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hey /tg/ since we got some deals going last night how bout we try another trade thread?

just post what you have to trade, what you are looking for and then either lurk in this thread or leave an email for people to contact you at.

Trade stuff: zombies!!! (board game), munchkin and munchkin-fu, space hulk (current edition, some stuff painted), 8 cyberpunk books, 3 bubblegum crisis rpg books, a semi-large box of magic cards, and a skorne army.

I am currently looking for GW goblins and DVD's (getting tired of watching the same shows over and over while I paint), but drop me an offer if somthing interests you, I never know what might interest me until someone offers it.

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go away namefag

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no thanks, I'm good.

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I think that you might be a faggot. Actually, I'm pretty sure that you are.

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hmmm... this was doing fairly well yesterday, maybe I need to wait until later when more people are on.

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Thinking about starting 40k, wanting to go Guard. Though there's a lot of /tg/ things I'm interested in. I'm going to lurk this and see what pops up.

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I kinda wish there was more of the Reasonable Daemonette. For whatever reason, she turns my crank harder than any other Daemonette or Succubus I've ever seen

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If I have more I'll post them...and granted she's alright but I like some of the more out there deamonettes myself.

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Kinda makes sense, you being a Slaaneshi Whore Lord and all. I dunno, I think the Reasonable Daemonette just appeals to my underlying desire for a quiet, even-keeled woman in spite of everything I tell people.

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yeah I like those types too, but as far as daemonettes go, if you're already in the fantasy you might as well go whole hog.

as far a daemonettes go I rather like the look of the snake like bodies and multipile arms (lamias give the best hugs right?)

as for real girls I prefer kinda shy and intelligent, but also favor kinda crazy with flashes of brilliance.

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so i"m running out of slaanesh images, anyone want me to dump somthing like deff skwadren or should I re-animate this thread later?

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I could help. I have nothing I wish for, besides a good laugh. *smirk*
But anything for my half-sister half-brother special friends!

Besides, I'm in a good mood today.

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glad to hear laughing god, so your opinion. more artwork or dump a comic?

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I will see what I can do.
Starting with some Imperium's renegades, gowing on the chaos badwagon here...

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Black Library is a strange place to live when you are running from that shit...

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>Namefag circle jerk


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indeed so.... you know I've looked at this photo like 20-somthing times and I just noticed that bowl of eyeballs on the fat fuckers legs.

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no no we'll need at least another before that happens.

chill out, download some pictures, try to get rid of some /tg/ stuff you don't want.

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Very well noted.

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I can be anonymous if you wish.
Just like the god of masks, in /tg/ we have no true face.

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>try to get rid of some /tg/ stuff you don't want

A box of cookies to whomever manages to permanently disconnect you from the internet.

Your shittyness still shines through.

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I like the guy on the far left. He's relatively unperturbed by the sudden appearance of a Daemonette. He's just chilling over there, working on his painting like "Yeah, that's real cool and all. Lemme know when it's a Keeper of Secrets, amateurs."

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He's a Witch Hunter in disguise.

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One of those cunts stole my fucking wallet.

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Or he's the token elitist hipster of the group.

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That's laughable, specially when big T goes all Just as Planned.
Sooo... he planned your wallet to be stolen.

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Anyone else notice that the guy on our left, the close-up one writing/drawing, doesn't seem to be part of the cult?

Sure, he's wearing robes, the same robes they're wearing...but look at the expressions on everyone's face but his. They're excited, they're partying, they're getting into it and INDULGING. He's just got a slightly amused, aloof look on his face, aware of what's going on, but not involved. He's here to either spy on them, or fucking ruin their day, either as a member of another Chaos cult or some kind of witch-hunter.

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you'll be hard pressed to find someone who is able to do that, if you really can't stand me that much why don't you go bug another thread? there are 40+ boards on this website with 15 pages on most, I'm sure you can find a thread I'm not in.

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Thought that woudl be the girl looking herself in the mirror and oblivious to the pervert licking her skin.

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Why don't you spam another board?

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Implausible, as I stole it from him in the beginning.

What? Don't tell me you never 'borrowed' your dad's debit card.

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newer mind me, im just inconspicuously writing down your names and acts of heresy, carry on, do not be disturbed, pay no attention

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Note, also, the lack of chaos symbols on him.
Everyone has tattoos, marks, scars and what not, and he's plain. Even his robe.

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Maybe he's Tzeentch.

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That's actually pretty awesome.

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He's painting on human skin, he's probably an artist depicting the scene before him.

Though from his lack of jewelry and ostentatious clothing I'd say he's probably quite new to the cult.

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Eldar God? Dad Wallet? Duuuh...
My limit, limit of limits was "borrowing" Vaul's wallet. And Isha. And Khaines, that one I still have to give back.

Well, fuck, I borrowed a lot of things... Please, do continue.

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maybe hes the artist

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How can you tell he's painting on human skin? Just looks like a small canvas to me.

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From what I hear, you're pretty debt-free then.

You don't get out of the webway much, do you?

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that would be pretty funny actually.

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Praise Slaanesh

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Weren't you banned?

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You kidding, right? I do it all the time!
Ever heard of the Solitaire? trollface.jpg

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Woo indeed.

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Just let me get my Webway Gate Pass before the summoning begins, kay? Thanks.

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So how is everybody this fine day?

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One Doomrider bumps from me.

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Now I remember...
Poor sister. She would've been better eaten. That fatso is strange.

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I'm alright, been better but pretty good.....I was hoping this would turn out like last nights trade thread (had about 9-10 people show up looking for things and trading stuff off) sadly it was not to be.

I think once this thread hits image capI'll go and paint on my noise marine army a bit more.

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Do not despair! It wasn't a waste.
Got 50+ pics from this already.
In my humble opinion, this is the most lonesome bumped and most interesting thread around.
Tastes like webway.

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"She did get eaten. Heh heh."

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that picture is funny fluff-wise because nurgle saved her from slaanesh, but that raises another question, if slaanesh was treating her worse than nurgle what exactly was slaanesh doing to her?

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>realizes I can't argue with that
Well, a toast them. To cowards and surviving stincts!

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Well, I would trade you some goblins but I just sold a bunch to a bro for about £40.

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What Slaanesh always do.

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To cowards!

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That pic gave me like... an iron-hard boner in about a second and I don't know why...

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You know why.

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Because I'm an Iron Warrior?

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Ignorance is not my most powerful flaw, but...
What the double! stands for?

>hoping to summon Tzentchette again. Have the hots for that yandere bitch

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np dude, I realize it's a first come first served sort of deal with goblins right now, I kinda wish the people on ebay weren't asking awful prices for them right now.....granted I could wait until the next codex comes out but I already have 2 large spiders and the codex on the way.

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Thats right, now drop and give me twenty.


What this fellow got. >>14253199
The last two numbers count as doubles, also known as dub's.

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Gotta love Ork-esque rationality.

Let papa Cegorach tell you how it works, son.
When a guy likes a girl...

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I was the one who posted these at /tg/booru, I could get more slaneesh related art from the book if you want it.

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Drannon is such an old fucker...

Well, now that made sense. Talking about that, it's some time I don't get a goddess by the ankles, know what I mean?

>pic quite relate, fucker got all the girls on our time

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If I come across some more goblins, I'll try to let you know as soon as.

>> No.14253310


Ah, it's you. And I thought I was going mad. <3

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I used to have the others, It would take too much time too sort through all my files to find them though.

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I appreciate it.

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One more from me. Poppin' down the shop for some beer and/or cider.

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You need to ask?

Madness is relative, my friend.
Look at me! I'm so batshit insane that it shyed the one responsible for the snoo-snoo genocide of all Eldar.

>> No.14253394 [DELETED] 

Is this purely a trade thread or is anyone here interested in purchasing/selling? Because I've got a fairly sizeable ork army i'm trying to get rid of in favor of buying IG

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To finish this collection of things chaos, slaaneshi and eldar (from me sneakytrollface.jpg) I will post my shebrother herself!
*roll of drums*

Behoooold! Whores and deviants! Sluts and abominations!
I present thee...

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god damn I wish I could paint skin that soft.

>> No.14253476

So... this isn't a trade thread after all? Emprah disappoint.

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thank for postin and helpin out guys, I think I'l post a few more and then let this thread die.

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Not really.

>> No.14253490

it is, but I would seem that I'm the only one who posted trade stuffs and nobody is interested.

>> No.14253507


>Ravenguard Vindicator

>Cool Aid man


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Oh my, I couldn't of saved that fast enough.


No worries, and best of luck for your gobbo hunt.

>> No.14253513

I tried when the thread was in it's infancy, then it turned into, this...

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were you the guy looking for guard?
if not you gotta post what you are after and what you got or no one is gonna respond.

thanks, again appreciated.

>> No.14253548

Aye, Guard and general /tg/ items. Was sorta hoping someone else would posts things they'd be willing to part with.

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One more bump from me, im off to play some R:TW.

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well my traitor guard stuff isn't for sale, but what /tg/ related items are you looking for? if you give me specifics I might be able to dredge up one or two.

>> No.14253584

alright, peace mate.

>> No.14253599

I know it's a vague subject, but, pretty much anything but cards. Just realized this is more of a trade thread and less of a try and sell things. I, don't have much. The original D&D box starter set, and a few early edition books. Traitor Guard was one of the themes I've been considering, how well did yours turn out?

>> No.14253628

Assuming I'm not too late, I got some stuff I'd like to trade. Been curious about 40k, mainly Chaos (Slaanesh) or Dark Eldar. I'd be up for trading some Magic cards to get a few dudes to start with including a Koth, Thoughsieze, two Bitter Blossoms, a playset of Rishadan Ports, some other assorted money cards, a good amount of dollar rares, and a fuckton of commons and uncommons.

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still working on it honestly, but I am likeing how far a $20 drimel tool can make the army look so different.

most of the army is done but I still want to get a few of the house escher girls in with the platoons. I did paint them up in shiny black (think latex) jumpsuits with hot pink armor. as well as converted skarre from warmachine to a sexy commissar.

if you don't want to trade though I'm always up for selling stuff, coin allows me to buy what I want after all.

>> No.14253717
File: 265 KB, 1579x744, 2046523.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

sadly I don't have any chaos (or DE) laying around, you might be able to get somthing for those cards though if you wait around.

you said you were interested in CSM slaanesh though, is there anything I can do tactics wise to help you?

>> No.14253751
File: 120 KB, 400x562, Chaos_Chosen_PSC_Inks_by_DKuang.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.14253779


Maybe some general advice might be nice. I've been on /tg/ forever, but I never considered getting into 40k until recently. I'm primarily a Warmahordes player, but 40k pretty much dominates any store that sells it here, so if I want a game outside my friend group, I might as well look into it. I'm torn between those two for mainly fluff reasons and from what I understand Dark Eldar are glass cannons, which is what I usually like.

>> No.14253784

Selling 2 WFB Armies.
Skaven around 2,5k points and Lizardmen around 2k points.

You're interessted? Mail at [email protected]

>> No.14253799
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>> No.14253902
File: 178 KB, 650x968, spechul.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.14253908
File: 164 KB, 667x973, spechul2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.14253913
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first things first, no matter how cheesy anyone says they are, always take 2 things that can use lash of submission, you are already gimping yourself by choosing a pure slaanesh force there is no reason not to take it.

most people like taking 2 daemon princes but I prefer a sorcerer with a jump pack (the sorc also gets a force weapon which can insta-kill in melee with a psychic test).

the second thing to remember is prioritizing your list, keep in mind that noise marines are going to be better at range, so I recommend that you have 2 units for a field of fire sort of deal (have lash bring units out in the open for them to shoot) and then another unit (or two) for assualting and capping points. now your assualt units you have a choice on most players will tell you to take regular CSMs, because they are cheaper, and they are. but I usually go the expensive route and tool another noise marine squad for assualt and then have them ride around in a land raider.


>> No.14253920
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>> No.14253933
File: 170 KB, 623x947, spechul4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.14253944
File: 210 KB, 1024x1059, 1294159463500.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

thanks mate

>> No.14253946
File: 135 KB, 618x934, spechul5.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.14253956
File: 155 KB, 629x966, spechul6.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.14253970
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it's all about the warlock, man. Best of the warrior, best of the seer.

Bitches love "enhance" and "embolden", if you know what I mean.

anyways in the spirit of the thread; Looking for 2 plain Dire avenger helmets, a hellion hellglaive (picture related), and any number of dark eldar/eldar -female- torsos (from any kit, hell, even the hanging one from the raider)

Got cash, bits from like fifteen years of collecting, and other miscellaneous stuff. Just ask me and I'll take a look. I've also got Khador that I'm considering offloading

Building an eldar pirate army with a 50/50 male/female ratio is hell

>> No.14254016


Cool. I'm saving this for later use. The Lash seemed neat from what I skimmed from 1d4chan, but it might just be because the idea of forcing people to do things in a wargame makes me happy.

Also I don't know why, but >>14253908 and a few others remind me of DiTerlizzi's work for some reason.

>> No.14254092

lash combined with noise marines can be nasty, but you're going to need something to crack all the transports everyone uses

havoks, predators, vindicators, oblits.. there's a lot of options

hell, you could take raptors or chosen with meltaguns, though raptors are horribly overpriced for what they are

>> No.14254107
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indeed....good luck finding what you are searching for.


anyway, after picking out which Hq's and troops you want to use, if you don't want to sink your points into anything else in particular I recommend Obliterators, they are a solid choice for what they do, and have won me games in tourneys....I no longer use them myself but they are a good all around point sink.

also consider the defiler and demolisher as both put our fairly good ranged attacks and the defiler is like a better dreadnought.

I'll only mention raptors here because I use them, see sorcerers can be instakilled by a krak missle, one wrong movement can just wipe him out. so I needed to put my sorcs in with a unit that could move quickly so they could get close and not die.
so while looking through the book I cam upon the entry for raptors, which are for all purposes expensive as hell, but I decided to give them the mark of slaanesh and see what they could do, I took two units of 14 raptors(plus the sorc made 15). my tactic was to draw the scoring units out into the open, shoot at them first, then assault what was left with my raptors usually wiping the unit.

>> No.14254149
File: 31 KB, 676x782, 1297686270584.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

don't even bother with meltas if you want to save points, have the sorcs take melta bombs and you should be fine, otherwise don't even bother, vehicles can't take objectives so as long as you smash all their troop choices and hold the control points you shouldn't worry about 'em.

>> No.14254171

afawugfa I combined all the sketches into one big picture and it's too big for /tg/. Is it ok for you guys if I just upload it to /hr/ or do you want every single goddamn picture?

>> No.14254184

/hr/ is fine with me.

>> No.14254207

Holy shit four chang what is wrong with you. No matter where I go I get UPDATING INDEX and nothing.

>> No.14254225

ok I THINK it worked....


Just give me a heads up if it didn't. I'll upload it to mediafire instead.

>> No.14254270

Which I am doing anyway considering the png image is 24.6 MB and 3128x6496

>> No.14254294


woop woop

>> No.14254330
File: 466 KB, 1013x1238, 0accc33acf2cec23eb293e553e1016130b1b6a23.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.14254427

What set are the magic cards, how "thick" is the stack?

>> No.14254473

all different stuff, but its a box of them about the size of one of the vehicle boxes for 40k....like I bought most of the stuff during the set 2010, but there is some older stuff and some newer stuff as well.

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