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The best thing about the Grey Knights codex is it makes the perfect Thousnad Sons army Codex. All my marines are psykers? Yes please! Who else will be making a Thousand Sons army and using those rules??

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Might do a Pre-heresy one. they look so badass!

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it makes sense for pre-heresy but only squad leaders are psykers in current thousand sons. the rank and file were turned into rubric marines.

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I had been considering a 1ksons/lLatD with Coteaz and some hench for the LatD part. was a little hung up on how current 1kson are mostly lifeless husks but arnt most of the squad psychic abilities things that could be fluffed as the squad leader magicking for the whole group. I like the pre-heresy Idea too.

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You only get one Psychic power per squad anyway. Even the force weapons are a single Psychic test for the whole squad.

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You could run it as the "Super Sorcerer Coven of Ultimate Destiny" who have a strict "No Rubics Allowed" policy.

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Gav really was right when he said that CSM codex promotes counts as armies. I'm not sure if the mass exodus from the his book was exactly what he meant but he was still correct about people getting imaginative with their Legion armies.

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No, I think it would make more sense to just refluff that only the sorcerer has the psychic power. The fact that the effect is bigger can be handwaved by the fact that the Rubric was psychic steroids for those not dusted.

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Try and create a pre-heresy Thousand Sons dreadknight.

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This is true and fine as well.
I've found the number of "counts as" armies for GKs hilarious in comparison to the people that just want to play GKs.
Even say a (albeit sarcastic) "counts as" Eldar list.

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People don't leave the Chaos book of it is unfluffy, but because the newer books are better. Don't kid yourself. 40k is very serious business.

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Can we have a Thousand Sons art thread?
Or even just a Legion art thread?

Extra points if you post Legions fighting each other.
Bonus avoid-the-dusting points if you post TS fighting Space Wolves.

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It is about as unfluffy for Legion players as Vanilla SM book is for other than Smurfs. You could never do a proper T-Sons or Iron Warriors list with it and Word Bearers, Night Lords and Alpha Legion were totally impossible.

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rolled 64 = 64

I'd vouch for this one. It looks legit.

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Alpha Legion was supposed to have two Primarchs, right? What happened to Omegicron?

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No one outside the Alpha Legion knows about Alpharius's twin. Even Emps may not know, but he probably does.

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its also fairly recent fluff.

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except people hated the new chaos codex as soon as it came out, before newer books were published.

it's ok, we were all new to 40k at some point.

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Guilliman is secretly Omegnon.
The whole stasis thing is a ruse until he can seize total control of the Imperium through Spiritual Liege. Then he and Alpharius will destroy chaos from the backs of their hover-motorcycle-surfboards while pumping out mad riffs on their bass guitars.
At least I like to think that.

On a topical note, GKs make a pretty badass Alpha Legion List. Take Drag for Tactical Genius, Take Corteaz if you want a cultist army.

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The Ultramarines aren't even sure they killed Alpharius.

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