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Since the last thread on this went oh so well, here's the latest sample of this 40K webcomic project.


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Tsundere sisters, shaven space wolves, major fluff violation and all in a unique manga style.

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this looks like every panel could be filled in with I'M SAD

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I don't care what you fuckers say, I'm looking forward to this.

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>Sisters get their asses handed to them
>Marines drop in and save the day

Business as usual, I see.

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>>major fluff violation
Implying anyone gives a fuck

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>unique manga style.

Best laugh I had all day. Thank you.

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>shaven space wolves
What's wrong with that?

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Sororitas are always cool

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>Nachomon is doing the art

Fuck, I don't even like 40k anymore but if he's drawing it, I'll give it a look.

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Have this, /tg/. The comic isn't even out yet and we'll already have a parody page for it.

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On closer inspection, it appears that the young space marine has enough hair on his head and long enough sideburns to qualify as a Space Wolf.....BUT ONLY JUST ENOUGH. If he gets a hair cut or if the Sister convinces him to shave his stubble, then everything will be heretical. Also,
>Tsundere sisters

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the fuck is wrong with /tg/ and female characters

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>Tsundere sisters

>Implying manga influences are ever a good way to portray characters meant to be anything other than eyecandy.

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Fuck y'all. I'm looking forward to it.

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Bitch please. Just accept that people have different tastes than yours and get over yourself.

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>bolt pistol in his hand
>bolt pistol on his waist

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I love how in all art like that involving Tau, the Fire Warriors are bundled up right next to each other.

Also, deep striking battlesuit from this art has been spotted.

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what if he louses the first one

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>My position is indefensible and I have nothing further to add.
what is it with /tg/ and making shitty arguments

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Anyone else find it hilarious that that picture's terminator armor is depicted as being smaller then other works' power armor?

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I chuckled.

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it's so he doesn't have to reload in the middle of battle.

Why you would want to MISS THE THRILL OF RELOADING is beyond me though

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oh. my. god. Pic related.

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You're now hearing "Bring your daughter...to the slaughter".

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aren't Space Marines sterile?

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Its for his other hand. If he loses the axe, he can start with the gunslingin'.

Never enough dakka, don'tyaknow.

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>Implying that you can have too many guns.

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>implying manga influence is the original source of tsundere
Manga may have been the original source of the TERM 'tsundere', but let's face it: Princess Leia was the original tsundere that all others were based off.

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>>Ctrl F the thread
>> can't find the word "weeaboo"

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>a wizard did it

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yay an anime-styled 40k comic about space marines whose armor never gets dirty.

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funny it comes up for me, maybe if you squint your eyes more man.

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I don't have a clue why you dropped the resolution to show that the heavy bolter turned into a bolter.

Good catch though.

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Consistency in scale isn't something 40k is known for.

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When did she get all lovey-dovey? Or blushing and embarassed? The fact that she fell in love with Han doesn't mean she's the same as HAN-KUN I DIDN'T SAVE YOU BECAUSE I LIKE YOU OR ANYTHING. She wasn't bipolar, she didn't like him and then he earned her respect. After that she pretty much loves him without reservation, at least when they bother talking about it.

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LOL! Racism! So edgy! You're a regular George Carlin!

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It isn't a bolt pistol, if you compare the handles. The holstered one looks like it is at a 90º, whereas the one he is holding is more on a 45º. Maybe it was supposed to be an extra knife and the perspective is screwy?

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She's pretty tsundere all through Empire with him. That's the best part of it, and what people remember the most.

If she had been fawning all over him the whole time, when he went to get frozen in carbonite, and said 'I know' when she said she loved him, it wouldn't have had the same effect.

Empire Strikes Back master race, all other movies are small time, even my own trilogy.

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Dude, you're stupid. The handles are the same, your perspective is off.
Also, the handle is attached to whatever would be in the bolt pistol holster, so...

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This is canonically 14 meters tall.
40k artists have no sense of scale.

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They are different Sisters. The one with the heavy boltgun was behind the kneeling one, while the one with the normal boltgun is in front of the kneeling one.

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>troll mad he got trolled by troll

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you can clearly see a handle for a CCW right beside it though, and it's the exact shape of a bolt pistol holder.

it's just old art, is really the reason.

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I said all others were modeled off her. I did not say they were ACCURATELY modeled off her. Accurate models include Buttercup from the Princess Bride....no, wait, I think the Princess Bride came first.

Point being, the pattern of a character's behavior referred to as 'tsundere' is found in it's most exaggerated forms in, but is not unique to, Japanese media.

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Nnnnoooo they're the same sister, the artist goofed. The heavy bolter one is behind and to the right of the kneeling sister, and then the camera changes and that heavy bolter sister is now just a bolter sister.

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>trolls trolling trolls trolling trolls

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Camera angle and distance indicate that the bolter-holder is a different character. There are FOUR people in this scene, it's just that the fourth didn't show in the other two panels due to camera angle.

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White knight much, eh?

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No, no I'm not taking that excuse. The artist failed.

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>Wear giant wolf's head with big gem on it on crotch
>Weirdest pride parade ever

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fuck yes I needed another picture to go with midnapity.jpg

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I don't think you know what that term means.

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>White knight much, eh?

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I guess you'll both have to wait for the next page to find out whose right.

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>talk about Star Wars with regards to tsundere and Princess Leia/Han Solo
>reaction face of Han Solo regarding non-tangent relevant post

+1 internet for you, my good man, I like what you did there.

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Actually the original tsundere was Beatrice from Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing, and you can see the archetype in like a billion films older than Star Wars.

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And when the camera changes for the third panel, the person in the frame is now in FRONT of the knelling person. Note the SIZE difference, indicating the character is in the background from that angle. At that angle, the heavy bolter would be out of frame, to the right, or in the foreground, LARGER than the knelling character.

I'm not sure how that term applies (is the artist a woman?), I'm just saying there are four characters in this scene and it's actually correct. Unless the artist says there are three people, in which case the artist is retarded and doesn't know that this change in camera angle makes the background character move to the foreground.

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the first Tsundere was Jesus Christ's disciple Paul

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God, I can't wait for this series to start
I'm rootin' for ya, Nacho!

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Ah, yes, thank you for that correction. However, Beatrice may not be the true original, as there have been many plays lost to time that contained the true original.

Nevertheless, my point still stands: 'Tsundere' is not unique to Japan, only 'extreme tsundere'.

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>Take basic character archetype
>Blame it on the japs
>Blame it on Lucas
>Honestly think that either created it

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It had to be done.

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But Paul never met Jesus. It doesn't work if they don't interact.

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betcha ten rupii they'll fuck before the end of the comic

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I suppose. The only thing either can be blamed for is familiarization or popularizing.
(Fuck.....'familiarization' and 'popularizing' do not seem like they should be words. They just roll off the tongue so wrong)

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Alright, as the anon who sent you off on a tangent by saying the love/ hate personality was of Japanese origin, I apologise.

I will correct it that it can often be seen in the Japanese manga as a lazy way of creating a character who will result in being nothing more than eyecandy, which I do not hope to befall this Sister of Battle.

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I hope so.

Its an interesting dynamic to go with. The highly conservative 'bible-belters' you could say of the Imperium, teaming up with the closest thing to a pagan the Imperium will allow to exist.

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There better not Tsunderewolves. Tsunderwolves are overpowered.

>> No.14264731

By the Emperor, it is like the set up to a 40k RomCom:
>One's a hard-line fanatic for the Emperor
>The other is a mighty Fenrisian warrior who rejects the Adeptus Astartes
>Together they learn about themselves and...they learn about love
>Next summer: love can bloom in the grim darkness of the 41st millennium

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Someone in here mentioned that spess muhreens were sterile.

That isn't true. They can fuck, it is just that they do not lust for it like regular men do.

>> No.14264736

He's a Space Wolf. You know, a member of the chapter that gets more action than all the other chapters combined? I'd be more surprised if they DIDN'T fuck.

Well, then again, she is a Sister. So he might not succeed.....but it would be heretical if he didn't try.

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Hey don't knock it. Some of the best /tg/ writing was about this very thing.

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>> No.14264752

>it is just that they do not lust for it like regular men do
Space Wolves do lust after women if the Sons of Fenris book has it right. Drunken parties and considering banging psykers are how they roll.

>> No.14264755

Even if it came to some horribly bad plot twist that got them to start the act, wonder how the space marine will ever get his shit off? Some pieces of the armour are bolted onto the poor bastard. Ain't no way he's getting out of it without servitor and techpriest help, and I doubt those guys will be particularly happy WHY they're being bothered.

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>> No.14264772

Space Marines don't have to wear their armor 24/7.
And supposedly they can take it off and put it on without any help.

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Man, we need more Love Can Bloom stuff. All the doom and gloom grows a bit trite after a while. Lets get some fucking in there, and not of the Slaneesh variety.

>> No.14264797

That is fucking hilarious.

>> No.14264806

>not of the Slaneesh variety
Why no love for the Prince of Excess?

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>> No.14264821

Cuz the new deamonettes are ugly, ugly bitches.

>> No.14264823

You mean a link to Love Can Bloom?
I made up that RomCom thing. There isn't any writefaggotry for it.

>> No.14264825

Wolves and sisters....

I honestly thought the wolves dropped to finish them off.

>> No.14264841

No, no. Only the Grey Knights, most pure of the Emperor's warriors, are allowed to massacre Sisters.

>> No.14264842

wolves are going to harvest the sisters for blood talismans

>> No.14264848


Could not resist.

>> No.14264851

The heavy bolterer is behind her.
That normal sister is clearly in front of her.

>> No.14264856

>just made it up on the spot
>not writefaggotry
I would be disappoint, but I know I only have to wait a while...

>> No.14264860

The Spess Wolves will be finishing them off all right.
If you know what I mean.

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someone needs to write some fapfic or draw some fapping material for this.

>> No.14264881

The fuck?!

>> No.14264885

>fap material

>> No.14264894

Nah, the wolves were doing it long before the Grey Knights made it cool.

>> No.14264908

>fap material

>> No.14264917

From beyond any known galaxy, bringing with them the laws and ideals of their doomed planet, Fenris, come the Thunderwolves. Njal, the Stormcaller; Lucas, the Trickster; Bjorn, the Fell-Handed; Svangir and Ulfgir, the junior cunning duo; Canis, the Wolfborn and Fangir. The Thunderwolves all sworn to serve their young Lord, Skarvald, and to instruct him in the secrets of the "Fang of Fenris" the "fang" embedded in the hilt of the Axe of Omens, is the source of the Thunderwolves' power.

Pursuing the Thunderwolves to Fenris and determined to possess the "Fang" for their own evil purposes are the hideous heretics from the planet Prospero, led by the daemonic Magnus. They form an unholy alliance with the ageless daemon-god Tzeentch.

Thunder, thunder, Thunderwolves, Hooooo!
Thunderwolves are on the move,
Thunderwolves are loose,
Feel the magic, hear the Roar,
Thunderwolves are loose,

Thunder, thunder, thunder, Thunderwolves!
Thunder, thunder, thunder, Thunderwolves!
Thunder, thunder, thunder, Thunderwolves!
Thunder, thunder, thunder, Thunderwolves! Thunderwolves!

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>> No.14264923

>>14264872someone needs to write some fapfic or draw some fapping material for this.

>>Stripped nude, the battle Sister was lowered into the pit by the Grey Knights. She struggled with futility as the walls began to close in on her. Her pale bosoms were pressed by cold adamantine as the Grey Knighs watched. She tried to breath but only felt ribs crack under the pressure, the walls still bearing tighter.

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>> No.14264933

Not about lesbians? NOT INTERESTED

>> No.14264936


Makes sense, Fenrisians raid each other for women and Prospero Burns explicitly mentions "breeding slaves".

So the Wolves could find use for captured Sororitas. Even if they are themselves sterile, they could mindwipe the sisters and hand them over to some local warlords in the hopes of producing even more suitable recruits.

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>> No.14264955

Enough with the Space Mongolian White Scars. This thread is about juicy tsundere sisters of battle sucking the long voluptuous cock of the tsunderewolves.

>> No.14264973

are you serious do you not see the potential

rows of battle sisters pure in their faith and consigned to be little more than cattle being led to slaughter because of their faith while almost inhuman warriors slay each one and draw out their blood.

dude buckets man, fucking buckets

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>> No.14265003

Not grimdark enough.
And the men represent wolves here.

>> No.14265012


>> No.14265025

>are you serious do you not see the potential
No, none of us see any potential in it. Here, let me point you to the place where you will find people who can:

>> No.14265034

god damn, I bet /tg/'s favorite anime is Lucky Star

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>> No.14265053

sisters - pure in their faith. A natural, human purity and devotion to the Emperor.
grey knights - pure in their faith and allegiance. They are engineered, impassive tools created to destroy daemons.

And the sisters don't want to die, not like this, because they are still human. They don't want to be slaughtered like livestock, their blood taken for the use of amulets and trinkets. But their faith, their duty to the Emperor demands it. And more viciously, that despite their purity, their faith and devotion, the Grey Knights are somehow better than them, more faithful to the Emperor.

And an awesome twist would be that the sisters never even get to see the Grey Knights. The only thing they would see were the quick arms of a servitor designed to extract blood before they died. An ignoble death.

Only those who tried to flee this death sentence would be hunted down by the Grey Knights. And think of the turmoil and torment as the sisters tried to reason their rebellion against what was their fate?

this is the most exciting type of pain and is definitely worthy of fapping

>> No.14265058

Spice and Wolf actually.

>> No.14265059

Realizing the futility of her efforts, whether from the pain or not to give her captors the pleasure from witnessing the tears gathering around her eyes, the young Sister's cold blue eyes closed and her bloodied lips started moving silently.. "Emperor, give me strength to shatter these bonds"...

>> No.14265072

>Grey Knights
>They steal everyone's blood
>What the fuck am I reading?

>> No.14265073


Brother Cassius then stepped into the room "Ok guys, I got a ton of used tampons here plenty of blood for- HOLY FUCK WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING!!!!"

>> No.14265075


>> No.14265078

Mat Ward my friend.

>> No.14265080

blame matt ward yo

but seriously, it's a beautiful pairing. Who would've thought grey knights and sisters of battle would make such a delicious conflict?

>> No.14265083

No, it's LoGH

>> No.14265087

Wasn't there already a web comic that had sisters of battle and space wolves and some guardsmen.


this looks good, but we'll just have to wait half a year before GW cock blocks this for some reason or another.

so don't get too excited.

>> No.14265090

what's this about using blood

where is it in the new codex?

>> No.14265094


>> No.14265098


>> No.14265109

I thought that was some bullshit made up by this fap material anon.
That is canon? Grey Knights go around stealing blood?

>> No.14265115


>> No.14265122

They killed a bunch of Sisters to use their blood to ward off chaos or some shit. Its in the new Knights codex.

>> No.14265137

it's not stealing and see that's the beauty of it.

The grey knights demand the blood of pure people and the sisters of battle must provide it. No different than a lord solar demanding tens of millions of young men, most of which will die for the emperor.

>> No.14265140


Apparently the Sisters were the only 'pure and innocent people' around when the Grey Knights needed some to help deal with a chaos artifact. Instead of, you know, asking them to help as fellow Inquisitorial agents, they just killed them all and used their blood for talismans of protections.

>> No.14265145

You never made a Space Marine mini in your life, right?

You'll get laspistols on your sprue with Space Marines. The lasguns are the last back up weapon of a Space Marine. Shit doesn't run out of power, shit'll work fine in mud, dirt, water, toxic waste, it can kill animals, as a Space Marine you don't give a shit about weak laser power because you can aim for the eyes, AND it makes your steak nice rare done, AND it cuts your steak.

>> No.14265148

so anyway /tg/

expect fapfics/drawings or something. Apart from jokaeros, this is probably the only other good thing matt ward did

>> No.14265162


where in the codex is this

>> No.14265168

you implyin the ward got anything to do with the comic?

>> No.14265171

inquisition war novel has imperial fist marines carrying around laspistols as backup

although they carried bolters for their primary

>> No.14265174


The story is basically
-The Bloodtide is unleashed on some planet. As explained in the book "Hunt for Voldorius", it's a Chaos-corrupted Dark Age superweapon that either exsanguinates its victims or mutates them into mad berserkers due to combination of daemonic influence and nanotech.
-Even the Grey Knights are not immune to this, and observe from orbit fearing the planet gets lost to chaos, when they notice that a Sororitas convent has miraculously survived the Bloodtide without ill effects
-The Grey Knights figure out that they can gain whatever protection the Sororitas have by making talismans of their blood and body parts, descend into the monastery, grind the sisters into mojo and use it to defend themselves from the Bloodtide, then purge the planet of Chaos influence.

>> No.14265176

i'm saying ward unintentionally created an awesome possibility for fan-made fiction and drawings.

sisters of battle being slaughtered by grey knights is awesome, deal w/ it

>> No.14265184

>>14265176i'm saying ward unintentionally


>> No.14265191

>sisters of battle being slaughtered by grey knights is awesome, deal w/ it
Eugh. No.
Keep your guro fetish in /d/.

>> No.14265192


That is.... bloody retarded. Even for wh40k.

>> No.14265199

Grey Knights are with the Inquisition. They don't give a fuck about the rules. They fuck the police with rakes.

They're biological psyker robots, given only one directive by the Inquisition.

1. Prime directive: Demons must be destroyed at all costs. - AT ALL COSTS -

>> No.14265204

I think it is the good old classic virgin blood is needed, most inquisitor are actually allowed to have sex, Honestly is it really more retarded than making Psybots from grinding down the emperors children and hit shits?

>> No.14265207



>> No.14265212

Instead of importing more sisters they butchered them and wore them?


>> No.14265221


You know what the worst thing there is? That's probebly the very best fluff the Sisters have gotten recently.

They stared down an arcanotech heretical device that works on planetary scales and they won.

Then the Grey Knights decided that working with others if for chumps and chopped them up.

>> No.14265226

dude it's okay to hit females in the 41st millenium.

and 40k has far worse things than a bunch of sisters being slaughtered for the survival of mankind.

>> No.14265228

bleep bloop bix nood

>> No.14265235

Sexual repression will do that to you.

>> No.14265238

to wait for sisters to arrive would have condemned the planet

the grey knights did what was necessary.

>> No.14265242


well played sir.

>> No.14265252

>Sisters are doing a great job withstanding the influences of Chaos
>Slaughter then all

>> No.14265258

Don't make excuses for Ward's bullshit. It just makes you look bad.

>> No.14265263


There was already a convent there. They could have, you know, worked with the Sisters. I'm pretty sure they had the bones of maytred sisters they could use.

Wait...how did the grey knights kill them? They couldn't get onto the planet without be affected by the device...

>> No.14265268

You're forgetting the Grey Knights were the only ones with the firepower to destroy it. The Bloodtide would have killed them anyway.

>> No.14265269

Yes, it's ok to hit women in 40k. I actually find that refreshing.

But butchering folks alive and wearing them?
No. Just no.

>> No.14265271

Wasn't everyone dead but the sisters?

>> No.14265291

they find it okay to condemn millions of loyal soldiers who have survived a brutal war against chaos (armageddon) to labor camps or mass execution simply because of their exposure to chaos.

sisters being sacrificed so they could anoint grey knights with their body parts to save a world is acceptable

>> No.14265301

But no one requests fapfics of that, do they?

>> No.14265302


How? The Sisters were immune to the device and an Exorcist will blow anything to hell. Better than a psycannon even.

>> No.14265305

I like how everybody's getting all whiny about the Grey Knights Soylent Greening a bunch of Sisters, but ignore the fact that they killed BILLIONS of people to cover up their involvement in the First War of Armageddon.

Grey Knights confirmed for douchebag tier.

>> No.14265311

>> No.14265319




>> No.14265320


It didn't say that the monastery had much of a military presence, and the planet was swarming with mutated Chaos gribblies after the Bloodtide's passing.

>> No.14265326

Not everyone thought that was cool. There was this one guy, had long hair and had some crazy ideas about respecting your fellow man, you might have heard of him.

>> No.14265327

happens every day

but more importantly, the conflict between sisters/grey knights is a bit less vague when it comes to IG armies being slaughtered for knowing about chaos.

>> No.14265336


My main bitch is just how needless it was. The Sisters are Inquisitoral troops too. Heck, they have an ENTIRE order designed to deal with devices like this, the Order of the Eternal Gate.

>> No.14265338

i know but he was overruled

and you know, don't wanna argue with the inquisition because you know, ork snipers and all.

>> No.14265343


>> No.14265344

Dude. Fucking READ MY POST!

You can throw ONE SINGLE SISTER OF BATTLE ON A DEMON WORLD and she will remain pure.


Purity isn't winning the goddamn battle. It's just... purity.

>> No.14265348


millions of guardsmen die in needless endeavours

>> No.14265352


Sebastian Thor?

>> No.14265356

He-Man isn't scared of Ork Snipers, or the Inquisition!

>> No.14265357

>That picture
I nearly choked.

>> No.14265365

Logan Grimnar.

>> No.14265366


Vast majority of the Sisters wouldn't even know about Grey Knights as anything else than another Marine Chapter which are according to the more faithful barely better than mutants.

The Grey Knights on the other hand consider themselves beyond reproach and would not even bother to explain themselves and their business to the Sisters, they even withhold the Dreadknight's details from the Admech and sure as hell are not revealing how they got the xenotech psilencers.

>> No.14265374

>He-Man isn't scared of Ork Snipers,
> isn't scared of Ork Snipers,


now the orks are in that valley there so send your whole chapter into that valley to purge the orks. Do not retreat until we give the order.

>> No.14265385

The Sisters didn't have either the numbers or the weapons to defeat the Bloodtide.

The Grey Knights did.

So the Grey Knights needed protection against the Bloodtide. And the Sisters of Battle were already DEAD, because they didn't have the firepower to win against the Bloodtide.

So the Grey Knights simply did what had to be done. Fight demons. At all costs.

>> No.14265387


That fits with Ahriman being the 40k universe's Skeletor and all.


>> No.14265389

You ever seen an Ork sniper?

>> No.14265392

he-man emperor and horus-skeletor
someone draw this!

>> No.14265403

To be fair, withholding tech from the AdMech is one of the best thing's you can do in the Imperium.

Any tech you give them vanishes, never to be used again, it would be a horrible waste.

>> No.14265404

canoness finds out
word filters down
doubt descends (are they not pure enough? etc.)
fear descends as they get slaughtered for no real reason. They are not space marines, they can still feel fear even though they are still pure.

see how delicious this can get? it's not about young nubile sisters being stripped of their armour and then slowly being eviscerated by grey knights.. well.. sort of but it's more about what the sisters are thinking and feeling that makes it so good.

>> No.14265413

.....oh, Emperor.

What if the plot of this comic involved the Space Wolf having to beat down some Grey Knights who were after the Sisters blood? That would be such a huge fuck-you to Ward.....

>> No.14265426

ITT: People just noticing how goddamn stupid 40K lore is.
This isn't Asimov folks, this is pulpy sci-fi trash.

>> No.14265440

Or Horus-as-Hordak even.

>> No.14265442


grimnar comes to save the sisters, realizes there are no grey knights and it's actually orks.

ork snipers to be precise

>> No.14265443

Haven't the Wolves shot down sisters who were being uppity?

>> No.14265459

>Not a blood angel
"Fabulous secret powers were revealed to me the day i held aloft my magic sword and said, BY THE POWER OF TERRA! I HAVE THE POOWEEEER. And i became, Sanguinor! The most powerful man in the universe!"

>> No.14265461

Where are those stylized Eldar comics from?

>> No.14265473


Well, they shot down priests first. The Sisters later turned up to ask what happened to the priests and were fired upon.

>> No.14265474

They only took the blood because it was the simplest way to achieve what needed to be achieved.

Sisters are immune, but have already failed to contain it, Grey Knights have the weapons to destroy it, but aren't immune.

So they took the Sisters immunity, bam mission accomplished, and since everyone was already dead they didn't have to do after action clean up.

>> No.14265475

>sisters being sacrificed so they could anoint grey knights with their body parts to save a world is acceptable

I have heard about this, so much, where is the piece of fluff that this is from, i need to read it.

>> No.14265483

The Lion King 40K

>> No.14265490

skeletor - nekron
whiplash - ork
evil lynn - dark eldar
tri-clopes - tau
two bad - tyranid maybe? or ork
Webstor - tyranid
beastman - ork

>> No.14265495


It doesn't specifically say that the Sisters were killed, it could be that they were captured in accordance to Fenrisian tradition, mindwiped and given to the most powerful tribal warriors as breeding stock, providing stronger future initiates and diversifying the Fenrisian gene-pool, after all a medieval deathworld would have very small population.

>> No.14265498

They just had the virginal sisters menstruate on top of the Grey Knights

there's nothing about putting them into blenders and drinking puretien shakes.

>> No.14265502

The GK codex.

>> No.14265520

>Sniper flamethrower

>> No.14265523


Actually, the Sisters retreated from the System. Probebly a good idea when you don't actually have armed ships.

>> No.14265527

Yes that is much better. Mind-wiped sex slaves.

>> No.14265531

At which point he shrugs his shoulders, goes 'oh well' and fucks up the orks shit.

Meanwhile, back at wherever the Sisters are holding the line, one particular Space Wolf follows in his Primarchs footsteps....

>> No.14265533

The Wolves have blue on blued just about every imperial faction at one point or another.

And they see no problem with this, because it is really what they were created for. To be the Emperor's executioners.

Shit, the Emperor had Russ kill two of his brothers.

>> No.14265547

>Lord Morius, no clean up costs?
>Indeed, Lord Inquisitor Bestus. The... situation has cleaned itself.
>Oh, Morius. How pleasant, what pleasant news. If this continues, our Inquisition cabal might make a positive fiscal year for the first time since the trading market crash after the unfortunate psychic death-scream of the Cacodominus.

Fuck, now I'm imagining those pesky Adeptus Administratus pencil-lickers all over the Imperium.

>> No.14265551

Grey Knights codex. Thew new one by Matt Ward.

>> No.14265559


To be more precise, what was left of them retreated. The war raged on for three weeks according to the codex, presumably they got into the surface since they do indeed lack proper warships and thus a fleet battle would have been short indeed.

>> No.14265560

Hey, that's actually kinda cool.

>> No.14265563

Scans? I need to see this bullshit firsthand.

>> No.14265569

where in the new codex is it, someone post a scan

>> No.14265582

They were designed to keep the rest of the Imperium honest. Grimnar follows in his pappy's footsteps.

>> No.14265583

I love how it has been explained by people knowledgeable in the fluff, and people are still perplexed about it.

Some people are just dumb, I guess.

>> No.14265586


Not so sure about that. If 1 rogue cardinal managed to nearly take Fenris, 3 Orders of Sisters would have made mincemeat of the Wolves.

I imagine it was more 'Probing attempt to reach planet, fired on, pull back, try from different direction to avoid some of the defences. Repeat for 3 weeks.'

>> No.14265598

You think THAT'S bad?

There's some guy on dA planning that draws moeshit of 40k.

He also plans to make his own comic about his 40k moeshit.


>> No.14265601

"Get out of our snowfort!"

"Yeah, no girls!"

>> No.14265620

Not too sure about that. Space Wolves are one of the few organization that can call out the Grey Knights on their douchebaggery and get away with it. You'd have to have an unimaginable amount of clout to pull that off.

>> No.14265625


>If 1 rogue cardinal managed to nearly take Fenris

Not that shit again. Cardinal Bucharis had a splinter empire of dozens of worlds, plus a renegade Imperial Navy admiral and his battlegroup on his side. That's by far a greater force than anything three orders of Sisters could muster.

In addition "War rages on" used in the codex indicates that the conflict was not just foreplay.

>> No.14265626


Just noticed that the fur coat on his shoulder means it propably belonged to some dude he flailed.

>> No.14265628

A rogue cardinal, who controlled an entire Segmentum and poured his entire force into the attempt against what was initially a skeleton crew of Blood Claws and Long Fangs directed by Bjorn the Fell-Handed.

>> No.14265638

>If 1 rogue cardinal managed to nearly take Fenris

What the fuck nigger, what are you saying?

Fenris exists mostly of freezing sheets of ice, and volcanoes. It hardly has any real land. And the Space Wolves only control the Fang. Because it's basically the only stable continent on Fenris.

So it doesn't really matter how much ground that cardinal conquered on Fenris.

In fact, it only led to his demise. He probably lost more men to sea serpents, mammoth herds, volcanoes, blizzards and breaking/melting ice, than to the Space Wolves themselves.

Besides, the Fang is covered with void shields. Space ship class void shields. As far as I know, only the Thousand Sons managed to seriously damage those shields.

>> No.14265661


Ah, I see. Never seen the full story for that. My mistake.

>> No.14265696


>> No.14265707

>Shit, the Emperor had Russ kill two of his brothers.
Wait, what? Explain.

>> No.14265717

>>14265696dat waaagh


>> No.14265721

>Hey Russ, go detain Magnus while I get this breach of conduct thing sorted out with him.
>Bombard his planet from orbit you say? Ok.

>> No.14265726

He killed the missing Primarchs on the Emps orders. Its black library, its only canon if you want it to be.

>> No.14265737

The Missing Primarchs. They're dead. "Their" Space Marines were gobbled up by the Ultramarine Legion.

>> No.14265746

>> No.14265761


>> No.14265769

>He killed the missing Primarchs on the Emps orders.
I...am entirely ambivalent to this news.

>> No.14265773


Really? Wow, Russ was a total dick.

I am glad Lion El cheap shotted him.

>> No.14265786

>black library, only canon if you want it to be

True, but no more so than the codices. The official policy is that all the fluff is equal. Codices are just as "only canon if you want it to be" as black library, FFG, and even Dawn of War.

>> No.14265792

What? Which book?

>> No.14265812

Thank you for having the only reasonable opinion on the matter.

>> No.14265845

We don't know the full story, but the two missing guys were bad enough news that all information of them was censured, even amongst the Primarchs they weren't to be spoken of. Russ was actually upset about the whole thing, and was reluctant to fight Magnus when the order came to deal with him as well.

He still did it, because that's what he does. Because he's the hero the Imperium deserves. Because he can take it. Because he's not our hero. He's a silent gaurdian. A watchful protector. A dark knight.

Or something.

>> No.14265858

Thousand Sons/Prospero Burns.

>> No.14265860


>> No.14265896

the last two primarchs were black.

>> No.14265897

Okay, we've known about this comic for a little while now.

Where's the porn?

>> No.14265909


>> No.14265923

What the hell I'm I reading...

Sure, keep rationalizing Mat Ward's bullshit, the guy who thinks Blood Angels and Necrons can make good buddies, but not Grey Knights and Sisters of Battle. Oh no, we can't have that.

>> No.14266070

We don't need to rationalize it, that's basic reason, through a grimdark filter.

And the Necrons were one of those 'rebelling against the C'tan' Necrons, they have far less reason to go to war with the Imperium then the normal ones.

Still think the fact that there are Necrons that rebel against the C'tan is bullshit though.

>> No.14266104


Get used to it. Pretty much all 5th edition fluff about the Necrons omits mentions of the C'tan, and it seems that the new Necron codex is going to focus much more on the Necrons themselves. Fluffwise the old codex is pretty much Codex: C'tan, and the idea of these super stargods running around and secretly being responsible for everything in the setting isn't an idea that everyone took well.

>> No.14266200

Didn't those crons just faze out after the battle because the didn't have the troops needed to kill the blood angels? That part sort of makes sense more nids = more delicious life energy to harvest, while they might get a couple hundred space marines. So it is logical that they would go after the nids first.

Dante has no fucking excuse though, he is just a faggot. If he really did it our of honor then he is as stupid as the Tau that held a reception for the Crons that killed a hive fleet splinter attacking their planet. They held a reception for a Necron Lord, fuck.

>> No.14266205

So now they're Space Tomb Kings instead!

>> No.14266210


>> No.14266230

I am...neutral on the subject of wolves?

>> No.14266239


The description said that Dante found the idea of turning against those they had fought with side by side "a distasteful one".

So yeah he did it out of honour.

>> No.14266252

Blood Magpies diplomacy at its finest.

>> No.14266284

That's a fan-colored picture right?
That would be the only explanation for a THOUSAND SONS MARINE BLEEDING.

>> No.14266290

Brainwashed supersoldier whose every thought concerns skull fucking aliens refuses to destroy souless xenos robots because they "fought side by side"


>> No.14266304

Bjorn existed pre-heresy.
He could have fought them before they lost their bodies.
Or that could be a sorcerer.

>> No.14266314

He was also pussy enough to let the GKs mindwipe his own Marines after they worked together to curbstomp Ka'Bhanda for the 4234232nd time.

>> No.14266317

Blood angels are considerably less brain washed. They might even be nice folks if they didn't have an urge to eat people and go insane.

>> No.14266331

If it was preheresy their armor would be red instead of blue.

>> No.14266333


Dante also negotiated an alliance between human and alien worlds near Baal against Ka'Bandha's newest attack and a splinter fleet of Leviathan.

>> No.14266357

If it was pre-heresy Bjorn wouldn't be a fucking dreadnought.

>> No.14266383

"...Did you see those Dreadknights the Grey Knights were piloting?"
"Oh Emperor, yes. What the hell were the Techpriests thinking when they designed them? That the Daemons would laugh themselves to death?"
"I was trying to get out of the Sanguinary Guard, but by Sanguinius, the Nipple Armour is less embarrassing than that even if it is a bit annoying on cold days"
"I had Azreal spit in my ear to try and wipe the images out with the cleansing touch of acid to the brain"
"But my fucking ear!"

>> No.14266413

He had better just be getting the xenos to put up a fight to waste the tyranids resources then exterminatusing the planets to prevent them reclaiming the biomass.

I hope to the God Emperor that's what was implied. I know Blood Angles are one of the "noble" chapters but they are fucking aliens man!

>> No.14266484

>999.M41 The Darkest Hour.
>The Blood Angels are tested as never before. A tendril of Hive Fleet Leviathan is judged to be on a direct course for Baal. Worse, the dread Ka'Bandha returns from the darkness of the Warp with a Daemon army at his command, his first blow striking against Ammonai, outermost planet of the Baal system. Faced with a terrible war on at least two fronts, Dante makes swift preparation, uniting many Imperial and nonhuman worlds under the banner of survival. Even some former foes can be counted in Dante's alliance, though whether or not they can be entirely trusted is another matter. Knowing even these forces are not enough to repel both Daemons and Tyranids, Dante recalls the 3rd Company from Armageddon and sends requests for aid to the Blood Angels' successors . The Flesh Tearers are the first to respond, dispatching their full fighting strength without hesitation, and ultimately all but the Lamentors lend aid to their primogenitor. Even the Knights of Blood, declared Ren egade many centuries earlier, heed the call - though they are careful never to take the field alongside the other Chapters. So is the stage set for the defence of Baal itself - perhaps the final battle of the Scions of Sanguinius.

Doesn't really look like it.

>> No.14266546


Knowing the lamentors they were planning to turn up but then suddenly everything went to hell and they had to fight a necron attack or something.

>> No.14266547

Sorry, my hate is so blinding it makes me want to read:
>Dante also negotiated an alliance between human and alien worlds *PURE FUCKING GIBBERISH* and a splinter fleet of Leviathan.

>> No.14266642

Well, some of the allied species do get wiped out a few years later by a Navy battlegroup. So just as planned?

>> No.14266663


Unlikely since the alliance happens at the year timeline freezes.

It's also possible that the Blood Angels would protect their allies because they think the High Lords are assholes or something.

>> No.14266674

Sangy inherited the most human parts of the emperor didn't he? They probably can't help it.

>> No.14267064

Check Caiphus Cain's timeline buddy.

>> No.14268713

>ultimately all but the Lamentors

>> No.14268761

Or they offered aid, but Dante was like "Sorry, only cool kids are allowed."


>> No.14271677

Please tell me they didn't really do that to the Sisters...

I mean really, someone actually WRITES this shit, I know it's supposed to be grimdark.. but don't we get a little.. TOO grimdark? Or can we even just.. cross the fucking line entirely?

>> No.14271800

didn't GW shut down turn signals on a land raider?

>> No.14271816

See this is why you have to learn to ignore the parts of 40k fluff that you don't like.

>> No.14271831




>> No.14271853

Can someone tell me where I can find more of this comic?

>> No.14271885

They shut it down ages ago.

Though the lawyers are far less pushy these days.

>> No.14271899


No, GW were fine with it. They just can't allow the guy to make money off of it - That's the point where it opens up a whole can of legal and IP worms.

So about a year or so back the guy making it ended it since he couldn't afford to keep spending time and money on something, while cool, wasn't ever going to make him any sort of profit, instead of continuing to be an ever-spiralling black hole in his budget.

GW didn't do shit this time.

>> No.14272500


>> No.14272826


>> No.14273114


>> No.14274591

>> No.14274635


Don't blame GW for nixing Damnatus, blame obnoxious German IP law. Even if the Damnatus team had all signed documents saying "yes, this is a fan project, it does not intend to infringe on or exploit GW's copyright, 40k and all other trademarks are property of GW", GW still would have lost its copyright, and you can't really fault them for protecting it.

>> No.14274663

Good thing it was "accidentally" leaked a few months afterwards. Strange how GW totally ignored that event, isn't it?

>> No.14274769


Well, GW didn't dislike Damnatus, their hands were tied by the IP laws. This way, they protect their copyright and satisfy their solicitors by publicly condemning it, and the distribution (illegal but privately, unvoiced, non-officially approved) lets hobbyists enjoy it. Everyone wins.

>> No.14276301


the Rubric wasn't cast until after the Heresy. there's a little bit of wiggle room.

>> No.14276330


GW wouldn't have "lost their copyright", the IP law issue is something they pulled out of their ass, and it was the first and only time any foreign company has had a problem with it.


Needless to say, this did had no effect whatsoever on German legislature. GW were just being idiots, and their excuses were bullcrap. No German court would allow a hypothetical lawsuit by a bunch of indie filmmakers to snatch IP of that value based on any existing law.

>> No.14276343


Ciaphas Cain's timeline does not imply in any way that Dante's alien buddies were wiped out, or that Imperium even tried.

>> No.14276407

>> No.14276418

>a unique manga style.

Call it "nondescriptive". That would be accurate.

>> No.14276423


Truly, the Emperor's Finest.

>> No.14276476

Untramarines are Come stanted Pants

>> No.14276481

GWS hasn't sent in the lawyers yet?

>> No.14279735


Nope. It has to be popular and close enough to GW artwork for them to really strap on the lawyer-dildoes and go Slannesshi on their artistic asses.

>> No.14279780


>> No.14279954


Well, duh. People need to do more with that Noise Marines blank in >>14264314. So exploitable.

>> No.14280044

Actually, the ultramaroons have harems back on their homeworld.

>> No.14280329

No I mean the timeline extended a few years past that.

It's M42 in Canon now.

>> No.14280563


>Scans? I need to see this bullshit firsthand.

This. No fucking megaupload or rapidshare links or "/rs/ is that way". Post a jpg of the fucking page.

>> No.14280880


Exploitable, you say?

>> No.14281008


You are now aware Inhuman Rampage required a pact with Tzeentch to complete.

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