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Lets have an armour and historical/fantasy soldier thread.

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fuck you OP. Now, I will have to post pics...

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Does anyone know the typical weight of a mail Hauberk? Trying to figure out a reasonable weight for the campaign and the book seems to like overstating how much things weigh.

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Thank you

And you

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depends on a few factor but somewhere around 20-30 kg. Yep it's sometimes as heavy as a fullplate

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also fuck the flood

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And less form fitting.

Thank you, seems the book was actually being generous with the weight for once.

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Vinci win at everything forever.

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How heavy would a bronze breastplate be compared to a similar sized iron one?

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depends on... do you want the same protection or just the same thickness? If just the same thickness then look up the difference in mass between 1m3 bronz and steel

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I really like the Barbute for some reason, maybe because it resembles a Corinthian helmet.

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Lets say protection.

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If I may request, do some of you have some pics of historical arabian/persian/indian armor, especially around the XV-XVIth centuries ?

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Even magneto wears one.

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hillarious how real the mount&blade armors are.

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tho that is a mod

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joining in

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doesn´t makes it less realistic ;)

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i would say, you could stab right through a bronzeplate with a steel weapon

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thats the reason its my favorite game

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Then I need to find a cool or ancient sounding fictional name for a metal that looks like bronze but doesn't suck against iron weapons.

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they look like they mean business

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Does anyone know what mod that is?

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since its my character, its foris mod.
its actually a mod pack so i can´t say from which itempack it comes. floris adds about 1500 new items to the game.
its availible at the taleworld forums.

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yep, And most likely the second from the right will kill you

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I like this pic. At last armors that are a little battered and rusty, not so shiny and knighty

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Awesome, thanks!

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just make sure when you install it that you do this:
when you increase the number of items in the itemkinds file make sure you increase it by one extra number than what the document tells you to. if that makes sense.
if not, just ask on the forums when the mod doesnt work

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apart from the guy who's got plate arms, gauntlets, helmet, even a mail collar... but no breastplate, which is pretty lulwut?

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A lot of people had plated arms, gauntlets and all that with just mail or a jack of plates/brigadine/something else on the chest.

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this file editing is only nessesary if you use the basic mod pack, the extended version doesn´t need this

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yes. This just means in my eyes that those guys are not wealthy enough to have all the shiny things

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its just much more likely that your arms got hit than your chest. so everyone would buy this armour first

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that's not a jack of plates, just a fabric jack, not even a particularly thick one by the look of it (the way it folds and hangs).
It's the exact opposite of the sensible pattern of protect the head and chest first because you die a lot easier getting hit there.

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He could well have plate under the cloth. Possibly a jack of plates.

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Or maybe his chest plate was damaged and he don't have another but the enemy is here...

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>so everyone would buy this armour first

All evidence both in pictures and surviving inventories points to the opposite, chest and head first since that's the hits that'll certainly kill if not protected, then arms, then legs (legs being less common for infantry than cavalry or infantry that travels on horse but dismounts). Basically everyone around him looks ok but the focal guy looks like a lolenactor.

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how about some platmail bikini?

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breastplate design that didn't last long, about maybe 10 years around 1430s if I remember right. love the helmet.

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i want to punch her face for holding that shild in that horrible way

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then maybe you will like the chainmail bikini

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With it, you must deal.

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that's pretty awesome.

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and what would you do with this guy?

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"La Guarde de Falcon. The guard of the hawk."

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that hawk fly in a retarded way

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yeah thats a kinda stupid design

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He's focusing his Chi.

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"La Guarde de Bullshit. The guard of the shitting Bull."

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not that stupid, just not as good as deflecting to the sides rather than up/down

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but it makes a flat surface on your armour. stabbing trough that wont be much difficult

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Never thought there'd be schools of martial arts promoting losing both hands in a single sweep.

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maybe he is focusing his chi too

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even if the guy just has a heavy stick, you've now broken both your wrists/hands.

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I can't quite tell, but is that breastplate made of wood?

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roman glatiators often only had armored arms

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What would be a good helmet for a fantasy infantry army? Something better than the cheap Norman style helmet the town watch are getting but relatively cheap and easy for mass production.

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you won't get any easier than this

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barbute comes first into my mind, but it depends of the general style of that given fantasy army

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metal plates riveted to a leather outer

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Can't go wrong with Kettle Helms, we've been using them since medieval times and they were brought back for WW1/WW2.

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That's what I was thinking.

I was kind of reserving those for the guys who guard the palace and citadel since I like how they look.

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Totally incongruous.

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one of theese with a secret helmet inside. +4 to search DC, eh?

saw one at the history faire...was THIS close to buying it

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try any of these:
(combed) morion

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schaller is the german name for sallets, and since its a german design it should give some good results

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come get some

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Come at me Bro

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Have fun getting beaten with blunt weapons

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Everywhere else that would be normal. But on DnD it isn't

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DnD. Not even once

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I'm sorry /tg/.

Please forgive me.

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For some reason i'm imagining a medieval gang war.

Low riding coaches with minstrels on the roof shouting the Canterbury Tales, crossbows shooting through black drapes, and horses with gold horseshoes.

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Fuck yes Landeszeughaus! The tour guide told me that some of the firearms they have are still in working order.

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Moar like

>Most, after you clean them and/or put the final touch on them.

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Well yeah, there is that. And I believe a lot of the guns are still loaded (it's been a few years)

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hey! more from eterna!

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Bump? I love these pictures.

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Posta di Falcone was a real position in Philippo di Vadi Pisano's longsword system, dating from 1482-7.
>Son posta di falcone suprana e altera per far defensa a ciacuna maniera.
> I am the falcon's stance, with the blade held upright to achieve defense in every way.

Also, thread filled with win.

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bump indeed

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You call that a bow? This is a bow!

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What game is this?

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shit if I know

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It's a pre-release screenshot from the Witcher 2. The armor designs are looking pretty awesome so far.

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Gather around, for I have a story to tell about a brave anon, who fought in medieval re-enactment for three days in his cloth armour. Nobody could foresee the dire consequences that donning it would have three sweaty days later.

The convention ended after battle re-enactment on day three. Poor anon was horrifyingly tired. He scarcely slept for past few days. The weather was searing hot and several participants declined going out into the field in plate armour at all. One brave soldier had to be dragged away from the battlefield wounded not by Prussian knights, but by unbearable sun. Said cloth-armoured anon nearly collapsed on the ground from dehydration and heat after the battle ended. My friend saw him undoing lacing of his chest armour and trying to take it off, over his head. Even before that, the stench coming from under the vest was repulsing. Now, with laces undone some of the rotten air from under his armpits must have surfaced, and it could be reportedly smelt in 5 meters radius.

Anon took a deep breath, and the head disappeared under the collar. He had to free his hands from the sleeves and slip off the armour. To his horror, one of his arms appeared stuck. Anon could not bail, since his arms were effectively tied above his head, and he could not slip out all the way.

My friend saw anon starting to shake and wriggle. He thought that was just to try and loosen the vest, but with passing seconds shaking evolved into spasms, as if anon could not breathe... or did not WANT to breathe.

My friend rushed to help, but it was too late. He heard an loud WHIIIIIFFFF coming from somewhere inside the 3 day-old cloth vest. Then anon stopped moving.

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Goddam love Warren Ellis.

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for those who in great need:

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I can totally believe that anon passed out from taking a deep breath of concentrated sweat-air.
"Sweat has corrosive components, including sodium, chloride, potassium, urea, amino acids and acidic lipids."

Goddamn. Must have felt like having your lungs eaten out.

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mfw when I get overheated fightan around in normal clothing.

this country is too warm for me...

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not quite armour but cozy

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I've noticed that the weight figures are off mostly for weapons. Weight figures for armor almsot always accurate.

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cus nothing says cozy like wrestling scotsmen?

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did I mention that after the history faire I am now engaged to a falchion?

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Sir, I don't wish to intrude into your business, but I do believe that you will find that you have become engaged to a messer rather than a mere falchion. The 'nagel' or nail that extrudes from the side of the cross marks out your fiance as quite the useful tool and weapon.

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also the grip is look like a messer grip

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oh its not the weapon on the pic
but yeah youre right. technically she's a messer. I'm just very used to saying falchion

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Fair enough. I've just been thinking a bit too much about mess'rs and dussacks than is healthy of late.

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implying you can overthink messers and such

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messers are one of the biggest IRL trolling in history, and also one of the best one.

"What weapon my lord? This is just a knife. Yup. Just a knife, for a honest peasant like me"

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I only got five hours sleep last night, yet somehow had a dream about getting into a bar fight with Talhoffer.

It was awesome, even if he chopped my head in half.

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anon... I... I... Can I touch you?

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hey! that dude got the FISTHAMMER with a nail.
too bad I dont have the jpg around

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aaaand, there goes the image limit

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pics full )8

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OK, finding oneself on /tg/ is fucking creepy. Still, nice to know the rig isn't so totally shit (apologies for the helm, though) as to piss you folks off.

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max image replies, and I was JUST about to post it!

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new thread anyone?
Im hitting the sack now so...

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I would be more concerned about the fuckhuge pauldrons

so... who will start a new thread?

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Started one: >>14321076

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at least two images in this thread feature ringmail amongst historically accurate gear OnO <-my attempt at a mfw after image limit
These are really cool, thank you for posting them:
What sort of helmet is the third man from the left wearing?

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It's a little different bascinet, but still a bascinet like the other three

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