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Hi /tg/, remember me?

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As soon as you return to the hand, you're going down.

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Who the fuck uses that card?

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Nobody. I saw it used once. A single fucking time.
It was at a tournament I frequented, and one guy was known for his love of that fucking bird + Hino-Kagu-Tsuchi. The look on his face was priceless.

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Hi /tg/, remember me?

When I destroyed your meticulously summoned Ritual and 9Star Summoned monsters in one turn, I looked




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>He used ritual monsters

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Mirror Force is unbanned and still around, I think.

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They've even put it in the two most recent Structure Decks.

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Hi /tg/, remember me?

Remember that time I grabbed your favorite fusion monster you spent three turns setting up and tributed it for a Summoned Skull?

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>*the laughing harpies have doubled over, are falling over themselves, one of them snorts loudly sending the others in to more peals of laughter*.avi

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Hey, man, back in the day Summoned Skull was a boss. It's been forever since Change of Heart was legal... It was banned in '04, I think, SS was fine back then.

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I can fap to this

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Hi Mirror Force, remember me?

Remember that time I killed you and all your face-down pals?

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Hi Feather Duster, remember me?
Remember that time you got kicked out and now NOBODY LOVES ME ANY MORE? My life has no meaning! Why did you abandon me? I should just find jump into a fucking Dust Tornado and become an hero.

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You know how I know you're gay?

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>havent played yugioh since it came out ages ago
>deck plays 3 summon skulls and 3 la jinns
>sit down play against some 9 year old idk
>he is playing all yata and those dark luster chaos whatevers jesus christ what
>i play summoned skull
>starts laughing at me
>mfw when i win anyways

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How long ago was this? Because I'm impressed if you managed to beat a kid packing a deck full of banned bullshit.

Then again, you were probably just less of a shitty player. I see people with 500 dollar Caw-Blade or Valakut decks who pilot them so poorly I think you could hand a decent player Lavalamp.dec and they'd still beat the kid.

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Allow me to go viral for a second and post a sort of light Youtube Poop type Yugioh thing I made yesterday.


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Summoned Skull remains awesome, but you should at least get some Archfiend Soldiers/Slate Warriors, maybe even Card Guard.

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Man I haven't seen a deck running any none-effect monsters in years.

Anything that just has an attack and defense with no special effect is considered a -1 card in most decks. There is the set that is designed for playing with normal monsters, but that can't win against a real meta-deck these days either

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dude, i walked into the store because i heard they printed a 4 star with 1900 and it was a FIEND so i was like "aw yeah here we go"

whenever that card he mentioned was relatively new? i remember afterward the kids there told me i shouldnt just play fiends and that i should play jinzos instead of my bro skull. and marauding captains? that might have been much later, though.

honestly though, i cant tell you anything. all i know is change of heart into summoned skull is awesome

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I run 3 copies of Alien Shocktrooper, but it's not like my Alien deck is all that top-tier to start with. I should probably replace them with something like Telepath or Mars, but they serve me just fine, usually.

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I sometimes run three Skulls alongside a couple Doom Shamans with shit like Birthright, so I can either use the Skulls or the Shamans if the situation calls for it. Support the Shamans with Card Guards, have him special summon them up from the grave, move their counters onto him and then tribute their asses for Skulls. It's actually pretty amusing.

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I've played Gravekeeper's since before Absolute Powerforce, and now all the little kiddies are hopping on the Keeper train. Choo-choo!

Also, Spellcaster draw power ahoy!

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Serious Fiend deck is Yubel Deck.

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anyone else run a morphtronic deck?

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I still sometimes use him, Advanced Ritual Art or some Ritual Djinns make rituals fun as shit.

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I used to, but they've since been long dismantled.

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Summoned Skull is good, but nowadays, he isn't as much of a threat.

Most of the pictured monsters are strictly better, ATK/DEF-wise.
Ever seen a 2650/1700 come in 1 turn with just 2 cards? There are some good 1-Turn KOs, but that's still a brutal play to be facing.

Still, if you're looking for Dark &/or Fiend Normal beatsticks, there's no one better. Seriously, there aren't any Level 5-6 Dark Normal Monsters with such high ATK.

And Normal Monsters can be a good deck. Get some Summoner's Art, Ancient Rules, Heart of the Underdog, Common Charity, and Birthright or Soul Resurrection, a Justi-Break, some Normal Monster beatsticks(Or walls, if you prefer.) and start kicking those pansy effect monster's asses!

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I don't get it, why do people laugh at Summoned Skull? It has ridiculously good Atk for a 1-tribute summon.

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>he still tribute summons monsters.

>> No.14399326

>Play with stepfather
>FINALLY get this out
>He uses Fissure

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Because, if it has tributes, it's probably not competitive. Seriously. It better special summon itself, another card, search for another card, combo with another card, or just have a rape effect.

Even my beloved Visionary doesn't see tournament play. :<

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I have three Summoned Skulls:
The first I got from Metal Raiders.
The second I got from a tin.
The third is pic related.

Quick question, I run mostly fiends in my "plain" deck (as opposed to srsYubel is srs) for Doom Shaman shit and Dark Necrofear. How does /tg/ feel about Dark Necrofear?

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I haven't played since I saw that battle of Joey vs. somebody to save Joey's sister from falling into water, in the Merrik arc. Thanks for clearing that issue up.
>It's like I think Serra Angel is still competitive

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Are Ritual monsters actually that bad? I have Demise, King of Armageddon, Garlandolf, King of Destruction, and The Masked Beast, though only Garlandolf is in-deck atm. Which is the better of the three, really, or are they all shit anyway?

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Demise is the best of the 3; see Demise OTK. Also, blowing up the field is always fun. Do you use Djinns or the Normal Monster engine?

Also, if you really love Rituals, wait a set or two for Rituas. Don't ask me why these cards are translated; I have a lot of free time.....and no life. ;_;

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I often use the Advanced Ritual Art, to make good use of those Archfiend Soldiers, but I could use the Djinns if they'd work better. Dissere + Releaser + Manju (for searching) seems to work well, except for Garlandolf's lvl 7 ass (If I'm not using his normal ritual).

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Loved this card. Give it an equip and it gets even stronger.

>> No.14399657

I also, very briefly, used Ritual Raven, but it doesn't actually seem worth the deck space.

I've thought about getting Reshef, but its Change of Heart thing seems of questionable use compared to the field clearing Garlandolf and Demise are capable of and his being Light doesn't mesh well with other fiend support.

>> No.14399668

Personally, I prefer the Djinn engine with Lightsworn milling. That way, you have Rykos to get rid of problem backrows, Jain for a beater, and plenty of Lights and Darks to abuse Chaos Sorcerer/Dark Armed.

Also, Ritua are basically Cthulu rituals, minus the insanity (leave that to worms).

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You guys should stop playing until the September ban list rolls along.

Look at this:
This video features a fish deck at its best. This all can be pulled off on turn one, and not only lets you draw through your entire deck, but you can also summon Trishula an infinite number of times via bouncing it and synching again, then lets you get out Tempest Magician to discard the 30 cards you just drew for an OTK.

Only two cards can stop this combo: Effect Veiler and DD Crow. The monster that starts it off, Superancient Deepsea King Coelecanth, can negate cards that target, so Effect Veiler isn't that effective. And you need at least two DD Crows in your hand to actually hinder the loops.

Good luck.

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5 magical axes later.

>> No.14399806

I've considered fielding Dark Grepher or Armageddon Knight for easily dropping the Djinn, but it'd be getting away from the Fiend thing and the deck wasn't made to be super competitive.

I haven't been to a tournament in forever, so I'm not too worried. People I play are all fielding decks like my Fiends here, constructed with Heart of the Cards pick-the-cards-you-like bullshit in mind.

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Fish OTK has been around for a while; it's only with Trishula that people have started QQ'ing about it (Trishula is fucking stupid). Yeah, they can negate the Effect Vieler, but they can only do that if they have fish to tribute. So, when they activate the effect to special summon all their fish, you Effect Veiler (assuming Deepsea King is the only monster on their side of the field). They have two options, let it go through and they discard a card, or they tribute their Deepsea King. Either way, you have a turn to kill it.

Also, Fish OTK has a notorious amount of dead draws, even with Pot of Duality and Moray of Greed. Yeah, when it works, you're screwed, but you don't seem to be complaining about X-Sabers making Trishula, a Stardust, and a Hyunlei.

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Why the fuck is United We Stand not forbidden anymore?

>> No.14399931

Damn, if the Raven could search rituals like that, it would be worth using.

So, how do you actually have your Gravekeeper's? I've played against Marik Structure Deck enough times to know Necrovalley and such are a bag of dicks (My poor Necrofear, my poor Djinns, etc.), so I'm wondering how an actual Gravekeeper's deck goes.

>> No.14399954

Deepsea can't tribute himself, unfortunately.

The thing is, though, Infernity Launcher got limited because of the Triple Trishula play. Decks like X-Sabers and Mist Valleys, like you mentioned, can produce powerful fields that are near unstoppable.

But Fish, using only two cards, can produce three separate infinite loops. They surpass Infernities in terms of raw synchro power. The thing is that Infernities can only do the loop once - you can't really get back the Launchers once they're gone. And the only efficient combo with them is either three Mist Wurms, three Trishulas, or a mix of Infernity Doom Dragons and Hundred-Eyes/Stardusts. Fish can utilize the Colossal/Armory Arm OTK, the Mist Wurm/Scrap Archfiend OTK, the Gilshinodon/Brionac OTK, Trishula/Gungnir OTK, the Shooting Quasar Dragon OTK, easily summon TG Halberd Cannon, and abuse Hyper Librarian to turn a hand of three cards into seven with a full field to boot. Again, all with only two cards.

>> No.14399984

Well, it's fairly straighforward. The competitive form has a few staples:

x3 GK Spy
x3 Gk Recruiter
x3 GK Commandant
x3 GK Descendant
x1-2 GK Assailant
x2 Solemn Warning
x2 Necrovalley (3 is too much of a dead draw)
x3 Pot of Duality (Turn 1 Royal Tribute wins games)
x2 Royal Tribute (semi-limited)
x1 Book of Moon (shit was awesome when it was at 3; Spy flips all day, erry day)
x2 GK Stele (+1 and recycles GK's)

Other than that, it's all trap negation and battle tricks.

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Certainly looks like a bag of dicks. In a good way, I mean.
You're serious about Visionary not being worth fielding, huh?

>> No.14400019

Even though the 800-per-monster boost is hefty, it's really not that good in today's meta.

Firstly, it's an equip card. It's spell speed 1, meaning you can't chain it, and it doesn't actively produce advantages, it only prepares them.

Secondly, it's an equip card. In today's meta, monsters normally don't stay on the field for long. Either one-for-one destruction like Smashing Ground, Dimensional Prison, and so on are going to kill the monster, or some other effect will get it somehow. >>14399326 actually summarizes it well.

Thirdly, you shouldn't have that many monsters on the field unless you're playing something like Mist Valleys or Six Samurai. If you have field advantage, you don't want to summon without it being necessary. If you have five monsters on the field, one Dark Hole is going to make you instantly go -5 and possibly lose the duel.

Lastly, it takes up deck space. 40 cards is not a lot. It really, really isn't. You're going to want to use the slot for something more potent and powerful.

>> No.14400024

Sadly, no. ;__;

>> No.14400084

Though, I will add, I use him anyway. I'm a stickler for Big Boss monsters, and I don't have the money for 3 Pot of Dualites and 2 Solemn Warnings, so...yeah. You have to fill the space somehow, right?

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>Yugioh thread
>actual responses
No wonder /tg/'s been so shit lately.

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Why do you hate, anon?

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Well, don't feel bad, my Fiends are actually pretty bad, I figure.

Garlandolf x1
Ritual of Destruction x1
Manju x1
Wall of Illusion x2 (used to be good, back with 1800 monsters)
Emperor Sem x2 (good news everyone, effect is non-mandatory)
Archfiend Soldier x3
Card Guard x2
Slate Warrior x2
Battle Fader x1 (Thinking about taking out for Gorz or something)
Summoned Skull x3
Dark Necrofear x2
Sangan x1 (grabs Fader or Manju)
Hate Buster x2
Regular shit like Dark Hole, Sakuretsu, etc.
Sometimes use a couple Renge, if I'm using Advanced Ritual Art in case I cycle through the Archfiends.

Yeah, it's looking more horrible the more I review it. I'm thinking about a Dark World setup for a third deck with Fiends that isn't as terribad.

>> No.14400181

Shit, forgot the Shamans x2.

>> No.14400193

You could always do Fabled, which are Dark World but without the "discard by effect" clause. You can also run them with Dark World, especially Fabled Raven, since his discard is part of the effect and not a cost.

>> No.14400250

Yup, but I have NO Fabled cards atm. I at least have the bones of a Dark World. I figure eventually I'll have Yubel, Dark World, Fabled and Heart of the Cards Silly Fiends. Mostly my friends and I just use silly decks and Structure Decks, just for fun, and I rarely use Yubel because I feel like a dick, so I don't figure a better fiend deck would be fun to use.

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Really, to underscore the silliness of my Fiends, I recently got a The Dark - Hex Sealed Fusion and I'm considering using it just because my old Metal Raiders Black Skull Dragon would be hilarious to field.

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Man its been a long time since I've seen actual meta-discussion of this game.

I have a buddy who plays quite competitively, landed... third? I think, in some national tournament in the states last summer. Apparently was an uspset in the community, beat some kind of bigwig. He runs Gadgets

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Nice; I always loved Gadgets. :3

>> No.14400435

What'd he get for 3rd? What'd he lose to?

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>haven't been able to play much of YGO for a while due to always getting scheduled on Sundays
>don't really keep up with metagame
>watch this video
>what in the world am I watching?
>die a little inside as, once again, synchro proves to be an abusable concept
>also happen to play MtG
>die a little inside because the game is dominated by purchases ranking in the hundreds of dollars

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What's the first Ultra Rare, Secret Rare, or Ultimate Rare (whichever Rarity you first got) you ever pulled?

This is probably part of the reason I like Fiends so much. he was the best (moderately) good card I had starting out before I pulled my MRD Summoned Skull.

>> No.14400651

First pack I ever opened had Black Illusion Ritual.

But my first Secret Rare involves a story. See, a friend and I were on our way to Eckerds(back when we had those) because that was the closest place to get packs at a decent price. Wal-Mart was too far away and United charged about $6 a pack. Anyways, along the way, I find a five dollar bill on the ground, so I take it. We go up there and find that there are three packs left. I grab one, he grabs one, and then I remember that five I picked up, so I grab the last one. He got junk, forgot what it was. The first pack I had grabbed had Mask of Restrict, not bad. The other? The one I got only thanks to the five dollar bill? Magic Cylinder. I still use that Magic Cylinder.

>> No.14400701

My brother pulled two Magic Cylinders, the second he got the very day he traded away the first. In contrast, I have shit luck and the first Secret Rare I ever pulled was Diffusion Wave-Motion and the only big Spellcaster I had eligible for it was a LoB Dark Magician (I traded for) that I never used.

>> No.14400744

a mirror force. i think it was first edition

>> No.14400897


Both I don't know. I don't play but some of my friends do. This was during the Dark Armed Dragon meta, so I assume a well built one of those?

>> No.14400908

Anyone live in San Jacinto or Hemet?

>> No.14400958

So, I was browsing the wiki, & I found this guy. For those who can't read Japanese, his effect translates to:

"When this card is sent to the graveyard, select 1 face-up Ritual, Fusion or Synchro monster on the field and destroy it."

Keep in mind, the current wording of his effect allows it to work no matter where he is before he goes to the graveyard. Hand, deck, field, maybe even the removed from play zone.
So Foolish Burial combos with him and Raigeki Break (Old Normal trap card that costs a discard to destroy any 1 card on the field.) becomes a 2-for-2 if your opponent has a Ritual, Fusion or Synchro out and something else to target.

1850 ATK & 0 DEF is good since, although he can't kill most archetypes 1900 beatsticks/walls, he can take out their 1800 ATK/DEF utility monsters. And being easy to kill is a plus most of the time considering his effect.

Contrary to his appearance, he's a Fiend, not an Insect or Machine as you might think. It's an Archetype-wide thing with the Inverz/Steelswarm.

Sadly, he's only been released in the OCG, in a Duel Terminal Set, and only as a Duel Terminal Rare Parallel Rare card.

Thoughts, /tg/?

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I like. Going to have to watch out, since my Ritual monsters and all, but I like that he's Dark, is a fiend, has a serviceable atk (Hell, before the Card Guards and Soldiers, I was using Jinn and Opticlops). You can Armageddon Knight him and he's counter-synchro too, which is always nice.

Gonna have to get me a couple when he drops in the TCG.

>> No.14401019

>mfw I haven't played/bought a booster pack since before CARD GAMES ON MOTORCYCLES and have no idea what the fuck half of this stuff is

>> No.14401054

Wait, that's mandatory, isn't it? If he drops from Demise, he'll take him with him. Shit, might not be worth fielding.

>> No.14401200


Eh, depends on your local "meta". Besides, be happy it IS mandatory; If it weren't, then it could miss the timing when you tribute him.

Either way, if you want to protect your Ritual Monsters from him, or at least, preserve them, you can try out Interdimensional Matter Transporter, an old Normal Trap Card that lets you remove from play one of your own monsters until the end phase.

Alternatively, you could try out Fulfillment of the Contract (pictured), which is pretty much Premature Burial for Ritual Monsters.

>> No.14401236

Alternatively, I suppose I could get around to acquiring one of these.

>> No.14401283

that card seems like a pretty nifty combo with this fella

>> No.14401478

Damn, is there a YGO card with more text than Relinquished?

Well, I guess probably Thousand-Eyes Restrict... Those two though.

>> No.14404298

Pic related, one of the bumpiest card that came to mind.

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