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-4 strength thread

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What would you call this?

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Forbidden Lore (Archeotrolling)

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By the way, normally I hate namefags on general principle, but I gotta give some props in your case.
For the name itself. I reserve judgement about you otherwise.

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what exactly is the significance of this -4 strength thing

it was in a thread on /v/ about trolling /tg/ once.

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Dungeons and Dragons rule, if you were playing a female she had -4 strength in older editions.

It is a /tg/ meme I believe since /tg/ was created.

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Holy shit. That's pretty insane. And sexist.

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in general, females have less muscle mass. it's a game though, so who gives a shit.

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was it even in DnD?

I thought it was just a scientific troll based on mass difference between male and female weightlifters in sports tournaments, translated into DnD terms

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Old D&D statted most races with modifiers on the attributes rolled during character creation. Making the character female netted it a -4 on Strength. It's sorta like Armour making you harder to hit - a fairly bad shorthand rule. People usually combine that with biologicstic arguments to make themselves feel better about their own failures at life.

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4chan has a way of making fun of fascism.

Thus, because of all the buff shirtless male heroes that were jaw-droppers for women and the less women wore as armor the better their armor was, -4strength thread and a female version existed for a while what was it again... +4 str thread? I forget.

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>Reduced strength due to reduced body size and weight
>Chainmail bikinis

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No, it's realistic. Although to be fair, they should be given +4 charisma, also realistic

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we really shouldn't start this again, though it can sometimes be funny.

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Anyone seend deathleaper lately? I miss her dumping her gigabytes of relevant images.

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Doesn't kinda betray tradition, since they are buff as fuck?

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>in general, females have less muscle mass.

There's noting wrong with having such a rule, but it's fairly bad as strenght accounts for more than just upper-body muscle strenght ingame.

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2:30am typo

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I didn't say chainmail bikinis are yay. They piss me off. Don't put words in my mouth.

It's sexist because, as an action, it favors one character sex over another. Picking a sex or gender in game shouldn't have a stat effect. There's no noticeable difference between either, especially not one that can't be made up with more training in some area.

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I got so many images from deathleapers thread autosaging image dumps. I could use you here DLFG if you're up tonight.

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Strongest woman in the world.

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You stop that this instant, anon.

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Howabout you let players decide what STR their character has, eh buddy?

This isn't like allotting 4 less STR, it's a straight up penalty and that's grievous.

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To be honest I think the rule was in the 1990's DnD, even though I don't play DnD. They changed the rule.

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-4 dexterity

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To be honest I've seen men with frames weaker than this woman.

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What about having a natural birth? How do you train a guy to do that? Women, -4 Str, +8 Con

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Needs a helmet and a shield.
Other than that, I approve.

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Brilliant! I'm assuming that's why women stay with men who beat them? It doesn't take away as many hit points, relatively?

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in general, bro. in general.

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its also an excuse to post muscular women. i love this meme

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Was this rule ever in any published D&D edition?

I thought it was a house rule created by DMs who don't want their THAT GUY being creepier then usual.

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I may have a few you might approve of.

God damn it, DLFG had an entire two threads worth of females in acceptable armor, I never thought I would have to save them with her dumping those all the time.

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That doesn't look like Cirno

+9 strength thread

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that's a bit better. chicks are not beautiful in chainmail bikinis, mostly because all of their innards would be on the ground in an instant.

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This maybe?

No seriously I didn't save anything from her folder of decently armored women. That girl was manic saving all those images....

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>Realistic treatment of wounds

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Ah I got this one. 40k, though again... I may have to go to the other tg related chan site to see if DLFG has dumped there.

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is there something about this...anime...thing and the number 9 that I'm just not getting?

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All of the ones I got that are semi acceptable have no helmet.

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lol, sexist... if I say women have generally bigger breasts than men, am I sexist too?

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Careful you, swimwear-like exposure might get you banned.

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>has never seen a fat man before.

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Oops wrong image, I meant to post this one.

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Shitty /jp/ touhou faggotry, so bad they got banned from /a/ and /v/.

Pay it no mind.

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I love cinderlings from MTG, especially official art like this one.

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Oops clicked the wrong one...

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+4 CHA

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>respond to guy inquiring about 9
>get 9
>my face when, but replace "horrifying" with "appropriate"

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At least you didn't say something brainless like "ironic"

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Gotta love cinderlings.

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What do you mean -4 strength?

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>Missiles or Lasers

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That is a fucking awesome Elf drawing

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Any requests for female PC's?

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You might like this one.

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strong, tall, long blond hair.

if POSSIBLE carrying a curved sword like a kilij, falchion or shamshir.

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I'm sure a PC drawfag like one of the... No wait, most of them were banned from the "get in here" thread mass ban, even if they can come back they chose not to. At least that is what I hear, you'll have to go to the other place they draw at to get it.

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>inb4 hitler drawfag

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Banning drawfags? Why?

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also pretty nice. I was thinking something like this

I know it's a GW2 image but I just can't draw for shit D:

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Because people griped at their roleplay on a traditional games board. "Avatarfagging" it was deemed even though they didn't give it that name themselves. Many people roleplay still and don't get banned. It was just people griping enough that others were playing a /tg/ in /tg/. It went on for almost a month IIRC, and then anyone who participated in the tread, posting or otherwise was banned for a month.

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Nice. Good old Lodoss War.

In return, some excellent advice on how to roleplay a wood elf, or how to DM human/elf relationships.

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Would /tg/ like me to dump my dark dames folder?

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When did this happen?

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Typos. Anyway, that put a sour taste behind their lips and they rarely come back here. I saw a few and tried to get them to hang out in one of our local livestream hang outs.

I rather not spoil their fun by revealing the chan site and/or the livestream they go to. I rather the venom not follow them, at their request.

There was once a day that there were an average of 3 drawthreads and over twenty requests granted every 24 hours.

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I forget, it was a while ago. (A year maybe?) They sure stuck to their threat of not returning. This is what happens when mods listen to a few gripers that gripe endlessly until they got what they wanted.

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That uncannily resembles Alucard from Hellsing while he was imprisoned.

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Ah yeah. Hands bound behind his back right?

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Getting food, I'll be back to continue dumping.

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Even without the -4 Str, she will still kick your arse.

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There's a steady one drawthread a day being archived on suptg for the last two weeks at least. Two from yesterday. Either they're coming back or they just slowed down a little, assuming that there aren't more that aren't being archived.

Could be just your specific group that left, but the drawfag population is undiminished.

>> No.14458667


I don't think anyone was arguing against 20dex weapon finesse builds.

>> No.14458685

Prehaps after she shot me to death.

>> No.14458705

>-4 STR thread
>all SFW images
>last time I made this thread I got 7 day ban for "Fetish crap"
>OP has gotten off scott free

Yes, I'm fucking bitter

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No, those are new drawfags.

I see our old ones on steam, livestream and various other locations. A sum of no less than 12 drawfags who do not want to return to /tg/. They do requests still in /v/ and sometimes /b/ though.

(Most of them came from /v/ in the first place)

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No, those are new drawfags.

I see our old ones on steam, livestream and various other locations. A sum of no less than 12 drawfags who do not want to return to /tg/. They do requests still in /v/ and sometimes /b/ though.

Most of them came from /v/ in the first place.

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Son of a... Lag.... Stupid wait to delete a post.

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Isn't that the fuckable whore from Queen Hunt?

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>> No.14458742

Risty or Listy depending on your eye slant.

Bandit queen of the desert and ruiner off anuses with an oversized morning star.

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>> No.14458745


"Our old ones" = some people who drew on /tg/ for a bit.

We've had dozens of drawfags over the years, it's not like your group was some magical special group. As you said, they came here from /v/ to begin with.

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Seems like loads of contributors have been shooed away from /tg/ these path months.

And come to think of it we passed the 1 year mark for those drawfags last summer. So close to 2 years.

Including the guy who did this? (more posting)

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And this artist.

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And this artist as well.

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File: 48 KB, 600x600, Sister of Slaanesh.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Also this one. Who also did the daemonette generator.

>> No.14458776

more daemonettes!

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And this artist,

>> No.14458780
File: 34 KB, 588x939, Cultist SoB.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

And this artist... The list goes on and on.

>> No.14458782

You can thank the Janitor for any drawfags leaving.

Just saying.

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>> No.14458795

I think /tg/ has only itself to blame.

>> No.14458798


Most of these are really shitty.

And nothing of value was lost dot jpg

>> No.14458799

Oh and here is a big kicker, "Love can bloom" artist was also banned in that thread even though he wasn't avatarfagging. I have seen him do only a few requests here since then. People religiously pick apart his deviantart account to bring his art here. It may look familiar to you.

Yes, we lost this artist in that bash.

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