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Hello /tg/, I would like to ask for assistance on a chaos daemons army for 40k. I understand that with the deep striking rules I get absolutely no benefits, and that playing Chaos Daemons is basically going to be pretty chance driven compared to other armies. However, I wished to play something different from what we've got in the friendly 40k group now, and I chose these delightful daemons.

Current units I've got that can be used for daemons are a great unclean one, a blight drone, a daemon prince, bloodletters and bloodcrushers. I'd get some plaguebearers since I really like Nurgle, but those fellas are pretty expensive for the amount I can get.

The reason I'm posting this is that I'd like some advice. I'd like to know of any helpful information you all have concerning 40k daemons. Tips, generally accepted unit types, and so on, if that is okay.

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Bumping with some daemons.

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Well....at least you already understand what you're getting into (I.E. you can lose every game based solely on slightly below average luck).

I'm not some grand tournament player so take from this what you will but this is what I've found to work.

Khorne units: Good at what they do and average surviveability...if you want to go melee after the first drop in take khorne units (a healthy mix of jugs and letters...ease up on the dogs and heralds)
Nurgle: GUO is great, so are small units of bearers for objectives....nurglings ain't worth it compared to bearers. Epidemius list is okay but is super gimmicky and loses against any serious mech armies.
Slaanesh: I would say worse than Khorne in most cases EXCEPT the Fiends....if you are good at judging distances these can be very powerful at killing transports and inf alike while staying safeish from frontline fighting.
Tzeentch: Flamers = WIN...Horrors = Meh....for everything else there's mastercard.

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As a daemon player you have to be redundantly redundant to make up for the bullshit wave system. This means takeing multiples of units to an uncomfortable level (if you keep them average sized) or takeing lots of MSU (which can fuck you in KP).

Icons work for some...suck for others. If you go MSU icons turn that unit into a big *EXTRA POINTS FOR KILLING THIS SQUAD INSTEAD OF THE ONE RIGHT BESIDE IT ENJOY*

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OP do you play for fun with a group of close friends? If so ask them if they'll let you houserule it so that you can at least KNOW which wave is coming in turn one (letting it all come in on turn one would break the army something fierce).

If not all I can say is gl and don't bother vsing the Grey Knights at all...seriously they'll basically auto-wreck your shit.

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I've looked at the flamers a bit, they seem like loads of fun with that breath of chaos, I might have to get a few of those. I'm definitely going to try to possibly convert some plaguebearers too.

Hmm, well okay. I'll have to try that out then! That multiple waves thing has been one of those things I wasn't sure what to do with.

Yup, I figure I could talk to them about that. I'm sure they'll understand, also thankfully nobody has Grey Knights in my group. We've basically got me, who has Daemons and a sizeable Nurgly CSM force, a guy with Alpha Legion and Ultramarines, a Tau player, a guy with Eldar, and a newcomer with Necrons.

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First of all, ask your gaming group if you can cross out the "on a 3+" part of the Wave rule so that you can play the army you want with exactly the units you want without having to take units entirely around this rule to remain vaguely competitive.

If not allowed, take redundant units. If you want one, take at least two. ESPECIALLY with soul grinders. Either keep your waves roughly identical or split your troops into one wave and your monsters in the other, rendering half the enemy's firepower less useful either way.

Grinders have a large footprint so deep striking them is dangerous, but they do have strong ranged anti-tank (yes BS 3 but it's better than BS nothing) in the form of tongue. The blast template is also okay but your whole army can kill heavy infantry so it's kinda unneccissary.)

Blood Crushers are a good anchor unit.

Icons are usually a waste of points. Fateweaver builds need one in each wave though. Blood crushers are another exception since it is good for their wound allocation and once equipped you might as well use it for its intended purpose too.

Convert plastic plaguebearers. You will want units of plaguebearers. 5 going to ground can hold an objective shockingly well and 1,500 point daemon armies can get away with fielding nothing but 15 naked plaguebearers as troops.

Heralds of Tzeentch on chariots, anything in the elites slot except beasts of nurgle, bloodletters, plaguebearers and princes of either nurgle or tzeentch form the core of most armies. Only a few units in the book (beasts of nurgle, heralds of nurgle, khorne princes) are too shitty to take compared to the other options. Everything else is at least mediocre.

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Awesome! Thanks for the advice! Now, for plaguebearers conversions I was thinking of getting a Warhammer zombie horde box to work with. I think they'd work well for this, but if there's another viable batch of units to make for those plaguebearers I'd be more than happy to hear opinions on it.

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Convert those plaguebearers up. They're point for point the best objective holders in the game. The Daemon codex does have some things going for it. If only they didn't have the wave rule forcing redundancy alongside the 4th Edition "simpler is better" approach to chaos the army might not be so painfully homogeneous...

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I dunno about plaguebearers specifically but dryads mixed into the horror and spawn bits make good bases for really outlandish mutated daemons.

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Hey guys, (not OP, btw) I plan on starting 40k, I've already got all of the kit I need to start building my army (save the army itself, of course), and I've seen the Daemons of Chaos codex. Now I've noticed Fateweaver has a hell of a lot of abilities, and I can't really find anything anywhere that limits the amount of those abilities Fateweaver can use since the codex says they're not psychic powers. Does this mean that those, what, 8 special abilities that Fateweaver has can all be used once a turn?? Since he costs more than a Lord of Change, all sources point to yes.

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Oh my, I looked up the Dryads and they do seem pretty neat looking. I also do happen to have some spawn parts lying around, so I will have to give that a shot sometime.

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dryads are good, for converting just about any deamon out of, but I'll tell the one that people forget about that can make great looking plauge bearers, Bloodletters, if you are good with greenstuff they are really easy to convert for this purpose.

though if you were good with resin casting that might be the way to go in this situation.

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ah, the lengths people go to to be lazy.

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Hmm, I'll have to consider that too then! I mean, I'm okay at greenstuff I think, I just need to get down some of the finer details.

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Why... your gaming group has no overpowered factions at all! What state do you live in?

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I'm going to assume you are talking about the resin casting.

please let me be the first to say I have never cast a model, I was merely giving OP an option.

if you are referring to the greenstuffing of bloodletters, that shit is still hard work to make it look good.

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Oklahoma, a land of cows and a whole lot of nothing.

We were actually very close to our Necron player going with Blood Angels, but thankfully the Alpha Legion/smurf player struck a deal with him for painting. He'd have to pay if he was going to paint the Blood Angels, but he'd do Necron paintjobs for free since they're very basic. Ironically, the Necron player wanted a very cheesy/cheap army after an unfortunate incident with his first game of 40k. The Smurf/Alpha player and Tau player basically teamed up against him playing the orks from a black reach set. Template weapons were involved.

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Well sometimes you need to draw the line where you think that the amount of work needed to save money actually becomes harder to work for than it would be to work for the amount of money needed to do a better job of it.

In other words, why spend heavy amounts of time and effort on something to produce a result that is inferior to that which could be bought by an amount of money that would have been easier to attain?

It might be better to just go out and find a little 1-shot thing you could do for someone for some money you could use to buy models with.

Also, this thread is derailing and I don't know how to stop it ;_;

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Psssh, it's alright. I'm just about to go to sleep anyway.

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alright so you are talking about the greenstuff and converting...well consider the following please, a box o bloodletters is $24.75 USD at the time of writing, currently plaugebearers are $33 USD. the bloodletters are better looking models and with a bit of chopping and greenstuff you can get 10 pretty good looking plaugebearers. a plaugebearer box only comes with 5 o the little fuckers, which are metal so I'm not saying it's a bad deal, but in the long run the bloodletters will yield more models for less (even after factoring greenstuff into the equation). If you only need 5 -10 plaugebearers though sure go with the actual models.

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