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Looking for some cool modern items to set my nWoD character apart from the norm. Cars, weapons, possessions, doesn't matter. Just looking for some cool stuff to make him different.

Oh, and the car's called a Conquest Knight, in case anyone wants to know.

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It's called a Knight XV dumbass. Get it straight.

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Dumb question but is that a real car?

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How about... the coolest furniture ever made?

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Revolving rifle. Every adventurer should have one.

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Which splat?

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Yep. Was inspired by an armoured car and is for sale to the public.


Nice catch, bro. Thanks.

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That's IS fucking cool!

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If you're going to use a shotgun, accept no substitutes.

(They're expected to go out on shelves later this year. As an avid /k/ommando, I came buckets when I learned of it.)

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At the moment I haven't decided. Our GM is fucking creative and can run cross-factional stuff, but I'm considering wither a Wefewolf, Mage or just a human with much more weaponry and training (but not necessarily a Hunter)

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Oh, you like that one?

This do anything for you?

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That is a shotgun

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Look into the Fetishes (for Werewolves) and Artifacts (for Mages). You can do CRAZY shit with both of them. I mean CRAZyWHATTHEFUCK?!

Also, do yourself a favor if you play a Mage.

Play Spirit and/or Life.

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Personally I love scooters

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as a fellow /k/ommrade I can tell you this will be the high-point of shotguns, only without the cheap price and rugged reliability

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Okay, I'll remember that. Any reason why Spirit/Life, out of curiosity? Are Mages fragile?

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That is wonderful.

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But I also love Adventure Bikes

If only they made adventure scooters...

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>Kel Tec
May be the only issue. But the concept is fuckawesome.

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on that note when will we see fucking Neosteads for sale domestically?

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If you're playing a Mage, you are three-quarters toward being unstoppable. You just got to not succumb to your insane weaknesses when fighting things like Werewolves.

Also, enjoy the sink. Mage approved.

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Well, with time to plan and knowledge of the enemy, no Mage is "fragile", but Life is better for keeping your physical traits up. With extended ritual casting, they can add the Life arcanum dots to all of their Physical traits. ( I -think- they can do this at 4 dots in Life, it's been a while so don't take my word for it. Look yourself.)

And spirit.... just ask around /tg/. They can "merge" with a spirit they summon to become a game-breaking fucking MONSTER.

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Never ;_;

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A nice fast car is always a handy thing to have. It's too bad that Mazda never got around to mass producing these little beauties.

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You should never neglect where you are going to sleep. It is very important to have a nice resting place.

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How about a nice Extrema Ratio Suppressor?

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OP here, this is some amazing stuff. Keep it coming if you got time, I'm saving all of it.

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Care to watch the sunset, /tg/?

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Sexy custom AR-15

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How about something a little quieter?

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Life is definitely where it's at for kicking arse physically - life 3 is the minimum: the first attribute boster and giving yourself the qualities of animals is what you want (the strength of a bear! The endurance of a wolf the agility of a cat!). Life 4 is when you can do it all day, every day. Be a perfected adept for double the fun (and always go first since you'll be add life x2 to your initative).

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There is only one vehicle you should concern yourself with acquiring.

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rolled 7 = 7

Actually i quite like that idea... kinda Bourne Ultimatum-ish.

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The engine on that thing is puny

It's all looks

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I love my scooter

I can drive anywhere, I can park anywhere, I can move through traffic like it's not there and I'm usually the fastest thing in the city.

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protip: That's actually an SR-25

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No it isn't, it's a customised AR-15 in 5.56

SR-25's are 7.62

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The class of a flintlock, the capacity of a revolver.

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Not the same guy, but the lower receiver reads 5.56 in front of the selector.

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note to self: take a closer look next time

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If ever you find yourself in need of some affordable housing and short on cash, remember; Shipping Containers. They're pretty easy to find, and not hard to make into something livable.

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Also, here's an umbrella.

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And this is a very, very nice house. Put someone rich and evil here, and make it the setting of a big battle scene. Somebody's gonna go tumbling into that pool.

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put in this bad motherfucker for instant class

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this needs saving! this thread is awesome! bump with an image of some aurora borealis monitoring station up in alaska that might be slightly creepy for the pcs...

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The Bowler Wildcat. It's a car, and you can drive it a bit... wait, I may be underselling this. Better bring in someone who knows what they're doing.

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