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Come watch 2 elegan/tg/entleman and a ca/tg/irl roll characters for FATAL! There's gonna be booze and more booze and probably a suicide or two. Stream starts at about 10 PM EST.


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Bump for hype.

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Sort of...want?

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Just stage the King in Yellow instead. Much more fun, less painful, and it's educational.

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Also, hard mode. We don't have a printer for character sheets.

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Is this gonna start eventually?

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10 PM Eastern Standard Time. It's currently 9:10 EST.

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Another bump? Out-fucking-rageous! 30 minutes to go time.

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We're approaching the 0 hour.

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2 minutes! Get in here!


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oh god this will be terrible.

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oh shit fatal

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Shit's starting now! Bump.

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the rolling continues

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oh wow... i almost rolled a character once. almost.

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i'm grossly curious

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itt we die a lonely death

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I DID roll a character once.

As much of one as you can create. Some stuff you can't, because FATAL was supposed to release a second book with details on the world and the gods, a setting book basically, but it was never released.

My guy critted his roll for marriage and was happily married, but his Common Sense was so debilitating low that he couldn't possibly succeed at being a Farmer, his rolled career.
And because everyone's curious, his penis was like a truck. A jackknifed truck. 4.something" long, 7.something" diameter.

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So we did it. Character creation done.

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I hate all of you

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of course, now we have to charge you with Human Rights violation.

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Don't hate the player, hate the game.

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