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Psyker, 10 points per model

psychic torrent
s3 ap6 assault 1 36" large blast

strength goes up and ap goes down for every additional psyker, max out at s10 ap1.

Put 8 of them in a Chimera and for 135pts you have a mobile s10 ap1 large blast

Troop choice with Coteaz. That's a pretty viable choice right? What other good henchman builds are there?

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Acolytes flavor text also mentions storm troopers, scitarii and bounty hunters, so that's what they represent.

Their close combat gear is overpriced but hey Death Cult and Crusader is there so no complaints

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18x 3 jokero

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is 35pts good for a bs3 lascannon?

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perhaps, more to the point, is 105pts good for a unit with 3 lascannons, an inv, potetial for awesome upgrades, scoring, and can be mouted in a chimera, can also have as many of thes units as you want.

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razorbacks full of D&D adventurers

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It's okay, (also scoring) Guard Lascannon Heavy Weapon teams cost 35 points too, they only have 5+ armor but two wounds each.

Not as efficient as Vendettas (130 points for 3 twin-linked BS3 lascannons on an AV12 Fast Skimmer) but that's kinda given.

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Don't forget Crusaders to give the squad some protection.

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Dont forget that the lascannon is also a heavy flamer if it hordes approach

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135 pts for a vindicator with longer range and more mobility, a bit less armor, but also scoring and filled with dudes you have to kill rather than get a single weapon destroyed. Yeah, I'd say that's a good henchman choice.

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aren't they limited to 3 per type?

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Could I represent the Psykers with a Flagelant Warband from Warhammer fantasy?

Because that way I save a shit load of money

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Is a henchmen+assasins list viable at 500 points?

Oh who am I kidding, I`m gonna do it even if not because awesome customisation

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Maybe not in a tournament, but most players would applaud your choice

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>>14228633Could I represent the Psykers with a Flagelant Warband from Warhammer fantasy?

a bunch of guys swinging flails, and then a tank blows up

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>>14228634Is a henchmen+assasins list viable at 500 points?

100pts for coteaz
130pts for the cheapest assassin

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>>14228386Put 8 of them in a Chimera and for 135pts you have a mobile s10 ap1 large blast

How much do IG pay for s10 ap1 large blasts?

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man now Ihave a hankerin to make a COOOBRAAAAAA army

acolyte with bolter for pew pew blue laser standard

carapace and storm bolter for the guys that wear yellow and are robots

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>>5pts for boltgun acolyte

100pts for coteaz
180 boltgun acolytes

1000pt army

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7pts and you can have the 24" guardians Eldar players always wish they had

Death Cult assassins are also pretty much superior to banshees and harlequins too

god damn delicious

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With no way to take out vehicles.

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we can insert some apes amongst them.

So is it official fluff that Coteaz's Formosa is protected by a legion of laser monkeys?

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do the jokaero only have heavy weapons?

It's lascannon, multimelta, heavy flamer right?

Or are Heavy flamers assault 1

because if they are then 6 template squads

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I had this already started out for the classic henchmen and inquisitor.

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And also sanctioned psykers that only ever travel in groups of eight.

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>>14230147And also sanctioned psykers that only ever travel in groups of eight.

It would up the shooty power of regular squads for 10pts to get a s3 ap6 hueg template.

x1 Assassin (squad leader)
x10 boltgun acolytes
x1 Psyker

In terms of flavor the squad has a cool feel, well armed acolytes with an enhanced sgt and living weapon psyker.

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what happens when Jokaero add 12" to the range of flamers

does that mean you have templates from 12"??

flamer acolytex3
jokaero x2 (because 3 will nullify the extra range choice)

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jokaero don't increase the range of template weapons.

Crusaders+Death Cults are going to be fun to field

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BARJACK, with giant centaru robot as dreadknight

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their fingers are retractable

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What pisses me off, is that boltgun acolytes are same price as guardsmen, better leadership than guardsman, have a FUCKING BOLTGUN instead of a lasgun...

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how are the inquisitors themselves going to be equipped?

Then again Coteaz is the only one you need to take.

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fail one psychic test (ld8) and the whole squad is wiped out

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>>14230349What pisses me off, is that boltgun acolytes are same price as guardsmen, better leadership than guardsman, have a FUCKING BOLTGUN instead of a lasgun...

They're mercenaries too.

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what's the % of failure and what's the % of dying from perils

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Failing a Psychic Test doesn't give you Perils of the Warp, it just means the power didn't happen.

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For 2d6: 2 (1/36), 3 (2/36), 4(3/36), 5(4/36), 6 (5/36), 7 (6/36), 8 (5/36), 9 (4/36), 10 (3/36), 11 (2/36), 12 (1/36). Average roll = 6.66667.

>internet told me so

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Do they only count as one psyker total though

the crucible of malediction at best, hurts one guy per squad.

and the culexus doesn't have an asault 12 gun...

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so are psykers worth the risk for their price

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Do you like Space Marine Vindicators, son?

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how much do they cost

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So Inquisitor Coteaz, the most puritan of Inquisitors, who killed his mentor for radicalism...

uses entire legions of space apes

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They have better range than Vindicators, and if their tank goes Ka-boom, they still have the chance for another shot.

>> No.14230592


Enjoy 7 chimeras with 6 Jokaero each.
(I, for one, look forward to Coteaz's Mechanized Monkey Menagerie)

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don't forget your trio of Dread Kongs

Formosa is truly a blessed realm, under the watchful eyes of barely sapient apes

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Is there a way to give cheap troop choices Digital Weapons?

Also, Digital Weapons = can be fired as Flamer, Bolter or (something?) choose during shooting phase right?

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digital weapons reroll a single wound in assault.

jokaero have a bonus to using them, nobody else does.

Jokaero cost 35pts and can fire their digiweapon as a lascannon, heavy flamer or multimelta

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Not in 5e, no.

They're reroll one to-wound roll each turn, if my memory serves me right.

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Only the digital weapons used by the Jokaero can be shot as multiple things. Normal digital weapons are just laspistols. And no, there is no way to give troops digital weapons.

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>>14230640 if my memory serves me right.

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Someone post the pic of the Henchmen and Coteaz rules surrounded by Matt Wards

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Including a mystic with each unit is a cheap way to be able to deep strike anything accurately near them

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Define irony.

Irony is a Puritan, who killed his friend and mentor for making a single daemonhost...

Being the only special character who can field a daemonhost-only list.

Seriously, there's no fluffy way to field daemonhosts! You either use them with Grey Knights, which should be insta-BLAM, or use an inquisitor who's the definition of Puritan!


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apes that summon the Dread Kong

>> No.14230709


.....Damn. Those goddamn monkeys.

Thanks for solving that mystery. I wish I had the pages on Wargear so I could find out what the fuck all of their grenades do.

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>>14230709Thanks for solving that mystery. I wish I had the pages on Wargear so I could find out what the fuck all of their grenades do.

psyk out= i1 for psykers/demons
rad= -1 toughness (works on instant death)

psychatok= FUCKS THEIR SHIT GOOD, roll a d6 for various effects from automatically hit to attack themselves

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So if you take Coteaz, you can take as many Henchmen units as you have Troop FOC slots available.

Whereas normally, you could only take one for every Inquisitor you had.


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Being able to field storm troopers that aren't total crap is pretty useful.

>> No.14230766


I say Damn again. Fukken Grey Knights. Thanks for the info

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Pretty much

>> No.14230777


They are still not limited by the FOC, by the way their rules are written.

>> No.14230791

But it says right on Coteaz's rule that they are a Troop choice. That has to replace the regular rule that they aren't any FOC slot-taker, since his ability already replaces another part of the original rule.

>> No.14230793

Thanks to a technicality (henchmen do not take up FOC slots) he lets you use as many henchmen as you can afford.

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the carapace armor doubles the cost of an acolyte, but with a jokaero there's a chance it turns into power armor

Or if you were stupid enough to take power armor, there's the chance you get 2+ sv guys for 14pts hahah.

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Common sense gives that he causes henchmen to take up troop slots, but rules lawyers can ignor common sense to give some impressive results.

>> No.14230830

like an entire army of nothing but razorbacks and chimeras

>> No.14230858


common sense isn't fact
it's relative to the person wielding it.
you shouldn't try and act all high and might because you don't know for fact either. If that rule just over wrote everything then why did they have to out the "no need for inquisitor per squad" clause?

common sense would suggest that overwriting an entire rule means you don't need to clarify it or if you do , that you should clarify any parts that would confuse.

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The very first list composed on this board for the GK leak was a series of 3-man henchmen squads (with flamers) in las/plas razorbacks.

We already had this argument once, could we please avoid repeating it?

>> No.14230876

Am I the only one who feels they went about Henchman force organization the wrong way? Like you can have 1 squad of henchmen as troops for every inquisitor you have. It' still okay for corteaz to have all henchmen be troops, but now were just going to see Corteaz spam.

>> No.14230880

how much is a space marine scout, 10pts?

9pts for carapace bolter acolyte seems pricey

>> No.14230890

Not when the original argument never finished.

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Don't you think there was a reason for that? The fact that it's based around an unfinished codex kinda means noone can be right (yet) and that it'll all just be a huge trollfest (like it was last time we had it).

>finite chaty
See? Even the captcha thinks it's been done to death.

>> No.14230989

anyone else going to start GK solely for henchmen?

>> No.14231030

just FYI
the codex is worded the same as the playtest book, maybe at some point there will be an FAQ that fixes it, but until then 18 x 3 jokero seems perfectly reasonable.

>> No.14231081

jokero is small time

30x 3 plasmacannon servitors, plus 2 x 1jokero, 2stormbolter acolytes

sure half my army doesnt do anything every turn, thats irelivant, i still get top drop 45ish plasma cannons every turn(and potentially 90)

>> No.14231104

>why did they have to out the "no need for inquisitor per squad" clause?

To clarify that Coteaz's ability is a total replacement of the regular Henchmen rules.

>> No.14231150

>Justicar Anval Thawn
>Psyker (Mastery Level 2)
>Psychic Powers: Hammerhand

>> No.14231158

Yes, once I finish my DE list I will Create a 500p Henchman list, every model shall have a name and be created with tons of customisation and love

>> No.14231167

anyone know what force halberds do?

>> No.14231197


Using a force weapon counts as using a psychic power, so he can do 2 per turn.

>> No.14231207

all nemissi force weapons are force weapons
Halberd = +2 init
Sword = +1sv in CC
Hammer =thunderhammer
stave = 2+ inv in CC
falchions = +1A
doomfist = DCCW
Greatsword = rerolls all to hit and wound and penetration rolls.

>> No.14231210

also which page is the "only use one one each type of assassin per army"?

>> No.14231219



>> No.14231228

they're a unique elite choice

>> No.14231248

Why is that? Hammerhand is a good psychic power!

And the Doomfist is juat a DCCW; usually as it is.

Your point; the psilencer sucks.

>> No.14231259

The names

>> No.14231267

just talking names here


Mind, I have the same problem with the doomfists as I do the new 'wolf and blood angel books. Blood talons and Wolf claws are dumb names and whoever wrote them should feel dumb

>> No.14231271

Hammerhand has been a grey knight power since their inception.

>> No.14231284

I am aware; however a grey knight called ANVAL wielding his HAMMERhands is new

>> No.14231314

I like how the codex acknowledges that the Grey Knights have alliances with xenos to better oppose the forces of Chaos. Like how some Ordo Malleus Inquisitors were allowed to the Black Library by the Harlequins and all that.

The "hur dur purge the xeno and the witch" behaviour is better left to Black Templars and Sisters of Battle, where it belongs.

>> No.14231319

Did anyone else notice the psyocculum, makes the whole squad ballistic skill ten if shooting at a psyker.

>> No.14231323

wait wait wait
has anyone else noticed that for 100pts you can shove 6 psykers in a rhino? so in 2000pts you have 19 fairly mobile range 36" s8 ap1 large blasts?

or perhaps better yet 38 36" S7 ap2 Large blasts?

>> No.14231355


We need a picture of the puritanical Inquisitor Lord Coteaz leading his legion of Jokaero space monkeys in defense of the Formosa sector!

>> No.14231435


source of that info?

i will take it as true, but i want direct access to the source if possible

>> No.14231450

Anyone else is wondering why someone would take a combi-weapon for 10 points, when you can have a bolter AND a special weapon for 11 points?

>> No.14231552

im sitting here witha copy of the current codex
hang about

i apologize for shit quality

>> No.14231582


There is a two-weapon limit on any given model, and some people like having close combat ability as well as ranged.

>> No.14231629

2 weapon ;limit?
tell that to chaos space marines
there is only a limit on what weapons can be used each turn.

>> No.14231638

>nemesis staff
>Jokaero upgrade
>1++ save.
Problem, everything?

>> No.14231639


can you scan the fluff pages plz?
or even just the timeline?

>> No.14231647

>>14231323has anyone else noticed that for 100pts you can shove 6 psykers in a rhino? so in 2000pts you have 19 fairly mobile range 36" s8 ap1 large blasts?

lol the first fucking post in this thread was about a psyker tank

so yeah we noticed

>> No.14231667

>Nemesis Force Save
2+ invuln save in close combat.

Holy crap.

>> No.14231680


makes you wonder why dark eldar build such shitty force fields

>> No.14231683


There is a rule in the rulebook in the melee section that anyone is considered to have the equivalent of a CCW. Having a single CCW gives no bonus whatsoever. Loose the chainsword, take a real weapon, it'll still be as good as one.

>> No.14231690

>Nemesis Greatsword
>Reroll To Hit, To Wound, and Armour Penetration

Hohoholy crap.

>> No.14231762

sorry, not happening. my time is up and i only grabbed the rules sections, ill try again tomorrow

>> No.14231837

So how do the people planning on Henchman spamming justify the 2 Troops Force Org slots being filled if UNLIMITED MONKEY WORKS doesn't count as filling force org slots?

>> No.14231854

Well, Jokaero don't take up slots because the special character says they don't. I'd have to see the monkeys' rules again.

Henchmen DO take up Troop slots WHEN Coteaz is being used; there's not really an argument there.

>> No.14231871

wait.... you can have multiple two handed weapons on one character right? like a bolter and 2H CC weapon right?

>> No.14231885

Jokaero ARE Henchmen though, which kinda throws a monkey-wrench in the works.

>> No.14231905


Yes. Two handed simply means you can't claim a 2nd CC attack with it.

As for the "Filling the Org Chart". It was clarified in the Black Templar FAQ. You only need a CHOICE to fill the requirement, not a slot. Therefore, a IG priest, or a BT champion can be your mandatory HQ, even if neither takes a slot.

>> No.14231906


choice =/= slot

you have unlimited Hench choices but only 6 troops slots

>> No.14231910

Yep, say shotgun/eviscerator for IG Priests and proobably a few other examples

>> No.14231917

see pic.

That posted, I need to see the Joe-Kay-Ro rules again. Someone have them handy?

>> No.14231938

So IG TechPriests as Sole HQ choice is now viable? Hell yes.

>> No.14231954


Woo! Official explainations!

Monkey army is a-go!

>> No.14231988

ill dump henchman in a scec

>> No.14232007

problem is if it becomes tooefcetive/tornament spam/etc
than the faq may rule it out

>> No.14232052


Indeed, you can field henchmen as Elite, but uses a troop choice. Fielding an inquisitor allows you to field a squad of 3-12 henchmen for no slot cost. Replacing the Elite tag by Troop tag, from coteaz, means the one you take "free-ly" from the Inquisitor itself is a troop that doesn't use a slot, the others do.

Sad, but that's the rules. Thank you for the updated page. It changes everything.

>> No.14232069

Add a culexus to the psyker list for extra dickery

>> No.14232104

See, that's what I was thinking in the first place. Just means you have to take other stuff besides Jokaero if you want a decent sized army. That or take regular Inquisitors to boot.

On that note, could be have a pic of the generic Inquisitor page if their is one, and what slot they fill.

>> No.14232105

wait, are you arguning against monkey armies?
it seems pretty clear
with corteaz, henchman coiunt as a troops choice for missions, but do not take a FOC slot.

>> No.14232134

So let's get a final ruling here.
If you have Coteaz, your Henchmen take up a Troops CHOICE where they are normally an Elites CHOICE. Normally they do not take up Force Organization SLOTS. Nothing in Coteaz's ruling says they take up SLOTS. Being Troops choices means they can be the 2+ Troops you need for an army.

Putting those together, it seems like, if you have Coteaz, the rest of your army could be Henchmen. Each unit of Henchmen would be a Troops choice, but not take up FOC slots.

Correct me, /tg/.

>> No.14232146

Sigh, again read the updated page at >>14232007

The addendum is clear. It's a elite troop like any other unit UNLESS it's a retinue. The only way it's not the case, is if in another section of the rulebook, there is a rule like the demons in the CSM book, stating that henchmen don't take slots, ever.

Coteaz simply change the tag from elite to troop.

>> No.14232165

no thats what the current rules say, it may lated be FAQed that they do infact take a FOC slot as well as being a troops choice, but until then monkey spams are a go.

As this board is Anonymous, im confiident enogh to break GW policy, and say thats the way my store, and all the others in Queensland will be running it.

>> No.14232167


They don't take a force org slot only if they are taken as the Inquisitor retinue. "This unit" refers to the unit in the previous sentence. Otherwise, it would "Inquisitorial Henchmen does not take a force organisation slot" like in every other codex out there.

>> No.14232174

Lets look through the rules.
>Inq Warbands are Elites Choices
>Taking ONE Inquisitor means you get ONE additional warband that doesn't take up a slot, however, the others still do.
>Coteaz's rule means that Warbands are now Troops choices, and removes the above Inquisitor restriction
So now at best, you can have 6 Troops Warbands +1 non-ForceOrgSlot because of Inquisitor Coteaz

>> No.14232185

+1 free band from another inquisitor in your HQ slot, if you take one.

Otherwise yeah, that's what I've been trying to say.

>> No.14232198

no you are an idiot or a troll.
for every inquisitor you may take 1 unit of henchman. thses do not take a FOC slot. you may only take 1 unit for every inquisitor you field.

Corteaz removes restriction on how many henchman are allowed to be taken, also makes then count as Troops chooices for compulsory selection, and claiming objectives

>> No.14232217

Yeah, forgot to put that in. I'm still happy with 8 Warbands, got 2 Inquisitors anyway, Counts-eaz will just have to live with wearing Termie armour without an invul save.

>> No.14232242

>no you are an idiot or a troll.

Look who'se talking. You just WANT it to be your way.
Either that, or you don't know grammar.

>> No.14232256

>Warbands- Elite slot
>For every Inquisitor, you may ALSO include a unit blahblahblah
>THIS unit doesn't take up Force Org slots

I fail to see what you aren't getting

>> No.14232269

>Psyker doesn't actually have the Psyker special rule.
>Can't used psychic power as a result.

That's gonna be FAQ'd eventually

>> No.14232278

There's been more arguing over this single rule about Coteaz and the FOC than there's been deliberations by the American congress and laypersons all over the world about their Health Care reform.

Jesus Christ /tg/, can you wait to argue about a rule AFTER the codex comes out?

It's like discussing how to divide out the world after WWIII before it happens.

>> No.14232279


>THIS unit
THIS refers to the specific aforementionned inquisitorial retinue henchmen. It's part of the addendum. So in the end, you really simply didin't know your syntax.

>> No.14232281

Read the entries again, slowly.
its irrelevant as GW is going eith the spam interpretation, at least until the list proves itself incredible broken for tournamenst.

>> No.14232307

Austria now belongs to Egypt.

>> No.14232335

Well fine. Guatemala has dibs on Canada.
Don't ask how it happened, we'll figure that out when WWIII starts.

>> No.14232364

You don't get free ones period

>> No.14232382

go speak to your local redshirt
you will be given the same answer
corteaz allows unlimited henchman units, these units still count too minimum force selection, but do not occupy a FOC slot

>> No.14232407

Read his rule. They count as troops, so they DO take up slots.

>> No.14232452

Right, re-reading the rules
>Warbands are now Troops Choices from Elites
>Coteaz removes the Inquisitor= Free Warband Limit
Ergo, you HAVE to have at least TWO Warbands that are your mandatory Troops choices, HOWEVER, you can have unlimited Warbands that counts as Troops but fall outside the Force Org Slots.

Sound better?

>> No.14232496

quit being dumb thats the playtest rule. the current reallife codex is not that matt ward picture. leave your basement and look for yourself

>> No.14232544

>Corteaz makes henchman units TROOP CHOICES

>Corteaz removes normal limit of one unit of henchman per inquisitor

>Henchman units do not take FOC SLOTS

This is not just my opinion, bu8t the stand GW stores will be taking

>> No.14232549

Protip: It's the same thing, and in all honesty, looks like how it was meant to be done, since he could've just left out the inquisitor limit part on Coteaz and kept it to 6 Troops + 2 Inq Retinues.

Should be interesting to see how they FAQ it.

>> No.14232556

Hang on.......the rule says they count as troops, but removes the 1:1 inquisitor to warband ratio.

>> No.14232608

What I was saying is that you basically have 2 sets of Warbands, the ones that take a Elite Force Org slot, and the ones you get with an Inquisitor. Coteaz moves them BOTH to Troops and makes the LATTER an unlimited choice. You still need to take >2 of the former for Warband only armies, but you can have as many of the latter as your heart desires.

>> No.14232616

Hey retard.

The rule actually is the same in person.

Man I bet you feel stupid right now.

>> No.14232664

cant take henchman without an inquisitor.
they are are 0-1 choice for each inquisitor chosen.
ergo they cannot be taken if you have no inquisitors, corteaz removes limit on them and makes them a troops choice, instead of an elites choice.

Compulsory mission slection requires an HQ choice and 2 troops choices, but does not require units to take slots to be compulsory choices.

>> No.14232708

I see Anon at 'ole 544 as correct as written. Coteaz doesn't make them take up FOC slots. What he DOES do is he makes them Troop choices instead of Elite choices.

So, All Monkey Army is a go.

>> No.14232720

They're an Elites Slot normally. See the codex picture >>14232007

However, they have an additional rule that for every Inquisitor you take, you get a Warband that doesn't take Force Org slots.

What Coteaz does, is move Warbands to Troops (Which, by itself, would limit you to 6 Warbands), and remove the Inquisitor-Warband limit, meaning you can now have 6 Warband Troops + Unlimited 'Inquisitor-Warbands' (Who are also Troops who don't take up Force Org Slots).


>> No.14232787

whoops my bad
missed "in addition"
but yeah unlimited henchman here we come

now i just need to choose between 45 plasma cannon servitors, 90 psykers or 25 monkeys

>> No.14232866

Why not a delicious mix? Have a bunch of Psykers for the large blast, Jokaero for anti-tank/Termie, Servitors in with the Inquisitor for no Mindlock.

Smatter some Crusaders around to soak up fire and you're set.

>> No.14232882

Good luck finding anyone who'll play against something that cheesy, or that list getting banned from tournaments within a week.

>> No.14232886

Each henchmen group:
x2 Plasma Cannon
x1 Jokaero

>> No.14232895


What the fuck?
That's the stupidest interpretation I've seen yet. "It removes the rule, but not the part of the rule I like" herpa derp

>> No.14232907


>> No.14232920

Arco-flagellants+assassin cultist in a land rider is a good mix?

>> No.14232940

Just monkeys isn't cheesy really, it will utterly demolish mechanized armies, but footsloggers/Deep Strikers can mess up their day by virtue of getting stuck in.

Mixing up the henchmen however could be ridiculously overpowered. See Crusader/Death Cult spam. I'd also love to see 5 Arco-Flagellants just RIP AND TEAR their way through Orks/IG

>> No.14232944

>>Implying lists get banned from tournaments

>> No.14232972

Run a Crusader in there to tank hidden Power Fists/Klaws and watch the luls ensue.

>> No.14233000

problem with taht is mindlock
better keeping jokero seperate
maybe make a big 12 man unit and attach it to corteaz though

>> No.14233025

Whoa. Warrior-acolytes.

+4 pts per model
+3 pts per model to replace lasgun or chainsword for storm bolter
+10 pts per model to replace flak armor with power armor

17 pts for a model with a 3+ save and a storm bolter, presumably at BS3 WS3 T3

>> No.14233045

And for Jokaero+Deamonhost mix?

>> No.14233071

For fun, replace three of their chainswords with power fists.

You now have a squad of poor-man's terminators.

>> No.14233118

Is there any conceivable use of daemonhosts?

>> No.14233123

Is nobody else astounded by this? Why would I even take Grey Knights when I could have this army of lascannon-breathing monkeys and undercity terminators?

>> No.14233168

You forgot the KingKongDreadKnight.

>> No.14233185

They're T3 and have a 5+ save. A round of bolter fire will nuke them. Sure, it's pain to mech lists but vehicle-light lists will laugh at you. Alot.

>> No.14233191

malleus inq can get two daemon weapons for maximum badassness

>> No.14233202

You, sir, clearly have not read these two posts:

>> No.14233212

>>14233118Is there any conceivable use of daemonhosts?

for those that love lolrandum

10pts for s4 t4 a1 5++


>> No.14233213

Don't know about your tournaments, but the ones I visit don't always allow all special characters or they might restrict them.

I hope you don't play this bullshit against one of your friends.

>> No.14233227

>>14233191malleus inq can get two daemon weapons for maximum badassness


like, one in each hand?

>> No.14233242


>> No.14233259

>I hope you don't have fun when you play against your friends
This isn't WHFB, we don't restrict elf wizards riding dragons.

>> No.14233263

>A Daemonblade is a two-handed close combat weapon.

>> No.14233270

A lot of tournaments used to ban SCs back in 4th because they were "optional" rules that specifically required the permission of your opponent. With the 5th edition codexs, the codexs are balanced (in theory) with the SCs in mind. This was the trade for removing sub-faction specific rules from codexs: Instead of getting rules to customize your army to a specific sub-group (Chapter Traits, IG regiment doctrines, etc), you instead get SCs that do something similar.

>> No.14233273


That's even fucking badder

>> No.14233286

You can only use 1 special weapon a round though.

>> No.14233291

That's my point, where is the fun exploitin badly written rules for maximum lascannon output?
You can shred your enemy who also tries to put as many bullets into you as possible or both of you write decent lists, have a beer and laugh.

>> No.14233293

well, with the random rolling having two means more chances for one mega badass 2+ poison power weapon

>> No.14233306


Games Workshop has made it clear that even if something does not take up a Force Organization Slot, it still counts towards minimum requirements (see the FAQ for Black Templars, on the Emperor's Champion). Also, Coteaz does not say that the rule is ignored, rather that the per-inquisitor limit is ignored. So, you are wrong. Simple as that.

>> No.14233308


It's in blowing up a rhino and seeing 3 monkeys placed in a crater

>> No.14233320

You're focusing on the monkeys.

I'm focusing on the cheap quasi-terminators with supporting monkeys to add heavy weapons and give amazing bonuses to the teams.

You could go all Jokaero if you want, that's cool, but it's not what I'd want to do.

>> No.14233332

It's not exactly badly written when it was clearly meant for running solely-Inquisitorial armies. Kinda sucks that it requires a special character, but there you go.

>> No.14233347

>>14233320I'm focusing on the cheap quasi-terminators

>>1423302517 pts for a model with a 3+ save and a storm bolter, presumably at BS3 WS3 T3

is you then


Did the apes give you a brain fart and you forgot they were in the codex?

>> No.14233357


though there IS the chance that Jokaero give you 2+/5++

woo, gamblin' man

>> No.14233369

Grey Knights aren't Inquisitorial henchmen, and won't be benefiting from monkey refits.

I also would have FUN if I don't take any Grey Knights in the Grey Knights codex. And I could maybe convert my Necromunda Goliaths...

>> No.14233372

I still can't believe grey knights get terminators as their regular infantry.

>> No.14233393

The problem is, that the Planet of the Apes list isn't THAT good against a well made list. A 10 man squad of marines rapid firing into a unit of jokero will kill (on average) 6 of them. That's 210 pts down the toilet from a single round of firing. That's just basic bolter fire. On the flip side, a 10 monkey unit of jokero shooting at that same marine squad will probably only kill four of them. All this is assuming neither side has cover (which, if you are playing correctly, will never be the case).

Basically, you're making a one-shot wonder list that's good against a specific type of list (albeit, very common type of list) but sucks against every other list.

>> No.14233405

Priests of Saint Ash.

>> No.14233412

Can't you allocate wounds against crusaders?

>> No.14233421


even if you can only use one daemon weaon a round you still get a choice of one of two weapons which each have two powers.

>> No.14233435

For an anti marine squads I'd take...

lasplas razorback
death cult x6

plasma acolyte x3
stormbolter acolytex6
jokaero x3

For stylish flavor I'd take...
Death Cultx1
stormbolter carapace x6
meltagun carapace x3

>> No.14233437

>>142333 72
So do Dark Angels and Space Yiffs. Blood Angels get a crappy version. But yeah, GK's ARE supposed to be the best of the best of the best of th.....so it's only fair that they can pull a hilariously elite army off.

>> No.14233441

If you have a marine squad rapid-firing their bolters into your otherwise unprotected apes, so they rely only on their 5++ save (and assuming you don't have an applicable bonus from the monkey improvement chart), you really screwed up.

Chimeras, firing ports, etc. The Inquisition is better at bringing heavy weapons than the Imperial Guard is.

>> No.14233443

You can, but then you start cutting down on the number of monkeys you can take. Then, to make up for your krytponite level weakness to assault, you start adding stuff to help with that. After a while, you end up with a perfectly reasonable list.

TLDR: Pic related (and blatently stolen)

>> No.14233448

how should crusaders be used?

Some have considered pairing them with death cult, but I think Death Cult at i6 is best just on their own

Crusader x6
and then those eviserator guys x6

crusaders block hits so you can dig in with your s6 2d6 pen weapons. They can be the anti-dread squad.

>> No.14233469

do DreadKnights move 12" with the personal teleporter?

>> No.14233472

My major issue with the Banishers (when equipped with Evicerators) is that they're physically weak and cost 30pts a pop. Physically weak isn't a huge issue for a shooting unit but for a melee one at that cost? Meh...

>> No.14233484

>After a while, you end up with a perfectly reasonable list.

I think I pissed myself with sheer horror

>> No.14233485


ah fuck I thought they were 15pts with an eviscerator

>> No.14233499

Yeah, I use the term reasonable VERY loosely when talking about 40k (doubly so with anything matt ward has shat on).

Nope. 15 Base + 15 for Eviscerator.


Also amusingly: Grey Knight Strike Squads have Deep Strike even though they don't have personal Teleporters.

>> No.14233521

fuck yes

New German Republic here I come

>> No.14233546

All Grey Knight squads have been able to deep strike, you could do the same in 3rd edition. It doesn't matter whether they have personal teleporters when they get teleported into combat straight from their strike cruiser in orbit almost every time.

>> No.14233551

ok /tg/ ivce decided
2x 3 jokero
3x 5 psykers
7x 3 plasma cannons

jokero target vehicles, plasma cannons target infantry psykers target whats left

>> No.14233567

Not exactly true. The basic grey knight COULD deep strike into battle but only if you took them as a fast attack choice.

>> No.14233584

they all have deepstrike as standard

with a mystic amongst your acolytes you can drop them down safely within 6"

It's.... it's like the Imperium's version of summoning daemons.

>> No.14233611


>> No.14233660

A lot have deep strike, but not everything. Everything with Terminator armor, of course. There are a few things with Artificer Armor rather then Termi armor (Brotherhood Champions, Techmarines) and the only infantry with Deep Strike beside terminator armor guys are the Strike and Interception squads (not purifiers, not purgation squads either).

>> No.14233921


Well why not?

>> No.14237043

Not an amazing combo, but it should look cool.

I plan to put a bunch warriors in Power Armor with 4 Bolters (15 points each), 1 Melta (24 points), and 1 with Chainsword and Plasma Pistol (stupid expensive 29 points). Going to paint them as a 6 man Deathwatch kill team. Even ordered the Deathwatch shoulders and helmets. My fluff for their non-space marine stats? Too much group infighting leading to low cohesion. Also 2 monkeys and 4 Psykers, all in a Chimera.

That's 223 points plus whatever the Chimera costs. Is it still 70 points? Does anyone have that page?

I am really hoping to have 36" range Bolters and/or a +2 save with this.

>> No.14237056

IG regiment using nothing but stolen space marine equipment and vehicles....

if only the predator was in the codex.

>> No.14237458


Inq Henchmen-200
Crusader (to take the random powerklaw attack)
Psyker (large blast template)
Warrior Acolite x3 w/ melta/ carapace 54 (close AT)
Warrior Acolite x6 w/ storm bolter/ carapace -66 (support fire)

Inq Henchmen-200
Crusader (to take the random powerklaw attack)
Psyker (large blast template)
Warrior Acolite x3 w/ melta/ carapace 54 (close AT)
Warrior Acolite x6 w/ storm bolter/ carapace -66 (support fire)

Inq Henchmen-200
Crusader (to take the random powerklaw attack)
Psyker (large blast template)
Warrior Acolite x3 w/ melta/ carapace 54 (close AT)
Warrior Acolite x6 w/ storm bolter/ carapace -66 (support fire)

Inq Henchmen- 135
Psyker x8

Inq Henchmen- 445
Arko x6
Crusader x5
Banisher w/ eviserator
Land Raider

this list only comes to 1280... so I can add in an inq or two to support certain areas


>> No.14238193

I think people need to spell Coteaz correctly, you bastards keep putting an 'r' in there.

Also, carapace armor is a total waste, and if you want an effective blasting chimera consider putting Coteaz in a chimera with 3 plasma cannon tech servitors. They have to stand still to shoot but they make marines very sad.

>> No.14239540


they're 55pts now!

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