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Shower Sardines! Howling Banshees try to fit into a single shower as much as possible, with their Exarch fitting in last, naked

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Aw, wrong thread, sorry

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aside from some nice visuals does this thread have any purpose?

This is now a stupid sexy banshee ass thread

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I 'r drunk and fully approve of this.

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>This is now a stupid sexy banshee ass thread

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I 'r drunk and fully approve of sucking numerous penises.

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'kay ^^

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If by naked you mean still sealed into their armor, sure.

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Real mature

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I like the way you think

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Can love bloom?

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Fuck all idea what happened here, but howling tit sandwitch is always appreciateded!

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.... .....

how can sandwich be a howling banshee?

she was raised by squats and everyone knows that squats never chill with eld

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anyone remember buttered banshees?

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That's the last of 'em.

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this thread reminds me of how stupid the eldar campaign in retribution was
also how kayleth was a fucking retard and the farseer never spoke
but more so how it was focused all around fucking taldeer
if i wanted a waifu i would go play mass effect

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Another good job DLFG. Do you by any chance know the sauce of

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I get that this is intended to be badass. I really get that.
But it is just so flamboyantly gay.

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CircleA. I think he goes by other names but that's the only one I remember.

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Guys can someone please explain to me how the heck do you use the banshees in the dow games? Im playing retribution and for the life of me I cant find them a good use. Charge ahead of guardians? get maimed before arriving. Charge AFTER the guardians engage? get maimed anyway. So far the spiders seem much much much better and I use them for pretty much everything.

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Stupid sexy Baiken!

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Tell me more.

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circle A is the korean guy

site here:http://novicenoah.egloos.com/

guy pictured is deadxcross

gallery here: http://deadxcross.deviantart.com/gallery/

sorry DLFG, got ya here

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Banshees have no use other than as eye candy.

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>Eldar have no use other than as eye candy.

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I don't play DoW but this is somewhat true on tabletop.

They are stuck in a fairly competitive Elite slot, and require numbers, Farseer support (Doom etc) and a transport to go do that one task they are good at: carving through guys walking around in tank armor.

Unfortunately guys wearing tanks seem to like to cower inside other tanks these days, and S3 ain't even cutting it against Rhino rear armor.

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Ya, I noticed that they are built really fast, but not fast enough they dont get torn to bits and pieces when charging something (anything) before getting there.
Their damage seems good, but I wouldnt really know because they have lost so many of their squad before arriving that the 2-3 survivors cant do much against a full squad of anything.
Their abilities in the game are runfast (but hit for shit) and cryalot, which reduces the damage of enemies that are riiiiight next to them, for like 2 seconds, which is pretty much nothing.
I tried upgrading them, and regretted it the entire campaign because I could have upgraded some other unit (the upgrades in dow retribution last for the entire campaign and are choices you get, like "will you upgrade the banshees or the warp spider?")

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It was something about the path of the baker. I'm not sure if it got archived or not though, as it was a while ago.

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