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This is the second Egyptian-style pic requested. Continue!

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bumping for great interest!

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Ok, then more Halflings were requested. 1/2 on that.

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D'you happen to have any male dwarf wizards? Unsurprisingly, they're impossible to find.

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This looks like a Halfling to me. If you don't agree, I'll post another.

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Requests! Make them! I won't lie, I have significantly more female art than male art, but I'll try my best!

Dumping some more since I have a clean slate at the moment.

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Could I request some Hobgoblins? I know those are hard to come by.

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rolled 1 = 1

Any more like this? Male Gnomes specifically.

One Dwarf Wizard for you.

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TRIPS calls for... Tieflings!

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I'm always looking for fae style pictures. Stuff like this.

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1000000 internet points. good find

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Is this just a fantasy/DnD portrait dump?

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I wasn't aware that Tieflings can become Sith Lords.

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rolled 15 = 15

How bout a necro-dorf?

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Fae dump ONLINE!

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Moar fae.

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(you are now reading this en Ed's voice)

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Oh, you.

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I fae, this is a smashing image dump, wot?

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Maybe some lizardfolk?

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It is rather. Most of it I've not got already.

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Radical Edward. Oh come on, your nerd-girl cred is in danger here, DLFG.


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Oh! Right, sorry, from Bebop. I don't watch a lot of anime.

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Are you save-oring the puns as well?

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Just don't go overboard with them, or the thread'll devolve into pundemoneum.

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Neither do I, but I figured everyone knew Bebop. It's pretty mainstream and all.

This concludes my Fae dump. I need MOAR REQUESTS!

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Looks like Lizard Man Crono

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Oh, I know it, it's just been so long since I've actually thought about it. The only Anime I've watching in the past year or so has been Panty and Stocking, IIRC.

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Oh, of course, nothing's more un-punny than laying it on too thick.

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Your own or someone else's?

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Someone elses. Technically. The episodes are all up on Youtube.

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Whoever posted that one huge image of Jack of Blades' mask up close in the previous thread, I love you.

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I think that one was me. And you're welcome.

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Half elf Wizard? As little weaboo and preferable with a book or stone tablet, monkey familiar an amazing bonus

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Wish there were more male tieflings, I still need something for my warlock.

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I'll see what I have.

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Monkey familiar? Hm... don't have. I am not credit to team.

I can do the rest though.

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Sure, though I meant you watching someone else's panty and stockings. Is she cute?

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No, I mean the show of the same title.

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Yes, I know. I was being facetious.

And you stole the tiefling I was gonna post for the request too. Bah.

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Any more requests people? I got lots of stuff here, and will try my best to fulfill them.

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Oh, right.

Eh, it's 4.30 am, and I ain't thinking straight. Also, no more male Teiflings I can see.

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So you're thinking Bi or Lesbian? Double hot.

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Well, thank you DLFG, there's some stuff you posted that I think will help.

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Got any Centaurs? Female preferred

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This I can do!

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Cool, glad it's of some use.

Shit, if the right chick asked and I was single at the time, why the hell not? Worst that happens is I don't like it and don't do it again.

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Huh. 4chan ate my image.

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If anyone's got images of... living armor, I guess you can call that, whether of female or male appearance, it would be appreciated. I don't mean Warforged or Golems... I mean people who have armor on them which almost looks like it has taken a life on its own. Think, if you will, of the armor that Chosen get to wear in Warhammer Fantasy.

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Good to hear you keep your options open. Dudes like flexible girls, in more ways than one (which itself is a double-entendre).

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This I also think I can do. Last female Centaur.

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Here's one.

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reqing more drow :D

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It just seems kinda silly to completely close oneself off to such ideas if you've not tried it. I mean it's not something I'd go looking for, but if it happens, it happens.

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And another.

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Doesn't really appeal to me. I'd double-team a girl with another dude, but that's about as far into that as I'd be tempted to go. I happen to think everyone is a little Bi, but girls are definitely more attuned to it that guys. Hell, most straight girls I know think girls are prettier and better to look at that guys to begin with. Not much of a stretch from there.

Anyway, this is sort of like living armor.. I mean once you put that thing on your head it's not a stretch to imagine it taking over.

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Drow? Ok.

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Ah, yea, s'cool. Quite a few guys get squicked at the idea of just being around another dude in a sexual situation even if they're not doing anything to one another, so it's cool to see you're chill enough about it.

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that's a badass picture

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Meh, people are too uptight. It's not gay unless it's FUCKING GAY, y'know?

Plus, you're both getting laid, so what the fuck man? I dunno if I'd share a wife/GF/fiance, but a fuckbuddy? Sure thing.

It's not like she's gonna complain either. 2 for 1 sale and all.

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You are credit to team DLFG.

Think you got all my tieflings but this one

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Drow - hell, Dark Elves in general - are almost always badass.

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>mfw I'm not a credit to team
>mfw I'm Anonymous
>mfw I have no face so I post another Drow instead

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Hm. I've got a changeling/technocrat folder.

Let me see

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Totally, yea. I'm hoping one day my boyfriend and I might be able to get something organised with another dude, but it's probably not going to happen for a fair while.

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It's not gay if it's with an elf.

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the fuck you guys doin itt

DLFG why don't you just throw shit on /tg/booru instead of having to dump all the time

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It's especially gay if it's an elf.

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Can we get some female villains up in here?

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Because putting it up on /tg/booru won't stop people asking for images or creating imagedump threads on /tg/. Besides, I quite like dumping images. Put on some music and chill out for a couple of hours by posting what I've got.

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One of my fantasies is double-teaming a beautiful woman with another dude, so when we both finish we can yell "THE MERGING IS COMPLETE! MY LIFE FOR AIUR!" and high five each other.

But it will never happen. ;_;

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That's gonna be on him. You're gonna have more trouble getting him to do it than the guy you wanna get Chinese finger-trapped by.

Good luck. Not in the UK so can't be credit to team, sorry.

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Its pretty simple math dude.

If someone tripfags and dumps picts for multiple hours a day on a consistent basis, you can track this behavior and maybe give them a shout out for enriching the community.

Anons can't be tracked. Don't know if you have been dumping for hours or just once.

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>One of my fantasies is double-teaming a beautiful woman with another dude, so when we both finish we can yell "THE MERGING IS COMPLETE! MY LIFE FOR AIUR!" and high five each other.

I don't know why I find this image so funny.

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lol nerdgasm.

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Y'all disgust me. Traps are where it's at. All the feminine beauty with some male features.

>> No.14412254

Mod haet traps.

>> No.14412257

Well, he knows it's something I'm interested in. It's more a case of finding someone we're both know, like, and are comfortable with being that intimate with and then making sure they're agreeable to the idea. I mean if all I cared about was getting double-stuffed by a couple of random dudes then it'd have been done ages ago.

Also, image limit.

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I boned an MTF pre-op this weekend, you jelly?

Requesting pics of halfling merchants or evil halflings

>> No.14412263


What? I didn't mean post traps, that already got me banned for a week once. Just all this discussion with double-teaming and the likes.

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New thread incoming.

>> No.14412278


I'm dating a trap, so no, not jelly.

>> No.14412284

Well, in that case, brofist!

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Unfortunately I'm going to have to bow out now, it's gone 5am and I need to crawl into bed.

Night, everyone, and thanks to everyone who contributed some pictures.

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New Thread: >>14412282

Goodnight, DLFG. Dream of finger traps.

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At a certain point, awesomeness and hilarity are indistinguishable from one another.

Well, image limit reached.

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14 bvmp

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There is no gay. If (s)he's pretty, fuck her/him.

Simpler and more enjoyable that way.

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