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Ok /tg/ I'm collecting an Imperial Guard army and I need to know the benefits.

Now before army lists go all Veterans/melta-guns/Chimeras on me I would like to know about the "other" unused units.

You obviously don't need to say all at once, just pick a choice and tell me what works

For example... Servitors... how can these be good?

Also are Penal Legion too luck based?

Etc. Anything will do

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>I need to know the benefits

You'll never have to deal with girls.
You will never be burdened with spending money.

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How about that. I just made a post almost identical to this.

I lol'd.

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>Also are Penal Legion too luck based?
No, they just aren't very good for their points cost compared to normal infantry squads and veterans. Whichever result you roll, their battlefield role stays pretty much the same: pushing forwards and fucking things up close and personal. It's just that there are a very limited number of armies they can actually do that to successfully.

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There are very few units in the Imperial Guard codex that are completely unusable. Techpriests and Servitors are one of the few that are really pretty useless. But still, don't feel like you have to only play chimelta mech spam if you don't want to, most gaming environments don't require that sort of ultra-competitive list. Bringing an army like that to most gaming groups is only going to get you labeled as That Guy - 40k is a pretty casual game outside of tournaments.

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The first thing you need to decide is whether you are going infantry or mech. Then once you have chosen you have to make sure you have enough units that can handle any situation. You want to be able to still kill enemy tanks even if one of your anti tank units gets taken out. So you need redundancy.

Keep your army as cheap, pointwise as possible. Dont spend a lot of points on upgrades that while seem cool, are little more that useless. Remember bodies win wars. We are the imperial guard so dont give them equipment they dont need when they will just die in the process.

Autocannons are good, lascannons are good, missile lauchers are not great but still useful. Mortars are only useful in large numbers.

Never give plasma to basic infantry or to your platoon command squads. Only give it to your veterans and command squad.

The leman russ and the demolisher are the two best tanks that you can take. Remember to keep the weapons matching. So if you take a heavy bolter sponson dont give the tank a lascannon as well give it another heavy bolter.

Dont stick your weapon teams in units by themselves. Stick them in infantry squads where they will live for longer and be of more use.

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