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so anyone want to have a trade thread?

I got a skorne army, a box of magic cards, and some role playing books (mostly cyberpunk) that I want to get rid of, looking for goblin stuff for a spider cult army (spider riders and night goblins mostly).

if interested make me an offer, if not feel free to post what you are trying to get rid of or looking for...you never know who might need what.

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Got a massive box of Magic Cards I've no use for, some space marine stuff, looking for guardsmen. Lots of guardsmen. I'm talking a good 5000+ magic cards.

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I have an Imperial Fists army and an Iron warriors Army. Also a tiny necron army. I would trade for a fair deal.

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I have some night goblins and spider riders from the Battle of Skull Pass set, plus a few other night goblins

I'd be interested in the skorne for my partner's army

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I have a mix of 30-40 Empire militia/soldiers with maybe 4 to 6 gunners laying around doing absolutely nothing. The militia/solders are mostly on sprue, IIRC.

Not sure what I'm looking for but if you're interested, I guess you can let me know what you have to trade?

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exactly what I am looking for, let me put up a list of skorne stuff as well as a list of the books two seconds.

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skorne stuff
1x Lord assassin morghoul (primed white)
1x lord tyrant Hexeris (painted)
1x tyrant xerxis (painted)
1x Zaal (with his spirit thing) (painted)
1x Supreme archdomina Makeda (unpainted)
2x Ancestral Guardian (painted)
1x agonizer (primed black)
1x cyclops savage (primed black)
1x basilisk drake (primed black)
1x basilisk krea (painted)
1x rhinodon (one of the tiny spikes on the fist is missing)(painted)
8x praetorian swordsmen w/ standard bearer and officer (painted)
8x immortals (painted)
8x karax (unpainted)
5x paingivers (painted)
5x cetrati (painted)
10x venators (2x unpainted, 8x primed black)

cyberpunk books:
core 2nd ed cyberpunk 2020
pacific rim
chrome #1&2 +3&4
firestorm (book 1 of 4)
blackhands street weapons guide
euro tour and euro source
(plus 3 bubblegum crisis books)

I also came across munchkin and munchkin-fu, a bunch of Heavy metal issues, and the Zombies!!! board game. if anyone is interested in those.

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I have the following board games:
Risk 2210
Battlestar Galactica base game
Wabbit Wampage (original from 1985)
Shadows over Camelot
Small World
Risk: Godstorm
Settlers of Cataan
Kill Dr. Lucky
I also have about 16 original release orks for Warhammer fantasy from the 80s as well as the high elf chariot and balrog sets with the boxes.

If anyone wants anything listed, email me.

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What do you want for Smallworld?

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Sorry about that. That was weird. What do you want for Smallworld. I'm interested in that.

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I'm really looking for a 3rd edition Space Hulk with all the figures, but that's stretching it a bit. Perhaps if someone has a set they'd part with for multiple items from my list. As for Small World, I'd sell it for $30 cash shipped if US, $25 + shipping cost for international. It's only been played once. My gaming group just sort of collectively went "meh" and never voted to play it again.

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I've got 43 goblins, 22 spider riders and 1 poop painted troll.
If anyones keen to trade I wouldn't mind some space mahreens or something.

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3rd edition the newest one?

I mean I've got a "new one" but it's missing the chair dude (something I was not pleased with upon discovery) the space marines have been based white and the broodlord has been painted up....if you can get passed all of that though I think we might be able to work something out.

other than the chair objective I have everything that was in the box.

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I might email you about the smallworld. My birthday comes up this Sunday, so I'll have to wait until then. Sweet 21 is sweet.

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I am very interested in that goblin stuff but I don't think I'll have enough space marines or bits to interest you, what is the "somthing else" you mentioned?

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I'd also accept:
The Omega Virus (in working order)
Crossbows & Catapaults
Torpedo Run
Battlemasters (Milton Bradley)

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What kind of bits? I kind of just want a few to paint anyway. Maybe one or two tactical squads.
Something else would be Lizardmen or Tyranids.

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well I've got about half a shoe box filled with bits, and the rest of the marines (the ones I didn't convert to my chaos army are currently taking a simple green bath. I think I might have about 10-12 of the little fuckers, but would have to dredge them up from the depths....I don't have any 'nids, but I do have like 3-5 skinks floating around in my bitz box if you want them.

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I thought the newest version was 3rd, but I could be mistaken.
The odds of anyone on here having this stuff is very slim, this is just nostalgia talking. If you want any of the games I have and have stuff to trade, email me and I'll see what we can work out.
I can toss in Flipit stuff or paper proxy 40K vehicles to sweeten the deal (pic related. 3 Killa Kanz with Kustom Mega Blastas I made for a commission)

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sent you an email about the space hulk game.

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I'd definitely trade for the dregs of your marines and the skinks if you're keen?

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I have basically a complete BfSP night goblin set plus a box of regular night goblins. Definitely interested in your agonizer, possibly your venators and Archdomina Makeda

How about we handle this by e-mail?

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yeah, I did a bit of a look around and say that I had 5-6 space marines sitting on my desk, I'll clean a few more off from the simple green and get them ready to ship....also i'll send you an email in a few minutes so we can work out any details you might want to address.

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lets see...

got 3 Battlefleet gothic eldar Cruisers (2x shadow, 1x Eclipse) and 40-50 frigates and destroyers, half still in blisterpacks and unpainted, sitting here.

Got a Mordheim box of 8x Sisters of Sigmar, primed but unpainted, plus a copy of Mordheim that's barely used, all card components still intact I think, though the figs arent in there.

Also got original world of darkness vampire masquerade 1st edition clanbooks for nosferatu, gangrel, malkavian, brujah, and setites, and 2nd edition clanbook tzimisce.

also got an original edition tyranid carnifex and a hive tyrant here, which are just gathering dust.

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emails sent.

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I can always use sisters of sigmar for my slaanesh conversions....what did you have in mind to trade for them?

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I had a CSM army that I hadn't used in like 2 years, so I gave it to my work (I work in school aged child care, bunch of 11 year olds brought their 40k miniatures in everyday).


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coo' glad the kids enjoyed 'em.

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not much of a wargamer any longer, I'm more a historical reenactor... nowadays,theres no decent groups to go gaming with.
so flog the set of them for a cheque or the likes for £15 plus postage? could probably do paypal if I finally get an account sorted like I've needed for years.....

UK based, regarding postage etc.

[email protected] for a email, and I'll fwd it onto my main email.

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alright I'll send an email that way, just get your paypal sorted out before we go further with this deal.

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email received and replied to with my main address enclosed.

bad choice of subject line for a email, btw. went into spam mail.

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"Sir, it is seeming that your vehicle has just broken down. Might I interest you in one of these fine camels?"
Got these from my Dad. Not shure what they were meant for. All the parts for the car are there, but I'd never glued them. I'd have used them for Arkham Horror if it wasn't for the fact that there aren't any female investigators. These are up for trade as well. More to follow.

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sorry bout that, my email address didn't help I'm sure.

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here's the rest of the minis from that box. The guy in the middle is the only instance I've ever seen of a mini committing suicide. He's got a gun to his head. There's also some priests and guys either praying or going mad as well as some gangsters and other guys.

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Here's some Warhammer Orcs from 1985.

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and a last little bit of clearout:

WHFB goblins.

1 night goblin and 1 goblin archers box, still on sprues with a few bits missing, probably totals up to 3-4 models missing, but I honestly dont know.
Will sell as one set, as I dont know which parts come on which box.

totals 15 sprues of goblins, plus 9 sprues of shields.

£15 the lot, plus postage.


[email protected]

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welp I'm running out of slaanesh pics,
if anyone is interested in the stuff I posted earlier and I don't respond to your post you can reach me at the email
[email protected]

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