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QuestOrk here, da next Kommando Quest will be around this time tomorrow (maybe a little later) or later today (Ausfag here) when I am at home.
You filthy gits can find all the fun n' games of da first Kommando quest here:
and continued for a bit here:

Right now I'm looking for some brainboyz who may have some good ideas I can loot for future games.
Also Ork general cause green is best.

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/tg/ is ignoring my request for original or interesting ides. This can't be.

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DA DEFFBOSS!!!! Da only ork da saize of da moon.

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What type of games are you planning on running in the future? Need a little more intel to set my brain a-stirring. Not that I'll come up with much, more that likely, but I want to help.

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Well if you read the threads Skruffy, Da Janitork is a Deffskull boy and therefor has the ability to loot shit and stick bitz together to make better things. Like in our last session we made a Double Choppa by sticking 2 Choppa's together. (I was expecting them to stick a Choppa to our Shoota so we have a weapon wot was choppy-and-shooty) So would like some ideas about some bitz I can present people with so they can come up with some great Orky gear ideas. Also looking for ideas about how I am running the missions using VASSAL to make the maps, if we should have a party system going... shit like that.

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A choppamopp! Get a mopp frum Skruffy's Janitork clozet, an' stik da Double Choppa to it!
Chainz are gud. If ya get a chain, ya can stik stuff to it an' swing it arownd.

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one of da boyz

is actually an eldar!

and he's here to take ALL our gubbinz

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What do people think of:
Vehicle's being usable/ownable
A "party" compete with different Orkz
Becoming a Warboss
Being able to stop being a Kommando and be a different kind of boy

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Well, kombi-weapons are always orky! Finding a way to put the slugga on the shoota or burna or what ever else is found is always handy. Stripping any armor off of the sentinel to make some for Skruffy might also work. As far as the map tool, you got me, man. No idea for that.

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Having a party would be handy. If anyone remembers SOOHG's STALKER Quest, having extra hands was always useful. Stealing the humans' commo equipment is always an option. I was at least lurking the first thread you had going the other night, but I dropped out due to the derp from that Warboss fucker. Anyway, other gear? Rokkits and melta bombs (never remember if they have an Ork equivalent or not) would always be handy, maybe a couple of gretchin for decoys and/or snacks as well.

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I know what I would LIKE to see happen with the Sentinel, what people decide to do with it will most likely be the exact opposite. I have a few items written down I would like to introduce to people. Hmmm why don't I suggest them now so you guys can stew over a few of them and come up with some ideas.
Squig pen, full of squigs about the size of an orks fist.
A big thick heavy leather bag.
A big rubbery-elastic band type thing
Bitz of metal and rivets.
A broken rokkit luncha.

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Someone else remembers Out Of Here Getters quest.
You are my new friend. That quest was the best quest ever, and it ended T_T

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First thing I think of with "squigs, leather bag, and an elastic band" is a PORTABLE SQUIG LAUNCHA! The broken rokkit launcha can always be fixed later, and could even be used as a sighting post.

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Did it ever have a proper end? And I haven't seen SOOHG on here in quite a while. It certainly helped pass the time while I was getting out of the army.

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No it didn't sadly. I have always wanted to start a STALKER quest in hommage to it but I have never had the confodience. Thats why I am doing Kommando Quest, hopefully I'll learn a few things and can do justice to a STALKER one.

@Portable Squig Luncher, close to what I was hoping people would think of. I was thinking Squig Crossbow.

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I'm going to head out for a while, Quest Ork, but I'm going to leave this thread open just in case I have a random bit of brilliance or just a regular idea for you.

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