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Because the last thread ended up in a shitfest over some fanwank character, I am goin to repost this.

>Be a kabalite warrior.
>Do drugs that would fry the brains of humans from the bare ass cheeks of soritas slave.
>Go on raids and slaughter mon keigh scum, just for the pleasure.
>Even if somehow you manage to get yourself killed, your kabalite bros only need to bring back a litle bit of your flesh, for you to be regrown by the haemoculi.
>After the raid, sell slaves, have crazy sex with biches, torture slaves, just for shit and gigles.
>Go to wach arena maches, where half naked wyches fight gladitorial battles agains all kinds of things.
>Fap furiously when Lelith Hesperax gets on the stage.
>Go to parties in the high spires of Commoragh, and wach from the alcoves the rotting slave scum that festers in the undercity being harassed by reaver and helion gangs.
>Go home
>Do drugs that cause your eyes to bleed and skin to burn.
>Wake up, when your mate calls you.
>"Hey faggot! It's raid night tomorrow, are you coming?"
>Living the dream.

Let the craftworld eldar rot in their angst and self pity about the whole looming extinction thing, while we just clone ourself and continue partying like it's c.M20!

Dark eldar general.

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Aw come on man. Seriously?

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Not even these guys can handle Charlie Sheen.

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what the fuck is there to say about this

dark eldar are bad guys and they profit from it. so what

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>lose a battle against Slaaneshi forces
>infinite buttrape, forever

Fucking conformist goth pricks, that's what you are.
>rides off on a dinosaur to tend his Exodite farms

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Are there any examples of DE and Emperor's Children ever meeting?
Shit would be epic.

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Delete this thread. Don't do something pointless.

>> No.14301866

Don't repost shit.

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You really got that buthurt over it?

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Of course, once Vect dies, the party's over.

Grimdark Bad End, even for crack-addled pirates.

>ipltu Cathedra

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I am usually a pretty cool dude, but I have this urge suddenly to troll you and this thread for reposting.

Go back to your main post and fight for it, might save some face.

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I was banging 7 kilograms of human and tau adrenalin glands and finishing them, because that's how I roll.

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Brodite fist, chilling on our maiden world.

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We need an avatard of the Kabalite warrior.

Name him Mule. since he is an insufferable ass.

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don't mind us, just keeping your lazy asses safe

Exodites cannot into space

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>Let's live like cavemen!

>always introduce the same genetic engineered dinosaur-like creatures in the ecosystem

You know, those Eldar sure have weird ideas of living the low-tech life.

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Why go out into space when we have everything we need here? Plus it keeps us impervious to the great enemy's pull while you cling to stones and must subject yourselves to the most horrid restrictions.

Besides many of your brothers visit us, most craftworlders leave for a time and almost always live among us to learn our ways. As well as pick up a few skills and teach us some of what we have lost from our planet bound nature.

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exodites confirmed for amish

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No one can keep up with Charlie Sheen... Well maybe Elvis, but he's DEEEEEEAD.

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Amazing. If there's no discussion going on about you-know-who you just get a dead thread.

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What if your kabalite bros can't get a scrap of your flesh?

And if they did, you'd still be dead. The reformed "you" would just be a construct with your personality, memories, and physical appearance/function. Think about that.

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>You know, those Eldar sure have weird ideas of living the low-tech life.
Nah, it makes perfect sense. The old Eldar society failed because they ran out of challenges and turned to hedonism, so the Exodies want to avoid that; what better way to keep yourself constantly challenged than by FIGHTING DINOSAURS 24/7.

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>The reformed "you" would just be a construct with your personality, memories, and physical appearance/function. Think about that.
Well, no- this is a setting where the soul is a measurable thing, and the whole point of DE cloning is it preserves the soul, which is capable of remaining 'intact' and conscious after death.

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Ugg. If you believe that, then you are dead yourself. All of your atoms have been replaced.

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You there, cut that shit out, immediately.

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