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>>14213045 reached its image limit.

Let's continue with the crazy, unrealistic, or just plain awesome weaponry.

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A 1911 that shoots 1911s? Shit would be so cash.

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Is that a ring?

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This one goes under "just plain awesome weaponry".

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There's never enough gunbook.

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StG44 for shooting behind corners.

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That is awesome.

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>this thread

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It unlocks your death.

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The funny part is, it never REALLY worked because the bullets would fragment as they hit the curve of the barrel. What came out was rapid fire shrapnel so the guys in the tanks could poke that out a porthole and kill whoever climbed up on the tank since at the time, the best way to beat a tank is get in a blind spot then climb on it.

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Something I made on Pimp My Gun. was trying to go for something that would fire an EMP burst in a cone shape in front of the weapon. That's what those blue triangles are supposed to be. The thing above it is supposed to be the battery, and the orange thing is a coil of some sort. Got the idea from doing a google image search for EMP gun.

Yeah, I'm still new with PMG

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Meant this post to tie in with >>14218336

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But how the fuck is that meant to work?

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Bump with megarevolver

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I am sorely disappointed /tg/. In a thread about ridiculous guns, no one posts this beauty?

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All early Austro-Hungarian semiautos follow that setup. Clip-fed pistols are fun, after all.

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All my hate.

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Completely forgot about that one. Awesome.

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>It unlocks your death.

it be awesome to say that just before you shoot someone in the face with it!

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I think he means a stripper clip. That pistol doesn't look like it has a magazine.

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>iron storm

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oh my sweet galoshes

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You need so many barrels because they're unrifled and have trouble hitting the broadside of a barn while standing inside it.

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I wonder if no one had figured out how to make a good automatic weapon, if this is what we would be using today

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You push the bullets down into the internal magazine.
It actually uses clips, not magazines.

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See, I actually like that. The blade just needs to be further up the gun.

I like axe-guns. Maybe because I like kroot so much

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this confection tastes like bleeding

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I need one.

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"Now THIS is a weapon."

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"This steak is really overdone."
"It's fine."
"No it isn't, it stops bullets."

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THIS is a gun!

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i would use really shitty powder just to do that

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Who needs a big gun when you can just use a big bullet?

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Sonic Weaponry. Nice.

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And they used to shoot ducks with those.

Fucking ducks.

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Just for shits? Because I would assume the duck would be pulp if it actually got hit.

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I was going to make a joke about it shooting legos. But then I read the file name. This would be fun for a larp though.

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Holy shit I want one

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They packed 'em with shot. And then fired them into flocks of birds, lots of times from boats.

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I want a pistol, with an under-slung derringer, with a tiny bayonet on it.

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That sounds like a good time.

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I once ran a Rogue Trader campaign where the players found digiweapons in the form of cutlery.
Knife - digi needler
Fork - digi laser
ordinary spoon - digi needler
dessert spoon - digi melta

In the end it became a standing joke to "give someone their dessert" as code for assassinating someone with a melta

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They took down entire flocks at a time. Why? Because they were English and they fucking could. The Empire was built on the principle of "we can"

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They se me Shootin`

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Oh man, let me add this to the knowledge you've learned on the internet. Early semiautos did use clips and the magazin feather was part of the weapon.

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For shits? Fuck no, they HUNTED ducks with them!

Though they couldn't actually hold the gun (obviously)...so they put them into boats. And then they teamed up in fucking fleets.

So imagine 5+ of these guns firing into a load of ducks and other birds. That's not really fucking sporting, is it? I mean, shit, watch these.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pwEwF7VAaEA (a little background into punt guns)
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n7FeeamC4qk (a punt gun in action)

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Why is this not a thing used everywhere?

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wouldnt it be kind of heavy?

>captcha: this hishet

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Do you really need an answer to that?

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>implying soldiers don't already carry multiple magazines with them or have a strap on their rifles
Anyone physically fit should be able to hold something like that

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you have them on the bottom or on either side, for balance

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Drum magazines.

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I was talking about the mechanics of the gun, not the logistics of it.

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think about holding a full backpack of ammo IN YOUR HAND. You can't be so stupid that you don't see this isn't a solution.

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There's a difference between carrying several magazines on your person and carrying several magazines in your hands (which is what that weapon effectively does). One is unlikely to affect firing accuracy.

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they're called drums

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Sexual Assault Rifle

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>implying that's a one handed weapon

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Even if you had 5 arms, this woundn't be even pratical. Why have ten magazines on a pump action rifle if i can have one huge mazine?

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>implying that effectively holding six magazines in both hands is not going to affect firing accuracy

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This. High capacity with minimum mechanical complexity.

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home-made 12 gauge revolver

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maybe not the airsoft one.

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>Even if you had 5 arms, this woundn't be even pratical
That doesn't really make any sense, but ok

>Why have ten magazines

>on a pump action rifle if i can have one huge mazine?
Why have one when you could have six?

You can reload a new magazine into the missing slots when you pump them out, rather than having to reload one big magazine and waste any bullets you have left over in it

also, shotguns are sexy

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So you use a backpack. No need to stop firing till all ammo is used up and the gun is still relatively light.

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C-Mags are full of failure

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fuck it, just put it on a tripod and put drum magazines into it

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>So you use a backpack
Access to the drum magazine isn't really a problem
You could use a backpack to hold regular magazines as well

>No need to stop firing till all ammo is used up
Unless you need more ammo, that is
If you have a ton of targets and not enough ammo to deal with it, it would be better to reload before engaging
If you still have ammo left in the drum magazine, it's kinda wasted unless you want to use it later
You could just slap in a new small magazine and tadah

>and the gun is still relatively light
Putting all of the bullets into a single spot won't magically make them lighter
To me, it seems to make more sense to have the weight spread out over the entire length of the gun rather than in one spot

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>Why have one when you could have six?
Because it depends on what I'm going to be using the bloody thing for.

If it's an assault rifle? I don't want the combined weight of all my magazines, and all the ammo inside them, to be on the rifle. That's going to make getting precise, accurate shots a bitch.
If it's a LMG? Then I want a place to put a bipod on it. If I'm using an LMG, I'm using it to lay down suppressive fire. As such, I'm going to get into a position where it's easier to support the weapon.

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I believe the guy meant a backpack that houses your ammo on a feed system going to the gun. As opposed to a backpack full of magazines.

It's difficult to fire a gun that weighs even 13 pounds for an extended period of time. I had a room mate with a shotgun that held 25 rounds of 3½" 00buck plus 8 in the tube. Shit gets heavy. Think of it as being like holding books at arms length all day, or holding your backpack in school out in front of you instead of on your back. That little bit of weight is way out in front without being placed on your shoulders or hips or anything. Your average M249 SAW is over 16 pounds. With something like what's pictured here that weight gets dispersed properly to a place that's easy to carry instead of being on the gun.

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>To me, it seems to make more sense to have the weight spread out over the entire length of the gun rather than in one spot

Nope, guns are balanced by putting weight on the front or back of it. Put more weight on the front and you have better recoil recovery, put more weight on the back and you have better gun control when it comes down to aiming quickly and the like.

Having six magazines on your gun is going to:

A. Weigh a fucking ton, having a drum magazine with 200 rounds is going to be lighter than 180 total rounds in six magazines, as the magazines have a greater amount of weight put into the magazine compared to the amount of rounds inside.

B. Constantly fuck with the weight distribution, a massive failure in a weapon meant to be even somewhat accurate.

C. Be less efficient than a goddamn LMG. Seriously, they have reasons for having guns either be light and short or heavy and long; modern warfare is about combining light and heavy arms. Having an assault rifle that is overly heavy and complicated is going to be utterly shit. Having a too short and light LMG is equally shit, the less rounds, and the tiny barrel that is easy to overheat, and the overall inefficient design makes this weapon absolutely worthless.

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>Putting all of the bullets into a single spot won't magically make them lighter
>To me, it seems to make more sense to have the weight spread out over the entire length of the gun rather than in one spot

Dude, of course the bullets don't get lighter. They're still heavy, but you have the weight distributed over your body instead of all in your arms.

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Dumbass, you think we care? Jesus, this is a FANTASY and oddball weapons thread, i highly doubt this shit is going to see Warfare. Some of this may have, but most of this shit is cool in abstract thought, but FAILS in application.

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>Why is this not a thing used everywhere

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Then you best not be defending that gun, nigger.

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If you want fantasy, I'll take a gnome with that backpack ammo system, load it full of explosive darts, and have it going to a hand crossbow with a clockwork belt-feeding system.

I'll have him strapped to my chest while I dual-wield ray guns. He'll be my bullet-proof vest. The big case full of explosive darts would be safely held between the gnome and I, making it more protected.

Also for a counterweight I'll have another gnome on my back who throws bombs over my shoulders. I am fantasy-mecha man.

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>Also for a counterweight I'll have another gnome on my back who throws bombs over my shoulders. I am fantasy-mecha man.
Drawfags, assemble

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Quickbump to add my own stuff.

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I would very much like to get some /k/ommandoes and phy/sci/cists in her to figure out how to create a functioning version of pic related.

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Recognize this?

Yep, that's a nuke. Comin' at you.

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One of the greatest shit I have ever read.

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Is there a reason this wouldn't work?

Not saying would it be effective, just why it would or would not work

>> No.14225622

How about crazy ways to reload your otherwise normal handgun?

>> No.14225680

Who said it wouldn't work?

I mean, the Recoil would be a fucking bear... I don't know that you could actually recover and put it back on target for another shot in less than the amount of time it would take to fire off three shots from a normal revolver, but it should actually function.

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it would work fine if you could actually lift the thing and keep it on taget with that weight

>> No.14225735

>>recoil would be a fucking bear
Not neccessarily. That gun looks like it's pretty damn old. There was a period when 32 Colt and 8mm shorties were considered acceptable self-defense rounds: that thing looks like it's designed to fire low-power .30-ish rounds to maximize the damage.

Also, modern loads are very signficantly hotter than they were a century ago. It's actually unsafe to fire modern 9mm parabellum in, say, a Mauser broomhandle because of the difference in power between modern powders and the old ones.

So couple an already-anaemic round with shitty powder, and that thing would be fairly manageable. Shitty, but manageable.

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Plus, they probably don't make 18 round speedloaders. That thing would take forever to reload.

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Honestly, it's probably intended as a cavalry arm. It's the only logical reason I can think of for even trying to prototype that.. thing. The weight's less of a concern, and you're trying to optimize the unit for terror tactics and short engagements. The gun dumps large quantities of cheap ammo quickly, and potentially lethally - you don't even really need accuracy if you're doing a full charge.

Then again, this is probably just a penis gun, and I'm probably overthinking things.

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Gatling Musket? Thats a nock gun.

pictured is a 30 shot air rifle with the comparitive power of its contempary powder weapons

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I'm actually getting one of those in 45 Colt for home defense. Almost got it in 44-40, but I'm not crazy enough to try to fire that shit from a pistol.

Gotta love the old Mannlicher navals. Those things are retarded ugly.

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You sure that's a Mannlicher? I see some similarities, but... Can you recognize the model?

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Eh, I didn't name it, I just saved the pic.

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Grappling shotgun? Fuck yeah.

/k/ommando here gonna dump a heap.

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Need a big gun?

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Can you believe this this started life as one of these?


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>> No.14226134

How about a little gun instead of a big gun?

>> No.14226138

Moar Chechen?

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sorry, it's a Bergman Mle. 1896, I mistook it for a Mannlicher 1901 for some reason. Still a remarkably ungly, yet somehow adorable gun.

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Sorry smoek break.

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>> No.14226212

you couldn't tell immediately just by looking at the pistol grip and trigger assembly? The thompson has a very unique form.

here's some other ones you might not have guessed.

Smartgun- modified MG42 with the pistol grip removed and a handle on the end.
Flamethrower- A really poorly chopped up M16 with a gas canister
Remington M870- As itself
Colt 1911- As itself

Han's DL44- Mauser C96 with a cone on the barrel and a scope.
stormtrooper blastechE11- Sten with some goofy stuff attached
IG88's rifle in Empire- MG34 with some crap on it.

Beretta M9 'super killer'

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>> No.14226223

Yeah but it's still a horrifying bubba job.

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>> No.14226232 [DELETED] 

>>stormtrooper blastechE11- Sten with some goofy stuff attached
Not quite. It's a stock Lancaster SMG (standard-issue brit gun for many years, it's a Sten upgrade from the post-war era) with a short magazine plug and a crappy scope.

>> No.14226233

That's airsoft.
Note the small tamiya plug near the back of the receiver.

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>> No.14226238

also airsoft.

>> No.14226243


IIRC, there was a VP70 in Aliens as well

The Storm Trooper blaser was a Sterling L2A3 -a bit more modern than a Sten

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>>stormtrooper blastechE11- Sten with some goofy stuff attached
Not quite. It's a stock Sterling SMG (standard-issue brit gun for many years, it's a Sten upgrade from the post-war era) with a short magazine plug and a crappy scope.

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Delicious ballistic knife.

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>> No.14226274


That "crappy scope" was a tank scope, usually M19/ or 32

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Grenade shovel?

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cease your dump, commoner

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I'll have you know that the circuit judge is cool as fuck.

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What is this?

>> No.14226353

All of my love.
I fucking love those slick, long, almost straight-line rifles. I don't care if they're long behind everything else in technical stats, I just dig their looks.

>> No.14226361

How does this even work?

>> No.14226368

Exactly what it looks like. An entrenching tool that can also be used as a grenade launcher.

>> No.14226378

Probably alright. It is just 2 AK's slapped together.

>> No.14226392


Why would you put bayonets on a mounted gun?

>> No.14226399

To stab people when you get overrun?

>> No.14226401

Who doe's that? WHO??

>> No.14226408


Woulda thought it'd be too heavy to actually, y'know, stab people with, but w/e

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>> No.14226475

The shotgun used in Aliens was an Ithaca.

The Empire blaster was also a Sterling.

>> No.14226541

Inspired by knifegun, i made this.

>> No.14228015

did someone actually make one of these? I've seen the picture before, and I would love to get one.

>> No.14228032

Tell me somebody who's downloading all these is going to upload a folder of these somewhere.

These threads have been amazing.

>> No.14228350

You twit, that gnome can easily make you a whole set of armor with crossbow mount, plus shoulder-mounted mini-catapult for grenade throwans.

All you need to do is make sure he doesn't put any useless shit in at the same time, and makes it clockwork-powered instead of hamster powered.

>> No.14228393

John Dillinger had two of these made. Yes, a Springfield .45 modified to fire fully automatic, with a tommygun grip.

>> No.14228490

See filename.

>> No.14228514

>> No.14229729

The HAMMER unmanned defense system. It's basically two automatic shotguns that can mounted on top of a vehicle or aerial drone and fired remotely. The shotguns are removable and unmodified, thus can be used by infantry.

>> No.14230692

Dillinger's not the only one. Saw a couple IRA specials once - some crazy Irish bastard made a full-auto 1911.

A belt-fed, full-auto 1911.
The thing is damned amazing in action.

>> No.14230731

Looks like some of you gents are possible Cracked readers.

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