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So, all yesterday and the day before that /tg/ had an epic thread.

I went to the LGS today and out of fucking nowhere, an Epic 40k game in the LGS, when before, there had been none.

So, new Epic 40k general thread.

3000 points of Imperial Guard versus Chaos. By the Emperor's grace it was glorious.

Tanks and baneblades and guardsmen and basilisks everywhere.

Chaos demons, space marines, Predators, more space marines, rhinos, defilers AND A CHAOS REAVER TITAN EVERYWHERE.


Epic 40k general.

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Aaaand now I know what I'll be tinkering with this evening.

I've almost wrapped up everything I *Can* do with the imperial guard right now, so I'm not sure what I'll tackle next. I'd like to do 'nids, but I don't think that they've got ranges for nid stuff in DH yet.

(Epic 40K is on the same 6mm scale as Battletech, so using the 40K miniatures in a Battletech game is full well possible. I took the liberty of trying to convert the 40K system as accurately and impartially as possible into Battletech.)

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So if a multilaser only does 3 damage in BT, how face raping would a Ultra AC 20 be in 40k?

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Mind you, 'mechs are about 2/3rds a height of a titan.
Also because 40K has an Armor piercing rating, and anything less than 14 armour means that the shot is penetrating on 7 damage or less.

...Mind you, I've been generous and have given all vehicles the highest protective rating for armor for the entire vehicle, but the points of armour vary as per armour rating per side.

I think this Chimera gives a good example of what I mean by that. You can see that the rear and sides have roughly the same values, while the front gets more points. However, the whole tank gets the highest BAR rating.

(Some people have pointed out that 40K vehicles are strikingly weak in this system, which is true and I don't deny that. However, 40K revolves mostly around infantry, which are shockingly more powerful than Battletech infantry, in comparison)

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*edit: Warhound titan.

At an average 12 meters, and Warhounds I think being 19 meters... Either way, Mechs can never be more than 17 meters, or less than 7 meters, They always count as 2 levels tall (12 meters).

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>Mek heights
Here's some reference!

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It's a quaint idea, but I don't know if I'm feeling that chart that the artist made.

I've found his art questionable to start, but even when you look at the miniatures, the scale is way off...

Plus, the size of the tanks in proportion to the mechs is way the fuck off.

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So once I wrap up these Armored Sentinels, that's all I can do for IG. I'm not sure if I should get started on Spess Mareens or another faction. Whichever other faction had the most support in Dark Heresy, in terms of guns. If you have any recommendation on which faction to tackle next (I can't do bigger vees like Leman Russes until weapons larger than Autocannons and Lascannons get ranges listed in meters, and thus, a roadblock to finishing all the IG units)

Also, sorry for the Battletech Hijack. You can have your thread back, op.

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It may be shitty and unreliable, but its also from the Tactical Operations Rulebook.

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TRO 3039, actually. The Back.

But this Chris Lewis guy should not be doing TROs. His artwork really leaves me wanting, and TROs should be where the best artwork is found.

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>listed in meters

What, you can't do the simple conversion of 3.4 feet=1 meter yourself?

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If we were talking feet to meters, this wouldn't be a problem.

But if I'm running on 40K 28mm scale, Lasguns have an effective range of roughly 20 meters.

I don't think anyone would appreciate having infantry and tanks that, even with 72" ranges, can only shoot two hexes. Dark Heresy remedies this by giving ranges that are a slightly more realistic scale.

...Just like why I started using stats from Imperial Armor for tonnage and movement speed on vehicles, as otherwise, the fastest 40K units wouldn't be able to move any faster than an urbanmech.

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Ahhhh, I get you. Well, add 50% to the range of a lascannon and call it a battlecannon, perhaps? Range-wise, at any rate.

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I wanted to do that. If I was able to pull a discernible pattern between 40K ranges and DH ranges, I would totally do so. It seems, however, that there's no real discernible pattern. For example, 12" Guns tend to have a medium range of about 30 meters, 24" guns a range of 90, 36" guns of 120, and then 48" guns way the fuck out at 300 meters. I couldn't even begin to ballpark what a 72" cannon would have, much less a 360" artillery piece.

I have to wait until TPTB at GDub put out DH stats for bigger guns, before I have accurate numbers, or at least, can draw some sort of pattern from the numbers.

>MFW Trying to create a formula for 40K-DH range conversions.

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Well..... if nothing else then, while 40k weapons might do small-time damage, they at least do have incredible range. Multilaser at 17 hexes long range, pretty good. So a Lascannon is, what, like an ER PPC? 23 hexes?

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Didn't the initial vehicle rules have leman russes statted? Including battle cannons? You know, that short pdf? I forget what it was called...

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Err... like 20 hexes, as DH says "Short range is half medium range, long range is double medium range"

so 40K weapons in general tend to be able to reach out a good distance, but hitting anything but the slowest targets will be a challenge at those ranges. They're a lot like MRMs in the respect that although they've got a far-reaching long range bracket, you'll want to be much closer to effectively hit a target.

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> Be OP
>start Epic 40k general thread.
>Thread derailed by Battletech bros
>Now discussing conversion of rules for one system into another
> Am I mad?

Nope, not mad at all.

As you were, gents.

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Why thank you. If it's any consolation, I've been wanting to get into Epic mysellf, but haven't any money to spend on it.

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>Discussing two different games systems
>Doubles guy
Well played.

I just wrapped up the IG collection, or at least, what I can do for now. Now it's just a matter of figuring out if I can make it all into a PDF file.

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OP, did you buy Epic then? Or did you have it already and the sight of it stirred your heart and inspired your post?

From our earlier Epic discussion: as I recall Epic 40,000 is 3rd edition which is the one that (a) got major criticism from 40k fans for abstracting the weapons etc to make the game faster, and (b) got called the best GW ruleset for the same reason.

If you did buy Epic 40,000, you should download the Epic Armageddon (4th ed) rules from the GW website and compare the shit out of them.

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Well, whatever you do, I'd like to see it. If I can I'll try adding what units you have to Megamek, though the actual weapons will be Battletech ones, and most will like as not come out as Illegal....

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I guess I'll tell you guys what I do and don't have access to.

What I *do* have access to with just a Codex are:
-Weapon/Attack Strengths
-Armor Strength and points

What I'm missing, though, as Codexes skew or outright don't list them are:
-Vehicle Speed (Imperial Armour)
-Weight (Imperial armour)
-Weapons Ranges (Dark Heresy/40K.RPG)

So if you know where I can find the stats for weapon ranges, especially, for things like Battle Cannons and Earthshaker cannons, I'd be glad to hear it. However, as things stand, it seems like the heaviest gear listed in DH is what's man-portable or pintle operated. Big assed artillery pieces with ranges of over 10' in 40K are nowhere to be found.

At the recommendation of an anon here, I tried looking at the ranges listed in Epic 40K, but they were simply the standard 40K ranges, rescaled for use with different miniatures.

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Sadly I can't get into Epic 40k because I have neither the money or time right now. I'm selling my Warhammer 40k Space Ork army so I can get some funds to move to a new place.

But god damn if I don't want to start up an Ork or Necron Epic 40k force. Just for the billions and billions of fuck that I witnessed today alone.

>Unit of 10 Leman Russes move up between a pair of ruined buildings.
> Opens fire on Unit that comprised of CSM Obliterators, Tactical Squads, A dreadnought, and daemons.
> Daemons dead. Half the force is wiped out.
>Leman Ruses gone.
>This is the first turn of the game.

I heard there was a vassal mod for Epic40k. Could someone hook me up with that? I want in on that shit.


Wrapped it up? Did you go out to play a game today?
You wouldn't happen to be in PA would you?

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Quite simply, I don't think it will work in Megamek at all. I can't even fathom how you'd work half of these special rules in.

It's one of those things that will require play in person. While it would be fun for /tg/ if we could do it through megamek, I doubt support would be there.

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Google Armageddon 40k vassal and it will be yours. It's got pretty much all the armies, but I think the GW site only has playtest rules for some of them. The biggest challenge seems to be finding people playing it, but extensive campaigning on /tg/ might yield results.

[checks Vassal]
Man, the titan models look all kinds of cool. Whoever did this did it good.

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OP here.

Another story from today.

For those of you just joining us, the game I'm talking about is the 3000 point Imperial Guard versus Chaos Space MArine force.

To put that in perspective, that would be about 20,000 to 24,000 points of shit in standard 40k.

The aforementioned game of epic I watched took three to four hours to complete and that was mainly because the two players were still learning how to play the game.

The IG player had just got his army and he wasn't familiar with all their stats yet, while the Chaos Space Marine player was running a new list.

> Me: "What's new?"
> Him: "I never ran a titan before."
> Me: "What the hell -- what were you running before?"
> Him: "Chaos Death Wheel and a wing of Chaos Infernal Bombers."
> Me:"Oh that's--- wait. What the hell is a deathwheel."
> Him: "This."
So he pulls [PICTURE RELATED] out of his carrying case.

>> No.14310425


OP here again, continuing.

> Me: "The f-... How does this thing work."
> Him: "It's an anti-infantry thing, but it can also crush tanks with its...er... Wheel. Killed some banewolfs with it once. Oh, and if someone kills it, it spins out of control and zips off in a random direction, crushing everything it rolls over."

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>In the grim future of the 41st century, there is only yet more stuff ripped off from WHFB
come on, crazy skaven inventions were all we had left. Don't take that from us...

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If it makes you feel better, the Death Wheel is a fan-made unit that has been accepted by the Epic 40k fanbase at large.

http://oubliette.tranquility-base.us/deathwheel/index.htm < How to make one.

>> No.14310537

I guess that's ok, then... You guys don't have lightning cannons that spin randomly, right?

>> No.14310805


Not sure what you mean by spinning randomly but the Orks can field stompas with bit ass zzap guns built into their arms.

>> No.14312634

You might want to check out Into the storm for Rogue trader.
Thats meant to have rules for vehicles so it should give you some more weapon ranges.
Also you done anything about porting Imperial Titans into battletech?

>> No.14315900


Also, I'm confused as to why the ranged from EPIC Armageddon were not just taken, since it's supposedly the same scale as Battletech, you could just convert everything nicely from that.

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