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Weird West artifacts thread. I'm running a campaign, and I know you guys are good at this.

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A beautiful gun, of exquisite craftsmanship, that can only be fired by one in true love.

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An old leather bandoleer filled with ammo for an AK-47.

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An old whip, that when cracked during sun set or sunrise, creates a viscous and powerful dust-devil, that you have very limited control over. Lasts about 30 seconds.

Works twice per day (Sunrise, & sunset, once each time)

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an old worn hat that make people unable to accurate remember your face or name when you leave town

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A set of spurs that always glow red-hot. Any horse spurred by them runs faster than it should and its nostrils flare with smoke and its hooves leave smoldering prints that smell like brimstone.

A guitar that sounds horribly out of tune to anyone who isn't a mother who's lost a child.

A worn flask with Hebrew etched onto its leather case; it can be used to capture ghosts.

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I will freely admit that I don't have anything in particular in mind with this, but I'm sure some elegan/tg/entleman can find a use for this picture.

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A map that comes into being when a truly damned man is hung. It leads to a tree where that man and all the other damned that have met the gallows hang.
These damned are oracles that know all things, and will answer any question, if you have something to offer. See, the spirits hate being awoken and want all these maps to be burned. They will trade any and all answers in exchange for this.
Some say the tree will speak to men without maps to burn, but only if those men are destined to hang from the tree themselves someday...

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A gun that self-discharges every half hour.

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Holy hell that's awesome. Simple and effective.

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A ten gallon hat that, once per day, can be shot off your head instead of having the bullet harm you.

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Hawkfeathers vengence.
Said to have risen from the praire grass when a apache tribe was massacred by confederates during the civil war this rifle was used to kill 3 regiments of men in one night, in the hands of the last remaining member of that tribe.

A sharps single shot rifle, engraved with copper and set with bone, blessed by spirits of the dead so that when fired by a man who is in need of revenge will always strike true.

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The Dead Saddle-An old leather saddle, looks to be ancient, covered in stitching and patches. Putting the saddle on any horse causes the stallion to turn into an undead horse for as long as the saddle is worn. Cutting a piece of the leather and placing it on the chest of a dead body can cause the corpse to rise, allowing it to speak and chat for as long as the leather stays on it's chest.

Wild Boots-Anyone who wears these boots has a chance to enter into a berserk state when the sun goes down, the state causes them to become increasingly strong, fast and resistant the longer the boots stay on them.

Long Ranch Shotgun-A shotgun haunted by the spirits of an old ranch, any shell fired from this gun will turn into a spiritual bull that will rush the direction it was fired at, vanishing at the end of the shots range.

Devil Spurs-A pair of spurs that, once spun, cover the heels of the boots in hells fire

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A revolver made of mighty steel, embossed in silver, with intricate engravings and a very thick barrel. It's grip made of carved ivory. when fired at a criminal, it inflicts a powerful blindness and dementia on the lawbreaker, as well as the damage of a regular bullet. it feels like greasy thistles in the hands of an evildoer.

A Spencer vest woven from ivory silk and embroidered with hairs plucked from the mane of a white stallion. it's front is adorned with buttons made of silver. When worn, it acts as a safeguard, allowing it's wearer to escape any trap once a day, and ward off evil.

more if I get any good ideas.

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Do you read the Sixth Gun?

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Hells yeah.

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An old harmonica that some say has a banshee trapped in it. Once someone has played even a single note, a bloody fight erupts until at least one person has died

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a flask that once a week can turn all of it's contents into a strong, strong spirit equal to an arcane moonshine

a poncho that guarantees the first bullet to hit the wearer will at most, be a glancing blow

a holster that ensures the gun held in it will never fall out unless the wearer wills it, or is unconscious.

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OK, does anyone know WTF is going on with 'part of your post cannot be posted'

I was just suggesting camera which reveals spirits surrounding a person in photograph.

TESTING: Christianity Atheism

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Sixth Gun is pretty cool. Lot's of potential artifacts from it.

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For a second I thought some words were blacklisted. Like I said- WW needs more Christianity-themed artefacts!

-A rosary which is stronger than heavy chain made of steel.
-Picture of a saint, which when put under tongue makes you immune to swallowed poison.

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A wooden coffin that when occupied can only be opened by one of the parents of the man/woman in it.

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Continuing with religious paraphernalia:
-Holly water (so many possibilities)
-Dirt from grave of person who committed suicide (opposite of holy water)

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A set of horseshoes forged from bullets, any horse that wears these shoes can run twice as fast, becoming a living bullet, while burning the regular amount of energy it's normal running would burn

A pair of old ranchers gloves, they are white and have frayed tassels on the sides. Wearing these gloves increases the chance of taming any animal

An old brass pocket watch, appears like it was made from random scraps and bits, but works perfectly. The watch is never at the right time. Once per day the watch can be opened and the owner can see events that occurred, or will occur 10 minutes in the future or past. The effect travels with the owner, so s/he can walk around while viewing.

A dark red rope, about 50 meters of rope, the whole thing is frayed and looks like it's soaked in blood. If you lasso something with the rope it suffers damage as if it were bleeding for as long as the rope stays lassoed on it.

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Old Smokes - A container for hand-rolled cigarettes. Any cigarette that spends a day in the container will, when lit, smell exactly like home to anyone nearby.

Clean Shaver - A straight-razor that never loses its edge, and can shave a layer off of anything (fruit, firearms, human limbs, etc), but any attempt to split down the middle or sever anything will be met with resistance as if the razor is dull.

Shining Armor Leather Polish - A dusty tin of leather polish. Whenever one uses this on a leather garment they wear, all who perceive them will feel a faint glimmer of hope in their hearts.

Dream's Wings Poncho - Should anyone wear this faded poncho and sleep during daylight hours, they will enter into a deep sleep, envisioning themselves as a hawk, osprey, or similar bird perched on the shoulder of their sleeping form. They can then move about freely in this dream-form, and the world they perceive is precisely the same as the real one, save that the bird is non-corporeal and does not exist. After two hours, the dream ends.

Lucky Old Sun - An ancient gold Spanish coin with a bullet hole clean through the center. It can be thrown with unerring accuracy, and will always strike any singular location on any target. It does not return to its owner's hand of its own volition after being thrown, however.

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A bottle of Haitian spirits. If you hold the liquor in your mouth, it grants safe passage through swamps and other places where evil spirits reside.

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A vial with lesser demon encased in it. You can only acquire it, by buying from previous owner for money. Then, as long as it is in your possession, fortune will be making you rich. You will be finding treasures, winning lotteries and gambles and rich people will be keen to lend you money.
However, as long as you possess the demon, you soul belongs to the devil. If you die without selling it to a different person, you will be damned to hell.

The catch is- you can only sell it for lesser price, than you bought it.

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Gentlemen, those are great.

>Lucky Old Sun
Yeah, too bad Blues hasn't been invented yet. Blues/Wild West mash-up would be killer-awesome.

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How about more artefacts inspired by new inventions? Cameras, phonographs, telegraphs...

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A piece of old boiler plate, that is sturdier than it looks.

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An old rusted tin used to hold trail rations. Anything inside the tin will be turned into rations for three days, then it will revert to it's old state.

An old patchy duster. It has the name Daniel stitched into the collar. Slipping weapons into the duster will cause them to vanish, and can be pulled out at any point while wearing the coat. The duster can hold a maximum of 10 weapons of any size and anyone wearing the coat can pull out the weapons.

A gold pocket watch that looks like it has been kept in good condition for years, there is an inscription on the back that reads "Remember our yesterdays." It is always locked, the key attached to a chain on the watch. When the key is put into the watch and turned the user and anyone touching the user can instantly teleport to any place they have been in the past week. Once used the watch will lock again for a day and cannot be opened. The chain and key can be removed.

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An old piano that when played can cause everyone who hears it to start fighting. The brawlers will continue to fight until the music stops. Then they will return to normal without remembering anything that happened since the music started.

A carriage, it appears to be quite fancy, as if used by rich folks. The carriage can summon undead steeds to pull it, but only at night. It can hold four people, plus a driver. The carriage will travel in a straight line straight to the chosen destination, if objects are in it's way the horses will smash through it without stopping, it will run straight up or down inclined terrain (mountains and rocks and such) and run right over water. Once the sun rises the steeds will vanish instantly and the carriage will become useless

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Greyhawk's Trophy:
A old and worn scalp of dusty brown hair threaded with beads and carved bits of bone.

Those attempting to follow the trophy's possessor will find themselves traveling endlessly in circles until they give up their pursuit.

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A tin star engraved with a smilie face in relief.

That one splat of beet-juice just never washes off.

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I see what you did there...

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A locket that displays a picture of whatever the viewer fears most. Can be opened once per day.

A duster that, when covering a dying man, allows that man a painless and swift death. One use only.

The arm of Stonewall Jackson, preserved and wrapped in the strips of a tattered Confederate army uniform. When tied to the user's own arm, it instills a powerful and eventually permanent paranoia and secrecy, but also gives the user the ability to shrug off otherwise-fatal wounds. The arm can only be detached with a blood sacrifice, preferably of an experienced rifleman.

A silver dollar that, when flipped always comes up heads, unless you put your life, your gun, your horse, or your love on the line.

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This thread is awesome.

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A pair of irons, one black and one white.
When fired together in sequence (black then white then black then white or vice-versa) they need never be reloaded until ten seconds after they have ceased being fired.
Nobody has lived to find out what happens when both are fired simultantiously.

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A bundle of dried flowers. When burned, the sweet smoke they produce will cause whoever breathes it in to reveal their deepest, dearest secrets.

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An ordinary-looking, slightly rusted railroad tie. When driven into any surface, the tie becomes immovable except by the same hammer that drove it in originally.

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A finely crafted six-shooter inlaid with gold filigree and pearl handles. The revolver always looks worn and tarnished no matter how much it is cleaned, yet works smoothly and without problems. The cylinder cannot removed or opened by any means and is engraved with various Hebrew, Greek and Latin words. Even though the gun cannot be loaded it still fires like an ordinary gun, except the intended victim is spontaneously sacrificed and a demon under the command of the shooter is summoned from the gun. Once all six shots are fired the gunman's body and soul are consumed by the gun to fuel the demons trapped within.

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An old tomahawk decorated with swirling bits of jade.

When thrown, it will hit it's target without fail, but at the price of a finger of the thrower.

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A scalp with a queue hairstyle. When worn visibly it gives the wearer great strength and stamina and reduces the amount they need to eat or drink. If the scalp is lost or stolen, the previous wearer will die a humilating (to them) death after ten days.

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A deck of cards that when "The Dead Man's Hand" is pulled from the cards. Cause a plague-like sandstorm to whirl around the bearer, and cover a 30 ft circle of destruction.

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A tintype-process camera that shows the subject as how they will appear in the future. The longer the development process the further into the future is shown on the photograph.

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Might o' Sampson

The jawbone of a mule or donkey that confers great strength and resilience as long as it's carried in hand. Unfortunately, similar to its namesake, the owner's hair becomes a living part of his essence and a vessel for his soul, and heaven or hell forbid anything happen to it.

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Old Coot's tooth
A fake tooth that once belonged to a mostly harmless old goldminer up in the hills.
It seems to fit into any gap made by a missing tooth and makes people consider you mostly harmless and makes the address you like an old man, regardless of your actual age.

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10-gallon hat that can actually hold ten gallons of any fluid!

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No Name's Poncho.
Is said those who wear this Poncho not only gainning an unnatural speed at drawing a weapon and a impossible aim accuracy but also become immune to fire arms.
No matter the weapon, the Poncho would alter probabilities for make the owner never be harmed by a fire arm, however, it's immunity doesn't apply to other kind of weapons.

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Jacket of Seven

an old worn jacket with seven holes
one for each former owner

it is only found by somebody who persues a personal goal
like avenging the murder of a loved one or taking revenge for beeing cheated

as long as he persues this goal the jacket will bring him good fortune

however, this comes at a price
when his goal is accomplished
the current wearer will meet his fate
the jacket will become the jacket of 8

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Badges of the Oathbound Posse: 7 badges of silver consecrated with the blood of a legendary sheriff. When a group of people make a vow to accomplish a noble task together (protect this town from bandits, hunt down the head of an outlaw gang) the badges confer several effects while they are worn. Members of the group may communicate with each other telepathically 3/day and may "borrow" the unique skills of a fellow posse member 1/day. So long as all bandges are within a half mile of each other, the posse's guns never run out of bullets.

Cogwort's Versatile Bandoleer: Contains bullets of every shape and size which mystically replenish themselves when one is drawn. The bandoleer always has the exact ammo needed for the gun of its wearer and it's wearer's posse, and the wearer instinctively picks the ones he needs without having to search through the bullets.

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A Holster for a normal revolver, its made of a strange kind of leather, with arcane markings.

The Owner of the holster doesn't bleed from any wound received. No matter how traumatic the wound. If he takes the holster off before the wound has been healed however, he takes all previous wounds again.

(Effect, The Owner does not bleed from his wounds, and can never take more then 1 wound from any attack, and can still be shaken. This also makes the owner immune from vampire feeding attempts. It does have its downsides. You dont bleed, and people do tend to notice that after a firefight, -2 to notice checks.

Also if the holster is removed, the owner takes all unhealed wounds again automatically. )

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i c wut u did thar

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Coffin Nails. During the Civil War, when President Lincoln freed all the slaves, the owners of a tobacco plantation entered a psychotic rage and murdered all of their slaves, who wanted to flee to the north. They then used their dead bodies to fertilize the fields. The whole family was executed by the horrified Union soldiers that found them and heard their brutal story. To this day the plantation is uninhabitted, but deliveries of their tobacco arrives and random intervals at random trading posts all around the country.

Cigarettes rolled with the tobacco have a strange flavor, and the smoke has the strange property, under certain conditions, to take the form of the dead and allow the smoker to communicate with them.

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lorki sleep.

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Haha, I'm totally using that for my next game.

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a powerful handgun that allowed you to win any gunfight when used.

when someone is killed by this handgun the remainder of their natural life is removed from the wielder of the gun's natural life. Usually this means the gun is only fired once per a person.

plot hook: an immortal/someone of unnatural long life gains this gun and terrorises towns as he can no longer lose in any gunfight

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Guess its knifefighting time then.

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aim to win but not kill

congrats! you're undefeatable

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Life of Danger Weekly: A dime novel that seems blank. The owner can pay a dime and a drop of blood to get a vague description of the worst danger he or she will face in the coming week; the more you feed the book, the better the description. If you try to avoid the peril in a cowardly or heaven forbid /boring/ manner, it ends up finding you anyway.

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Apache Eagle Feather:
When worn in a person's hair it allows them to survive fatal jumps or falls from great height.

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