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/tg/ I've been playing grey knights for seven years. I say grey knight because I used to only play pure GK even though it meant I normally lost. Now the new dex should seem like everything I could want but... Should I feel bad that I'm most excited about the henchmen?
pic unrelated

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Is this another Hyperion-referencing namefag/tripfag?

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no I'm normally on opchan where tripfagging is the norm. I changed my trip to it after getting banned for awhile. Its viking btw as that a thing was a legal body.

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now back to dumpan old /tg/ pictures

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I could make a Necromunda Delaque gang army with the 20 some models I have?
What would a good list of that make?

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I'm so sorry for your loss, OP.

I'd advise waiting for Sisters of Battle for henchmen, as you'll doubtless have better and more options and it won't be written by Matt Ward.

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depends on what weapons they have and how much your willing to convert. The main thing to remember about GK in both the new and old dex is that your troops are your life. you should fit in as many as you can before upgrading everything.

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actually you could do a count as sister of battle army with the GK dex. Henchmen come in squads of 3-12 and you fill it with whatever you want. I'm excited because I no longer am limited to 3 of each type. Anyways back to SoB with the GK dex take warriors give them power armor and bolters and you can use sisters as troops. Celestians for the paladins, repentia for the crusader henchmen. etc While there isn't faith points its still doable.

Part of me is disapointed that they didn't add knights on bikes. I really wanted that because of how cool and fitting it ould be to have mounted knights.

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>wont be written by matt ward

You are so goddamn Naive.

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I'm not really excited about the space monkey though. I could get three multi melta servitors for the price of one space monkey.

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>Implying Matt Ward isn't the best rules writer GW currently employs.

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Phil Kelly would like a word with you...

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Sad this guy is over a hundred points now. But ws8 bs8 and up to 11 attacks on the charge is not bad for 130 points

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>Implying that if he wrote the SoB codex they wouldn't be totally cool with the deamons, sorcery and slaughter of their members.

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forgot pic

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I never said anything about fluff.

Learn to reading comprehension.

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Got any more of these?

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>Implying I wouldn't find the wailing and gnashing of teeth by GW fan boi's to be utterly hillarious. And your tears are so delicious as well.

>Meanwhile: Back into the Expanse, men, there's people yet who have not been seperated from their valuables.

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Depends what you want OP. In everything besides the heresy on Istivan 3 and 5, Marines are always, well, the Marines. They are the shock troops that are follwed by the Impguard. Having Henchmen is not a douchy thing, It's just GW following the black library books, to some extent. Just as long as you don't field 6+ monkeys. Then you get no sympathy.

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But that would require me to engage my brain, and when talking about Matt Ward it's not like the conversation doesn't eventually devolve into "Nuh uhs" and "Uh huhs!" in the first place. His rules aren't bad but they certainly aren't great insofar as he sets a decent power curve, but doesn't really take other codexes into account, see Tyranids and Space Wolves. So I like to avoid talking about things I can't change, and rather speculate on the bizarre and unneeded, fluff changes he does.

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Sadly I do not have anymore final heresy character profiles. Also the game was never made as far as I know.
Fielding monkeys is like fielding paladins only less useful. It means that I've made a list that will proform horribly. No I want to do stuff like field 30 crusaders. 450 points for 30 storm shields and power weapons.

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