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Hey Efficien/tg/entlemen, at some point last night someone posted the pic from Dragon magazine 397 about all the old races and their adjusted Ability bonus choices. Can anyone post that for me?

I'll be posting funny/interesting/anything /tg/ related pics in the meantime, anyone who wants in is welcome.

as a note, searching /rs/ for dragon 397 didn't work so well for me.

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I'll start with 40k stuff, anyone like deff skwadron?

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On a scare of 1 to MOAR, I'd say this dakka is MOAR

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Who likes opening credits and has two thumbs?

the guy who made this presumably

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The second thumb wrote this page

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It occurs to me I might have mentioned it was about DnD 4e


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for the educated ork:


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flood detection + captcha = sad image dumper

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care for a cup of waaugh?

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/tg/ likes 40k right? I think I read that in a book

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thank you very much, I'll keep dumping as long as I'm able

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Two orks walk into a bar.....

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And the bartender asks what he can get them....

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They both order a fightin' juice, cause der's a fight goin on in the lot....

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Then one grabs the other's pouch of teef and tosses it to the bartender saying "dis should cover it"....

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the the second grabs the first's head and slams it on the bar, "and der's your tip!"

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eh, I've made worse jokes off the top of my head.

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Wish there was more ork stuff. Not nearly enough stories or comics. Deff Skwadron is the only one I know of.

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maybe it should end with them burning down the bar or something

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if anyone notices a page missing let me know because I have lost track

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I feel terrible about this but I've got to go, Deff Skwadron should be simple enough to /rs/ thanks again and have a good one

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That's alright. I'll finish up this story.

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Here you are good sir

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He left. I'm in charge now.
And I'm actually done. To get the rest, go here:

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