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I've been mulling over what EDH general to pick way too long. Screw that, first post with doubles chooses my Commander. Colours do not matter, just give me a legendary creature with some kind of board impact, so no Legends Vanilla Legendaries and that shit.

To fill this with a bit more use, I'll dump some of my folders. I'll start with "strange stuff general"

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Phage the Untouchable

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Bwahaha, holy crap.
Okay, now let's look up what the "rules" say about Phage...

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What is best way to smuggle Phage into your opponents play area?

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Not at all I think. Apart from using some horribly complicated combo with Mindslaver and some sort of stealing card.

I really should have seen Phage coming...

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Ok, seriousgetting now: Glissa, the Traitor. You won't regret it.

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So close.

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Angus mackenzie

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Skithryx, the blight dragon

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adun oakenshield

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Next up: "I can't believe he tried to shoot me with this."
In the hope of getting a general that doesn't need Platinum Angel to be played.

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Nope, no-one will steal the glory of >>14296555.

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Well, fuck.

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My personal favorite

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Iona, shield of emeria

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What am I looking at?

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Guncrossbow. It shoots bulltes. And quarrels.
Also, can't you play Haakon now from Command Zone?

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Geth, Lord of the vault

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In the danger of issuing a challenge to someone...I think we should be through with the Unusables. Oh, wait, Brother Yamazaki and the Myojins. Silly me.

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Be a real man.

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kamahl fist of krosa

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Holy crap, I'd even play somebody to do a full art of him.
Shame it's just 6789, not Dubs. But that guy will def. become my second deck.

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a 4/4 for 4 in those colours isn't unplayable. He may not be insane but in the right deck he could be fine.

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A deck that gains from shuffling your deck? Because he can't do anything else, this being EDH/Commander. Each card only once.

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Long Rifle is actually quite long.

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You already got a good answer at >>14296623 but I guess if you really care about obeying a self-imposed arbitrary thread rule...

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Half of the folder left. There's still hope!

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I don't make them, I just follow them. Where would we end if we'd stop following the dictate of the dubs?
But nothing else turns up, I'll roll with Glissa.

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"Upkeep, draw,
swamp, go."

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Oh god, finally.
Dumping the folder till finished.

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You do realize that suggestion is actually worse than Mishra, right?

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Let's see...
>Tutors my deck
>Cockblocks draw PERIOD
>Allows for lots of dickmoves with the right cards

>Is a 4/4 for 4

Care to explain how Mishra is better?

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Tibor and Lumia.

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*Is a 4/4
*Is three colors, one of which is king of EDH
*That's it!

*Is a 2/3
*Is mono-black
*When you play it, your opponent gets to use it first. He tutors the removal spell that will most annoy you.
*If she somehow sticks, the game will slow down to a boring crawl as each card draw takes five minutes to resolve.

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That's all folks!
Thanks for rolling. Hope somebody saved one or two things.

Now I'm troubled. But that shall be my concern.

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It's >>14296977 now anyway.

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To be fair, Mishra makes it so every artifact you cast gets you a free shuffle. That can be very useful with, say, Top. Even more so if you have Shimmer Myr/Leyline of Anticipation/Vedalken Orrery, and Counterbalance. You activate Top, see nothing to counter their shit, flash in an artifact, shuffle up, and see if you have an answer NOW.

Also, Maralen is plenty of fun with Puzzle Box.

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What does one attach these to? A helmet?

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Child of Alara reanimation is a blast to play, had a turn 4 It That Betrays, my friends were pretty pissed

>my face when

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Possibly those leather caps.

How about Momir Vig

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