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That Guy Thread? That Guy Thread.

Our That Guy's list of annoyances:

1. Constantly talking over DM
2. Constantly breaking mood DM is trying to set
3. Loses interest when it's not his turn
4. Often texts during the time he's not talking but needs to be listening or even when it's his turn
5. Can't keep track of how his character should act, for instance he willingly approaches vampire spawn and asks if they're ok without a hint of fear but when faced with a dragon-wrought kobold his character refuses to fight and just watches
6. Can't take IC criticism of his character's actions and must always argue as if he's out of character instead of coming up with decent in-game defences or rebuttals
7. Can't tell the difference between IC and OOC as he's never paying attention, the more serious role player of our group's character got frustrated and started shouting at him, he then started asking why he was being shouted at and that he hadn't spoken over the DM for a while now
8. Never listens to other characters when they ask him not to do something
9. Asked me to make my character not made at his so he could keep doing what was pissing my character off

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10. Is now trying to coax my character into killing his by doing exactly what he's been told not to do and generally being a shit because he "doesn't like his character"
11. Plays a halfling rogue with next to no rogue like skills, the druid of the campaign is more effective in most areas of being a rogue as a result of his old job of being a conman
12. Tried to rape an NPC who was their friend because, chaotic lulz
13. Then proceeded to murder the fuck out of her when she refused to have sex with him and went into great detail as to how exactly he cut her up (she was tied up at the time)

But the worst part is that he's always complaining about how bored he is and always gets tired and wants to go to sleep as soon as we start making progress.

Tell me /tg/, is my group wrong? Are his actions not as frustrating as we think they are?

Pic related, it was my reaction to him asking me to completely change my character's mentality so he could keep being a useless shit

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Also share your stories.

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He's that guy.

My that guy has drawn the ire of every single player in the game, both out of character and in character. And to this day, he thinks that it's because every one of them is jealous about his freeforming skills, which amounts to cribbing descriptions from Seanbaby's MMA articles and justifying that he 'knows karate' when he does unreasonable things in combat.

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Holy shit, I think we share the same THAT GUY.

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>Then proceeded to murder the fuck out of her when she refused to have sex with him and went into great detail as to how exactly he cut her up (she was tied up at the time)

how do people roleplay this seriously? it's like psycho-sexual-deviant material RIGHT THERE, it's like talking about your rape fantasies to some girl on the bus..

fuck how does this happen

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Remember, a THAT Guy is the one who's spoiling everyone else's fun and only thinks of his own.

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>Asked me to make my character not made at his so he could keep doing what was pissing my character off


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In one campaign is your that guy playing a human monk who often runs up to near dead enemies and punches them even though he could be more useful helping someone else? And he insists on doing this even after being asked by the Goliath Barbarian who insists he doesn't need help when he literally doesn't and is getting frustrated that he refuses to listen in and out of character?

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Goliath Barbarian doesn't like people interrupting his kills or fights, this might seem dickish but it's partially due to the mental complex of never being good enough and keeping score of kills and heals, etc. and also that the interruptions could be better spent elsewhere, like taking out the guy shooting at the Goliath with a rifle only forty feet away.

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Whew, no. No that isn't my THAT GUY. My THAT GUY is playing a speshul snowflake sociopathic Elven Ranger who tries to take his Animal Companion (a laughing hyena) everywhere. EVERYWHERE. The last time I game with him he tried to take the thing into a bar. When the barkeep kindly asked him to leave his animal outside, the Ranger flipped his shit and tried to intimidate the barkeep. Of course, his pitiful ass failed. He brooded in a corner until he got bored that no one was paying attention to him.

>I fucking hate that. If you want people to interact with you, then why would go fuck off in a corner and give everybody the stink eye?

Anyways, we were supposed to visit the local regent of the land in his castle. THAT GUY decides we are taking to long and sneaks...not ask us to go with him...but SNEAKS out of the bar and goes to meet the lord by himself. And of course he takes his stupid fuck off pet with him. The guards kindly ask him to leave his weapons and animal at the gate with them before he goes inside to meet this lord. Of course he has another shit fit towards the guards that are persecuting him. What does he do? His stupid ass STORMS INTO THE CASTLE FULLY ARMED. By then, the DM has had enough of his bullshit so the castle guards naturally attack the stupid fucker. If I remember correctly, his ass was lit up like a cristmas tree by about 25 guards with crossbows. Amazingly enough, he managed to run away from the castle and escaped with his life.

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That sounds irritating and hilarious at the same time.

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boot the guy. Hell we kicked a guy for leaving an upper decker so that is a lot less than your that guy

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>>upper decker

WHY. WHY WOULD SOMEONE DO THAT? You do that to people that you hate after they have invited you over to their home for some reason. You don't do that to people that are supposed to be your friends.

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he was worse to people he did not like

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We would, hell I'd consider suggesting it, but we have to see him every day of the week so we can't really kick and avoid him until it blows over.

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>upper decker

I had to google that.


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>fat drunk that likes to play over-powered characters and will totally cheat his rolls
>Complains that my game doesnt have enough RP, tell him if he doesnt like it he should DM and ill play
>takes him three weeks to prepare one encounter with no characters worth interacting with, worst most confusing game ever, start a new game without him
>he gets pissed when he finds out our friends have a different group, so we let him play
>he brings a homebrew Necromancer character from the internet, has an at will touch attack that does d12/level
>DM kills him with a crazy trap
shit was so cash

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Holy shit, why the fuck would you do that?!

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>Upper Decker.

What the Hell is wrong with people?

Here, read this to regain some faith in humanity.

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I gamed with a quadruplet of That Guy until I learned better.

TG1: Cheats at dice rolls, "power games" by deliberately misinterpreting various rules until he gets caught, then claims ignorance
TG2: Massive Power Gamer. Complains every single time a rule call is made against him for half an hour. Bitches, moans and manipulates until he has everything, then complains that the game is too easy.
TG3: Deliberate Power Gamer, looks up strategies online to abuse in game. May have in fact been so stupid that he made the mistakes that he claimed were mistakes, instead of outright cheating.
TG4: Mr. Opposite. Goes out of his way to make trouble for the DM and bogart the spotlight at every opportunity. Not very clever, understanding the rules of d&d was too much work, leading to much debate.

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I once had several 'that guys' in a large D&D group at university.

I was DMing and due to a large RPG society at university and few people willing to take the time to DM, games typically had a strictly enforced size limit of 6 players.

I didn't see the point so my games always had 9+ players regardless of the quality of my skills.

So these three guys from the Computer Game society come to play, they've read the rules, made decent characters and aren't total dicks. Perfect players right?

Unfortunately not. When it's not their turn they are casually rolling dice and talking quietly with one another, when it is their turn they have pre-rolled all their attacks, skill checks whatever and always get high numbers.

It's 3 sessions later that another player points out they have basically been cheating by constantly rolling and re-rolling attacks and damage until they get the result they want and then when their turn comes claiming that is the 'real' result.

When confronted about this they admit it, refuse to stop doing it as 'the rules don't say I can't' and claim I'm a killer DM if I don't let them do this (note that no PC has died in this game at this point).

So as a result every. single. diceroll. they make has to be made where I can see it. If I didn't see you roll it then you roll again.

I feel like a bastard doing this but since they refuse to trustworthy I felt I had to.

This didn't quit the game though. I still have a great deal of suspicion for anyone who comes to pen and paper RPGs from computer games.

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All my rage. At YOU. I can't stand people bitching and complaining about shit they let get by forever, and then bitching even further about how they now have to be a good DM. Nine players in your game? Guess what. That means you have nine players. NINE. THERE ARE NINE PLAYERS. RUN A GAME LIKE YOU HAVE NINE PLAYERS. AOSDHFNIAHWFAUWEJNAWEFN

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If you have nine players you should just pull out all the stops and be as lethal as possible to them. The books recommend parties of four, so having nine just means you can kill off five a session before worrying about game balance.

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Me: "Hey man we're gonna play some GURPS you in?"
TG: "I don't really like GURPS why don't we played AD&D 2e? Now that's a real RPG."
Me: "No thx man.
TG: "Okay I will play GURPS."

Game Day:

Me: "Hey that Guy got your GURPS PC ready?"

TG: "Yup, but I also made him in AD&D 2E and brought all my books in case you guys want to play that instead."

Me."No thanks."

*Start playing*

TG: "OH MAN! This would be so much more fun in AD&D 2e. I could totally do that in AD&D 2e! wow this is very poor compared to AD&D 2e!"
etc. etc. etc.


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1. Really excited about joining my game, super insistent.
2. Joins game and instantly tries to 'perfect soldier' his character sheet
3. Rages when he's not allowed to be a soldier
4. Rages when I give him bonuses
5. Pays no attention to the game
6. Takes any excuse to randomly beat on other PCs
7. Rages at any consequence
8. Rages when I go out of my way to save his character on the SECOND session.
9. Cries at everything
10. The kid's got a great life if he just stopped being so damn annoying.
11. Carried a legit copy of that shitty MW2 comic with him
12. Already wanted dead by all my players
13. Constantly tries to interrupt the game
14. Assumes his character actually knows these other 5 random guys, and is omniscient to their positions at all times.
>"you're in the middle of the car park, would you like to do anything?"
>"No, I'll just stay here for a while"
>"You're in the middle of a fucking zombie invasion..."

I'm killing him off at the next opportunity

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If he is at uni, he might have the work ethic and skill to run it. Also he was relying on trust and d&d sterotype of the worst nerdish assholes tend to exist, so he had no choice. I may of jut got trolled but I have just stopped giving a fuck.

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When he interupts the game to 'correct' a ruling the DM made. I don't care what the book says. The begnning of the book states: The rules are all optional and the DM has the final say'. If you disagree with the DM, fine, make a note of it and talk to him, privately, after the game. Express your concerns, hear his reasoning, and if he doesn't want to do it the way the book says, shut up and roll with it.

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bumping with more screencaps.

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>Plays on his PSP during the game
>Is a huge stick in the mud
>Leaves the table and takes a nap on the couch when he's bored or not happy with something

>> No.14305885

This happens a lot. And it breaks the continuity of everything. God is it annoying. We don't need a DM and a Vice DM.

>> No.14305895

Also, usually so busy worrying about what the DM is ruling he forgets to think about what to do on his initiative count, and as a consequence has made us all desire to get a sand timer for his turns.

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>Brutally murdered friendly NPC

Why didn't your party kill him? Even if you're an evil group, that's still justification for killing a party member.

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>upper decker
>had to google that

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Sometimes a man just gotta do what a man gotta do, buddy

A sacred and noble task

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I decided to become That Guy for a game. To explain, the whole group had gotten bored with our GM's antics, he was a faggot, and I was getting pretty tired with his bullshit "haha I'm so much smarter than everyone, look you didn't word your question in exactly the right way so now demons are invading because you're an idiot".

It was Dark Heresy you see. He also had a Chaos Space Marine turn up in an FPS-style boss fight (health kits and melta guns everywhere; when he realised that nobody could use meltalguns the Chaos Marine just came in and starting shooting at the NPC officer we were meant to be guarding. It was surreal, without saying a word this Black Legion Chaos Marine walks in and without saying anything just starts shooting up the place until he falls over and dies).

It was some time after my character had been tied up and beaten by the crew for some reason that I became That Guy. I sat in the back with my laptop playing Castlevania and made no secret that I was doing so. I made no reply on my turns in combat unless someone told me it was my turn. I yawned, stopped buying snacks, and was a total douche.

Some of the other players found it funny. I know it was a pretty pathetic thing to do, but it was hella fun doing it, and DM was a massive prick. Later I stole his group and we all played an awesome DH game exploring the ruins of a lost hive.

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>implying you weren't always That Guy

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thats almost as good as the dwarf who gave the orc he killed a Cleveland steamer

>> No.14306071

that's almost as good as the peter jackson that gave the lord of the rings a Hot Carl

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... I knew that google searching that was a bad idea. I'm apparently stupid enough to do it anyway. What concerns me more is that enough people do this for it to have a name.

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1- Once stopped me in the middle of an IC dialogue to tell me that my hair looked stupid.
2- Always played either a Spoiled Noble-born or a ragin douche.
3- Raged when an NPC he was treating like dirt left the party.
4- (DnD2e)Would often round-up the XP he got to the closest 500 mark.
5- Refused to take on penalties because his character lost a leg.
6- (oWoD)Insisted on wearing full-plate ceremonial armour in a modern-day Vampire campaign.
7- Has his mutant character brainwash a bunch of human thugs into becoming Xenophobes. Rages when they turn on him.
8- (DnD2e)During a fight, I narrated how enemy blows would bounce off his armour. Insist that I take it back because then he'll have to spend gold to repair his perfect shiny armour.
9- (DnD2e) Wanted the +1Str bonus from being born in a certain province, but didn't want his character, his family or his entire city to have any blacks in it. (Yes, it was a province where the people are black)
10- Wanted to see if paralyzed girl was still alive. Decides that fingering her was the best option.

That's all I got for now...

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that's almost as good as the matt ward that gave the gray knights a Dirty Sanchez

>> No.14306160


Reminds me of the time Legolas and Gimli experimented with Space Docking.

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yeah i had to google it when i read the story. it's saved up sup/tg/ somewhere but i forgot the thread name

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I have a guy who first off never finishes his character sheets, takes terrible fucking care of them, never knows where it is, has brutally one dimensional characters that he becomes bored with quickly, has certain abilites and or spells because he "remembers reading it somewhere, hes positive" and is usually wrong about it, refuses to look at the big picture of whats actually happening in the world around him, as in will not connect the fucking dots, gets bored because nothings happening and they haven't continued after the main objective, but doesn't even passively pursue the two characters their after, in fact, none of them have!and the stupid part is, he's right WHERE THEY LAST SAW HIM!!! I HAVEN"T MOVED THEIR TARGET! THEY JUST HAVE TO GO BACK THERE!!!!!! BLAAARGH!!

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This thread reminds me of the DM whose girlfriend gave him a rusty venture in exchange for in-character bonuses.

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1. could not talk out of game mode. Conversations about naything tertiary to gaming interrupted with "YOU KNOW DODGE GIVES A +1 DODGE BONUS RIGHT!?"
2. smelled. Smelled bad.
3. got a job at burger king. Smell got worse
4. Lived with his mother, treated her like he was 13, he was 31. Just plain inexcusable
5. Laughed hysterically at any misfortune on anyone other than himself. IN game and out.
6. Did not chip in with pizza. Brought his own stuff. Criticized the pizza. Got offered to provide"superior food" told others he didnt want them chippin gin.
7. Cheated. Dice rolls, rulings and misinterpretations abound. "It doesnt say I cant, therefore I can"
8. Goatee.

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1. could not talk out of game mode. Conversations about anything tertiary to gaming interrupted with "YOU KNOW DODGE GIVES A +1 DODGE BONUS RIGHT!?"
2. smelled. Smelled bad.
3. got a job at burger king. Smell got worse
4. Lived with his mother, treated her like he was 13, he was 31. Just plain inexcusable
5. Laughed hysterically at any misfortune on anyone other than himself. IN game and out.
6. Did not chip in with pizza. Brought his own stuff. Criticized the pizza. Got offered to provide"superior food" told others he didnt want them chippin gin.
7. Cheated. Dice rolls, rulings and misinterpretations abound. "It doesnt say I cant, therefore I can"
8. Goatee.

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That girl that makes a self insert for a Vampire: Dark Ages game and insists that she only feeds on clean shaved young men... in 10th century Norway...

That guy who always makes a character opposite to the agreed upon theme of the game (social character in combat oriented game, combat monster in mystery oriented game, etc.).

That other guy who thinks paladins shouldn't have anything against sacrificing babies if it's legal. They are LAWFUL good after all.

That guy who after two months of playing still doesn't remember the IRC dice bot command to roll NOR can he figure out his dice pool.

That guy who refuses to show the game master his character sheet, assumes he can do stuff without asking the GM (like crafting a hundred+ items without consulting with GM or paying the XP cost).

That guy who spends all game whining about everything and is about as social and assertive as a bag of nails.

That girl who wants us to treat her differently because she is a girl and behaves like we should be amazed that she's playing role playing games with us.

That guy who is constantly drunk. Often to the point where he doesn't contact with what is happening in the game.

That guy who hits on every female NPC with his self insert character and tries to push every IC relationship he gets into towards sex.

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That Guy, but for 40k. I see this guy at most of the GTs I attend. List:

1. Has 5~ armies, 4 unpainted.
2. Borrows others armies to go to tournaments, complains about them.
3. Regularly dinged on sports by opponents
4. Aura of Smells, Stank of Unwashed clothes
5. Been called on stalling during 2.5 hour games
6. Rage-quits IRL
7. Thrown out of his own club (lulz)
8. Always has food on him. Always.
9. Comments on women gamers/wives. Pokes fun at "Awkward teens with no women skills"
10. Talks about military training. Never went into military. Unfit, fat as fatass, and accompanied by a neckbeard.

He makes the stereotype of "Fat nerdy gamer" too far. Most Wargamers are fine for the most part. Then you have "that guy".

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Ugh. That guy. The last one i dealt with was playing as a wizard. (Why must they always be spell casters for me?)

Anyway, the mission for our 4 man group was to go to a local crypt where a necromancer was hanging out and causing trouble. All we had to do was stop him from digging people up and causing mayhem.

Simple right?

Well...when we got to the site, the village elder forgot to mention that said crypt was actually a necropolis for a long forgotten race. We didn't have a cleric, so they put me, Mr. Paladin, up front in the fight against the undead. We slug our way through a small army of undead and find a safe spot to break camp.

The room was fairly large, a 20ft.x20ft. room with mirrors placed on the walls roughly 5ft. from each other. "That guy" decided to be a jack ass and launch a fireball at one in order to smash it. Nice try, but it failed, resulting in a reflected fireball hurling at our resident kobold sorcerer. The DM was kind enough to let me make a roll to see if i was able to put my shield in front of the little guy in time.

I passed my check and stopped the fireball in time. The player using the kobold looked at me & smiled. The beginning of a true bro bond was forming. continuing in next post.

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1. Doesn't listen when the DM is speaking
2. always texting
3. Whenever I say "Well, maybe we should do this." IC, he says, OOC, "YEAH LET'S DO WHAT HE SAID"
4. raged when he hit a raging Barbarian, and got smacked on his ass
5. Railroaded, vidya-gaem style thinking of how adventures need to work

>> No.14306361

So we made our way through the necropolis, coming across a small altar adjacent to the hallway leading to the necro's lab. (Altar on the left, lab on the right.)

We had our rogue scope the altar for normal traps while our jackass wizard checked for any arcane traps. The wizard found a magical aura on the back of the altar while the rogue found a floor trap a few feet away from it. The wizard wanted to poke it but the group voted to leave it alone.

That and we told him if he died because he poked the traps, we'd leave him there to rot.

Moving on...We made it to the lab and found the necro working on a huge flesh golem. When the necro heard us come in, he was furious that we killed so many of his children to get to him. Dude was whacked out of his gourd. The kobold struck up a conversation with him about his work, which started to calm him down and make him a little more reasonable.

The wizard decided to be a jackass yet again and smash a few vials belonging to the necromancer and claimed "Lol, chaotic neutral!" before casting ~Expeditious Retreat~ and leaving us there.

continuing in next post.

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What confounds me is why the GM doesn't put his foot down and say 'no, that's not how it's gonna go down'.

In ALL of these kinds of stories, really.

>> No.14306462

Because he can't. In truth, this story is about a THAT GUY, but it isn't all that bad... Yet...

Waiting for cont...

(Also, they probably did, but poster has probably left that out assuming we'd acknowledge this or for the sake of convenience.)

>> No.14306492

>Obviously fanfic

>> No.14306503

There comes a point where it would be completely acceptable for the GM to tell That Guy to cut the shit if he's ruining the game.

>> No.14306512


The necromancer flipped out and woke his latest project up. We could have fought the thing & it's master, but that was akin to jumping into a pool full of razor blades. We hauled ass outta there.

While we were running down the hallway, the kobold remembered the trap and decided he'd to cast a grease spell on the floor when he got close enough. Me & the rogue made it around the corner leading to the exit when the spell was cast. Instead of letting him sacrifice himself for the team, we both grabbed the little guy and yanked him to us right when the flesh golem & it's master (who was riding on the shoulder of the thing) stepped into the grease.

>All according to plan

The golem slid upright & face first into a wall and bounced backwards off of it and into the magical trap. The necro rigged an exploding arcane trap to fuck up anyone who came to mess with it. The golem soaked a bit of the damage but set off the second trap, which turned out to be a false floor that unlocked when the first trap went off, opening up to a pit full of spikes. It flailed to keep it's balance and fell in backwards, causing it and the necromancer to get impaled on said spikes.

We didn't mean to kill him, but me, the kobold & the rogue bro fisted at the end result of teamwork.

What happened to the wizard you ask? He bitched at the DM and wanted to know if he made it out of the crypt or not. Well....the DM decided to look him dead in the eye and say "Remember that blind corner you took on the way out? A grue was right there. Guess what happened to you? You were most likely eaten by him."
Never in my life have i tasted tears that were so delicious.

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our THAT GUY likes to take the plot hostage and always been contrary to what the group wants, even if it's completely out of character. He's the fucker that likes to play Rogues who are just waiting to kill you. He loves playing gnomes and in the games he runs, he makes them important, plot-centric characters, just to tease us. He's the guy who will hold up game for 3 hours to argue some insignificant bullshit in game. He likes to think he's some great orator, but he just talks in circles when he thinks he's being witty and clever with his words.

>> No.14306548

Our last That Guy was an irritating, impatient faggot who tried to steer the party around when he felt we were wasting time deciding a course of action.

He started ordering us around and complaining constantly like a bitch.

One time, we were planning a ship voyage that would take us about a month. We needed to hire a crew for our ship and purchase supplies, and spent maybe 20-15 minutes discussing how we were going to pay for it. That Guy wandered off to the dock, walked up to the first guy he met and said "Durr I need to hire a crew and am willing to pay top dollar, hurr, can you recommend me a good captain, derp derp derp." Idiot had no subtlety and flaunted his money like a fool, so of course the guy he was talking to tried to con him. He said he was a captain and he could crew our ship for just 9 GOLD PIECES A DAY PER SAILOR. Idiot was like "DURR SURE WHATEVER LET'S JUST GO." It would have cost us, like, thousands of gold and he didn't care. When I pointed that out and everyone said there was no way in hell we were paying such a stupid amount, he threw a fit and quit in a rage, then came back into the channel a few minutes later (IRC) and posted a tl;dr bulleted list of complaints and insults that none of us cared about because he was a useless faggot.

His character was some special snowflake with an enchanted shield that had a demon bound to it or something, and he talked to it constantly like a creeper, and acted like we had any reason to trust him. He tried to do a bunch of stupid shit with some class feature that gave him minor telekinetic powers, like picking a lock when he had no lockpicking skill and his ability wasn't actually able to do things like that anyway.

God what a prick that guy was.

>> No.14306572


>> No.14306627

Did the wizard learn from his mistake

>> No.14306631

Also, when we started pointing out that he was being bossy, he admitted that he was going to make it his responsibility to keep the game moving at a faster pace. Like he had any authority. We had no in-character reason to allow him to lead us because he was so fucking untrustworthy, and he was totally oblivious to that.

He also kept putting smileys in his posts as if that would make him sound friendly and reasonable, when it made him sound more like a condescending weasel with a shit-eating grin. Thought he could fool us with honeyed words.

>> No.14306685

>Group is playing hollow earth at a coffee shop
>While waiting for everyone to talk about rpgs
>That Guy comes up to us and asks if we're playing rpgs
>says he loves rpgs
>group agrees that sure he can play
>basicly everyone is playing american or british characters
>that guy decides to play a secret fascist
>GM retcons him into being a person who was always with the group just off to the side
>as soon as he isnt supervised by several characters passes a not to the GM declaring an attack on other player
>leaves character unconscious and strip searches them

>> No.14306716

I am my groups That Guy.

I realise it, but I disagree that its a problem.

The thing that makes me that guy is that I always try to take things in the game personal with my character.

If a general feels the need to command his army, even though its not my place, I will walk up to his tent and tell him what he should do.

If a dragon comes and saves us and turns into a beautiful maiden, you bet your ass I'm going to hit on her.

Why? Because fuck the npcs and setting of the world. I set out to be the god damn hero people write stories about, not random adventurer who came to town #2981374

The only problem is that nobody else in the group does this, so I am that guy who tries to devour the spotlight.

>> No.14306733

When I was DMing, the party druid cast Flaming Sphere and burned down two streets of thatched houses, some of which were owned by local gang members. I thought that some kids crying in the next house along from the flames would be a nice touch, add another level to the encounter (they'd have been easy to rescue), maybe make the druid player less rash in future.

He does nothing about the kids and keeps attacking NPC thugs, while out of character having a go at me and the other players for backing me. I didn't feel like breaking out Deus Ex Let You Feel Good About Yourself, so the kids died. Which just caused more rage.

In the two week gap until the next session he did not shut the fuck up about it and raised it in conversation every time the subject got remotely close (i.e. anything mildly /tg/ related) until I got pissed off and retconned the whole bloody thing.

In truth, the necromancer NE was better company than the druid NG.

>> No.14306735

It cost him a keg of Pabst Blue Ribbon to come back to the group after we kicked him out.

>> No.14306740

oh yeah forgot one thing when the player called bullshit on randomly being shot in the back TG says he could just headshot the character instead of leaving them alive

>> No.14306758

Anyone here uses Gametable?
Or other software?

I had to luck to only have decent and fun people in my games so far, so I can't contribute to this thread directly.

>> No.14306759

Either you're a troll, and a bad one, or you're really that fucking stupid.

Get killed.

>> No.14306762

That guy who criticizes and laughs at other classes:

>Wizards? HAR!
Assumes wizards are all old and wear pointy hats. Though while funny, he claims them all as wise old weak men and got real mad when one of them kung fu flicked his feet from under him with his staff. The DM rolled a 20, what could have been done?

(He also thought that wizards only cast fire, ice and thunder as spells. We educated him on this, though.)

>Fighter? DUR LOL!
Assumes fighters can only use sword and shield and can't touch casters or magic.
Gets mad when the fighter gets magical weapons and then when the fighter dodges his spell. Despite knowing about the evasion feat, he argues about how he is a spell caster and that fighters are weak.

>Bard? HUR LOL!
Assumes Bards only play the harp and run away all the time.
Gets mad when Bard flying uppercuts his character in the chin and puts him on his ass. Argues endlessly when Bards are able to use magic he cannot.

>Ranger? HURDUR!
Assumes that they are an elf specific class and that they are only good with bows and arrows.
Gets mad when the ranger of the group deals more damage then he does and has magical powers. Argues endlessly about how rangers are non magic users and cannot learn it.

"Weak spell casters", apparently. Argued about how Charisma wasn't for spells. He also claimed that the sorcerer MUST BE EVIL AND HAVE CAULDRONS!!!1

Assumes that they are all retarded. Though we all laughed at the though of one becoming illiterate upon multi-classing and how, thankfully, this does not in fact happen, our That Guy thinks that barbarians can't multi-class because they are RETARDS XD.
Emphasizes on how he tricks barbarians with magic and how they flee in terror of his magical might.
Got mad when the party Barbarian didn't die from a magical trap.

Everyone BUT Clerics and Paladins he did rib Clerics until he found out how good they were.

>> No.14306775



>> No.14306791

>Play a 6 hour session
>one player rolls up a smart hero
>doesn't do shit at all considering his starting skill allocation is (9 + int mod) x 4
>complains about not being able to do anything and just lays down and uses his phone
>confront him about it and he gets asshurt

guy plays WoW religiously and wants to play a mage with "no limitations" yet wants to be play D20 Modern. Trying to get my DM to start a Shadowrun campaign but it's been a pain in the ass

>> No.14306801

>TG's birthday
>He's running 3.5
>I play a tiefling cleric of Pelor
>Game starts in ANOTHER FUCKING DIMENSION where the monkeys have scorpion tails and the cattle have six legs and are green and dragons aren't REALLY dragons
>I make the best of it, kill 15 retarded homebrew monkeys he throws at the group
>We get to the 'kobold (except not really kobold because their limbs are longer and they have short, clipped beaks instead of lizard snouts) camp
>They're feeding cattle to dragon thing, easily CR 12
>We're 4th level
>Makes up bullshit as he goes along, arbitrary HP, CR, poison rules
>Flips his shit when I see him fudging rolls so that I die
>I waste a cool character concept on his retarded homebrew shit

>> No.14306822

>doesn't admit it's a problem
>tells superiors what to do
>wants to be a special snowflake

And that's why you're THATGUY.

>> No.14306854

>>"Hey, we're starting DH in 3 weeks, you up for it?"

>>"Ok. We all set to go?"

I hate you people.

>> No.14306862

>Is mad when someone makes fantasy world when it's not meant to be a fantasy world because it's meant to be a fantasy world, not a fantasy world.

It's that guys birthday, for fuck sake, let the poor kid have his fun for once.

I'll join you on the roll fudging, though. That deserves an upper decker.

>> No.14306883

Dude, are you playing with Cartman?

>> No.14306890

So wait, what class does HE play as?

>> No.14306929

>Decide to play online for once.
>DM says its heavy roleplaying.
>Other guy's character is what I could only describe as "bishie" (I hate that term, but pretty boy doesn't fucking cut it.).
>Does some stupid bullshit romance with EVERY girl we meet (fingers on her chin to raise her to eye level and shit like that.)
>In bar, over hear a patron criticize the order he's in, has some really good points.
>attempts to just straight up murder the poor guy.
>Gets mad when my lawful good character stops him.

No, fuck you. Take your wish fulfillment somewhere else.

>> No.14306958

My group doesn't have a That Guy, well, to be fair we almost had one. We stopped inviting him after one session of acting like that.

Why do you idiots keep inviting these people? Are you all that pathetically spineless?

>> No.14306966

this must be painful.

>> No.14306969

Politeness. No one else to play with.

>> No.14306982




>> No.14306984

>Why do you idiots keep inviting these people?
In my case, the host is "best friends" with him (WHY? He's a scumbag!) so there's no real chance of kicking him out. Worse yet, I have to deal with That Guy outside of games too (same uni).

>> No.14306996

>Start DH chargen
>One fag constantly being pedantic when I was joking around (Yes, I know there are no fucking minor powers to let me fly, you dick. Let me have some fun.)
>Finish chargen, GM says start on Saturday
>Time to daemonhost the group
>Where the hell is everybody
>Three hours later, one guy shows up
>"Where the hell is everybody?"
>Ok, maybe it was next week and both of us somehow got it wrong
>Next week
>Nobody at all
>Can't reach anybody

OK, it wasn't really That Guy, it's more of a That Group.

>> No.14307009

>One fag constantly being pedantic when I was joking around (Yes, I know there are no fucking minor powers to let me fly, you dick. Let me have some fun.)
>Time to daemonhost the group
Nobody came because You Are That Guy

>> No.14307087


Reasonable, but still beta as fuck.

>> No.14307103

>That Guy keeps making characters that create interparty conflict
>Justifies it by claiming it creates "good roleplay", even though no one else is on board with it and only TOLERATES it (if that)
>Constantly runs off on his own and expects just as much time to be allotted to him as the OTHER 5 people
>Cheats often by rolling when he suspects there's one about to be called for and keeps it if it's good, rerolls for the GM if it's bad

>> No.14307170


Way to misspell "sage," dingus.

>> No.14307268


Do you really think I wasn't joking about the daemonhost either? Come on now, I realize that the internet prevents me from having a joking tone in my statements, but it should be fairly easy to grasp my meaning.

>> No.14307282

"age" is a word with its own meaning, put into the email field. It is not a typo.

>> No.14307313

when the attempt is to spell a different word, in this case 'sage', it's a typo.

>> No.14307331


>> No.14307351

NO /tg/


>> No.14307531


>Cheats often by rolling when he suspects there's one about to be called for and keeps it if it's good, rerolls for the GM if it's bad

Is this shit actually common? I've never had anyone do this to me, but I know my response would be something like, 'Oh, you got a 19? That's great. YOU'RE DEAD! Make a new character.'

And then I'd kill his new character for spite, and then I'd tell him to GTFO and not come back until he's learned to play like the grownups do.

I'd rather play with the upper decker guy.

>> No.14307562

We have a buddy who is really inventive in our group. He pulls ideas and tricks out of his head real quick, but they're like a masterful weeks planning, only they're made in seconds.

That Guy hates him. That Guy is the only one who hates him. That Guy is a typical That Guy anyway.
That Guy tries to counter one of our genius bros tricks with his own, shat out one which he made up on the spot because he thought it sounded clever and because it would make our genius look like an idiot.

Basically, this is how it normally goes:
>Enemy is about to fuck shit up, he's over there!
>Group hero uses Dimensional Door to teleport the Barbarian above the bad guy. The Barb lands on him and saves the day, sort of.
This is the common kind of stuff. There are much better examples. But no, That Guy decides that this time...:
>Hero about to solve problem?
>use telekinesis/geas to yank/control the guy next to crane release lever to use/knock him into the crane release lever to drop the create in the jaws of the crane onto the other bad guys?
>That Guy decides to cleverly attack the caster mastermind whilst he isn't looking "AND HE CAN'T STOP ME BECAUSE HE DOESN'T KNOW IT'S COMING!!"
>We ask what for, but he insists, so we let him
>Hits on 19. Crit.

That Guy couldn't have picked a better time to ruin shit...
Allow me to continue...

>> No.14307570

>Smart bro is being wailed on by ally for no reason other than IRL mad
>Enemy by lever passes a check. Doesn't do anything in about two turns (Taking 10?...)
>The time was right! Enemy by lever flicks lever and drops crate on bro and That Guy
>Both die

That Guy was as furious as a tiger who just got it's favorite meat stolen. Essentially, as That guy was RPing a fem, she was like a dream piece of meat to That Guy.
Clever bro was a little mad too, but what can you expect. So were we.

We asked That Guy why he did it, expecting him to be an assassin or something without telling us, so's to add to the shock and awe. If so we were all prepared to laugh. Unfortunately he didn't answer us and instead asked why the DM killed his character. In the obnoxious hail of spittle that assaulted him, the DM tried to explain and calm shit down.

We all confirmed in front of him that he attacked our bro for no reason other than jealousy and tried to move on and work out what to do with That Guy. That Guy tried to argue about why he did what he did after we declared him guilty of being a dick; something about our bro being a secret evil assassin or something.

Allow me to post once more...

>> No.14307577

Our DM decided we should carry on. The rest of the group died at that very dock.
The DM started another game in the same world. We all rolled new characters except that guy, who claimed his character escaped.
>She didn't escape, man, she was crushed.

Much rage happened. Eventual subsidence. He re-rolled. His new character was just his old one with the name reversed.

The next game was pretty fun, aside form That Guy, trying to screw us over as if we didn't know why he tried to kill bro before. He pulled the same stunts over and over. We ended up handing him over to the guards, since this time we rolled good guys.

That Guy got pissy.

This time, he tried to mess the rest of us up because we had built on our own characters traits in Role Playing fashion, e.i: Ranger letting himself being thrown by the fighter- FF8 Angelo Cannon style and the like.

We just gave in on trying to incorporate him into our game more. Good thing is he left us before we could boot him.

>> No.14307579

If a player attempts to rape another player IC, he is both that guy and a scumbag. Kick him out of your group.

>> No.14307619

Group for Dark Heresy. Wants to play a Psyker. Asks to use the Noble Born background. Me (DM) asks if it changes anything. "Nope. Just backstory." "Fine. I don't care." Claims family is super powerful, has an uncle who is a space marine, instead of being sanctioned or something got to be tutored and trained by Sisters of Battle. Dumps everything into Fellowship and announces loudly to any NPC's we meet "WE ARE THE INQUISITION! DO WHAT I SAY!" Uses the Wall Walk power on ANY wall he sees because he can, no matter where we are. Whole party is conspiring to kill him off tonight.

>> No.14307662

I'll greentext a day in the life of my That Guy.

>Print photo of his latest favorite anime character and glues it onto his character sheet as portrait.
>Copypastes anime character's bio into his character's bio.
>Arrives at session nearly 10 minutes late, explains for the hundredth time that he had to gather his shit together at the last minute.
>Argues with DM for a full 10-15 minutes when the DM passes off his favorite weeaboo weapon as a random exotic weapon, "It deserves recognition as it's own type of weapon, not just non-descriptly described as an exotic weapon"
>Goes on youtube, finds video of weeaboo explaining how weeaboo weapon is superior to its Western counterpart, and rages some more when DM disregards
>Get's pissed off when DM refuses him to have a master-crafted exotic weapon with 4d10 strength at first level.
>Makes references to the anime in character, often asking to "nickname" us after other characters in the anime.

I wish i was making this up.

>> No.14307690

Our that guy metagames to the extent that if we have a specific plan we don't want his character knowing, we have to leave the room and discuss it or else he'll attempt to 'innocently' thwart us and argue with the DM that he can't be stopped from wandering upon our characters 'by chance'.

>> No.14307772

Sadly, I have realized I am my group's THAT GUY. But not in the way you guys might think.

I am the only one not playing a character who is underaged or looks underaged.
I am the only one playing a male character - and one of only two people in the group playing a character of my own sex.
I am the only one who doesn't make references to game mechanics (most specifcally classes) in character.
I am the only one not using a cropped image from Danbooru as my character portrait.
I am the only one who designed his character to be a character, and not a combat powerhouse with a personality glues onto it.

>> No.14307942


>> No.14307960

Fucking hate your shit.

You're definitely That Guy.

>> No.14307971

I might like, one day, to game with That Guy, just to see how humorously horrifying it would be...it seems like everyone in my group is just less than your average gamer, not bad enough to be considered Those Guys.

>> No.14307987


Seriously are you that hard up for friends and/or gaming partners why do you tolerate this antisocial idiocy

>> No.14308051

Why do you guys tolerate THAT GUYs? When we have someone like that in our groups we just kick him out. What's the point in playing a game if some fuckstick is trying to ruin it?

>> No.14308064

4e, warlock.
Doesn't know what Neutral Evil is.
Screws over the party at every turn or goes off on his own when we enter a city.
Never lets us know the results of an arcana check or any of that unless something already happened. (One example:Warlord gets hit by a spell from an elemental thing, fails his first save, is petrified. Warlock knew this would happen. Warlock says AFTER WARLORD IS PETRIFIED,"Oh yeah, that thing can petrify people." Luckily it was just a save ends petrification.)
He waltzes into rooms where enemies are going to be like nothing bad will happen to him. (And due to concealment and stuff from some warlock thing and curses, they probably won't.)
Stacks his Dark Pact aura, never uses it.
Uses up all his powers for arcane reserves, tries his best not to regain his powers in between encounters so he can keep his measly bonus to eldritch blast and his dark pact.

I could go on and ooon.

>> No.14308122

I knew a That Guy back in high school I'll call him J. I knew J since middle school and he was always an annoying prick, but my friends and I put up with him because out of everyone in my group he was the only one with a car. He had long hair, long enough that we joked that there was probably a mouse living in it and some kind of skin condition. He said it was exema, but we knew that it was something else. Probably the side effect of only washing once per week.

>> No.14308146

"That Guy" is usually not one person in one point in time. He's usually the distilled asshattery of a single person over the course of a campaign, perhaps even an entire group that has been giving the storyteller grief, exaggerated, packaged, and posted on the Internet for venting. Every man in my group has had moments of That Guy, sometimes even entire sessions of That Guy, but if you've been with a certain group of guys for almost a decade, it's inevitable.

>> No.14308180

way to play Rinnosuke in a Touhou game faggot

>> No.14308187

Oh, that makes sense. These threads make it seem like these people do it all in a single fucking session.

Still that rape butchery description thing, I'd fucking bounce someone from my house over that right away, jesus

>> No.14308238

Sup ALL MY GODDAMN PLAYERS. Really, there are maybe two (of six or seven) that don't act this way all the time. Campaign just ended though, so I guess I'm done DMing for the faggots for a while. Now I just have to deal with them as party members and a THAT GUY DM.

>> No.14308246

My group and I put up with J and his wardrobe that he never seemed to update and was too small for his growing beer belly, because he was the only one of us who had a car and could drive us to our FLGS. If we ever wanted to get together and play it had to be through him.

To start with his car was a 90s era Ford mustang that we had effectionally named "Shittyshitybangbang" because it back fired at least once a week. The car was falling to pieces, exposed wires littered that dashboard, and I can remember at least one time were it stalled in the middle of the freeway. He had the keys to his car but had to hot wire it every single time to make it start because it was such a peice of shit. The back seat was covered in discarded magic cards and trash. The front seat was littered with discarded fast food wrappers and for some strange reason he had an axe and a rope in his trunk at all times. It was such a peice of shit that one week we offered to clean his car for him, for free. He refused.

>> No.14308272

Get to the point where he does something related to roleplaying.

>> No.14308333

We only gamed with J a few times. Most of the time we played Magic in our school library were he would without fail try to insert himself into our game. This was back when the Shards block was still new and every week he would show up with some new broken deck straight from the internet. How he got the money for it I'll never know because as far as I knew he never worked a day in his life. Despite playing a netdeck and possesing an encyclopedic knowledge of the game I stomped him every single week with a Jund devour deck. He would then then whine and occasionally ragequit complaining that we were tailoring our decks against his. After a while we all got bored of Magic and moved to DnD, where once again he forced his way into our games.

>> No.14308404

Here's one for you gents:
>Starting up DH, guy askes if he can be a Space Marine
>Tell him it's not that kind of game; he sulks
>Character creation session, he roles up Guardsman
>Minmaxed out the ass, every possible skill and talent combat related
>Asks if he can start with Insanity Points
>I ask him why, dreading the response
>"Well I figure my guy is a space marine fanboy who is a failed aspirant trying to convince himself the Guard is just as good."
>mfw he plays entire game as a slightly deluded blowhard with pretensions of superiority

>> No.14308449


On both Futaba and 4chan, any ordinary reply is an "age", bumping it to the top of the page (at least until a large number of replies have been made). Placing "age" in the in the email field is unnecessary, but is sometimes done to signify a particularly enthusiastic "age".

>> No.14308454


My friend the DM had written up a short campaign so we could learn the rules. This was in the twilight of 3.5 so we only allowed the core books. My DM was adament about this, and spelled it out for J so there was no abiguity. When the first session rolls J shows up with some kind of half fiend diplomancer munchkin monstrosity with feats from at least 3 different splat books. The DM tells him to roll another character and he trys to cheat with weighted dice. My DM is not amused by this and tells him to GTFO. J quickly apologizes and rolls up a cleric. But the worst was yet to come.

>> No.14308540

Oh wow. The moment you mentioned space marines my rage-muscle tightened slightly. I really need to stop doing that. I have one in the same direction:

>Guy is GM'ing for the first time, DH
>It's pretty enjoyable, if somewhat rushed.
>Cue tightening of my rage-muscle
>We are on a renegade feudal world with a catatonic battle-brother, a scout in plate armour because his power armour broke down, a tech-priest i accidentally stabbed, and our retarded inquisitor.
>The Space Marines have to rely on us to find out exactly why this planet is renegade, and attacks them on sight.
>my face when i'm really looking forward to the next session.

>> No.14308869

That sounds like a pretty awesome parody, actually. If it was well played, it could have been good.

"You will never be an ultramarine."

>> No.14308890


Final Fantasy 70k

Prove me wrong.

>> No.14308954

It actually makes perfect sense. If he can't play a SM, he transfers his IRL douchey fanboyness into his in game douchey fanboy who wants to be a SM.
It's still awful, but at least he's honest about it.

>> No.14309071

Yeah he did play it pretty good, kinda like a guy who didn't make the football team so became the towelboy.

Kinda though heavier on the pitful delusions that are humored by everyone than angst.

A little but he mostly has "That Guy" moments rather than full TG behavior.

>> No.14309095

>weighted dice


>> No.14309120

it's not hard to do, you pretty much just have to put them in a toaster oven with the side you want to come up facing up.

The inside of the dice will melt first at the right temperature and weigh the dice in a certain way.

>> No.14309288


It wasn't the angst, it was the "I didn't get into ____ so I'm going to join _____ and pretend that I'm actually in first _____"

>> No.14309360

Not exactly sure what you meant there.

>> No.14309372


He wasn;t a spacemarine, so he joined the guard and pretended he was a spacemarine.


>> No.14309414

No, he wanted to be a space marine, failed out, joined the guard and believed he was better than everyone else because he did things "The Space Marine Way."

>> No.14309531

Is there any actual way to determine if dice are weighted short of dropping them in some water repeatedly?

>> No.14309628

Hold the die by opposite corners and spin it. You can buy/make litte devices that do the same.

>> No.14309646

I believe if you can't spin them on a corner, they are generally weighted. Of course, this depends on how weighted they are, as well as your ability to spin things.
The only time I had any experience whatsoever with unfair dice was entirely by accident and wholly hilarious. I was at my friend's (incredibly disorganised) house for WHFB, and we scrounged up all the dice we could find. I always roll the see-through red dice when casting spells, and I kept getting Irresistible Force (double 6's) at an unbelievable level. It turned out that one of the dice we found had 6's on every side, but looked just like all of the other red dice. It was amazing it took us an entire game to figure it out, but we had some laughs by the end.

>> No.14309738

Similarly, I have one die that's nothing but 2s and 6s. During a game, I decided to make a series of rolls using that die (which was also red) and a normal white die. The game went on for several minutes afterward with nobody noticing. After taking those few minutes to make sure, I told everybody and showed them the die. We laughed about it a bit and decided to just move on.

I still have it and sometimes, though rarely, pull it out and roll it for shits and giggles.

>> No.14309779

I know a guy who has a d3 that he used once to troll a player in a Deadlands game. He did it to me, too: handed it to me to make a roll and I couldn't figure out why it wouldn't roll anything above a 3 after like six tries.

>> No.14309880

A six-sided d3, by the way.

>> No.14310154

I like the guardsman. That's what we call sublimation, people. he has a good sense of humor and used his own tastes as inspiration for something unique.

>> No.14311645


That sounds kind of Awesome, actually.

>> No.14312316

Damn, I second that.

The guy could still be a total cockhammer about it, though, seeing as how this is a THAT GUY thread.

>> No.14312458

>First group rping, ever.
>Madenning girl cheats on every die roll. That Girl constantly goes off on side adventures, leaving the party to rot.
>Other That Girl takes up the rest of the cinematic time with her speshul snowflake story.
>Other Other That Girl takes long naps and never talks.
>Me and my bro leave the game.
>We eat pasta salad and bro fist.

>> No.14313075

>I'm DMing a modern d20 game, I'm relatively new to pen and paper RPGs and it was my first time DMing.
>Most players said they'd cut me some slack or something if I screwed up sometimes
>The PC's are on the docks in Great Britain, and they are about to enter a submarine (It was an underwater campaign.)
>They say they go out into London and capture a prostitute and rape her violently and tie her up to take her on the submarine.
>It's a scientific exploration trip.
>It wasn't their characters, it was them being jackasses.
>They rage because there's not a fight around every corner
>A mysterious stowaway begins talking to them, and they tear his skin off and piss all over his muscles and organs and tie him to a pole and get butthurt when I said they can't use it as a weapon
>I try to set the mood
>They call me a faggot
>They derail my campaign and say that I suck at DMing and force me to leave their house.

True story. And they're the only people in my area who will play.

>> No.14313513

>That guy gets harpooned, so half speed. He's also prone
>Tries to withdraw 40 feet, saying withdraw rules use base speed
>Iron Heart Surge bullshit
>Overall thinks he's a RAW-munchkin but too stupid to even pull that off

>Other TG is 14, doesn't know how to play. Asks DM to make a druid. DM rolls one up, he changes to necromancer. For a moment it looked like we were going to have three dread necros. I considered rolling up a dual-scimitar CG drow or a touhou to complete the fucktard-four
>No idea how to play, not even a basic grasp. Goes back to the druid. Asks stupid questions constantly

The worst part is that of all the That Guys I've had to deal with, they're probably the least awful. At least, neither of them hold a candle to:

>DH game, Shattered Hope (Or whatever, the one with the cave and the mutating crystal), first time GMing Dark Heresy
>Sergeant asks who they are and why they're here
>"I punch him in the face"
>Goes AFK at least fifteen minutes all three sessions (We were only able to do 2 or 3 hours per session)
>Second session goes AFK for a half hour, comes back and then immediately does it again for ten minutes
>Second session goes AFK halfway through, we go on without him and use him as bait for the plaguebringer

>First time GMing Deathwatch.
>Space Hulk mission
>No non-combat interaction, maybe one skill-check
>Fights every 10 yards or so

And then I was that guy.

>> No.14313542

I'm still laughing about this. Jesus Christ that's hilarious. Just the mental image.

>> No.14313574

i'd be glad i left their house. They probably have a rape dungeon in the cellar

>> No.14313936

I wish i could play online games like DH but i havent a clue where to begin....

>> No.14314056

You should've given an anonymous hint of them.

>> No.14314060

I agree with >>14313574. Fuckin' hell, one of them might have been Buffalo Bob and tried to wear your skin while tucking his man parts back so he'd look like a lady.

>> No.14314607

That Guy.

Have you seen Superbad? Do you remember Seth? Picture related.

Imagine you knew someone who looked and acted exactly like Seth, and possessed the nickname Nacho.

Now, imagine he ALWAYS plays rogue/thief type characters, minmaxes as much as humanly possible, tries to steal everything ever, and because he's a huge fan of Jack Black he yells DECAPITATIOOOOOOOOOOOOOOON out loud whenever someone gets decapitated (Brutal Legend reference). He plays elves and stuff as well, for example AN ELF WITH A DARK PAST WHO SOLD HALF HIS SOUL TO THE SHADOWFEL, et cetera. He also talks about WoW a lot and constantly mentions how Blood Elves are the most awesome race ever. He often likes going off on his own to 'scout ahead' and do a shitload of checks.

>> No.14317989

>he yells DECAPITATIOOOOOOOOOOOOOOON out loud whenever someone gets decapitated (Brutal Legend reference).
I do this sometimes...I usually save it for strong enemies though,

>> No.14318157

Let's see, had one that guy during an online game:

When it wasn't his turn, and sometimes when it was, would go afk for as much as an hour to, quite literally, do housework. We'd ask him where he was, and he'd say that he was vacuuming, or doing laundry, or whatever.

He'd get mad when I'd tell him that he had to make a roll to do something and even more mad when I wouldn't tell him a DC.

He'd always play female characters so he could act like a bimbo/lesbian and try to fuck his way out of roleplay encounters because that was what he thought roleplaying was.

When he wasn't allowed to play a female character, he'd play weird stuff, or stuff that he didn't know how it worked.

Claimed that he didn't know how to cast spells in 3.5e, but almost always played spellcasters and then complain when he would nearly die.

>> No.14318453

My old DM was that guy.

>Constantly railroading party even when they try to derail.
>Constantly talking about how if he ever played a mage in anyone elses game he would rape them with shitty spell compliments.
>Mispronounces words Lich as Lick. Origins and Oh Ridge in's.
>Bitches when we come up with clever ways to go around his traps / fight his monsters.
>Offers ridiculous amounts of "bonus" xp to anyone who can describe a kill with disturbing accuracy.
>gets so fucking high during games he forgets what hes doing.


>> No.14318488

>Have a tabletop gaming club back in high school that everyone in it dubbed "the Nerd Club"
>This massive fuckwit that nobody actually liked decided to follow one of the members from their homeroom/lunch break room
>"Hey guys what do you do here that's so cool man OH LOOK MINIS I LOVE THOSE XD" (he bought a set of Khorne berserkers to paint and have on top of his monitor because he played Chaos Marines in DoW and was suddenly a master of all things 40k. Other things he played included the Sniper in TF2, a sniper in CS:S, and a sniper in CoD)
>He says he loved watching and would constantly ask if he could get in on the next round (they were short little games), we would try to start a new game when he was busy looking up Dropkick Murphys vids on youtube (we all had to be subjected to his horrible taste in music, and there was one song in particular he would play ever fucking meeting - an emotional audio steamer that he had an attachment to because his girlfriend of a week left him several months before)
>The teacher supervising us takes out an old dusty zombie game box and TG fucking flips shit because the first L4D had just come out so he was obsessed with zombies
>We all make silent, pleading expressions to the teacher, but the guy was a little sadistic and decided to push the game on us more
>TG constantly shook the table to the point where I would actually sit at another one where I could see and approach only for my turn
>TG would sing along to his shitty song loudly and stomp on the floor with his feet while sitting in his seat backwards
>TG would ultimately be an asshat that treated everything like an FPS on Steam and not actually RP anything

I'm so glad I decided not to play the DnD game one of the other guys in the club set up, because TG was there. Apparently he played a barbarian named Conan and only spoke like Arnold.

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