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>click on /tg/
>see tons of off topic threads
>wonder what the hell is going on
>takes about 10 minutes for me to realize im in /tv/

so...can we get a fantasy picture dump thread?
anything and everything is welcome!

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>implying this isnt going to turn into a 40k circle jerk

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>Implying that could be a problem

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40k art thread?
40k art thread...

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When that farseer claimed that cullexus assassins are the most evil beings in all of existence, I think it was just being butthurt over how cullexus assassins target farseers.

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>a farseer is butthurt
what else is new?

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my favorite :3

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Ruthlessness is the kindness of the wise.

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I really enjoyed Daemonifuge up until this point. It would have been much better had she killed/evaded the Culexus with cunning or guile instead of just "lol I too much soriata 4 u".

How did it end anyway?

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IT DIDNT END, also she is pure of faith and a fucking sister of battle, the hell did you expect? would a black templar or a zealot priest full of faith have done something different?

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also daemonifuge was good until the eldar faggotry, after that it continued being good again

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I just think that considering every psychic being in the galaxy fears Culexus to extreme degrees, having one so trivially defeated WITH psychic energy lacked imagination.

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and your mom suck

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...his armor is a scrabble board!

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Not at all related but your story made me laugh.

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but she doesnt get defeated, the story just end with that page

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I meant the Culexus was defeated. I remember a page where she presents the Culexus with so much psychic energy, he essentially dies from gluttony.

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It was to give you an idea of just how powerful a psyker she is.

Granted, it started getting a little silly the more the series went on. Could have done with more Jason Bourne style evading the Inquisition chases.

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I distinctly remember it. If it was easy to find, i'd get it.

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