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So I'm starting a new deathwatch campaign, and I was wondering what sort of things I should know, be on the look out for
Tip? Tricks? Ideas?

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If you have an apothecary, give them renown for helping their squadmates. Don't dick 'em over.

If you're into that sort of thing, try and have the marines get involved in some social situation to see how they react. Might be cool.

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lol.. you're not that same guy from yesterday, are you?

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Nah, but I read the thread, so I figured I'd just repeat it.

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I saw your thread, that how did that end up working out for you?

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It wasn't me augh.

Just repeating the lesson of that thread.

(polite sage for not actually contributing)

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Scratch that! I need to F5 before hitting submit

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Alright, lets get back on track
Can anybody help me with what kind of stuff to keep my eye out for when I'm running this game?

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What do you mean? Interesting things you can do with the plot, or things to watch out for?

If it's things to watch out for, make sure there's at least -some- synergy between the chapters you have.

Having a team of three Blood Ravens and three Black Templars is going to be a very, very awkward Thunderhawk ride.

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One: you have to emphasize to the players that their primary purpose is not to shoot everything that moves.

Two: mission briefings and memorable ally NPCs will make or break your game. The game hinges on your ability to give your players a ludicrous amount of context as space marines lead a monastic, isolated existence

Three: don't be afraid to stray from lore, it is all propaganda anyway and a big part of being in the deathwatch is how the players cope with the fact that the simple reality they enjoyed as righteous space marines is really just a defense mechanism.

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I'd like some pl0t ideas. I can expand off of them, but I'm not the best fountain of starter ideas.
What chapter combinations would be a good idea to recommend to the players?

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Generally anything works, as long as you avoid the whole "every squad member has a grudge against every other squad member" thing.

Plot hooks could be anything, really. Finding a piece of Xenos archaeotech, discovering the beginnings of a tyranid infestation, dealing with Tau expansionists...

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