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I want to play a mammoth 40ft long sentient snake like creature with a self-feed gatling gun affixed to my tail.

What table top will allow this to happen?

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You have no arms. How would you even load the gun?

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GURPS maybe?

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The same way Abaddon does. Daemon magic.

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Spirit of the Century

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Eclipse Phase, yo.

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BESM. And it's a fairly low-point character concept, honestly. Want to add obscene wealth and/or a magical servant to that?

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Exalted, they've got freakin' everything.

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A magical servant would address the problem regarding reloading that arises from the lack of arms. The giant snake should at least wear a tophat and monocle though.

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Welp I also kinda wanted to load my new born snakling babies into the gun and fire living infant toxic "smart" bullets. How'd that fit in?

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GURPS, fo' shizzle.

HERO, if you REALLY want to 'sperg out.

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GURPS man, it'd be an Innate Attack, with Crushing (Cr) [possibly Piercing damage, if you wanted it to represent the offspring's fangs) Damage, probably with No Knock Back, and/or No Blunt Trauma. It would also have a Follow Up attack that does Toxic (tox) damage, to represent Venom. The venom (tox. damage) could also be resistible, or have any number of Side Effects (Blindness, a Heart Attack, Nausea, Hallucination, etc.) and Symptoms (same as side effects, but only come into affect after "X" amount of the Toxic [venom] damage).

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What is that even from?

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Wilhelm the fuck-off giant Sentient Snake
Body: 6. Mind: 4. Soul: 4. 14 points. 29 Point character, leaving (in an average game) 1-6 points for various skills.

Damn Healthy! level 5 (+50hp)
Light Armor (obvious) - stops 5 points of damage: 2 points
Natural Weapons (Tentacle/flexible): 1 point. Does 40 bonus damage.
Super Strength, type II (whole body), level 4 (lift a battle tank) - 12 points.

Requirement: warmth (Cold-blooded) (character must spend 1 EN each round in an environment significantly colder than room temperature) +1 point
No Arms, No Legs.+4 points
Awkward Size, level 3 (10-100t, ~ a semi truck)
Marked, Level 2 (Blatant non-human form) +2 pts.
-ism (he's a fucking giant snake) +1pt
Awkward (lack of fine motor control) +1 pt

Weapon Attack Level 2 (Tail-mounted, self-feeding Gatling Gun). Range: 500m. Ammo: infinite. Damage: 45 (equivalent to a 20mm gatling)
Auto-fire, Penetrating (armor). Unique Disability (1 level) Fixed to tail - character must choose either to move or to aim with the weapon, but cannot do both.
8 pts.

Secondary Attack: Coil. Level 1
Melee, Tangle. Range none, damage 20 (assault rifle). Linked to Natural Attack, Muscle Powered (+40 damage)
Points: 1

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GURPS all the fuckin' way, bro.

Fuck BESM. Watered-down GURPS, and designed for fucking Weaboos to boot.

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I statted the character up for an average party in 5 minutes.

I'll see the GURPS designs tomorrow, I take it?

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Rango. A movie about a chameleon turned sherriff. Pretty good considering Nickelodeon hasn't done 3d in a bit.

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Scratch that It was good. I'm not going to cheapen it with comparisons.

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You have spoken that name of the game which shall not be spoken of!


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Giant Snake (5)
Gatling Gun (5)

Remove a point from each and add a two point Outlaw cliche if that's appropriate. I haven't seen Rango.

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He's not so much an outlaw. More like a "legend". People bring him in when they want someone dead, he is honorable, principled, and always leaves with someone dead. He can also handle and manipulate stuff quite well despite the lack of arms.

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Fucking Exhalted.

...ugh.. fuck that masterbatory game.

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It was actually animated at Industrial Light and Magic. Their first ever 3D movie.

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you'd have them in about 20, if i was at home. That was just off the top of my head. He'd have the No Legs (snake-like, whatever it's called) disadvantage, centauroid body shape, probably a +1 or 2 size modifier, increased speed, no arms, innate attack for the gun, another for his bite (which would also be linked to Sharp Teeth), constriction attack, code of honour, etc. Too bad i'm not at home.

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Hey man, fuck you. Giant gatling gun snake would be the perfect enemy for the sentient whales in power armor.

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And it would actually fit in. No one would bat an eye.

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Gamma World would work too.

A friend played a cowboy made of rattle snakes. There was a snake in his boots. His boots were made of snakes. I am reasonably positive, nay CERTAIN, that some background combination would give you what you want.

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>Fuck BESM. Watered-down GURPS, and designed for fucking Weaboos to boot.

BESM is a great many things, complete and utter weeaboo trash, easy as all get out to break, and has hilariously bad scaling over power level.

But anything described as 'like GURPS', no sir, that will not stand. Not at all. I demand a duel with pistols at dawn.

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