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Good morning.
I wonder, is power armour resistant to EMP discharges? I'm GM'ing for my Deathwatch group and plan to lure them into EMP discharge chamber and lock them there. The rulebook says any machinery stops working if the emp field is strong enough, but will it be sufficient to disable power armour suits? I personally believe it might be as EMP grenade is a pretty recent 'invention' basically converted from Tau tech, but then again the suits can work in plasma chambers and in high radiation environments. I'm puzzled, /tg/.

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you know the jump packs that every space marine wears? yeah thats a power pack, hence power armor, hence why scouts get a 4+ save and not a 3+ as for your emp thinger i have no idea.

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Thanks, anon. I don't play tabletop, but if anyone could cite anything from there, I will think of way to convert these rules to Deathwatch setting.

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It runs on energies and electricks. Shut them down.
It'll be interesting to see how your group will deal with it.

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I think what you're talking about can work. There are rules for the power armor systems getting disrupted and disabling the suit, so I'd imagine that a sufficiently powerful EMP could mess them up. I'm not sure what book they're in, but I seem to remember a weapon designed to disable mechanical targets like servitors and such that sounded pretty much like an EMP gun. If that could work, I don't see why you couldn't knock out power armor. It might be harder, but you could.

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The EMP grenade in...one of the book's armouries specifically says that it affects power armour, so...yes.

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wouldn't this kill them? even with greatly enhanced strength i'm pretty close to sure they would not be able to move nearly at all in such a state. at least, forget melee.

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There's a table with partial and total shutdowns from damage. Make the EMP effect roll for effects based on it.
As for the armor, yes, it could be shut down, but it would also specifically be hardened against electromagnetics not only due to its use in hazardous environments, but because you would be fielding them in combat. Imagine how well the Great Crusade would have gone if they just dropped a nuke and in the wake of the EMP slit the throats of every marine on the field.

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Interesting point, though: Since power armor effectively (or at least partially) "carries itself," could an SM move effectively if it was shut down?

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Thanks, anons.
Well, I was pretty to shut them down as well, but one thing was holding me back - when they were being developed, humanity certainly had any idea about possibility of EMP fields.
If anything, I'll just boost the field in the chamber to maximum limits, no shielding will help against that.

They are going to have a librarian in the group, hope they figure out how to use his abilities wisely.

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space marines are cyborgs bro they should be able to move but their masks would definitely choke them to death if not removed

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A sufficiently strong marine can move unpowered, but it is way slow and any onboard systems don't work. In combat is would just be an armored coffin. In a less hostile enviroment, it'd be a pain in the ass, but that's the kind of shit marines are supposed to be able to deal with.

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That's only if the suit locks up. It could be that the suits don't lock up and the marine can move freely just without support of the suit, which they can do.

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If it kills em, make it not be strong enough to completely kill em but just cripple the fuck out of em.

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Ok, point taken about only having a major slowdown if the suit locks up, but I'd argue that what makes the marines so agile in the armor is that it augments their own abilities. If the suit isn't working right, not only are they not getting the boost from the suit, they're now carrying several hundred pounds of dead weight. Not a death sentence, but certainly a hindrance.

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The Space Marine could always try falling over onto his opponent.

Not OP, but I have a related question. How strong is the breastplate of a set of carapace armor? Could a man of average weight be able to stand on it without damaging it? If a horse kicked your while wearing said breastplate would get broken ribs, a bruise, or would the horse break it's legs?

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A bruise. The horse wouldn't break its legs unless the carapace was, say, pinned to a wall, as the dude in it is still prone to physics. A man could easily stand on it, however.
Also, re: >>14467687:
Just use this, seriously. Answers all this for us.

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According to the rules, if power armour is received enough damage to shut down, marine must pass a hard (-20) str test to simply move. If they succeed in it, they still have high agility\str penalties and their movement speed is like halved.

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depend on the make really

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Ok, yeah. That's pretty much what I was talking about.

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id assume a horse kick , would still fuck you up even with carapace on

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Whoops, my bad. It's not -20 at all.

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It can stop a .75 caliber explosive round, if that's any indication as to its resilience.

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It's a steel fucking plate with ceramics on it. Go grab a crowbar and try to bend that. Now add 100% more strength to the steel and double the thickness.

That's the guardsmen's flak jackets first steel plating.

These things aren't made of cardboard.

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a horse kick will have a great deal more kinetic energy than a .75 bullet
it will send you flying, literately

so even if the armour held, the momentum imparted would still fuck you up (assuming it doesn't have inertial dampeners, don't know 40k too well I'm afraid)

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Thanks, have a picture.

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Yeah. As much as people love the "flashlight and a t-shirt" routine with the guard, even their basic armor is hella' good as far as normal people are concerned. The only reason they look bad is because they're up against things that chew through titanium like tin-foil.

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Not to mention that lasrifles are one shot, one kill against unarmored humans.
They strip off heads and limbs in the fluff.

Their equipment is amazing, but they live in 40k. It is only the latter part of that sentence that screws them.

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We have suits of armor nowadays that are full body plate and you can be thrown off a cliff and walk away, that is how they tested the suits, I kid you not about this.

And a space marine is 20 fold stronger than a normal man.

Also think about the amount of force generated from power weapons, why doesn't break the hammer? Newton's third law remember!

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I'll dump some pictures as a token of appreciation to fellow anons who helped me out.

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I'll need a source on your 'guy in armor thrown off of cliff' claim.

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The best part, is that people in-universe treat the Planetary Defense Forces of any given place a lot like /tg/ treats the Guard.
They don't even have the saving grace of actually having good equipment.

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Arguing about this is pointless because games workshop lets 50 different authors make up 50 different versions of everything and its all simultaneously right

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This is the fastest I could find.


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That grizzly armor guy never got thrown off of a cliff in that suit. Neat suit, but not what this is about.

>We have suits of armor nowadays that are full body plate and you can be thrown off a cliff and walk away, that is how they tested the suits, I kid you not about this.
I specifically would like info on this. Some kind of suits that were tested by throwing people off of cliffs in them.

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I'm OP, I don't care, I'm just dumping pics while you argue

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It would take a bunch. I would vote against doing it because it feels like a "Rocks Fall" situation.

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You should rename that image to teamkillingfucktards.jpg, seriously, what is going on there?

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Righteous crusade in the name of the Immortal God-Emperor, I suppose.

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