaxy, from the Seventh Black Crusade to the Zeist Campaign. During the latter campaign, Companies Three, Five and Six were separated from the main forces by a “shadow” in the Warp, and could not be recalled. Although they have been officially declared Missing in Action, the mysterious attacks against Tau-held worlds lend credence to the theory that the rogue Companies are pursuing the campaign in their own manner, against the express wishes of the Administratum. The remaining Companies (with the exception of Companies One and Two) have pulled back to the Segmentum Obscurus, where they have joined the defense against the Thirteenth Black Crusade.

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But they had smart orks.
The other orks killed them all.

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Companies One and Two have been tasked with hunting down Markus Veidt, a former Shadow Guard Librarian who turned to Chaos after uncovering corrupt knowledge in a forgotten vault on Tenebor in 744 M41. Veidt stole the Battle Barge “Joy of Slaughter,” disengaged the ship's Geller shield and took it into the Warp with the entire Seventh Company. When they were next seen in 746 M41, Veidt and the Seventh had been transformed into twisted and gibbering monstrosities, their dark armor warped and melted into obscene shapes pleasing only to Veidt's perverse mind. Now calling himself Arlecchino, Veidt led his “Tatterdemalions” in an orgy of slaughter, decimating the Sixth Company and utterly massacring the Ninth before disappearing into the Warp again. Since then, the Tatterdemalions have stalked the Segmentum Obscurus, devouring outlying worlds and terrorizing the trade routes. Chapter Master Liam Kane has sworn to personally kill Arlecchino and free the tortured souls of the Tatterdemalions, but his former friend has proven more elusive than he expected.

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Another viable explanation was that there were no female primarchs.

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>female space marines
>smart orks
>not ideas that are impossible in the setting and have been said to be several times already

Jesus man, /tg/'s been over this so many times.

Although I do agree with
There are SOME smart orks.

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Cleva orks do exist. They get killed for being un-orky, however.

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have you posted that before, because i swear someone else said the same thing?

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The basic guidelines for 40k fluff is this:
1. Codexes are the final line in fluff and etc, if a book says one thing but a codex says another, the codex wins. That said, codexes are are written in the form of propaganda for the faction that it is based on, so you can have two codexes with different versions of the same story and both of them are correct.
2. BL published books and rulebooks for things like DH, these are the next step in cannon, with certain books being knocked out such as anything by C.S. Goto. These have varying degrees of canon, but due to how large the universe is, there could be a planet or sector that matches the books.
3. Video games or movies, these can have multiple ways of playing out and usually have a 'canon ending' which shows how things actually played out. These tend to be put in books, and as such their canon way of playing out are in the second tier of canon.
4. Fan made stuff, things that vary from fan wanks to things like Taldeer and IIVI, the reason I am mentioning this is because certain things like the whole can love bloom actually were put into a rule book.

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> Samurai Jack marines

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>> 4. Fan made stuff, things that vary from fan wanks to things like Taldeer and IIVI, the reason I am mentioning this is because certain things like the whole can love bloom actually were put into a rule book

what? where?

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there is a difference between cunning and crafty orks, and orks that are supersmart like the brainboyz that all died out way back when.

Ask either of them to solve a complex math problem and you will get smashed, ask them to sneak into an area, kill everything and get out without anyone knowing, they will find some sneaky way to do it and still manage to be orky about it.

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A piece of artwork in an FFG rulebook, I think. It showed a Vindicare assassin looking down at an Eldar woman, apparently entranced.

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>smart orks
What's the point of being smart when it's enuff to be ded cunnin'?

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In ascension, they have the opening chapter artwork of the combat(?) section have an eldar farseer walking down an alley as a vindicare follows from the rooftop, and it has a quote from a vindicare assassin named IIVI. Several other things managed to make it into the game too.

Don't get people started on the whole DOW2 retribution, there are like thousands of inside jokes for 4chan players.

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I think that the brain boyz were supposed to be the Old Ones. It's pretty heavily implied.

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Yeah, whatever. One of the two Ork gods is the god of CUNNING, I'm sure the orks totally kill all their clever members.

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And some rulebooks have quotes from LIIVI in them.

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nah, it is implied that the old ones made the brain boyz to control the orks, but perhaps the orks grew too fast and the waaaaaaagh energy they produce overloaded the brain boyz.

Since in the fluff if the brain boyz were around too many orks they would explode.

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No I Normally lurk these threads because idont have anything worth talkign about =[

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That is a thing that happened.
There was a class of orks who planned out everything.
They got killed off for being unorky.

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>Are there guidelines for writing army fluff in 40k?

All things are possible. Even those that are not.

>What fluff have you written for your 40k army?

Yes. Ogyrn Marines.


pic semi-related.

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Back on topic, I actually had an idea for an offshoot of Grey Knights.

Basically, their current grandmaster, a handful of knights, some techpriests and an Inquisitor get stuck forever (warp storms n' all that) on this planet which is basically early 1900's Russia. They help the people overthrow the Tsar, March revolution style, and set up what is pretty much a Commie government, except it works somewhat better because the leaders aren't dicks (I mean, why would Knights have any reason to be dicks?).
The Tsar's spirit happens to be floating around in the warp and guess what? Fucking Khorne rip and tears him back into reality and his followers secretly gather the resources to bowl over the Knights, and with only roughly ~2 squads maximum of knights in each major city on the planet, this is bad news.

I wrote this up long before the new codex, mind.

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Yeah, wrong, read your fluff bible.

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wrong, I like that you are trying but you got it wrong.

Cunning orks are warbosses and all sorts of other orks, the orks you are talking about are the brainboyz, they could use waaaaagh energy to do psyker things and were supposedly smart in a human or eldar way as opposed to an orky way.

They harnessed the waaaagh, and apparently the waaaagh became too great for them and when they got around more than a couple thousand orks their heads would explode from all the extra energy.

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Not wrong, right.

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I assume it's because their bodies can't take the implants, but why the hell did they never actually do this in the real fluff?
Ogryn + Space marine = Super Terminator Marine

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Genetic incompatibility resulting in tissue rejection of the artificial organs. Result: multiple organ failure and death.

The Ogyrn in that article just believe they are Space Marines because that's the job they do. They have cybernetically enhanced brains that boost intelligence to normal human levels and sometimes slightly higher.

An Ogyrn is as close as a human can get to being a Space Marine without surgery.

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that's wierdboyz man

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Brutal Cunning.

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Looking it up on google: it seems that there were brain boyz (not weird boyz, this is different) that either designed or were smart orks.

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>Drop-kick artillery

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>Are there guidelines for writing army fluff in 40k?
Don't make anything contradict a Codex.
>What fluff have you written for your 40k army
There was no 'Army' for it but it got a good laugh and that's what's important.

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Boy, this went to shit quickly.

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Purity through flames. A common Ecclesiarchal saying. Well, Consessor Lucien Romanov agreed. On the penal planet of Voltaire XVII, Confessor Romanov was the leading authority, overseeing the penance of upwards of a hundred thousand criminals. Regular flame trials were held, where the criminals would be baked alive in burning pirity seals.
Late in M.39, Romanov came up with the idea that his criminals could be put to better use in combatting the Imperiums enemies. But high desertion and murder rates forced him to re-evalute his tactics. So, every man, woman, or cross-breed who joined his penal legion underwent surgery, implanting a meltabomb beside their heart. If the pulse stopped, the bomb went off. If the trigger went too far from it's custodian, the bomb went off. If a CO felt the legionnaire was misbehaving, the bomb went off.
This made for some interesting human bombs, and the desertion rate almost completely ceased. But Romanov wasn't satisfied. Too much money being wasted each time a soldier died. Using his clout within the rusted machine of the Administratum, he procured a fleet of vendettas, and grav-chutes. Now the Sunsear Cavalry fall from the skies in jet black armour, disappearing in balls of flame or living to die another day.

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Except this is all 100% Bullshit.
ADB himself stated that unlike other sci-fi/fantasy settings like Star Wars or Star Trek, 40k doesn't have a hierarchy in terms of canon.
A codex is as good as a BL book (any of them!) is as good as DoW is as good as an FFG book.

I'm not saying I like it, but I trust the word of ADB on this topic.
HOWEVER, it's important to note that almost every word of everything published could be propaganda or blatant lies. What you choose to believe is truth and what is not is up to you.

Source: http://www.bscreview.com/2011/03/grimdark-ii-loose-canon/

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I'm pretty sure it's been said that rulebook canon overrules any contradicting material from BL.

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I don't doubt that it was. However, I am politely asking for source.

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The cheesiest thing I've done was make a chapter called the Silver Wolves. Silver with red trim, they use the more marine-ish aspects of the Space Wolves(i.e. no wolves, mark of the wulfen, and don't have some of the physical aspects).

Fluffed it up as they were an Imperial Fist decended chapter that had seen how well the Sons of Russ faired compared to other tactical makeups and, after trying them out, shifted their focus from the codex and moved towards Space Wolf-style tactics.

I thought it was a nice way to get away with using space wolves without using their official colors and not make the chapter a Space Wolf Successor(a huge no-no since its understood they have no successors)

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I've written a lot of background fluff about my IG army. No stories or anything, just little tidbits of info about their homeworld, culture, fighting style, etc.

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I play Black Legion.

The canon fluff is cheesy enough.

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The cheesiest thing I did was write up a villain group for Dark Heresy, a corporate faction called "Kemmler Amalgamated."


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Scholar space marine chapter that are xeno-friendly, in order to trade lore/knowledge, since everything's not tyranids. Very light blue colours/white trimmings.

Desert Blood Axe army with keen eye for well-kept gear, lots of backpacks, berets and generally looking like orkz stationed in Iraq or Afghanistan. Desert camo dressings and disciplined demeanors, no goddamn Attila the Hun-ponytails, big furs or that shit.

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Cheesiest thing I've ever written: Chaos Marines, Dragons of Rust. Most of the Chapter believes that they are purging evil and are doing the Emporah's will. In truth, they have fallen HARD and only the Second in command and select others of the chapter see what they truly are... He keeps up the facade because he wishes to free the imperium of man from the throws of the church as it now stands and is willing to damn his chapter. The chapter believes they are fighting alongside Imperial Guards men and Sisters of Battle. In reality they fight side by side with Plague Bearers and Slanesh Whores ripping apart what once were their true allies. The Gods of Chaos enjoy toying with them placing these false illusions over their eyes, but that second in command just might be starting to enjoy it..

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I play Vior'la Tau with a modified color scheme, but if I ever played Marines it would either be Space Wolves or my custom chapter, the Rising Sons, a second founding White Scars chapter based on the samurai.
Their homeworld is dotted with islands of varying sizes and clans fighting amongst themselves for honor and prestige. The greatest heroes among them are recruited to serve in the Shogun (also the Chapter Master)'s personal clan, where they journey beyond the stars to fight the enemies of the Emperor.

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Quick. Write a novel. I like dis a lot

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