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Does /tg/ like demons (of the female variety)?

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got any with hooves?

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>does /tg/ like fantasy themed pornography

You may as well ask if we like tits.

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Do not want. Only horns, tails, claws, carnivore eyes and maybe wings.

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Any that aren't super-sexual would be appreciated.

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I hyper-sexual OK?

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>No hooves

This is 4chan and your porn isn't nearly strange enough for me to find arousing.

Come back when you have demons with hooves... or two dicks.

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I think hooves are fine

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>Any that aren't super-sexual would be appreciated
I feel the same way, but it's unfortunately difficult to find.

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You're the kind of person who thinks robot girls shouldn't have anything more than antennae sticking out of their ears, right?

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I like hooves and robot ears, both are acceptable

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Who let baby out of his carrier?

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Fuck you.

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How do they sleep at night? Mechanically, I mean. They can't sleep on their back because wings, nor on their side or stomach because horns.

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I don't think demons sleep, dude.

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>robot ears


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Is this Warhammer related? The armor(what little there is anyway) seems to have that vibe.

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They hang, like bats.

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On top of a pile of bodies, so their pointy bits just sink into the flesh.

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It's certainly got some stylistic similarities to the Chaos Warriors armour, but I don't think they're connected.

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Demon chicks are cool. Not a fan of hooves, but I'm cool with wings and horns. and maybe long tounges as well.

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Fantasy, power, and fear all rolled up into a sexy package? Yeah, sign me up.

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Art style looks like jeffr, which means that the character in the pic is probably a trap who is overly fond of brutally maiming people and raping/being raped by them.
Seriously, this is probably the tamest jeffr pic I've seen.

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I shall call him mini-me

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>Implying Grey Knights aren't shit tier mary sues and the laughing stock of /tg/.

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I, for one, welcome our sexy daemonic overlords.

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Sure, dood

besides, it'd be unhealthy to respond otherwise

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They've never pretended to be anything but emotionless monsters with no purpose besides killing deamons though.

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second only for the ultramarines of course

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And a bump, because general's need love too.

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>implying grey knights weren't awesome before Matt Ward came along

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Implying they weren't awesome before Ward.

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Are minis fine too?
If not, see >>14350522

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Before Ward mind.

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obviously I meant to reply to>>14353566

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And one more from me.

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Why does evil have to be so sexy?

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>Purity seals.
I'd think so.

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Am I doing it right?

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Evil has the best bits.

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Is it not a holdover from when religion was more prevalent, with ideals of chastity and purity presented as good and wholesome, and sexuality was something to be shunned and ignored for anything other than cranking out more babies? Sexual indulgence was seen as something associated with the evil and sinful, and while it's not viewed seriously that way by most people in this day and age, it remains as a bit of a trope?

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I like the deal-maker and rulebound demons, or devils if you are talking D&D. Just seems more fun all around. LOL BURN WORLD doesn't do it for me. If I am going to have my soul sold or stolen I want it to be an elegant, dapper succubus that does it, at least.

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>Is it not a holdover from when religion was more prevalent

Damn sumerians trying to keep the women down!

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And a mighty pair of bumps.

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>trying to keep the women down

I giggled like an idiot.

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Demons are the only thing I have fantasies about, as I am a submissive bitch.

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Submissive demons are the only thing I have fantasies about, as I am a megalomanical bastard.

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battle to the death etc

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"I've got a present for you, and im going to put it in your stocking. Now, bend over."

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Draz'zt get out of 4chan.

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I-I'm okay with this

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Demons can't love you, they will only feel lust but they will never show true sincere feelings to you.

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Yes, it is. It's one of the best things that religious fanaticism has left the world.

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No thanks, never played a game where I wasn't fucked over by demons, including the current game.

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Best pics ITT so far.

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>not realizing tripfags are the cancer and the laughing stock of /tg/.

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>only feel lust...
And the problem with this is...?

Seriously I know succubi don't exist, because they would of had my soul like ten times over at age 18 - 22.

Hell even now if one just popped onto my bed and explained the deal. I'd probably still go at it.

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"But... I want love... Love you."

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Hehehe you think I won't fap to that

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Succubi just want your sperm man. They don't give a damn about your soul. Then they'll give it to an Incubi, who'll shove it into some woman, and through some convoluted SATAN DID IT, nine months later a cambion will pop out.

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>not realizing /tg/ isn't like /b/
Dude, take that else where.
Here, the tripfags actually are good people who contribute to the board.

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Hey, if you can get it up to that, then you deserve to finish the job.

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I must be getting old, I can't even be arsed to fap anymore.

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I'm totally alright with demons, provided they're willing to leave me alive and with my soul intact. (Assuming I have one...)

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What? How the hell does that work? If they're using human sperm, it wouldn't produce a cambion, it'd just be a baby of the person whose sperm got used and the person who the incubus raped. The demons would be supernatural rapist middlemen, nothing more.

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Nonsense, that sounds like if you where trying to convince me a succubus alignment can be chaotic good.

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Looks like something some sort of repressed "SEX IS EVIL" papist would think up while hunting down Jews because they feed on good Christian blood, doesn't it?

That's because it is.

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"But... All I ever wanted is the one that I love to love me back."

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I always found the idea of that picture hilarious in a kinda cute way.

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Depends on the mythology in question man. The original succubi/incubi were from pagan spirits that people said fed off your sexual energy.

To explain wet dreams and such, but all they did was feed off the person in question and left.

I'd be cool with that, be a bit symbiotic. When Christianity took over they turned those spirits into succbi and such, who did feed off the souls of the men. Showing the danger to excessive sexual relations and the STDs of the time.

I wouldn't be cool with that. I like my soul.

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Here be a big list of monster girls, succubs is on it.

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In theory, we hate and loathe tripfags. In practice...not so much. Sometimes.

Also, demons in games. How often do you see them? Never seen a demon in a game, nor a daemon for that matter...

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Well...perhaps I would try to have a relation with a succubus similar to Reasonable Daemonette.
Extremely intelligent voluptuous buxom (specially huge tits) and cute demon with an interest for geek stuff? Fuck Yeah, all of my love.

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ha ha no

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Most of you are going to attempt this.

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Sounds like someone's jealous of Wasteland Warrior's epic stories and Scriptarius's god-tier sculpting and model conversions. If those guys are cancer, I don't want it cured.

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Plus WW gives us pictures of his dick, for free.
And what a magnificent sight it is.

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There is a big difference between a tripfag that wants a trip to make a character to amuse and delight fellow /tg/ers.

And a tripfag who puts on a name only because they want some sort of internet cool person points.

/tg/ has both. Praise the good, troll the bad. But do not put all into the same catagory.

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Is that meant to be difficult?
Not meaning to offend anyone or sound cocky, it's just I only have my body to experiment with

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>Does /tg/ like demons (of the female variety)?

I can not lie

Nor can you other brothers deny

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But the vast majority are shit.

I'd miss MR RAGE, WW, and scriptarius, for sure, but I'd get over it eventually.

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Hey, thanks for nothing.
I always try to deliver some writtefaggotry or interesting thread and when I can't deliver that I just try to post fun and silly things.
I don't want to be on the list of the "cool guys wannabes" :/

>> No.14354548

If you are trying to do all that, then why not just be Anon?

>> No.14354551

Then wallow in your cancer if you can't create entertaining material yourself and have to rely on others. Some of those guys were cool but they're not worth the price of all the other 'the new cool guy'-wannabes.

>> No.14354557

You're "acceptable". And Scriptarius is overrated. Not horrible, not irritating, but overrated by his fans. By which I mean he's not the second coming of Jesus Christ.

>> No.14354558

>Then wallow in your cancer if you can't create entertaining material yourself and have to rely on others.

Ahaha, are you serious? This is like, all of humanity, right here.

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>unintended "cool guys wannabes"-mind

>> No.14354575

Tell me, how many threads started by me did you had read?

>> No.14354577

Don't know, just did it too. With some problems, since I haven't streched in ages, but I did.

Swine of Luther spotted. Admit it, your insane sort killed more innocent old women in europe than the papists ever did. It wasn't without reason that the witch-hunts were popular mostly in england, germany and later in the colonies of england.

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some picture got deleted because?

>> No.14354580

If that's how you want to justify your lack of desire for self-improvement then fine.

>> No.14354590

Being a self righteous, preachy Anon is just as bad as being one of those attention whoring trip fag faggots, mind you.

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None. Wouldn't be it hypocritical if I did ?

Not to mention that I wasn't on /tg/ for a few months. Or that I rarely remember tripfags' names.

Now tell me how many threads made by me did you read ?

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No, not really. It's automatically better since it's anon.

>> No.14354616


the monster girl one you mean? I think that's one of the janintors who keeps doing that. No idea why.

>> No.14354620

For fuck's sake, what is with /tg/ today?

>> No.14354626

Only more cowardly to hide behind anonymity rather then using it as a tool to make something good/funny/interesting without looking for recognition.

And doing good with seeking recognition is he highest form of decency.

>> No.14354629

That you have yet to post any pictures or contribute in any meaningful way shows you are not even worth the time I spent typing this response.
At least the tripfags are posting shit that is on topic.

>> No.14354640

Stop derping up a tolerable thread. At least the tripfag can be recognized if they act up.

Also, what makes demons sexually desirable? They seem to be common subjects of...art.

>> No.14354647

Right, because a random name with numbers is any less anonymous.

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>> No.14354659

Oh my, so because I don't have a name and a flag on my own threads or post and don't demand attention means that I don't contribute or don't provide entertainment ? Bravo sir, that's a masterfully crafted argument.

>> No.14354674

That was to ward off accusations of samefagging for that post, faggot, and I left it there by accident.

Also, where did the generic "demon" come from? Why don't they have traits of...say...Japanese kappa?

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Evil is sexy. And forbidden. And demonic women are invariably total sluts with no expectations of their partners beyond sexual performance (and possibly soul-stealing), so it works out well for folks like me who just don't give a crap.

Except the important ones, who are invariably not slutty at all and very brutal. Like important demon men, but with funbags.

>> No.14354710


Another element might be that they're not too unnatural looking. They don't look like bizarre monsters, but rather, humans with a funny skin tone and some extra bits like wings, a tail, and fangs/claws. Exotic without being so divorced from what people would consider attractive that it becomes unattractive.

>> No.14354725

No, it simply shows that you can bitch, but if you can point to any post you have made on topic, or a thread you have made, then your words are empty prattling on something that is just more internet foolishness.

>> No.14354736

I was talking about (surprise) tripfags. But I see you're already loosing your temper since this isn't going the way you would like it to.

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best drinking buddy ever

>> No.14354757

Because kappa isn't so much a malicious demon, it's more a nature spirit.
You are mixing different cultures and mythology with that one. Japan has very few outright "evil" spirits. Malicious perhaps, but few that are "I am here to fuck you over, perhaps literally, definitely metaphorically"

>> No.14354761

Oh my, but my posts were on topic: it was simply different from yours.

As for my own threads, here's one as an example:

>> No.14354768

female demons have cocks instead of holes...
just in case /tg/ doesn't know

a worried Greyknight

>> No.14354780

Typical Lawful-alignment propaganda, don't listen to their lies.

>> No.14354781

Not all of them. Besides an ass is still a hole.

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>> No.14354795

Shit, she wouldn't even have to kidnap me. Booze and aggressive whores? I'm in.

>> No.14354800

implying you want to bang balls with female demons

>> No.14354808

I like sexy male demons...

>> No.14354817

If its sexy and looks female? then yes I will fuck whichever hole it happens to have.

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You're absolutely right. It isn't less anonymous technically. But with a trip comes recognition.

If me and Script walked up to you in the street, which one would you recognize? Script of course, he puts his pic in half his posts. You never have seen or met me. Likewise I do not know you from Adam (or Eve).

However if Mr. Rage and Script walked up to you on a street, who would you recognize? Script again, because Mr. Rage is a character and his writer never attached his own self to it so... no pictures and such.

So while Mr. Rage is a tripfiend, he is a cool mother fucker. While Script and the like are just attention whores.

While you and I are just anonymous and thus are neither. While at the same time we are both.

Oh, and the word Demon comes from Daemon, which came from Daimon which is Greek for just general spirit or such.

The word Daimon was eventually, ahem, absorbed by the Roman empire and became synonymous with pagan shrines and such in cities and in nature. Over time as Christianity rose it became a word for evil spirits, and soon enough the denizens of hell.

Hell being an actual town in ancient Mesopotamia, but that's another story.

>> No.14354856

I hear that.

>> No.14354857

Well, I don't mind Scriptarius himself. It's his fanbase that gets on my nerves. He's a competent converter, and some of his pieces are nice, but they're nothing jaw-dropping. MR RAGE seems to just live up to his name, but it's nothing /tg/ is the worse for.

>> No.14354867

You are trying far too hard with this.
Applying some warped internet sense to justify what is at the end baseless bitching.
And I can use wikipedia too.

>> No.14354884

I follow the same line of thought really. I just have a small annoyance to people who seek recognition from the internet. Not for any childish reason, but I hate to see wasted effort.

Might as well try to get blood from a stone. Without using it to hit someone with.

Also now that we're on the topic for hot demon women I am surprised more of /tg/ hasn't heard of an artist called Zimmerman. I actually commissioned him to do a devil Jessica Rabbit on the shoulder plate of my armor when I was in the military and it came out fucking amazing. I recommend googling him.

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Because Script couldn't take another person's photos ?

Not saying that he did, but it's a bit naive to believe in something because he shown you a bit of a "proof" where others didn't.

And honestly, there's no need for "recognition" here. All is well with Anonymous. People might accuse each other of samefagging occasionally, but then they can at least enjoy what other people provide without getting asked like I was asked before "well then what did you post ?" and the providers can be happy that their works can be enjoyed without being held down by their previous ones. Only two things can come from assuming a name: despair of having all your new works unaccepted or bloated ego from being pampered.

As for the Daemon/Demon part: thanks, now I know more. But why are you telling me this ?

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Also the name of The norse ruler of Helheim, Hel, who basically fills the same role as satan in torturing the damned.

>> No.14354958

>Only two things can come from assuming a name: despair of having all your new works unaccepted or bloated ego from being pampered.
Or having other people take credit for your shit, which happens a lot in the real world if you can't lay some proof you made it first.
For some people here, that kind of thing could have real life repercussions, especially when jobs will start checking out your internet activities.
>no, it may not apply in this case, smart ass. but it is something to consider, especially for artists

>> No.14354981

Well, most sources of Norse mythology we have today are from the period after the christianization. For example Loki used to be a trickster in the original, but not completely in the Satan/Snake of Eden way like we see him today.

>> No.14354983

Enough, please. This was a decent thread, until it devolved into the usual crap. Just stop.

>> No.14355016

Quite true, I could just be making base assumptions. However I do remember scrolling through one of his threads where a picture was taken right in front of a painting he said a friend of his did. Which was Script, holding the world in one hand.

Also the Demon bit was because another Anon asked above where the word 'Demon' came from.

Yep. Early Christians paid special attention to the religions around them. The Norse Bible talks about 'Warrior' Jesus and his 12 bad ass apostles of killing specifically targeting Norse converts to Christianity.

Oddly enough if you look at most religions they have odd similarities. The Greek creation myth and the Japanese one are almost parallel in some areas.

>> No.14355019

Well if it makes you feel better, you can claim ownership over all my 4chan writtefaggotry and ideas that were used for drawfaggotry.

And if you get shit for browsing 4chan in work then maybe you deserve it.

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>> No.14355035

He could've made the story after seeing the picture but fair enough.

>> No.14355043

Uh, when is the last time you tried to get a job that mattered?
I'm not talking about browsing at work, guy, I'm talking about jobs looking on the internet for your works, especially if you have a portfolio. If they come across someone that has a picture that is startlingly similar to yours, that is an instant red flag.

>> No.14355093

Oh I have a job that matters (at least to me), it simply doesn't involve drawing.

As for jobs where drawings do matter, you simply point people to your DA account or a private page, not 4chan. If you always post there first then there shouldn't be any problems since you can prove it's yours and you posted it there first.

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Sorry guys but I'm off to sleep. Since I don't have a tripcode I'll tell you that it's me, >>14355093

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Thread is not classy enough.

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Incidentally, are devils allowed too, or is this demons only?

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