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Nurgle Thread!

Your papa is lonely. Come sit on Papa Nurgle's lap and tell him your favorite plague stories, or just share some Nurgle art!

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Fuck you and the rot on my toe, you slimy green fatass.
Tzeentch, Slaanesh, and even Khorne have levels of devotion from me, but NURGLE?
Who am I kidding. I'm so depressed. Embracing Nurgle is inevitable.

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See, you understand.

There's no sense fighting it. Life is just so miserable. The only hope is embracing your dear family. Grandfather Nurgle will take the pain away. All the things that hurt you, all the little illnesses, they love Papa Nurgle too. They'll understand, once you're our brother. They wouldn't hurt family.

You'll be at peace, now.

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Old Papa Nurgle's granddaughter is a cutie back there

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I have been the harbinger of plagues many times, have been spreading around diseases for ages, caused even the most pure to corrupt... but this is just plain sick.

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Even Nurgle hates this shit.

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woo papa nurgle all up in this buisness

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>He tensed in a last ditch effort to reject me. I shot what felt like a gallon of POZ jizz up his NEG ass. He went limo, accepting the inevitable.

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I spend so much time on /b/ and the most disturbing shit I have ever read I find on /tg/? Really?

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This is all over /b/, you obviously didn't spend a whole lot of time there.

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not recently, is it new?

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No, it's old. I think I first saw it like a year ago maybe? Pretty fucked up...

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no. I saw it for the first time about a year ago. Likely its been around far longer. I would really like to think this was faked, but the sad thing is their are people who play typhoid mary to try and get as many people infected by aids as possible.

Adding a sexual angle into that is only human.

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Why would Papa Nurgle be lonely when he has the lovely Isha with him ?

... what does she look like anyway ??

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correction, infected with HIV.

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