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>Be a kabalite warrior.
>Do drugs that would fry the brains of humans from the bare ass cheeks of soritas slave.
>Go on raids and slaughter mon keigh scum, just for the pleasure.
>Even if somehow you manage to get yourself killed, your kabalite bros only need to bring back a litle bit of your flesh, for you to be regrown by the haemoculi.
>After the raid, sell slaves, have crazy sex with biches, torture slaves, just for shit and gigles.
>Go to wach arena maches, where half naked wyches fight gladitorial battles agains all kinds of things.
>Fap furiously when Lelith Hesperax gets on the stage.
>Go to parties in the high spires of Commoragh, and wach from the alcoves the rotting slave scum that festers in the undercity being harassed by reaver and helion gangs.
>Go home
>Do drugs that cause your eyes to bleed and skin to burn.
>Wake up, when your mate calls you.
>"Hey faggot! It's raid night tomorrow, are you coming?"
>Living the dream.

Let the craftworld eldar rot in their angst and self pity about the whole looming extinction thing, while we just clone ourself and continue partying like it's c.M20!

Dark eldar general.

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I am seriously looking forward to the Voidraven kit, especially if it looks anything like the silhouette in the codex.

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Clearly, the Dark Eldar are all "winning"
Like how this is going

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Craftworlder here. How is that "slowly getting your soul eaten by She Who Thirsts working for you?
How does it feel to know that your souls have athropied to the level of the pittiful mon keigh scum?
Have fun in your backstabbing decadence, while the sensible children of Isha are trying to rebuild the empire.

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>Forever have your soul gnawed away by Slaanesh

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Me too.
I also hope that the Scourges will look as good as they are depicted in the codex.

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Craftworld Iyanden here.

We really do appreciate the help with those orcs guys, but would it have killed you to clean up after yourselves? There's entire habitations filled with nothing but cocaine now that we're having to clean up. I mean, the whole necromancy thing is bad enough.

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>sensible children of Isha

Isha's my waifu, so...
Crawl inot my lap, kids!

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Real Eldar here
Craftworlders, how is that "Not doing blow off of everything I see" thing working out for you?
How does it feel to know that if you die, you might still keep your soul, but you'll never get your body back?
How does it feel to know that someday, you might even be put in a wraithguard, and possibly killed forever?
Have fun trying to rebuild the fallen empire, we'll just keep fucking everything that moves (or used to move"

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Exodiets were here, all other Eldar are pussies.

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I wonder how much value the Eldar put on the lives of Dark Eldar?

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Sure feels better than waiting for death to get something done. At it is not my soul that She'll gnaw when I get my hands on you.

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Doesn't matter. As long as the lover lifeforms that infest this galaxy exist, we can live forever. Unlike you craftworlder pansies, who sob yourself to sleep because Galgar just punched out your latest Avatar of Khaine.
How many craftworlds have you lost lately?

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Fucking Elfdar, your time is over you oldfags.
Allow newfags get control of the galaxy.

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Oddly if you look at it the DE are the actual Eldar, the craft world Eldar are the small minority of puritans that ran away.

Though in my opinion what do either Eldar have to brag about? They were raised and evolved by the old ones, given their tech, and then fucked it all up. And they still are arrogant about it.

Arrogant using genetics they didn't evolve too, tech they didn't build, and knowledge they imitate rather then innovate.

Orks. S'where it's at yo.

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I bought one fuckdoll construct that looked vaguely like that from the Prophets of Flesh but I broke it already.

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Orks are the exact same thing, they just didn't derp an eye of terror.

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Sup, bitch! How does it feel to be our cattle that we can turn in to lovable grotesques as we please?

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>Orks. S'where it's at yo.

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They are the exact same in theory, not in practice though.

Orks just fight, they don't care about a culture they didn't make. Too much faggotry in all the other races. Circles within circles. Orks just have valhalla without fucking.

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sorry but the galaxy belongs to the oldest of the oldfags, the fact that we'll never go away and outlive everything else proves that science>faith

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Chaos here, just keep on with the show, we're pretty much entertained by whatever you do. And how delicious you both taste.

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How is that "mindles automaton" thing working for you?

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>Go on raids and slaughter mon keigh scum, just for the pleasure.
Survival, you mean.
>>Even if somehow you manage to get yourself killed, your kabalite bros only need to bring back a litle bit of your flesh, for you to be regrown by the haemoculi.
It's not as common as it seems and is only used by the top brass of the Dark Eldar forces. Why? Because it's quickier and easier to having a clone of the imcopetent soldier.
>>After the raid, sell slaves, have crazy sex with biches, torture slaves, just for shit and gigles.
Torture is more than just pleasure to you.

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I forgot to mention but there is a killswitch in every marine that Fabius Bile "improves". Maybe you shouldn't rely on our tech that much?

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You ought to know by now that when I say Chaos I mean Chaos, not CSM.

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>Wake up
>Battle Barge is humming
>Enginseer whistling squarewaves
>Battle Bros doing a keg-stand
>Get a cup of recaf from pic related
>Land drop pod on warboss

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In that case, how does it feel like to be shut in a box?

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Hows getting raped by everything in the galaxy going for ya.

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Guys, guys I have a great ide!

Listen now!

a Grand Teft Auto styled game. Set in Commoragh! It's briliant!

>be a halfborn runt in the lowstreets of commoragh
>steal jetbikes
>kill countles slaves
>work yourself up, so that you can join a kabal or start your own
>plitical scheming
>inter kabal wars
>claditorial battles and shit

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IG here, there are two kinds of spesh pansy? I'll be sure to order more tanks.

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Okay, now I've got to admit I have no idea what you're talking about.


Why aren't you making it already? Work faster, slave!

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>I have no head and yet I can scream

That is super science for you.

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>Wake up.
>Be governor of Kronus.
>Have hot farseer locked in my basement.

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I think you got it backwards. Dark eldar rape everything in the galaxy. Literally. If it doesn't have a hole, they'll make one.

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Isn't it sweet that the thing we need for us to survive also grants us immense pleasure.
The Imperium has to opress it's own citizens in horrible ways just to survive, the craftworld eldar have to supres their true self in a futile effort to control their emotions. All we need to do is kill and torture to survive. And we like it. A lot. Truly, we are living the dream.

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Do you think Jaghatai Khan went to Commoragh on purpose to party?

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Silly Retcrons.

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..Because a Farseer definitely couldn't fry your brain in half a second.

Or turn you into pulp.

>> No.14300629


Hope you have fun when the harlequins pay you a little visit...

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>The Imperium has to opress it's own citizens in horrible ways just to survive

bullshit detected! It's the repressive nature of the Imperium that holds humanity back, if new ideas were allowed to take hold humanity could progress and conquer its problems much easier. Repressing a populace to make them work towards a single goal only works in the short term, afterwards stagnation and corruption kick in, look at the Soviet Union.

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IG lost kronus
Moar corpses for Avitus

>Wake up
>Be governor of Kronus
>Realise I died at victory bay due to Davian Cool and his Bloody Magpies
>Don't wake up

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Farseers are probably the strongest reason to go to Commoragh and stay there. If Abaddon didn't exist the Craftworlders would be the faction with the worst leadership.

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Damn straight.

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I think he mean's the Successor of Lucas.

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>Be vindicare assassin.
>Mission's to kill enemy farseer.
>Looking at her through sniper scope.
>Takers her helmet off.
>Too beautiful, can't shoot her.
>Love can bloom.

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Fucking this.

God, I facepalmed so much when I played the eldar campaing in retribution.
>hurr prophecy comands us to kill other eldar herp.

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I didn't know there even WAS a successor. I thought Kronus became a blood raven controlled planet.

And even so


Taldeer's soulstone is the prize trinket of Kyras from Kronus. Its why a bunch of the eldar are actually there in retribution. To get that shit back.

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HERESY! ect., ect.

>> No.14300722


>Be a Magos overseeing a Vindicare
>Vindicare sent to the battlefield to kill a leader of the wretched Eldar
>Vindicare wavers from his path and has fallen to the temptations of flesh
>Wait until the Vindicare and Eldar have produced an offspring
>Abduct them, put them in stasis, and dissect their fleshy offspring to see if it offers anything new to this universe
>Eventually awaken them from stasis, but still incapacitate them and make them watch their offspring immolated for their sins

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Uncanon, fool.
LIVI died, Taldeer was captured by Kyrus, died and now is finally back to the craftworld as a spirit stone.

>MFW I like LCB but now I hate relic
>I also like Thulenaught, you son of a bitches!
>Taldeerwraithlord is cool, tho

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Actually the offspring became Ultramarine Librarian.

>> No.14300737

Forgot the pic.

>> No.14300746

The prophecy says they will bring death, tell them to leave and only threaten to kill them rather than telling them you are the only thing holding the exterminatus back to make them want to leave.

>> No.14300747


Taldeer wraithlord?

>> No.14300749


And to get that little trinket, they slaughtered hundreds of other eldar.

Farseers: "the prophecy demands this!"
>dying race ect.

>> No.14300754

>MFW I like LCB

>> No.14300774

Looking at the DE codex...
Is there ANY reason to take a succubus instead of an Archon other than theme?

>> No.14300776

LIIVI isn't dead, he was never mentioned in the actual canon.

We can likely find a way to work around it hand have him get her soulstone DEldar reincarnated.

>> No.14300779

>Implying the Imperium didn't send a new Governor once the Blood Raven purge was wrapped up

>> No.14300781

I would like that idea, if you didn't spell every other word wrong.

>> No.14300784

It's a good history.
Shove your grimdark up your ass until it comes out your mouth and swallow it back.

She died. Her soulstone remains as a spirit stone. Guess where we are going with this?

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>> No.14300790

The Greater Good will prevail...you...you...
Double mon-keigh.

>> No.14300791

To be fair the other Eldar started shooting first, that made them the retards.

>> No.14300796

70 point killy HQ for very low points.

>> No.14300797

Aww, and here i thought you had already assigned writefags and drawfags to the task.
Its still in the concept stage :(

>> No.14300809

Taldeer DEldar won't work.
Since I don't think LIIVI would ever allow Kyras to part with her soul, I assume he tried to confront the blood angels and died there.

My only regret is that Kyras is already dead and Taldeer can't avenge LIIVI by slashing his face into cubes of demonic flesh.

>> No.14300822


By telling them to leave, you mean luring them in the middle of the stadium and ambushing them with fuckload of banshees, right.

And besides, it is understandable why the eldar never explain anything to imprium, because stupid mon keigh ect., but witholding wital information from other eldar seems just...idiotic.
They fucking had the same goal in mind at that point. Couldn't the warpspider just told the autarch what the seers were trying to do with that ritual?
But no, nooo. He fucking tries to kill them, without any warnig.
Fuking retarded craftworlders. In commoragh, they don't even try to act as if they work together.

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The cognitive dissonence of /tg/ is amazing. How you faggots can bitch about space marines being mary sues in light of the new DE book is simply astounding.

>> No.14300825


I enjoyed that

>> No.14300826

Well, there is a Vindicare assassin called Liivi mentioned in Canon.

>> No.14300829

I am drawfag...
And I can work writtefag too.

I'm just grieving too much the canonical death of Taldeer to do it straight right now.

>> No.14300843

But Archon for just a few points more seems... much better.

>> No.14300844


FFG is full of fa/tg/uys.

So is Relic.

>> No.14300857

The original LCB history used THAT LIIVI.
That's why it was good.
It had foundations in Canon and no other thing that contradicted it.

It was... perfect. Now they made Kyras kill Taldeer and I go all picrelated.

>> No.14300864

busy drawing something else right now, but I support sexy wraithlords chicks.

>> No.14300878

>It's a good history.
yeah nobody has ever explored the (wholly prejudiced) concept of two star-crossed lovers meeting when their factions are enemies

what an original concept that teaches us about understanding - oh wait no he's just got a boner

>> No.14300882

How is Eldar vs. Eldar anything but interesting as fuck? You have a race who is capable of seeing the future, but is never perfect at it. And so they'll see some type of HORRIBLE future but also see that, if they do some x and y direct and indirect shit they can change it.

Up to this point it's never been done before, yet at the same time is an entirely reasonable thing to have happen. Would Eldar kill 100 Eldar to save 1,000 Eldar? I think that's actually a kind of interesting question to be forced to answer, because we know all the other answers, since Eldar think the other races are basically sub-Eldar scum.

>> No.14300884


>asspained marinefaggot detected.

Go cry to your spiritual liege Matt Ward. Maybe in the next ultrasmurfs codex Girlymans buttboys manage to punch out Vect himself.

>> No.14300886

>imperium world
>pretty much like real world
>complain on internet equivalent how life sucks
>people talk about war stories, most are put down as fake
>go to store and play warhammer fanatsy, bitch and moan about price rises and fluff
>fucking krieg detachment gets stranded on the fucking backwater planet and everyone panics for 2 hours before resuming life
>find a female krieg and decide "what the hell, only got one life"
>living the dream

>> No.14300888

Succubus and at least 2 extra wyches/single incubi versus Archon?

>> No.14300894

>It had foundations in Canon
>mind-altered super-trained assassin falls in love with space elf

>> No.14300901

>foundations in canon
Actually, no. It's the other way around. LCB apparently got popular enough that the DH guys decided to give it a little shout out.

Pretty awesome, IMO.

>> No.14300902

>find a female krieg
So you fell in love with a breeding tank?

>> No.14300903

I really don't think we could call any of the factions a "Mary Sue", if anyone but me has any idea what the fuck that word means.

>> No.14300905


Haemonculus is better. Adds 1 pain token to the unit he's with (Incubi + Haem = fun!)

>> No.14300909

Hey, Krieg-chan is Seras Victoria in space, cute and funny, but goes batshit insane as soon as she sees blood/a shovel.

>> No.14300919

It's not about "hurrdurr I love dem eldar chick". Just proves you didn't read it.
I thought like that too, but LIIVI has no sexual intentions toward Taldeer nor she feels anything besides curiosity towards him.
He doesn't kill her not because of looks. He's actually unable to kill her because of because.
She awoke something inside the brainwashed mind of his that bloomed in the form of love.

It's not Avatar all over again, it's Avatar made right. It's a history of freedom of ideals, of ideals that were corrupted by logic.

>> No.14300935

Chem-chan is Tank Girl in space, repulsive and fucks like a tiger, but goes batshit insane as soon as she sees drugs/a xeno she wants to mate with.

>> No.14300938

that's why I hate it. There's actual love in it. I like 40k because it's a grimdark wankfest. If I want to make it soooomewhat tragic and serious, I read the HH books.

>> No.14300940

Succy would add to damage more than what you can get with those 20 extra points you save by taking naked Haemy.

>> No.14300942

>He's actually unable to kill her because of because.
She awoke something inside the brainwashed mind of his that bloomed in the form of love.
Ah yes. Je Ne Sais Quoi, the most useful and canonically thematic plot device.

>> No.14300947

Not FiC like "The codices state that..." but more in like "The writter got this lose wire, this piece of obscure information, and matched both into a good history."

Taldeer's and LIIVI's histories were both Canon and neither had an end (Liivi ddn't even have one to begin with), left like that on purpose.

>> No.14300953

Chemchan was a shitty /tg/ character that was never funny, entertaining, or interesting.

>> No.14300964

Dark Eldar are not the original Eldar. They are the decendents of the Cults of Pleasure.

Basically, if the old Eldar empire was Rome, the Dark Eldar would be dionysians who were so immersed in their orgy they didn't notice when the empire collapsed. Also, imagine this orgy was so huge the Goths destroyed the Roman empire just so they could join in.

>> No.14300967


This makes me like the Dark Eldar more than I ever have before... Good work man.

>> No.14300970

This is true.

More importantly, the only picture of her and a Tau that I have ever seen made me want to execute a room full of single mothers struggling against adversity with a flammenwerfer.

>> No.14300975

nah, she just exists because /tg/ wants to be the little girl and fantasizes over manly chicks.

>> No.14300977


I reckon FNP is worth more than the extra attacks, given how fragile DE are.

>> No.14300990

Isn't it not?
She freed him, he loves her for it.

You hate it becuase it's a droplet of "Exotic" in a sea of "already seen that"?

>> No.14300995


Ad in some raid missions and ability to become a scourge and I am sold.

>> No.14300997

Pretty much, yes. Exotic does not mean "enjoyable".

>> No.14301030

Because of Goto, there were two Farseer Taldeers on Kronus.

One from Ulthwe, and one from... I believe it was Biel-Tan, you can understand why I'm hesitant to check for confirmation.

Problem solved, Kyras took Biel-Tan Taldeer's soulstone, and LCB proceeded as normal.

>> No.14301031

>She freed him, he loves her for it.
She freed him literally because of "the power of love".

Love exists in 40k. People feel affection for each other. Families are raised. It happens. "The super-trained brainwashed assassin looked at a hot eldar and something about her made him forget all his training" is retarded as fuck no matter what setting you put it in.

>> No.14301036

Incubi aren't as FNP starved as most other DE units and Succubi makes them harder to swamp down. And then there is the one in 6 chance to get the token but I'm not counting on that.

Also Battlecannon negates Haemonculi hq completely while Succubus can work as solo adding to target saturation.

One is not strictly better than other. Haemy is defensive low points choice while Succy is offensive.

>> No.14301060

Y u mad tho?

>> No.14301063


Same here.

If you think about it, you realise that besides orks, the Deldar are the only faction that is actually having fun in the grimderp far future of warhammer 40k.

They are trolling the Imperium left and right, enslaving all other lifeforms, partying and doing drugs like there is no tomorrow. And on top of that, they are never really threathened, only time when the Commoragh was under attack, was when Vect allowed the space marine strike cruiser to enter the web way in his mad shceme for power. Otherwise, nothing has ever attacked the dark city.

The deldar are free to rape the galaxy as they please, and are safe from any meaningful retaliation.
They really are living the dream.

>> No.14301068

Agreed. Its like a forced meme. I guess it only carried on since /tg/ could fap to it. But thats just it.

>> No.14301080

every meme is forced
no OC is good.

>> No.14301093

>forced meme
1) You don't know what that means.
2) Chem-chan was part of an ill-fated calendar project /tg/ had going in the old days. The fact that she outlived that project and the handful of other Guard chans related to it (besides Krieg-chan) at the very least proves she had some popularity.

>> No.14301095

>nothing has ever attacked the dark city.

There was one Ork invasion, where a Warboss led a Waaagh! straight into an open Webway Portal and emerged in a Commorite port. Waaagh! Zoggit burns several districts of Commoragh to the ground before being destroyed.

>> No.14301102

Saying "forced meme" has about as much weight as "Mary Sue" or "weeaboo" anymore. It's right there in the shitpile of "phrases seen on 4chan that now simply mean 'things I don't like'."

>> No.14301104

I'm not mad, I'm just stating my observations. Theres nothing funny, interesting, or entertaining about that character all. If you can show me that Chemchan isn't some 1 dimensional character then do please go ahead. Because I've nothing special about that character.

>> No.14301113

Maybe you should learn how to read dumbass. Noticed how I said "like a".

>> No.14301116

>if you can show me that Chemchan isn't some 1 dimensional character
So what, we have unrealistic expectations now?

What /tg/ character isn't just one-dimensional?

>> No.14301122

>I've nothing
I meant add a see between there. Damn mornings.

>> No.14301123


Ah, I must have missed that bit of fluff.
Well, besides that, I bet that the deldar had plenty of fun and got a good ammount of slaves from that little encounter.

>> No.14301126


>> No.14301133

1 dimensional isn't bad, you know.

Now, when said 1 dimension is completely unuseful (seriously, just read Tank Girl and you get the same shit, done right) and does not interact with the setting in any original/funny way, it does suck.

>> No.14301151

"Over 10,000 greenskins are captured by the Wych districts. The resultant orgy of violence keeps the arenas of the Wych districs packed to capacity for almost an entire fortnight."

So yea, there was one hell of a party when it was done. And that was just the slaves taken by or traded to the Wyches - no mention of those who Orks who fell into the hands of the Haemonculi or Kabals.

>> No.14301153

>if /tg/ can fap to it or thinks it's lolsorandumxD enough, it becomes canon

>> No.14301156

I don't consider saying I have unrealistic expectations an answer. I'm still waiting if you can show me a good aspect of Chemchan, because I'm not seeing any.

>> No.14301168

Thats exactly how I feel about Chemchan. I'm not seeing anything good about the character at all.

>> No.14301172

If you're as much as a closet homo as most of /tg/, chemchan makes up for an actual dude in most aspects, while still allowing you to consider yourself straight.

>> No.14301176


>orks invading your home?
advice dark eldar.jpg
>slaughter them and party hard!

>> No.14301191

Chem-chan's a drug-addled foul-smelling klepto thrill-junkie that deserted her unit for unspecified reasons and seems to live solely to corrupt innocent Tau girls and infuriate fa/tg/uys.

Cultist-chan's a mostly harmless immortal Chaos cultist that is favored by the Chaos gods for unspecified reasons and seems to live solely to corrupt lonely fa/tg/uys and infuriate Dranon.

Krieg-chan's a severely under-dressed possible-clone-soldier that strongly resembles a vampiric animu heroine, hasn't been shot by her commissar for being out of uniform for unspecified reasons, and seems to live solely to appeal to gas mask fetishists and infuriate nobody because she's too gosh darned cute...

EVERY /tg/ character is one-dimensional.

>> No.14301209

the only thing you need to know

you're reading to far into something that doesn't go past the pictures in the first place

>> No.14301216

Normally, it does. The entire route of trade from India to the rest of the world are based on it.

He didn't FORGET everything about it. You can see he struggles excessivily against it.

>> No.14301219

>there will never be cata-chan vs chem-chan bitchwrasslin

>> No.14301227

>> No.14301239


Apparently everything has to be "deep" now.

What kind of fucking 40k fans are these?

Chem-chan's a calendar girl that became accepted into /tg/ canon simply because enough people liked her. Then because enough people hated her.

The hate continues but she remains at least as well known as Cata-chan and Jubblowski and Shlicktau.

>> No.14301268


>> No.14301269

But at least they're actual characters, even if they're shallow. Two of those characters have both had stories/comics about them.
But Chemchan? From what I've seen the character has produced very little of anything, most of it being just pictures of her. Half of them just meant for fapping.

>> No.14301270

This reeks of troll, but I don't see what's dude-like about her.

On the other hand I'm half-convinced you're the same guy that's shown up and made this same argument in every other thread she's mentioned in. In which case I assume you just hate girls with weird haircuts and punk outfits.

>> No.14301294

When the fuck did Krieg-chan ever get a comic?

Also, Chem-chan did have stories/ comics.

>> No.14301300

Now you're just getting overreacting. If all Chemchan is is a calender girl, then calling her a shitty character is fine, because shes barely one at all.

>> No.14301303

arguing over some /tg/ fanwank charachters in Dark Eldar thread.

I am disappoint.

Lets get on topic again.
Do dark eldar have families or are they all cloned and shit. I know that there are trueborns, but they just seem to be some sort of status icons that the deldar get when they are influental enough, not for love or anything like that.

>> No.14301307

Actually she also had a quest thread.

>> No.14301312

>actual characters
How do you define "actual characters"?

>> No.14301315

>girls with weird haircuts and punk outfits.
When they fit the Kurgan better than any girl, I do.

And she lacks feminine shapes so much that even WickedStar drew her with a regular body instead of a hueg BBW.

>> No.14301316

Notice the / I put.
Anyway care to post more of them then? That makes 1 right now, and its only showing her.

>> No.14301331

You must be blind.

>> No.14301332

A character, with you know, character.

>> No.14301336

You're going to have to do better than that. If you can't even define "character" then you can't be taken seriously.

>> No.14301342

>I don't see what's dude-like about her

>> No.14301349

So I post late.
Anyway I'm not seeing much out of these comics. Boring if you ask me.

>> No.14301354

You need to chillax, son. Just because a girl has a sense of style you dislike it ain't no reason to hate.

>> No.14301360

>or are they all cloned

They're not clones. This is something people don't seem to get, I see it thrown around all the time on /tg/ and it's just not true. Every Dark Eldar is an individual - they have to be conceived normally, a female has to be impregnated by a male. But the foetus is removed and speed-grown by the Haemonculi, rather than the mother having to sit back and go through the long process of an Eldar pregnancy.

Dark Eldar probably do have families. The nobility who can afford to rear children without the aid of the Haemonculi certainly do, and there may well be some Dark Eldar couples who arrange to collect their child once the Haemonculi are finished growing it to maturity. Though, like everything in Commoragh, it's down to the whims of the individual. For every halfborn Dark Eldar taken back by his parents, there's probably a good few number more just shunted out onto the streets and left to fend for themselves. Having a child grown by the Haemonculi is probably the Dark Eldar equivalent of an abortion. If a Dark Eldar finds herself knocked up, she gets the foetus taken out then forgets all about it. The child is grown, then booted out into the depths of Commoragh to try and get the attention of a Kabal.

>> No.14301368

Then post the awesome Krieg-chan ones you keep talking about.

>> No.14301370

Do I need to give you the definition of the word character itself then?

>> No.14301376

Hot-pants, mid-riff baring shirts, and fishnet-tights are dude-like?

>> No.14301384

Nah, let's go down the list. Then you can tell me which you're refering to.

the aggregate of features and traits that form the individual nature of some person or thing.
one such feature or trait; characteristic.
moral or ethical quality: a man of fine, honorable character.
qualities of honesty, courage, or the like; integrity: It takes character to face up to a bully.
reputation: a stain on one's character.
good repute.
an account of the qualities or peculiarities of a person or thing.
a person, especially with reference to behavior or personality: a suspicious character.
Informal . an odd, eccentric, or unusual person.
a person represented in a drama, story, etc.

>> No.14301385

Why? I'm just saying they're boring.

>> No.14301392

Actually, yes. I hate most of what I don't like, especially when it comes to girls with a very defined and affirmed style, which is precisely supposed to induce an equally strong reaction.

And I'm perfectly cool, bro. Now she is manly, I hate it, but I'm still quite cool. Not enough to give no shit about what you're posting, but enough not to actually cringe.

>> No.14301397

Because I guarantee you don't have any.

>> No.14301403

Whichever the context of my answer suggests. I don't know why you want me to hold your hand through all this.

>> No.14301404

a part or role, as in a play or film.
a symbol as used in a writing system, as a letter of the alphabet.
the symbols of a writing system collectively.
a significant visual mark or symbol.
status or capacity: the character of a justice of the peace.
a written statement from an employer concerning the qualities of a former employee.
Literature . (especially in 17th- and 18th-century England) a formal character sketch or descriptive analysis of a particular human virtue or vice as represented in a person or type. Compare character sketch.
Genetics . any trait, function, structure, or substance of an organism resulting from the effect of one or more genes as modified by the environment.
Computers .
any symbol, as a number, letter, punctuation mark, etc., that represents data and that, when encoded, is usable by a machine.
one of a set of basic symbols that singly or in a series of two or more represents data and, when encoded, is usable in a computer.
a style of writing or printing.
Roman Catholic Theology . the ineffaceable imprint received on the soul through the sacraments of baptism, confirmation, and ordination.
(formerly) a cipher or cipher message.

>> No.14301407

Theater .
(of a part or role) representing a personality type, especially by emphasizing distinctive traits, as language, mannerisms, physical makeup, etc.
(of an actor or actress) acting or specializing in such roles.

>> No.14301420

I don't. Your point? I still find these boring.
I do however, have 2 40k comics that I could dump instead. They are however more than 100 pages long, both of them.

>> No.14301425


God, I love the new deldar fluff!

Partied so hard that you got knocked up?
>advice Dark Eldar
Go to haemonculi and pay him to will grow the brat in a TUUUUBE!

>> No.14301427

thorn, dirty functionnal clothes (ok, not the fishnets).

lighting up your cigar with a lasgun

casually looting from corpses

painting a shark grin on your respirator

throwing insults at your gun

posing in a badass way in a post-apocalyptic landscape.

Are all things that work far better with men.

>> No.14301432

No, I really want you to tell me what you're talking about, because right now you're giving me the impression of someone that really enjoys talking out of their ass and hates getting called on it.

I don't mean to be insulting but you've yet to say anything other than "She's not a character because she's not a character". This isn't how you win a debate, it isn't how you make a point, it's certainly not how you set the stage for a proper discussion.

I want to understand where you're coming from so that we may discuss this like reasonable adults.

>> No.14301435

This is stupidest de-rail I've seen in long time.

>> No.14301452

Your misogyny or sole need for a masculine hero is the crux of your whole argument?

>> No.14301454

When did this turn into debate? I thought this was a discussion, with me stating how I feel. I guess you're taking it more seriously though. I'm not.

>> No.14301463

Not interested, I have a shitload too. I just want to know where
>But at least they're actual characters, even if they're shallow. Two of those characters have both had stories/comics about them.
Comes from.

Cultist-chan, for sure, but it's an unfair comparison because she's got a larger body of work behind her than just about anything else on /tg/ combined.

And yet all of it depends on her being a one-dimensional one-trick pony, so the whole thing just kind of lacks merit.

>> No.14301466

This wouldn't have happened if /tg/ didn't post the shit they fap to.

>> No.14301478

It is a discussion, but you can't say "Not a character", so that then when someone asks "What do you consider a character in order to make that statement" you can say "herp derp you don't know what character means".

Because that's the discussion. What is "a character" to -you-, and how does this not qualify as "a character"?

>> No.14301480

I don't even need to be mysogynist. These things can be interesting on girls precisely because they're the kind of things you don't expect any girl to do. Otherwise you wouldn't even find the need to do it.

Now, it can be either appreciated, or hated. Doesn't change the fact that Chem-chan acts like a dude.

>> No.14301493

fetishfags defending fanwank charachter ruined a perfectly good thread.

Colour me suprised...

>> No.14301495

So you're the expert. Rewrite the scene so that she's appropriately girly. I'm dead serious. I am genuinely interested how that could be improved on in your eyes. You have my rapt attention. I want to see a girly Guardsman in a post-apocalyptic setting and I want to see it work.

>> No.14301507


>> No.14301508

I told you this already. Notice the /. I don't think Krieg chan has any comics at all, at least from what I know.
>she's got a larger body of work behind her than just about anything else on /tg/ combined.
Which is why shes a bigger character than what we're talking about here. Shes not a calender girl, shes a comic character.

>> No.14301511

ITT: people treat gender stereotypes like they're somehow hard-coded.

What the fuck?

>> No.14301522

And people say /tg/ is hard to troll.

>> No.14301532

Op here.
Dam, I didn't expect the thread to end up like this when I made it.
How do you get from dark eldar to this shitty debate?

>> No.14301541

I'd also like to see it work, but I think it wouldn't, precisely because this background (post-apocalyptic stuff or 40k) favours violence, grimdarkness and generally everything that ISN't girly.

Now, Chem-chan fits perfectly in it, that's why she's so boring and doesn't bring anything to it. I'm just saying that, if she acted less like a man, it could at least be a little funnier. And less unappealing, when it comes to my sexual tastes (because that's the point, IIRC)

>> No.14301546

>see thread
>remember i made this
>never got around to posting it
well better late then never

hair:sd chan,1,1;iris:normal, 32,50,86,1;breasts:70;skin:light;lipstick:0,0,0,0,0;eyeshadow:0,0&#4

>> No.14301553

>bigger character
>more comics
Doesn't work that way man.

I would argue that The Comedian or Rorschach have more character than Superman and they only appear as secondary characters in a single graphic novel.

Not comparing wankery that is Chem-chan to Rorschach, mind, I'm simply indicating that you have a funny way of looking at what defines a "character". More content only means more content. If they never grow or change over the course of that, then there really is nothing more to them than something you'd see in the funny papers on Sunday.

Cultist-chan? Has never changed. One bit.

Krieg-chan? We know piss-all beyond the fact that she is a Krieger that actually looks nice under her gas mask.

Chem-chan? She's a fucking charicature of Raoul Duke as a girl in 40k with Tank Girl's dress sense. Every story written about her has either been a parody of one of Hunter S. Thompson's books or articles or a buddy comedy set in company to an infinitely more interesting Orkoid companion.

>> No.14301558

Two things are happening here. First I think you might be thinking I'm saying things that I never actually said. I never once accused anyone of not knowing what character means.
Second, I already stated most of these things. If you want to, you can read my posts again and then you might be satisfied. Or not, but does that really matter? We all shouldn't be taking this seriously.

>> No.14301567

Wha the hell is this? it's a dissembodied mohawk and a scar?

>> No.14301575

>this pic has never been more aproriate.

>> No.14301587

Oh, look! A discussion on gender roles in a dark eldar thread. I think I'll play the demented engineer with a cigar to your deluded drivers causing a derail. Pic ironically related to your derail. On both counts.

>> No.14301594

I'm just trying to say that a shallow character is still a character, especially if they do more than "nothing". You could literally attach any one thing to someone and suddenly, you have a functional character. They might only be one layer deep but fuck if they ain't a character.

Uncle Bob in the local play might be portrayed as nothing more than a drunk that passes out in your rose bushes one night and belches wisdom at you, but you know what?

Even if the writer was ham-fistedly using a comedic plot device to communicate his personal ideas on the iniquities of humanity...

Bob was still a character.

>> No.14301611

>implying Battle Sisters have any feminine feature beyond boobplate and sexhair.

>> No.14301614

also made this for shits and giggles and demonic space aids

hair:sd chan 2,;iris:solid, 70,100,37,1;breasts:110;skin:pale;lipstick:0,255,44,143,0.5;eyeshadow:0&

a porn flash game that can uses hair templates

>> No.14301623

But Superman has had thousands of issues with hundreds of different writers. Rorschach has been part of a series written by 1 author. Both of them are much bigger than Cultist Chan and Chem chan, who have had only strips. All 4 of these characters are very different.

>> No.14301635

Of course, I agree completely. But obviously there are much larger characters.

>> No.14301639

Well, here's what I see when I follow the post-trail, correct me if this isn't yours.

>But at least they're actual characters, even if they're shallow. Two of those characters have both had stories/comics about them.
>But Chemchan? From what I've seen the character has produced very little of anything, most of it being just pictures of her. Half of them just meant for fapping.

See, and I just want to know... what comics? What stories? Cultist I know about. Krieg-chan... I'm fairly certain has had less ever done for her than Chem-chan has, either in terms of stories or comics. If you go by that extremely limited definition, you could easily say that Chem-chan has more character than Krieg-chan, which might be a fallacy but who knows.

My point is I'm not sure what you were trying to say, you got me interested, and then you left me with blueballs because you refuse to clarify.

>> No.14301654

Actually let me tack back (Or add) on the last thing I said. Cultist Chan and Chem chan are still quite similar to each other.

>> No.14301657

>Krieg-chan... I'm fairly certain has had less ever done for her than Chem-chan has, either in terms of stories or comics.
You know, I hate to bring this up, because every -chan is stupid as fuck, but:


>> No.14301676

Are you done?
Can we get back to the original topic now?

>> No.14301680

I'm sure you've seen at least 1 cultist chan comic, so I guess you're talking about Krieg chan.
But I guess someone beat me to it, see

>> No.14301702

apparently not then

>> No.14301704

>tack back
Christ I need caffeine or something. I don't even realize that I'm doing this.

>> No.14301708

There are deeper characters, certainly, but I see how one could easily have a great deal of things to work with with Chem-chan,if for one second we ignore that she exists solely to be the fap-material of extremely deviant personages.

Let's see...

1) Drug addiction. This is usually the "easy way" to make someone seem like a deep character but it's certainly a character flaw that can be built on. Especially when you consider that if the solo images are anything to go on, she's willing to almost anything to get the desired buzz, even if that means taking substitute substances that are extremely hazardous to your health. She might be on the road to being a Slaaneshi cultist for all we know.

2) Anti-social behavior. Ended up in jail for one reason or another, ended up in a penal legion for one reason or another, either escaped or managed to somehow be the sole survivor of her platoon. Doesn't seem to get along with anything human, probably only gets along with Miffgrod because he makes it clear that she's "in charge" because she's bigger than he is.

3) Doesn't seem to care that her companions up to this point have been xenos. Why? Is she not indoctrinated the way most Imperium citizens are? What could this mean concerning her upbringing or her mindset?

As far as I know none of this has actively been explored but it certainly seems to indicate that there's enough to question to make for an interesting character, even beyond the whole "Penal Legionnaire" angle. She isn't simply a Chem Dog. She's a xeno-friendly deserter with an uncanny amount of luck. And that's kind of interesting.

>> No.14301722

It's almost like you want me to link you to the Chem-chan story. Don't make me link you to the Chem-chan story.

>> No.14301728

/tg/ doesn't want characters, they want waifus. All looks, cookie cutter personality from the weeaboo rack.

>> No.14301737


>> No.14301742

I've seen plenty. I was talking about Krieg-chan. Never read the story, will certainly look into it because it's what I was HOPING to see. She's one of my favorite /tg/ OC's so I was waiting on something like that. But I can assure you there was a large body of work produced for Chem-chan that was simply... never saved, apparently.

Probably because so many people were hating WCKD and his pet writer at the time for introducing Kelly.

>> No.14301749

Guess again.

Repost it, OP. Punch and Judy have shat on this one beyond recovery.

Also, Dark Eldar weapons. How good are they, compared with the Imperium's and their fellow Eldar's?

>> No.14301758

>if for one second we ignore that she exists solely to be the fap-material of extremely deviant personages.

Who were we talking about again?

>> No.14301762

The problem is this isn't expanded on. From what you're telling me they could make and do something more out of the character, but from what I've seen they really don't. I guess Chemchan suffers from unused potential.

>> No.14301774


I think dark eldar weaponry might be most advanced in the galaxy, if you ignore the necrons. They got guns that fire dark matter for fucks sake and they at least keep improving their weaponry, unlike craftworld eldar, whoo seem to be stagnating.

>> No.14301780


Fuck it, I just hate what /tg/ wants.

>> No.14301790

So I guess it all comes down to this being all /tg/'s fault.
Fucking god damn shitty board piece of shit filled with assholes god damnit all

>> No.14301793

Chemchan HAD potential. There was hope, in the wacky tank girl esque shenanigans on Armageddon.

But nope. Nope nope nope nope.

>> No.14301796

ITT: OP's interesting discussion derailed by a pair of pretentious, fuckwit Anons with half a dozen braincells between them.

Could you two be any more pompous, pretentious, and generally idiotic? It might be hard, but please try. For Science.

>> No.14301801

That's the gist of it.

And for some reason any time someone HAS tried to expand on it, the "fans" VICIOUSLY attack anyone that tries to alter the status quo.

WCKD and an old writefag that went by Captain Blueballs were going to do a full-length 40k comic following her as a character, written as a "sexy comedy", but because they introduced a new character from her "platoon" prior to whatever left her going solo out in a Wasteland, the sheer wall of ass-clenching rage kept them from ever doing anything with it.

They even gave Chem-chan a proper name, and there were multiple threads FIGHTING over this, and about how she shouldn't even have one.

>> No.14301820

From what I remember anything written that wasn't fapfic was more "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas" than Tank Girl.

The story was being narrated by Miffgrod as he discussed this crazy 'umie he met after being seperated from his WAAAGH for being a Weirdboy.

>> No.14301823

Calm down, sheesh.

>> No.14301833

Exodite here, just finished going on a scenic flight riding the flying lizard I tamed myself. I am more fit than any of my dark or craftworld cousins and my life of honest labor with my people has hardened rendered me impervious to the great enemy's coils.

>> No.14301838

Pic related. You two are worse than the gadflies on YouTube.

So that's a bit of a retcon. Old fluff had them choosing to limit their weapon power to maximize the number of slaves they could take for torture.

>yDism community

>> No.14301844

Alright, I guess both of us got our answers. Lets get back on topic.

>> No.14301850

On TOP of that there was a planned calendar by WCKD using feedback from voting Anons with Chem-chan showing off various archeotech weapons that the Chem Dogs might use (rolled on a random table, another dead /tg/ project based in 40k).

Sadly the only thing Anon ever voted on was "Do some lesbian porn with Shlicktau".

>> No.14301852


>> No.14301854

New thread here if anyone is still interested in discussing about Dark Eldar


>> No.14301861

yeah Knox.
And she be good to go with either gender of human or xeno.

>> No.14301872

Her name's Gretchen.

>> No.14301895

How do you add these?

>> No.14301932

Newfag detected. Lurk more, cancer-spreader.

>> No.14302065

Okay, figured it out. Nevermind.

Guy totally needs to be 40k related though. Maybe futa cultist?

>> No.14302134

>tech heresy.jpg

I just thought of something.

Calling a magazine a clip would be tech heresy.

>> No.14302240

You know I never really knew there was this much rage directed towards Chem-chan?

>> No.14302293

You crazy fucks are made of awesome.
Party on, you magnificent bastards.

>> No.14302311

Actually Chem-chan's lack of character is why Chem-rat is better in every way.

She oozes character.

>> No.14302318

Shitthread confirmed for Tzeentchian plot.

Also, >>14302134 can gargle a bag of dicks.

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