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Hey /tg/.

Today, I would like to hear your opinions on RIFTS.

No, really.

What makes it good? What makes it bad (besides the crunchy as hell system)? What kind of experiences have you had with RIFTS?

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Rifts if like being in a Heavy Metal magazine comic book mashed up with your favourite Power metal band disc cover.

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Takes forever to make your character, but once your character is made it's pretty awesome. Also, whatever the fuck you want to play? There're rules for it. Any. Thing. You. Want.

Gaggle-fuck party full of dragons, giant robots, wizards, spaceship pilots, even a regular human why not? And that regular human, if he manages to survive the first game, will probably end up being the most bad ass character in the campaign. And somehow the setting allows for all of this in a coherent way.

My opinion? It's a bad-ass fun game to play if I can talk someone into making my character for me...

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Good: Play fucking anything you want.
Bad: It's fucking retarded.
Experiences: All of them bad, I'm afraid. Maybe that's why I hate RIFTS.

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RIFTS is a very, very badly designed game. In fact, there's no indication within the rules that it was designed at all. The rules are nonsensical and overcomplicated. "Balance" is a completely foreign idea.

I can't say if it's fun or not. That's a matter of opinion. I don't think it's fun, but you might.

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I played the fuck out of it during high school. In fact, I cut my teeth off that system.

That said, I wouldn't be caught dead playing it again. Too rules-heavy and hilariously imbalanced. Kevin is also a total whackjob who refuses to advance any design in his system or hand it off to someone more competent and willing to go through the system with a fine-tooth comb.

Well...the first part is actually a lie. I'd play Robotech, TMNT, or Heroes Unlimited again. Those are fun, but not strictly Rifts.

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RIFTS is fucking ridiculous. That is both the upside and the downside. The system is ludicrously bad, seriously laugh-out-loud terrible. However, you are permitted, even encouraged, to play any damn thing you can think of. Recent parties for me have included a sentient, malevolent vending machine, a giant octopus in a megadamage sombrero who quad-wielded laser pistols, and Captain America. It's not ideal for a serious game, but it can be a hell of a lot of fun.

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I enjoyed playing RIFTS when it was just the core book. When we got some more books, power creep happened and it became shitty to play because you were either OP or useless.

>Good: Fun as hell when I was 14.
>Bad: Fun as hell when I was 14.
>Experiences: Epic campaign of Mind Melters vs CS Power Armor fgts. Fail bullshit when Apoks get ahold of anti-tank SDC weapon.

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The main problem is it usually calls the atention fo That guys like shit to flies.
Campaigns can degenerate into extremelly retarded fan fiction levels if you aren't a good GM.
And...Kevin Subnormbieda

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I can't believe in all this time no one has come out with an unofficial errata to sort the game out. I mean the Palladium ruleset is clunky and out-dated at the best of times, but as >>14250422 says it's other incarnations are not unplayable. All it probably needs is a comprehensive retune of the equipment statlines and you'd be good to go.

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It's mostly because Siembiembiembiembiemdadadadad hates everything that the fans make with a burning passion and makes sure they are buried in a hail of cease and desist orders if they ever make the mistake of uploading it on the internet.

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