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Hello my name is Hastur Gwyfinfor and I am commentating life from the Norselands Highplateau of a game between the "Highlander"'s and the "We are not dead yet" this will be a game of spitting guts and eating their opponent. Some experts of the game mentioned beforehand that this time the ball should be left entirely out of the game. And now the player's are arriving on the pitch. There I can see the Zombie "Know no fear" and "Feel no Pain" some very experienced players talking about their tactics. I heard them mentioning that it is best to kick someone in the nuts before eating their brain since the pain is adding to the brains flavor. And on the opposition there is Gwynef Hadruf he once scored a touchdown by running so hard against a Black Orc that his Arms flew with the ball into the Orcs end zone luckily the medic was able to sew the arms back on after the fans paraded through the streets with it. All the players are ready and the ball is already in the air.
And don't forget this is just one of the games the /tg/ Blood Bowl league has to offer.

Join us today and receive a free blood transfusion.


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also blood bowl general

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Oh shiiii-

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You rang, little ones?

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not that hastur

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I just read The King In Yellow. What the fuck? The Repairer of Reputations was amazing, and then... it got lame. It turned into the love triangles of French art students.

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Hastur of puppets are pulling my strings

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Where is the OP pic from?

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the blood bowl comic.

Killer Contract

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