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So an interesting back and forth in a thread the other day almost made me want to write a new story about Chem-chan, just to see if anything legitimately worthwhile COULD be produced with the character... but then I just figured I'd dump some images instead.

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Chem-chan can be made good by revelling in what she is: a Tank Girl rip off. Draw comics about madcap antics with big explosions, chunky vehicles, lots of explosions and so on.

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The mention of explosions twice was accidental but appropriate.

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Whether this is true of Chem-chan or not, am I the only one legitimately annoyed any time someone sees art of ANY female character with a weird punk 'do and says "LOL REMINDS ME OF TANK GIRL" or "HEY WERE YOU INSPIRED BY TANK GIRL" or "YAY IT'S JUST LIKE TANK GIRL"?

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Well Chem-chan is to Tank Girl what Sly Marbo is to John Rambo and Conrad Kurze is to Colonel Kurtz.

I think it's okay she was inspired by her but making her just like her would be boring.

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I'd prefer to see more of her written as Dr. Gonzo to Miffgrod's Raoul Duke, but I'm oldschool like that. It's okay that she looks like Tank Girl but Duke and Gonzo > Tank Girl and Booga.

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It bugs me how you can't request anything with any of /tg/'s characters like Cultist, Fuklaw, or even Chem-chan because all anyone's interested in drawing nowadays are people "Original Character Do Not Steal". I kind of miss the mascots.

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There are some mascots I like to draw, it's just that neither me nor anyone can find good ideas to exploit them anymore.

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Every oil-wrestling request /tg/ has made has never really gotten drawn. There was a poster made for one suggested match (Renegade Ogryn vs. Cata-chan) but nothing more came of it since WCKD disappeared.

I'd say that a battle royale featuring the ladies of /tg/ with guest referees from amongst the males (would be ESPECIALLY interesting with Faptau) would be awesome, and I can't be the only one that feels that way.

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That's like saying Duke Nukem has to be just like Ash just because he uses all of his lines.

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Eh, I think Slaanesh's drawfag scribbled something like this. In his DA gallery. The thing is, it'd take a fucklot of time, and I can't even bring myself to draw five fucking tau girls (one of each caste, yeah) having an orgy. Because it's not only the number of girls that is intimidating, it's the challenge of finding a proper way for them to interract accordingly to their respective characteristics and relationships in the best possible way. Otherwise there would be no point using them.

I'd nearly (nearly) would prefer a fappic of Cultist-chan in an interesting and well-found situation that takes advantage of her distinctive features, to a random, unimaginative fappic of Xeno.

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Erotica without context IS pretty lame, which is why I always tried to tailor my requests to the characters somehow, even if they were intended to play (teasingly) to my own tastes.

It's actually not that hard to think of something other than just some girly pin-up art, but nowadays there's zero interest in any "old" characters that aren't Cultist, and even she's not as prominent a presence in any drawthread as she used to be.

I mean it's not even the fact that the rules are being enforced now... it's easy enough to post a pic off-site and link to the drawthread. It just really seems like both the artists and the requesters would rather work with their own ideas than anything this place developed as a community.

That's probably not a fair way of looking at it. I mean certainly there's plenty of stuff /tg/'s come up with that doesn't fall under "porn" (ahem), but it's still generally argued when any of the -chans get brought up again that the artists have better things to do than draw tits for Anon's pleasure.

Shit, there used to be FUN requests too. Anyone remember this?

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come at me, bro.

But there actually are a few mascots I don't like. Mostly Chem-chan, Heavy-chan, Cata-chan, Taldeer. But otherwise, I've got about half an hour left, and if my toshop isn't being a dick, I can do something.

My faves are Macha, and of course Xeno.

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Sadly the only mascots I'm interested in requesting anything done for are Chem-chan, Kelly, Cata-chan, and The Creepy Techpriestess.

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I used to talk to the guy that did this. Then he disappeared.

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Not sure who Kelly and the techpriestess are...

tell me about it anyway.

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not as creepy as the thumbnail suggested, but still. If you like creepy stuff, I'm in.

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Maybe I'm too much of a self-defeatist but I don't like to get my hopes up.

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I fucking want you to tell me your ideas. Maybe I'll get ones for myself from them.

And I still don't know who those two are.

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This thread needs more Cata-chan

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same thing as ever: a guy complains about how /tg/ sucks and has nothing to suggest to compensate.

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I think you actually DID one of Creepy though.

Probably better known nowadays as Advice Techpriest though.

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This was a nice piece of art, actually.

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We need Chem-chan, Chemrat, and John in here.

And then they all need to nude and wrestling.

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And Kelly's the one here >>14376757 that ISN'T Chem-chan. A character created by a small number of people in the wee hours of /tg/ then promptly hated by the rest of /tg/ for not being a big group thing like the other -chans at that point.

Or something like that anyway.

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Yeah. As the only interesting part of her is her tits (the rest of her body looking extremely genderless and unattractive) she kinda lacks cheesecake potential. Greatly so, actually.

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She's been depicted earlier in her career with way more fleshy bits (everything except from the knees down and maybe the face I think) but if I posted THOSE pics I'd definitely get banned.

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That's what linking back from other boards is for.
She also had lewd hidden attachments.

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Mh. Yeah. Sorry to have interrupted you, then. I suddenly realize that there aren't that much /tg/ female mascots that I like.

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I guess it'd help if I actually knew how to link from other threads.

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Ogryn vs Cata exists on grognard.booru.dicks, I believe. Cata vs Krieg also exists, though you kind of can't see any of Krieg's distinctive features. Krieg vs Chem exists and is famous. We're still missing Cata vs Chem. EVERY POSSIBLE /tg/ CHARACTER BITCHWRASSLIN COMBO MUST EXIST

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>same thing as ever: a guy complains about how /tg/ sucks and has nothing to suggest to compensate.

>I suddenly realize that there aren't that much /tg/ female mascots that I like.

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suggest some.

gneh gneh gneh

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Please explain to me how the hell we got not one but two images of Krieg-chan getting her ass kicked by two infinitely inferior -chans?
How do you feel about Krieg-chan?

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Krieg-chan is awesome!

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>didn't know that Technomancer partakes in the simple pleasures of trolling from time to time

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Alright, then draw her kicking the piss out of Chem-chan and Cata-chan at the same time. Maybe with an empty can of spinach nearby.

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wasn't even trolling, bro.

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No information about her. Like, I can't even summarize her gimmick ("Cultist chan is cute and crazy" "Cata chan is ripped and adorable" "Chem chan has a butt and is tank girl").

Also, I think Krieg vs Chem was trolling on the part of the artist.

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awright, man. Doing this because Krieg-chan best guard-chan.

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Out of simple curiosity, why is there not a single practically-dressed /tg/ mascot? Practically-dressed by 40k standards, that is.

Yes, yes, fap-pics, very nice, but not a one?

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Of course we have some!

There's Love and Krieg archived at 1d4chan, and she looks fucking like Seras Victoria.

She doesn't wear much under her greatcoat, but is otherwise an exemplary guardswoman. She has a digging/tunnel/shovel fetish, and is fucking damn cuter than most guard-chans, because deep down under the indoctrination, she is very sensitive.

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Old chans are cool but why not make some new ones? There are plenty of regiments that haven't gotten any love. In fact some groups OUTSIDE the Imperium could do with a similar treatment as well, but /tg/ is only interested in coming up with more custom chapters (should've stopped at Angry and Pretty Marines, you ask me).

So do any drawfags want to try doing some of the more OBSCURE factions?

I mean, why don't we have a Stormtrooper-chan?

Or even better, a Tallarn-chan with her face wrapped and goggled seductively like so?

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Technomancer confirmed for fanboy.

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Two words:
Commissar Killy

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>Old chans are cool but why not make some new ones?
for fuck's sake, aren't you people done yet

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>why don't we have a Stormtrooper-chan?
Can YOU think of a way to make anything in this mask sexy?

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Come on, you got one Tallarn-Chan from Slants two days ago!
Or was it OVERLORD?

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You raise an exemplary point.


So why not an Arbite-chan? We don't have one. THAT makes no sense to me. Hell she could even be the most well-armored one. Just give her some kind of anatomically correct lorica musculata style carapace and it'd be sexy enough.

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I didn't get shit.


... did he put her in a facewrap? Fuckin' desertwear is my fetish.

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make it -san or -kun
Make it a guy

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yep, with no bitz showing except DEM EYES

Oh god I wish I had saved that shit. It was even better than GM's last sororita.

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It already is.

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>Make it a reverse-trap
Fixed that for you.

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Actually, this is really good. Hell, you could rip off Judge Dredd's appearance (because, you know, arbites) if you wanted to reduce the amount of armor she has.

and then add bitchwrasslin because come on

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Stormtrooper chan right here?
Granted its a kasrkin stormtrooper

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It's not even the same fucking helmet you faggot.

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Kasrkin are GRENADIERS.

>> No.14377087

That is what I meant....

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Goddammit Technomancer. Don't make me hunt Slants down.

>> No.14377094

I could've sworn you may have meant to just make it a guy.

>> No.14377105

I was implying poorly.
It would be interesting either way.

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Well, I'll forgive you if you this and any other future potential trespasses if you do one in goggles, facewrap/ shemagh, and delicious curve-hugging uniform.

>> No.14377116

Different Variation, Cadian Shock Troops being grenadiers and Kasrkin being their own separate type of stormtrooper.

>> No.14377120

>Reverse-trap stormtrooper that looks like King
I... I don't hate this.

>> No.14377126

Still not the same mask.

>> No.14377128


Is that... a hyena in a nurse uniform?

>> No.14377141

I have more problems with the non-attached floating behind the back, Chaos star that Cultist-chan has

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I think the thread got archived. A short one.

Also, what's the point of having dem eyes if there are goggles on? And Tallarn uniforms aren't known for their suggestiveness. Not sure if want.

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she's got iron hooks grafted to her shoulder blades to hold it in place.

>> No.14377171

More specifically, a gnoll. Even more specifically, Nurse Verity.

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So I suppose I have to be the one to say it... Chemrat?

>> No.14377180

Oh my.

We seem to have a generation of fa/tg/uys who don't know the horrors of Nurse Verity.

Truly they are blessed.

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Good job, you've doomed this thread.

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I am way less busy than I was, so I've decided to get back into drawthreads soon. If at that point people want Fuklaw drawn, I am way up for that.

A cultist is fine too.

wip to prove it's me without using my tripcode

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Did the artist that did sketch in OP ever finish that pic?

I really loved her art and she said she was going to do a color version but it seems it never happened.

>> No.14377204

oh fuck.


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Well it's just cloth, so I'm suggesting you could have it drape around the body like it's a really soft, kind of silky material, which is always sexy. So I'm more suggesting the silhouette of a woman than showing off all skin.

Also the goggles just kind of appeal to me, because they suggest readiness. Eyes are nice, and there could certainly be images where we see them but I want the first image of the Tallarn-chan I'm proposing to suggest a more professional soldier than the other Guard-chans. Because sometimes competence is sexy.

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Over reacting a bit?

>> No.14377226

Give me three years and a barrel of burbon. then maybe...

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Well this is an unexpected yet quite pleasant surprise.

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Hey Culexus, you ever thought of drawing a rendition of Chem-chan? It seems you've done literally every other character.

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Nothing much

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Come on, it's a bit too obvious, no?

>> No.14377286

hey man, my sister (organ cakes) is really, really sorry that she hasn't gotten that pic done, as well as some of the other new stuff, she has business classes going on that are eating enough time that she hasn't really gotten to work on much in the past few weeks. as I said at the current moment she is feeling extremely bad for not doing it, so she is going to look for the sketch tomorrow and finish it. ink and color.

if you don't happen to catch it on here you can always check out work on our blog (penguin soup)

>> No.14377322


also, still working.

drawing three women wrestling is surprisingly weird.

>> No.14377333

That sounds awesome

>> No.14377334

I pick the best times to get on.

>> No.14377336

I assume it's pretty hard to find reference pictures.

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>> No.14377364

actually not at all if you know where to search, it's just freaking difficult to choose a pose that is meaningful, somewhat sexy, not too complicated to draw, and understandable.

>> No.14377384

Really, with three? And the outnumbered one winning? I am impressed at your googlemight.

>> No.14377395

Oh, and also:

Pissing in the kitchen sink, standing at attention while singing the Westerwaldlied at 4 AM is a pleasure you too should experience.

I just wanted to share that with you.

>> No.14377446

Seen it.
Not that funny.

>> No.14377458

That's because I still feel like I'm 12. Try doing it instead of watching others. It's like getting drunk.

>> No.14377518

Indeed, I'm finding the best remedy for a dry spell of writing is drawing.

>> No.14377538

not bad

>> No.14377548

um how about you draw fucklaw relaxing on a beach sipping a fruity drink out of a tiki cup. Day dreaming about killing all those FUCKING HERETICS when he gets back to work. Happy calming thoughts.

>> No.14377677

What, the writing or the sketch?
Because ffffffffuck, the shoulders aren't broad enough.

Coolexus, we need to do something awesome together. Like a... like a...
Like a drawan/writan dealythingorother.

>> No.14377695

oh screw that shit.

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>> No.14377755

KriegChan seems a bit bulky

I like that.

>> No.14377767

I would've said it needed less clothing for more sexy but that's pretty awesome right there.

Don't mess with Krieg.

>> No.14377776

Tits! Tits and ass everywhere! This wins.

>> No.14377798

no ass actually, but anyway. Might draw some more Krieg-chan later.

>> No.14377812

Can you draw a female Rogue Trader? (Maybe selling crates of Rouge?)
Or maybe some Escher Gangers?

>> No.14377841

Nah, as my previous posts might imply it, I'm really not fond of grrrl-powa characters. Not at all.

>> No.14377866

>really not fond of grrrl-powa characters
I'm not sure how any of that qualifies. Unless you've got a thing against Rogue Traders?

>> No.14377883

I might be wrong, but aren't Escher gangers all punk amazons? Kinda like Tank Girl and such?

As for the RT, well, I can't really think of any nice way to exploit it.

>> No.14377895


>> No.14377902

>punk amazons? Kinda like Tank Girl
Well at least now we know why he dislikes Chem-chan.

>> No.14377920

That's a quite exhaustive way of putting it, but yes, pretty much this.

>> No.14377926

Yeah but at least as far as I know Chem-chan's more interested in tripping balls and being knee-deep in xeno sex than gender politics. I'm just reasonably sure she can't fear the cock with what went down with the dog and the horse that one time.

>> No.14377943

Yeah, they're amazons. But the neat thing about Amazons is you can bring them down a peg and it stings twice as bad, like in that request I got drawn of an Escher ganger being forced to give an arbite a rimjob.

>> No.14377961

Wow, you're kind of a cunt

>> No.14377972

I like your style. You can come home and fuck my sister. If there are still some remains after twenty years.

>> No.14377979

subtle choice of words.
Oh, and also, any creative ideas to make those elements interact?

>> No.14378018

Fuck it, new sketch.
I like where this one's going. I think I'll finish it and paint it.

Unless anyone has any better ideas.

>> No.14378083

Well, I'm always up for horrendous acts of police debauchery and abuse of power when wannabe tough-girl gangers are involved. Actually used to post a request of broken Chem-chan slumped in an alley under a wanted poster with her face on it, dripping semen onto the street, tally marks on her thigh, as one arbite zips up his fly, another gets ready to get stuck in, and others just idly chat about the weather or smoke lho sticks.

Never got drawn though.

I guess you could adapt it to literally anyone, but personally, always wanted to see the little miss Chem-thief get her come-uppance.

>> No.14378125

That reminds me I still have those two Raege pics.

That's pretty much a complex request. Extremely interesting, but perhaps not as much as what I planned for miss cool hat. That means that when I'm up for more of this stuff, (not tonight, since it's really getting fucking late) I might hesitate between your request and this. But I will consider it, don't worry.

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Soooooo, no other artists active in here?

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