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I'm almost 100% certain that one of my PC's is using rigged dice. His chance of success at his rolls is in the area of 25%, but he frequently lands crits and confirms them, and hits 2/3rds of the time.

but his dice are showing the numbers he needs. I don't think he is a wizard. How can I figure out if he is cheating? Or, barring that, what can I do to remove his ability to influence his own rolls?

also, there is a problem with me doing this, since there is a culture of worshipping the times people roll high in my little 12 man game community, and they feel it's ill form for the DM to claim a 20, or claim that a person couldn't possibly be lucky enough to skew probability like that.

I'm thinking of getting one of those dice poppers from the TROUBLE game, popping off the top, and putting a d20 in for the group to use.

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Everybody uses the same dice, supplied by the GM. No bringing your own dice to the table.


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If you can grab the dice, a chi-squared test is relatively easy to do and can tell you with statistical certainty if the dice is balanced or not.

But a d20 popper sounds fabulous. I want to get one now.

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Try this one...

"Forget" your dice, ask to use his for Monsters

Watch him

A. Say "Scool bro"

B. Squirm... as the kobold confirms it's third crit of the night on him.

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Make your choice, OP.

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Both are good. Thanks /tg/

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OP, ask if the PC has been a DM before. It's a well known fact that DM's get 20s agogo.

They also get 1s more than you would expect.

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