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Wondering if any gentlemen in Kansas can help me out.

I'm attending KU this summer and I was wondering where the nearest 40k tournaments are held? FLGS locations would be welcome too.

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Dat Kansas.

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Google search tells me there are a ton of hobby shops in MO, is that where most of the action is?

Which FLGS gets the most players each week end?

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I live in Lawrence, and the only local place to play is Hometown Games. It's an alright store, but sometimes the owner can be a hardass.

But if you're willing to make the trip to Olathe, go to 31st Century. Great store with a lot of room, stock, and players.

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Also good tourney presence. But yeah, if you're wanting to do higher tiers of tournaments you'll be making trips to the Missouri side of KC and even St. Louis.

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Oh sweet!

And hey, my friend who plays Grey Knights does tourney stuff, have you seen her? She's 6'4 or 6'7'', I can't remember. I imagine she'd stick out in anyone's memory though.

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* who is currently attending KU, she says the Midwest is an awesome bloodbath for 40k players, and it's sounding like she is right.

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I haven't played Warhams for a long while now, so I don't know of your friend.

But hope when ye get here ye can enjoy the gaming.

> Slight ly wilystan
And how, Captcha!

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Thank you!

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Ok, are those 40K minis in that pic? I don't recognize them and I'm interested...

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Daemonette claws, genestealer heads... bloodletter bodies? They're heavily converted, anyway.

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