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ITT wenches

Every setting needs them.

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Also keyboards

Every setting needs them.

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Ah, wenches. What would the generic fantasy setting be without them? Who would the barbarians, fighters and rogues lust after? Who would the bards seduce at every opportunity?

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Barmaids != Wenches
Also that dwarf is just a dwarf, not a barmaid.

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>Barmaids != Wenches
>He's been drinking in all the wrong bars!

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The bard would probably go after the paladin's horse...

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Wait...what? Why?

Sure, it's got a high charisma score, but no amount of charisma is going to make a man normally interested in women lust after a simple beast.

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Wenches and whores!

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Ah, but it is no simple beast, my friend. Intelligent, graceful, kind and gentle, these steeds are far better than almost every woman you can find.

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Pictures of women!? Reported for pornography.

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innocen/tg/ent here:
I'd love to know what that's from. I can see its Conan, but beyond that?

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That's going to make him like the horse as a friend. But that's never going to inspire sexual desire.

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If there were no wenches? Of course the bard would go after the next best thing.

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The villain Fell on his own weapon and killed himself.

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It's a short comic called "Conan's Favourite Joke", I'll dump it.

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Those would feed many hungry children...

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Don't know too much beyond that. Apparently, a wicked necromancer was giving his monologue when he tripped, fell down some stairs and fatally snapped his neck.

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and see>>14352200 for the next page.
last one.

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I stand corrected. He impaled himself on his own spear.

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Am I the only one who is thinking "I really want one of thoses glasses."

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No you are not.
I am thinking "I want one of those glasses, while she drinks the other. And then we go somewhere private to have a serious discussion. About my penis and her well endowed body."

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I could never figure out whether she was implying fapping or crying.
Glasses? What glasses? I just see a big pair of.......

Plastic mugs.

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That is clearly not human.

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Yep. Mind you, most barmaids are lower-class and qualify, but not all of them- especially in a good bar, where you may just have insulted a merchant (or his wife, or daughter). Don't equate "bar wench" with "puts out", either. Serving at a bar is a step up from hiking up your skirt for some coppers.

Most of the ones that are flirty do it for the better tips, not to get tipped over on a table and taken by some random randy scoundrel...and have someone at the bar looking out for em.

(Or in D&D style games, a lot of them partner up with a thief and "take em in back" for a quick subdual and robbery. Even in an RPG, rolling around with the wenches isn't as easy as it seems.)

LARPer ex-barkeep here. I looooved the dim ones that came in for a mug and tried to treat the servers the wrong way. Always gave me a chance to break things. People things. :)

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Some sort of Succubus(ty) Barmaid?

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Be still my beating heart.

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>larper tits
Where and when will she be larping again?

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Ah, Dirndl. Gotta love that garment, eh?

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hangovers, every setting needs them

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Barwench from the BoEF that dykes the bisexual paladin chick.

>proportion Memny
Indeed, Captcha.

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I thought it was the Paladin and Bard in the BOEF...

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Wench pictures are always a good thing.

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Bump for more wench cleavage

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>>Yep. Mind you, most barmaids are lower-class and qualify, but not all of them- especially in a good bar, where you may just have insulted a merchant (or his wife, or daughter). Don't equate "bar wench" with "puts out", either. Serving at a bar is a step up from hiking up your skirt for some coppers.

>>Most of the ones that are flirty do it for the better tips, not to get tipped over on a table and taken by some random randy scoundrel...and have someone at the bar looking out for em.

>>(Or in D&D style games, a lot of them partner up with a thief and "take em in back" for a quick subdual and robbery. Even in an RPG, rolling around with the wenches isn't as easy as it seems.)

So why bother with wenches then? Just hire whores and get your own beer instead.

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What can I say. Some guys think "wench" and "whore" are the same thing. The smart ones tipped me and got pointed the right direction instead. The stupid ones got broken legs and a faceful of whatever happened to be on the street at the time.

The really smart ones tipped me AND the servers, got some interesting views from the servers (or rather, down parts of the server's outfits) and the directions on where to go to deal with it afterwards.

(Which is fun, even if was really just a PG-13 rated LARP and nobody's getting hurt/acquiring new forms of VD.)

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Taverns in fantasy games are for being able to rest on your ass and have a (hopefully) pretty girl doing all the work of hauling your drinks and your dinner around. If you don't want the service, that's what the bar stools are for. Belly up. Speaking of bars, think I'm going to dump some Games Workshop art most people never see next.

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"You look like you've got a +4 to your endurance. What do you say to walking me to the stables when my shift's done?"

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Angry wenches are the hottest.

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Some folks know that Games Workshop HQ has it's own bar. That's Bugman's.

What they don't know is that they're working on their own tavern brawl game for it. Which may never get released, for all I know- but it'll be exclusive to the bar when and if they do.

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Gypsy Wenches reporting in

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So without further ado, here's the game artwork. I'm sure some smart fa/tg/uy will do wonders with it.

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Oh you're a larper.

That explains many things.

That's fine but i don't see any reason for someone being flirty simply for the sake of being flirty(or to get some more of my hard earned money).

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Totally a table wench.

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And last, the board.

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It has been released. I don't know how long it's been on sale for, but you could buy one when I visited last month, and they had quite a few available.

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Ooh, good to hear! Last time I had someone check they hadn't gotten them out yet.

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You might not, but the success of places like Hooters says there's people who do.

And as for people getting you dinner- well, that's the premise of most restaurants, ever. Bar wenches are fantasy waitresses, simple as that. Emphasis on "fantasy" for a lot of folks.

Captcha: tithope led . Seriously, captcha. OUT OF MY MIND.

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And when I say bumps...

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I'm pretty sure that places like hooters only flourish because actual prostitution is illegal in this country.

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Also, see every strip bar in the known universe. People pay for T&A, even if it's look-no-touch (legally speaking).

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Gawd bless MDRF, which has had more shenanigans go on around it over the years...from the Bullseye girl who works with barely a wisp of cloth over her chest to keep the bodice from becoming a spill job (and hides little in the process) to the exhibitionists who kept borrowing the back nooks to take amateur porn sets after closing.

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tell us moar!

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Basically, if you're running a LARP- you want to feed the players. A fantasy LARP, especially one that's running over a few days (or for some of the European ones, a week) , you need some place for people to be social, spend a little in-game coin, rest, and get to actually eat something/drink a little in-game without having to trot off the site to Denny's. For a lot of games, that's a bar, or tavern setup.

I envy the European ones. "Dry site" are two words not spoken together but for when it's not raining outside.

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That also depends where you're from in Europe.

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Much bigger pain in the ass (and when most of the good sites for a US LARP are Scout sites, you go dry or you get out) for real booze, but if you're good, you come up with some interesting non-alcoholic stuff anyway. Plus, you want to pump folks full of enough caffiene and sugar to keep them jumping (between actually getting some real food in them). You want to give them someplace to get together, talk, relax between charging around whacking things with (boffer/latex) swords, get dry, get warm, be comfortable.

That's where us bar/tavern folk come in.

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did anyone say LARP-TITS?

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Basically, you get a group of folks together who don't mind actually working at a LARP- ours used a combination of real/game money for stuff, so running bar/kitchen was actually profitable. We hired (in-game) folks to be servers, who we fed for free and split the in-game take with at the end of the event. I usually took bar- having a character that was a veteran brawler (and yes, the character sheet had "barkeep" as one of my professional skills) before I took up pouring mugs meant I kept things quiet and sane if someone did something stupid, the servers took care of most of the rest.

Of course, we heard -everything-. People talking about what they found when they came in off adventures, NPCs sent in as more peaceable (mostly) characters to take a break from monstering, often with rumors and such from the Plot people, bored nobles dropping silvers for tips and trying to outdo each other with the amount of service or which one could get the prettiest wench (or in a few cases, the pretty boy) to be fetching for them.

Naturally, if you tipped nicely and asked nicely, we were always happy to chat while doing everything else. The local ruler used to quip (before he met a sword the wrong way) that he'd learn more in 15 minutes at the bar than an entire meeting of his nobility.

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they look so heavy, I can almost feel them ...

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You must tell me what LARPs these ladies like to attend and when they are run....

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Yeah. Legal prostitution would probably put some strip clubs out of business. Or we'd have hybrid strip club whorehouses. Which would make for an interesting evening now that i think about it.

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Far as who I had serving? Varied depending on the event and who was available (or in some cases, needed the money). Some were human. Some were elven (one dark), catfolk, and I had a wolfen who'd tend bar when I wasn't around. Ran the place with a halfling woman who barely cleared the top of the bar but could put you in touch with all the wrong people you wanted. Was great fun for a couple of years before we passed the job and the bar down to a dwarven woman and I'd just moonlight occasionally to keep my hand in.

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Two of those are random LARP pics, "table wench" is a camwhore, and #4 is taken at the Maryland Ren Faire, not a LARP.

>> No.14354087


Nevada has legalized brothels. Most have a bar to go with them. Helps people relax when they're getting nervous around prostitutes, and also helps relax their grip on their wallets. (Amusingly enough, the bartender usually is also the "oh fuck" guy and has a panic button in case there's a robbery/crazy fucker on the premises.)

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Can't wait to get to larping again, last year was awesome finished the season with 3 whole hogs on spits, literally lugged around platefuls of meant shoving my face full of oh-so-tender-and-sweet pork.

Only drawback was the junior larpers, they were noisy and meant it was a "dry" event.

Gotta find a grownup LARP, maybe weapons harder than a glance could pass the inception and some real fencing could take place.

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I don't get why prostitution is mostly illegal in the US ...

German here (Hamburg) ... prostitution is pretty normal around here

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And to give you an idea of what it's like from the patron's end....say you're these fellows. You run around in the summer heat all day. You sweat. You get beaten about. You run around some more. Then maybe you fight for a few hours in a line keeping some undead horde from chewing on the citizenry and the healers keeping your asses from becoming ghoul chow.

Then you get to come to a nice solid bench and have people get you a big mug, something hot and delicious, and greet you with a smile (and in a few cases, a wolf-whistle or two) and are happy to chat about anything while you're settling in and trying to not tip over from exhaustion.

This is why bars (and wenches and barkeeps) keep adventurers sane people.

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We were settled by Puritans and all the uptight types nobody in Europe wanted around.

Led to some fucked-up morality. Blood and gorefests on the public TV? No sweat. Boob? OH MY GOD CALL THE GOVERNMENT, THEY ARE CORRUPTING THE YOUTH. It's why a lot of us Americans are f'd up. The nation does it's best to screw with us in the name of "morality".

(See also legalized drugs for that matter.)

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Foiled again!

>> No.14354271

It wasn't even just that. Most of our founders were Enlightenment-era intellectuals. Our problem is that in the 1950s we decided we were going to be the "Nega-Communists" and overemphasized the Dominionist Christianity and its associated morality.

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Eh, but for the younger, we wouldn't have more LARPers coming along. Heck, I've gone from under-21 to nearly-40.

Beer I can get off-site anyway if I need one. I've had more good cooking put in front of me at LARPs than I ever deserved eating, anyway.

(Note: The food at a LARP is only as good as people put the effort into it- but from cakes and tea at an elven mage's guild to a four-course meal in a Baron's hall, I've appreciated it.)

Mind you, bar food is more meant to get them hungry, eating, and not worrying too much about fancy. Sandwiches, soups, carbs out the wazoo, snacks (salty is good, sugar is good), mugs of stuff for the caffiene junkies, some honest-to-goodness rehydrators for the guys who sweat off three pounds of water an hour, and a few fancy mixes for the poofy mage types that won't drink anything with a head on it. And some cheap stuff for the poor gamer types with more game coin than real dollars- a little dye or mixing and I can make Mountain Dew look like something that should have been bottled by an alchemist, or root beer that belonged in a dwarf's barrel. People LARPing like strange, but they crave familiar when it comes to their stomachs in a tavern/bar situation. Present it strange, but put it down their throats the way they're going to actually eat the stuff and eat plenty of it.

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I've honestly never had to deal with wenches in games.

>> No.14354376

I don't mind youngins, but when it's gettign to dusk, the bards are strumming up, and the indian summer is loosening bodices and shorting skirts having a band of bores kids loudly challenging everyone to duels gets a bit grating.

But yeah, future of LAPR, lead by example and all that.
Though having to sneak off area to enjoy a bottle of honey-mead gets old though.

Just gotta keep looking for the right event.

>> No.14354386

I find this thread demeaning.

>> No.14354402

And I find your post dull and uninspiring.

>> No.14354462


Why? Are you castrated?

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The average LARPer woman thinks of "wench" as being beneath them. The ones that don't? Generally the dangerous ones. The wenchiest wenches I had helping out pretty much universally could fight dirty and lay out anyone stupid enough to turn their backs at the wrong time in one swipe of a dagger pommel.

Not the prettiest girls who did the serving jobs, mind you. Those are the ones you use as the distraction who knew how to squeal at just the right moment so you'd get a clean shot with the crossbow under the bar or the jump on the annoying drunkards to make the thrashing an easy one before you chucked them out of the place.

I had all kinds who spent some time slinging mugs and washing plates at that bar. Wenching, as it were. The dwarf-woman who took over the bar and a little squeak of a halfling who just wanted to be helpful when she was a newbie mage...they started there. As wenches. Now they're a twice-born paladin (who runs the bar) and the deadliest thing under four feet to toss a spell, and that generally means people don't sling "wench" as an insult anymore. If they like breathing.

>> No.14355880


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Ah, this picture takes me back.

In one of my last few campaigns, we had a girl in our group who had something in mind along the lines of 'mundane, but badass'.

She made a fighter-classed human woman who only used cloth armor, and carried a frying pan as her only weapon. For five whole levels, that frying pan served the whole party well; the DM treated it like a mace. Then, after our ANGRY WENCH crushed a mind flayer's skull with it, the unthinkable happened.

It broke.

For a whole level, she used nothing but her fists to pummel enemies into submission. This is also the point where she started wearing real armor. For added the hilarity, the DM continued to treat her attacks as if she were wielding a mace. Then, one day, we strolled into a small town, which would have been nothing more than an ink blot on a map, were it not for one thing: it was the hometown of a great smithing guild. Lo and behold, one of the members remembered us!

As it turned out, he was one of the dwarves we had saved from a roaming band of ghouls a few months back. To thank us, he offered to construct one item of superior magic quality for absolutely no cost. After debating for a while, our rogue came up with an idea most astounding... and we went with it.

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"We want a frying pan... and not just any frying pan... one that will swat our enemies into oblivion, and rain merciless poundings down upon their ruined corpses!"

He gave us a look that could only be described as 'Are you people insane?', but without question, he went right to work. A few days later, our angry wench had a +3 Frying Pan of the Inferno; an implement constructed of pure platinum, and reinforced in a fire powered by the remains of a dozen Fire Elementals.

For another ten levels, that was the only weapon she used for anything she could reach by walking. Then, the inevitable happened; she was killed in a battle with a horde of Balors. She took four of them down with her, though.

We buried her in her hometown, beneath the largest tree in the area. With here, we buried her pan. Her tombstone read 'Here lies Selia; Archwench Adventurer extrodinaire'.

The campaign ended shortly thereafter.

>> No.14356513


Hah! There are two LARP-safe objects in the kitchen at our game to hit people with.

One of them happens to be a frying pan. I'm so tempted to get the thing silvered and watch the cook crush some undead into a pile of bone dust with it.

>> No.14356695

I believe this may be relevant.

>> No.14356777


Post your glorious rape-pan when you get it silvered!

>> No.14361153

Wenches are all mary sues.

>> No.14361205

Right, I'm out.

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It's OK, we understand you can't handle real women.

>> No.14361288

Christ, is that Sarah Fionda? One of LARPs many filthy bitches? That's an old photo.

>> No.14361301

I've had sex with like 85% of the hot women who LARP.

Larps are awesome, they're basically sexfests for geeks.

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We'll just keep our fighting wenches, you stick to the fantasy they're nothing but hambeasts and the victims of thorough beatings with an ugly stick

>> No.14361313

Oh god, I saw the barstool as a tail and her nose as a snout in the thumbnail and thought you posted a half-dragon barmaid

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I prefer my fantasy without cheap wenches and with real women instead.

Problem, misogynist?

>> No.14361364

Define "real women", please.

>>gripin give
Captcha wants to know if you grip'n'give real women.

>> No.14361366
File: 416 KB, 624x352, 1293809870281.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Real Women

Real women are fantasy. Real Life women are all whores.

>> No.14361368


Thats not fantasy then is it fuck stick?

>> No.14361369

Are those pictures supposed to DISPROVE the whole "ugly" thing?

>> No.14361374


You're welcome, asshole.

>> No.14361379
File: 67 KB, 801x600, elfmilking.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


You don't wanna know. Oh wait, this is /tg/. You do.

>> No.14361385

Realistic women.
Hello misogynist.
Of course it is, what the fuck is wrong with you? Does every little thing in fantasy settings have to be unrealistic to be fantasy? Of course they don't, pretty much all fantasy settings have humans, for one.

Why are you so fucking stupid?

>> No.14361389

It's a bit mroe /D/ then that, man. Futa elves.

>> No.14361391
File: 136 KB, 1000x666, orcsseetrolls.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.14361392
File: 181 KB, 300x300, Kyouko.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

ITT: Trolls trolling trolls.

It's because of you people we can't have threads about anything but 40K.

>> No.14361400


What a fuckawesome costume. I mean, okay, she does have two swords, which will always be a bit stupid, but still.

>> No.14361406
File: 47 KB, 550x436, typical white knight.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Are you saying that cheap whores don't exist?

>> No.14361419

The problem with the "Wenches" mentality is not women having sex for money. That's normal and that makes sense.

The problem is retards imagining beautiful and busty women just waiting for adventurers to come by the tavern they frequent. Because those retards are pathetic shitfucks in real life and couldn't get a woman to save their lives, so they just have to imagine their imaginary alter-egos have women throwing themselves at their feet.

>> No.14361424
File: 2.61 MB, 2448x3264, DSC00365.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.14361427

Actually, most hot waitresses at restauraunts do it for the attention and the idea of meeting some hot doctor or sugar daddy.

>> No.14361432
File: 388 KB, 766x1000, kyubeytooorl.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


There ARE beautiful and/or busty women out there, though. The problem with the mentality is when it goes from 'well I want to imagine myself as a ladies' man' to 'I'm a ladies' man in the game so I'm obviously one in real life'.

Escapism is only a crime when you forget to come back to reality.

>> No.14361445
File: 32 KB, 645x511, 1293313980577.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.14361450

What? What the fuck is wrong with you? Why are you fucking stupid?

You really do believe what you just said, don't you? Holy shitfuck.

>> No.14361455

He's right. They certainly don't do it for the money.

>> No.14361456


It's always nice to have a spare. Dunno how many times I've had someone run up to me in a fight having lost a weapon, had it broken, or otherwise disarmed.

>> No.14361459


The mistake the man you are quoting has made is generalizing. There are people, regardless of gender, who would love money for just giving affection.

>> No.14361473

No, they'd much rather just sit on their ass and do nothing because there's theoretically better jobs out there.

Of course people work in restaurants for the money. Holy fucking shit.

>> No.14361484

No, they don't. Chicks work in restaurants for the attention.

Go to an Earl's or a Joey's sometime.

>> No.14361487

This intrigues me. Got any more ?

>> No.14361497


daggers. If you want to fight first you need at least two daggers, then you get an actual weapon. you wouldn't believe that how many times you can stab others even in melee with a dagger.
One time I used a spear and a guy had a brilliant idea "hey why not rush at him and grab he spear so he cant use it?"
So he did that, grabbed my spear and for a split second there was that "Now what motherfucker?" face on him grinning.
And then I quickly grabbed one of my daggers and stabbed him. so If you want to get close to someone don't just stand around like how clever you was do something or someone will stab you.

>> No.14361502

I can hardly believe people are this fucking stupid. Holy shit. What the fuck is wrong with you people?

>> No.14361513

We're not blinded by white knightism and realize that most women are just attention whores.

>> No.14361515
File: 112 KB, 700x372, wenchtowarrior.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Mind you, I think n00bs at LARPs often THINK that way when they start. Some women certain dress for attention more than function, but the ones that don't figure out attention doesn't equal = she wants me that turn into the misogynistic bitter freak-men.

Some dress that way because they like playing dress-up. Others use it as a distraction for the weak-minded. Some even do it because they have to, on account of their character's position requires they present themselves looking good, made up, or else. Even if they prefer a decent set of armor, a sword, and hacking up orcs...

>> No.14361518

Getting quite angry about something very simple, aren't we?

>> No.14361524

So, for attention, for attention, for attention.

>> No.14361526


You're getting mad at people who are trying intentionally to make you mad.

>> No.14361540

It was weirdest when a woman held the door for me today after I held it for her...

Men don't even do that.

What the fuck.

I...I'm not a woman yet. They're not supposed to get hatches for me.

>> No.14361548

Oh boy.

>> No.14361550

>most women are just attention whores.
Why the fuck do people believe this. So they can justify objectifying women? That's a fucking stupid generalization. Most women aren't much different from most men.

Sure most women want to have sex, like most men. But that isn't the same thing. They don't want to be treated like a piece of meat, neither do you.

Fuck I can't believe how fucking retarded you guys are.
I mad, yes. But at least I'm not a misogynist piece of crap.

>> No.14361553
File: 538 KB, 600x800, mamichan.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

ITT: A bunch of sad people troll a sad person and all of them make generalizations.

>> No.14361562

>Sure most women want to have sex, like most men.

This is incorrect and can be scientifically proven.

>> No.14361565


/tg/ - Trans Gender

>> No.14361566

People hold the door for people sometimes. It has nothing to do with sexes.

>> No.14361573

Yes, they do. Women absolutely love attention. Every woman I have ever known loves attention, and I grew up in a family of women with female friends. Your white knighting will not change that fact.

>> No.14361576



And now you're being an attention whore. We don't care. We really, really don't. Stop bringing up your personal shit.

>> No.14361581

So show me the science of shut the fuck up.

>> No.14361583
File: 448 KB, 1200x1108, Kyubeyseverywhere.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


You are incorrect and have been scientically proven as a dumbass.

>> No.14361585

Many people when having the door held for them will touch the door if able, indicating a lack of trust

>> No.14361588

The "oh boy" is because his mentioning it mean he's just doing it for the fucking attention.

>> No.14361590

>most women are just attention whores.


so it would make sense for women to be attention whores

>> No.14361591
File: 167 KB, 639x640, tothedeath.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Warrior I used to play, I packed two. One for off-hand fighting when I felt like it, and a little one for when I needed to quietly shiv someone in the dark and didn't want anyone to notice I had something to kill them close to hand. Which was occasionally fun- I had one guy destroy the sword I was using, give me that "What now?" look, and then I pulled the shanker out from behind my shield and just stabbed him till he keeled over. Apparently couldn't believe I was going after Mr. Big Polearm with a knife. Oopsie!

I was the lending library (armory?) of weaponry, always had more handy than I could reasonably carry.

>> No.14361592
File: 39 KB, 434x650, orc.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hay guiz, does this count?

>> No.14361594

>Women love attention.
So does men. Your generalization doesn't mean shit.

>> No.14361602
File: 428 KB, 737x796, kyubey I thinkmaybe.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Why would you do that?

The other person's going not going to slam it on you, you know~


I brought it up in passing. I don't see where it became the focus of conversation until you came back to it...

>> No.14361605

So you agree that women love attention and do things for attention.
Where's the argument, here?

>> No.14361609

When a women says she likes sex as much as a man does, offer to go fuck her like right then and there. If she says no, then she has no understanding of male sexuality.

>> No.14361615

Nobody cares.
There was no reason for you to bring it up at all.
Fuck off.

>> No.14361616


It just does. People hang on to those things. And see the two posts in my previous post that I linked to.

>> No.14361627


Nice science. Except scientists actually do a scientific process and they don't expect anyone walking on the street to just want to fuck.

>> No.14361637

82 out of 122 unwitting participants in a study touched the door when it was held for them, just a fun study I did in the beginning of my master's

Most of the people who didn't touch it had their arms full and couldn't, and also hurried through the door, where people who could touch it went at a more leisurely pace

>> No.14361638


I apologize for mentioning it. But there's NO reason to get up my ass for it. I'm not harping on it, am I?

No one looking at just the quoted post in this post would have any idea what we were talking about

>> No.14361643

Wow, so your sexist against males too?

Gotta love dem predefined gender roles.

>> No.14361646

The claim "Women love attention" implies, and is only really interesting if, they do so more than men. But they don't. hence it's effectively erroneous. Say "people love attention" or be wrong.

>> No.14361649

Every man on the street wants to fuck.

When you first meet a women, your mind (as a male) decides immediately what she looks like naked and how much you want to bang her.

>> No.14361651

that attention whoring is not a trait specific to females. It effects both sexes. therefore saying the women only do things for attention is rather silly, and the implying implications are wrong.

every one is a useless whore, hate them all.

>> No.14361671
File: 15 KB, 396x383, butt.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>everyone is a useless whore

I don't disagree with your egalitarian intent but your generalizations, like all feminists, racists, masculinists, and others who claim to be acting for 'equal rights' PISS ME OFF.

>> No.14361677

Women DO like attention more than men.
It's part of their genetic makeup. It basically boils down to "if more men pay attention, there are more possible mates" on a subconscious level.

>> No.14361678

Interesting, although it could say something more of the area than of humans in general.

I hold the door for people all the time if they're near and that seldom happens here. So the study may have just been in a place with general mistrust of others ingrained into the general populace

>> No.14361683

You wouldn't fuck just any woman who comes up and asks either, so that doesn't prove shit.

And you fail to take into account the gender roles society shoves down our throats. Women constantly have to live with an imagined expectation of being nice and proper. Men don't have that (but we have lots of other shit).

Basically, even if they would actually want to have sex with you right then and there, most would still decline because they're expected to be nice and proper.

>> No.14361686


You must remember that gender roles didn't just magically appear out of thin air. It is cultural, yes, but unless there were differences between men and women we wouldn't have developed them in the first place. Gender roles are a reflection of gender truths. Men really do perceive sex differently than women.

>> No.14361687
File: 90 KB, 426x640, bluefairy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


It's OK, man. I understand you want to feel better about hating the world by encouraging others to share that view. Not into it though.

Tough to be a HATE EVERYONE, HATE EVERYTHING when you LARP. They're social games by nature. And the scenery is occasionally quite nice.

Outta here, going to event this weekend and gotta get packed.

>> No.14361698

Oh look,

A feminist on 4chan.


>>Implying feminists care about equal rights instead of just changing the parts of the status quo that affect women negatively while guarding the ones that benefit women.

>> No.14361704


Just because you think that way doesn't mean everyone does. I'm a male and I happen to treat others as human beings.

>> No.14361711

>You wouldn't fuck just any woman who comes up and asks either, so that doesn't prove shit

Bullshit, if a moderately good looking chick approached me and offered casual sex, my mind would immediately wonder if it was a trick, but my dick would already be going from six to midnight.

>> No.14361714
File: 155 KB, 707x1000, flatwat.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Did you even read my post.

>> No.14361718

Pitiful nerd who never gets any spotted.

>> No.14361719

If I could fucking make you choke on dragon dildos, I honestly would do it. All of you faggots who always derail threads with this shit. And you claim to be better than /v/, what a joke.

>> No.14361721

Everyone on Earth wants to fuck constantly, including you. Women just are pickier for genetic reasons.
Just because you don't think about it consciously, doesn't mean you don't at all.

>> No.14361723

67.98% percent of people are useless , whores.
particularly people who have the balls , to do the thing i wish i could do ....

>> No.14361726

And yet in most social situations, females get the least amount of attention. Clinical studies show that when groups of mixed sexes sit and talk and they think men and women are talking as much as each other, it's actually 65% of the time men talking and 35% of the time women talking. And that is what both sexes intuitively feel is normal and fair.

And men get butthurt when it's ACTUALLY 50/50.

>> No.14361727

That's the biggest pile of hogwash I've ever read.

Every guy has sexual thoughts about the women he meets. EVERY ONE. Some get put into the no pile, others in the yes pile, others in the FUCK NOW pile.

>> No.14361728

No i didn't. Not completely anyway.

Boy do i feel stupid now...


>> No.14361737


YOu see, because I have not heard one Feminist asking to have equal physical standards in the military or to be included in the SSS.

>> No.14361741

Yeah, men are naturally more dominant. Women use ways other than talking to attract attention. They always have.

>> No.14361749
File: 827 KB, 600x2139, Themenareretreatingsir.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Generalization. Women are better at talking and I don't like to rant. Let them talk while I go do something or think about how to make fewer words count.

>> No.14361753

The point wasn't 'I never want to have sex,' the point was 'The first thing I think when I look at a women is now "Boobs"

And also, asexuals and children don't often think about sex.

>> No.14361762

>Yeah, men are naturally more dominant
Stop using that word, it doesn't mean fucking anything
>Yeah, men are socially more dominant

>> No.14361771

If you are a dude, the first thing you think when you meet a chick IS "Boobs" or "What would my dick feel like in her?"

To deny that just makes you a liar to us, to your gender, and to yourself.

>> No.14361781


You must understand the context, here. In this case, "naturally" means "genetically" and "instinctually". Social situations and upbringing have little to do with it.

>> No.14361785

Most people actually see/think about face/hair first of all.

>> No.14361786
File: 339 KB, 800x533, 32.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What did you notice when you looked at this photo?

>> No.14361789

I actually noticed that I don't, and I usually picture the weirdest things in my mind all the time.

>> No.14361798

No. That's blatant bullshit. There is no genetical evidence to support this. Humans might as well have turned out the female-dominated. It's ONLY social.

>> No.14361804

Liar. The soldier is not facepalming, nor is he a soldier.

>> No.14361805

That her arms looks weird.

>> No.14361806


Those buildings in the back.

>> No.14361808

Well, yeah, but not personality.
I like legs, so I get little gratification.

>> No.14361809


>> No.14361812

The marble due the fact they're the most 'closest' object to the lens, then the shoes because of the striking white colour compared to said marble.

>> No.14361820


The Russian flag-ribbon on the woman in the black dress.

>> No.14361822

No, we wouldn't.
Men are instinctively dominant because men are naturally stronger.

>> No.14361823

The sash. It contrast with the woman's dress and the composition (Stark red contrasting off of the pale blue background) of the photo draws attention to it.

>> No.14361834

You obviously have no fucking idea what you're talking about.

>> No.14361840
File: 146 KB, 450x648, allison_stokke.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Test #2

Examining this photo, are your thoughts directed towards the girl's personality, the event she's attending, or how good those creamy legs would feel wrapped around you?

What thought came (hur hur hur) first?

>> No.14361844

Unless you meet someone online or are blind, it's impossible to have personality as a first impression. Faces are reasonably nonsexual however

>> No.14361848
File: 344 KB, 800x533, come at me bro.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.14361853


This is a picture that offers nothing but the woman in it, so naturally our attention is focused on her. We can't talk to her, so we can't actually even start to think what kind of a person she is, and we are thus left only with the physical. So a big fuck you.

>> No.14361855

>men are naturally stronger.
Also fucking bullshit. We are genetically stronger NOW. We weren't before we formed societies, that is the root of the male-centered society.

>> No.14361859
File: 249 KB, 648x972, 1273719469287.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Faces are reasonably nonsexual however

>> No.14361867
File: 125 KB, 751x1064, Wrench Wench.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Wrench Wench anyone?

>> No.14361868

The event, here. At a glance I thought she was a tennis player, then I looked again and noticed those are poles. So I have no idea what she's doing because of my pathetically limited sports knowledge.

>> No.14361879

Bullshit, you did a once over on her body before you even thought about talking to her or any other bullshit you claim you would do.

>> No.14361882

Oh god. It's like here eyelashes are spiders

>> No.14361887


>> No.14361891


Nope. Notice her arms and that's about it. Arms and face. Still nothing.

>> No.14361896

>>Attempt an impromptu 'test'
>>Denies any result he doesn't like

>> No.14361897

men were genetically stronger during prehistory too.
actually "NOW" the gap is less.

(protip: im not saying "hurrrrr womens is weak men iz schwarzenegger hurr")

>> No.14361901

So you looked at her arms (those sexy arms) and then her face (noble, stoic, like a greek godess)

Yeah. You evaluated her as a sexual mate before your brain kicked in and took over from your balls.

>> No.14361903

This. Men developed to be genetically a little stronger than women as a result of very, very old social factors. All evidence we have suggests that all pre-humans had the same strength and bodily ability across sexes. All apes do as well.

It's all social.

>> No.14361909


No. That's what you see when you look on those features. Your and mine perspective is entirely different. For instance, her arms are unappealing to me and her face is rather ordinary.

>> No.14361918

>All Apes

Yeah, when I see a female Gorilla that could challenge a silverback I'll get back to you.

>> No.14361922

First thing I noticed about the actual person was the red stripe on her shirt.

It's on the side of her ribs, try and find anything sexual about that.

>> No.14361923

So you evaluated her as a potential sexual mate and decided no...

How is this not proving my point?

>> No.14361925

Except that's wrong. Male apes are ALSO naturally bigger and stronger than females.
It's like you're a goddamn child.

>> No.14361929


There's no point in trying to prove what I wanted to say without you twisting it to suit your own view at the world.

>> No.14361930



>> No.14361939

>First thing I noticed about the actual person was the red stripe on her shirt. It's on the side of her ribs, try and find anything sexual about that.

Red is the colour of a flushed vagina, hence it attracts the male eye more then the female one. It's why lipstick aims to make lips a deeper fuller red, and why most men are attracted to that 'blood/candy red' shade.

>> No.14361952




>> No.14361959
File: 38 KB, 400x600, Kamaya-Sports-Fashion-Male-Model-Atlanta-Georgia.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Okay, now I'm going to test you.

What's the first thing you notice about this picture?

>> No.14361961


technical she not that attractive , more hips necessary....

she also look like a complete bitch, and female who's taned like has to be a bitch.

>> No.14361966

Except it's true for Chimpanzees and Orangutans.

>> No.14361967

truck grill , hat , bicep

>> No.14361972

I see a male! Am I a fag now?

>> No.14361983
File: 135 KB, 719x540, grace-holley-100-b.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I love Red.

>> No.14361994

No, it isn't.
Are you actually retarded?

>> No.14361995

So it varies across species.


>> No.14362003
File: 10 KB, 192x199, yall.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Great. We were all having fun and then someone had to go be a massive faggot and ruin the thread.

I am disappoint, /tg/

>> No.14362013

first i noticed that her eye are amber ...

then i saw that she dyes her hair...

>> No.14362023

The truck grill shows that you find a large car appealing; a symbol of wealth and a desirable mate in our modern society. The hat represents a sense of fashion and cleanliness, and the fact that you noticed the guy last shows that you desire status over physical nature and are thus a goldigging harlot.

See? I can put words into people's mouthes too.

>> No.14362042

Eyes, nose, then collarbone. Seems I just examined from top to bottom.

>> No.14362043
File: 88 KB, 480x640, 1255535405146.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Who are the wenches of a modern setting?

Also, anyone who claims to be a man and like a hot woman 'as a friend' is lying.

>> No.14362045

rargarg pseudo science powers go if i can't put them in theri place with holy books i'll use science

>> No.14362046

nice it makes scene with out context

>> No.14362050

ur dum

>> No.14362067

>>Whenever science disagrees with me i'll just call it pseudo-science instead!



That's nice.

>> No.14362078


all of you should day

>> No.14362083

Ur all retards posting in a retard thread.

>> No.14362094

But this only works if the guy looking at the picture is gay.

>> No.14362105

What is your science?

More importantly what is your point? That men are attracted to women sexually? big news!
That most men see women as sex meat first and personality second? i had never heard of that!

also the conclusions abput hat etc is pseudoscience.

>> No.14362108

Yes. Society has made me invincible. It has simultaneously created a faulty logic using various tools and given me an opportunity to use these same tools for my own view.

With philosophy, science, and religion I am merely two steps away from ruling all.

>> No.14362119

Some tard was arguing that women understand and have the same view of sex as men. That's how this started.

No women will ever have the equivalent of the male sex drive. Ever.

>> No.14362138

Mostly in part due to how we treat sex differently and promote it. We don't use men's bodies to advertise the same as we do women. We don't shame boys nearly as much for having sex outside marriage. Hell half the reason women are so complicated about relationships is because they end up feeling guilty for having them under so many circumstances.

>> No.14362151



unless they are 100% bitches 'n whores, yknahmean?

>> No.14362159
File: 1.48 MB, 1965x2414, 1280661031493.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The only people who don't like wenches are fat/ugly chicks, that's probably the same people who derailed this thread with "hurr misgynoism, gender roles, sexuality durr."

>> No.14362167

No. It has nothing to do with that. Women are wired differently from birth.

Even if society told women to fuck like rabbits, they still wouldn't have the same genetic need to hump anything that moved, unlike men.

>> No.14362175

/tg/, shit like this is why you're all virgins

Just post and admire pictures of tits like normal humans

>> No.14362185

The people you are arguing with don't like to acknowledge hormones effects upon thoughts.

>> No.14362187

Uh actually i don't like wenches because they're not the same thing as whores. If i'm handing money to some scantily clad tramp in exchange for services then sex had better be involved.

If i want to look at eye candy i can just use the interweb.

>> No.14362193


In some dozen millenia it would change.
remember that thread with the country where NOT being pregnant was a crime?

>> No.14362197

Uhh dude, nobody on here would shame a woman for being promiscuous unless they were trolling.

>> No.14362208

The one that was a joke?

>> No.14362213

>implying I didn't fuck your mom last night.

>> No.14362220
File: 47 KB, 509x572, Upset.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.14362246

i dont think it was a joke
it was that fantasy thread were you were in a country that was the embodiment of shit, and the only thing good was the women. then suddenly rich country with laws against not being pregnant invades to steal the womenz.

>> No.14362256

Yeah, it wasn't a serious thread.

>> No.14362266

Ugh! This... bluh... nice ass, but that face... Jesus! It's horrible.

Polite sage for not really adding anything to the thread.

>> No.14362284

It's more the nose than anything else.

>> No.14362292
File: 18 KB, 607x408, gelatinous cuberess.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.14362661

It's the eyes. Tooooo droopy, and this is from a guy who likes droopy eyes

>> No.14362842


It accurately criticizes what the person posting the pictures was attempting to 'prove;' that any man will see women and immediately think "Would I do her?"

When he got a result he didn't like, he claimed it was sexual in some way or just outright ignored the people's claims and said they were lying.

Same idea. It only works because they're not gay, and thus will probably not see the man in a sexual way. That way it can make that point.

>> No.14362885

Because people posting on the internet attempting to prove him wrong are going to admit they failed his test...

Nice try dumbass.

Men are genetically coded to immediately categorize women as sexual prospects based upon appearance. It's the first thing every man with testicles thinks when he meets a new woman.

>> No.14362902

>all men look at women as sex objects

At least give us the credit for being able to suppress it to a subconscious process

>> No.14362954

I never said men didn't do it subconsciously, but all men do it.

>> No.14362973

Seems like your projecting your inability to see women as anything other than a sex object on others.

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