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The Imperium finds a planet sized ork on their scanners. What the fuck do they do?

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Exterminatus. Then ork burgers, forever.

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Use the Mars Cannon and fuck it up. Orks 5+ armor save won't do shit.

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At that size, his armor plates would be miles thick.

That's at LEAST a 2++ save.

Maybe AV 1000.

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That's assuming the ork managed to obtain armour of any kind. Apart from grabbing a nearby moon and fashioning it into a codpiece, I don't think it would happen.

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Realise they've found the Tyranids hive mind.

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Exactly, not to mention it's an entire planet that's a cannon. I mean. C'mon. That's at least got major rending and double the orks toughness. Instant Death rule.

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>>The Imperium finds a planet sized ork on their scanners. What the fuck do they do?

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Hit it with the life-eater, laugh and then fly away.

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Ork's GROW, they aren't born huge, this Ork has been alive for who the fuck knows how long, just fighting and fighting and fighting and surviving.

He would scale up his armor as he grew, not to mention, you know, spores, he's probably a living Ork World, covered in Orks, with a huge rocket pack that let's him fly around or some shit.

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Ork's living on the DEATHBOSS, with his planet killing GIGADAKKA.

There's a Mek Boy living in his right armpit who sells wrought and proppa dakka there is, and those Skar boys who live in the weave on his reight wrist band are hard as, as, as the GIGA CHOPPA

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if it's that old, get someone with a nice big sonic cannon, drive over to its head and turn the volume to 11.

then yell "oi! Oldfart! Whatcha remember of the Zoggin' Emperor of the humies? You probably met 'im?!

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"Oy? Yeah, dat humie boss-"

You can't hear anymore, because everyone went deaf.

This fucker's voice would be heard throughout the surface of the DEATHBOSS, plus if he has any Cybork part's, they could actually live in him.

Now I'm imagining him getting to a world and punching it to release the Waaagh! from GIGACHOPPA Battleship/Choppa/HugeAssTransport.

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Thanks for the plot to my next RT game

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Nothing, because Orks still need to fucking BREATH. If such an ork did exist, it would suffocate. Hell, if such an Ork did exist it would need radically different physiology than the rest of its species. It would barely qualify as an Ork.

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>moon codpiece

oh god my brain the images burn

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Technically, at that size, he'd have his own atmosphere.

And once he got big enough, he'd have to put on some kind of atmosphere device, say when he's big enough his head is in the upper atmosphere.

Again, he didn't go *Boink* and suddenly become planet sized, it most likely took millennia, this guy would be... damn he'd probably have been alive during the war in heaven.

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bullshit, he's an ork


and since he believes this, it's true!

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This is 40k. Ork shit works because Orks think it should. I think he'd be okay, as long as he didn't try to understand it.

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There isn't enough gas in the galaxy to support such a monstrosity. At the very best he'd cling to a planet, breath up its atmosphere and then kick off that planet to another one he knows has a breathable atmosphere while holding his breath. He would be GalactOrk, Breather of Worlds.

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and when the ork gets ahold of the shoota planet?

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meanwhile, on the surface of the orks body, the entire Adeptus Mechanicus fights the biggest WAAAAAAGH ever trying to recover the planet/gun

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ITT: War Planets 40K

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I'm now imagining the Sol system as an Imperial Voltron.

Mars is the chest piece, Terra is the head. The Emprah's golden throne activates, the Emperor reanimates and has to work with the members of the high council in order to operate the limbs correctly.

They square off against DeathBoss, who's WAAAAGH through the galaxy has left him of roughly equal size.

Both of the huge entities are crawling with loyalists, with the DeathBoss being literally infested with Boys, and the Sol-bot swarming with the loyal forces of Terra/Adeptus Mechanicus

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What, you saying the Imperium had finally found proof of Gork and Mork?

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This thread made me laugh so fucking hard. Bravo good sirs.


Into The Storm supplement book for Rogue Trader, page 65.

"Too ‘Ard Ta Care
Prerequisites: Ork, ‘Ard, Toughness 50
The Ork is simply unconcerned with trivial matters like
extreme temperatures, hard vacuum, poison, disease or breathing. The character gains a +20 bonus on all Toughness Tests to resist the effects of heat, cold, vacuum, suffocation, disease, poison and any other adverse environmental conditions which require a Toughness Test to resist."

Yep. If a planet-sized Ork literally believes he doesn't need to breathe (or just doesn't think/care about it) he will not need to breathe. And since this Ork obviously worked up to being gigantic slowly, odds are good that he stopped caring a long time ago.

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Aaaaaaand we're gonna need a drawfag right about now.

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So we've got Morkatron and Gorkamus Prime versus Unorkron?


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>Technically, at that size, he'd have his own atmosphere.

Yeah, made of whatever he breaths out.

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The Super Galaxy Gorkkan Morkann!

Just who da hellz do ya gitz thinks we iz?

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Guys, don't forget about the GIGANOBZ that orbit DEFFBOSS like ded-killy moons

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someone needs to draw DEFFBOSS battling OPTIMUS TERRA

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His entire body must be covered in Dakka.

His chest is a giant lance battery.

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Lances aren't very Orky though, it's like a gargant cannon, only scaled to planet size

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>build giant loudspeaker
>ask him "What do you breathe?"
>maximum trollface

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>You are now aware of your own breathing

In any case, you have demons exploding out of psychics, spess muhreens with rocket-launching death-pistols and Necrons. If that shit can happen, then DeathBoss is most likely the very epitome of Orkiness and as such an avatar of Gork and Mork. Breathing wouldn't even exist for him. Just an atmosphere to bellow in. With with a voice like his, he can bellow through a vacuum with enough force to make it a not-vacuum.

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>>using a loudspeaker in space

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you're now imagining the sheer potency of DEFFBOSS's WAAAGH energy causing bubbles of atmosphere to float through the void at his enemies, and when they hit his battlecry is heard

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Emperor prepared for this,

you think the golden throne was just a psychic beacon?

Wrong, it was a cockpit.

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"By the Emperor, what are those things?"

"They look like... soap bubbles?"



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Jesus chirst an ork that big doesn't even need a weapon, his gravitational field alone could probably fuck a solar system up enough to kill everything.

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LOL, he thinks Orks have something as good as 5+ armor. How droll.

6+ paper is best armor!

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If he believes he has enough oxygen, and his minions do too, then they damn well have enough air. Hell, I bet he's got so much Waaagh-powa in him, he could change dang near anything!
"Hey, I hear the Emperor's healthy again!"
meanwhile, on Terra...

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By the Emperor, the win readings in this sector are off the charts!

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His dandruff is squigs, his farts deffkoptas.

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da brown wunz go... oh god, I can't even finish that line.

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>his dandruff Orkeosaurus', his fart's Gargants.

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Someone draw DEFFBOSS v A Battle Barge

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If I remember correctly Orks also become more intelligent as they get bigger. This motherfucker is probably the smartest living creature in the universe.

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And just when you think things possibly couldn't get any bigger, the Imperium realizes that the Eye of Terror is just what it says on the tin: an eye.

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DEFFBOSS vs Optimus Terra vs that Necron death-star thing


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And where would Makka the Mad fit into this?

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she's Warboss of one of the many WAAAGH's on DEFFBOSS

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Have a version with text.

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he was also apparently alive during the War In Heaven.

So he will probably be wondering a few thing's depending on how long ago he got to big to hear what the Little boys have been saying.

For all he knows, Eldar are still at war with the Necron's, and technically the allies of the Orks, maybe, and the Orks are still at war with the Warp.

He's probably still trying to get into the warp to crump dem young'n Chaos God gits.

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It's lacking the proper number of skulls

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So, he's a pretty huge fucker with a massive gravitational field, with many orks living on his skin/inside him.

Because of his nature, it is certain that many vessels (of which lots will be warp capable) will have crashed into him over the aeons, and at least enough of them will survive with their necessary components in-tact for the surface-orks to construct some form of warp propulsion (and probably normally propulsion, how he got to be able to move in the first place:
>walking around one day
>decides to rocket into space
>swells to moon size
>crashes into battlefleet
>scavenges armour, weapons and drives
>becomes megaork planet)

So, he could presumably enter the warp.
Not to mention he's one of those entities that if you can't kill them outright they'll just get stronger; through a few fleets at him, they fail, the surface orks adapt them into the megaorkplanet.

Shit, he can't be killed.

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Ork's don't work QUITE that way.

Here's the Formula:
>Get Bigga
>Repeat ~ATH.

This guy just hasn't gotten to the 'death' part.

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Dat's no moon...

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Mega Armor, Ard Armor.


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The Tyranids would cream themselves if they saw him.

"You say it's biomass ALL THE WAY THROUGH?"

>> No.14209209

I'm imagining a horde of big Stompas with kites attached to them waiting around his butt till he farts, propelling them to space in magnificent speed and scent.

>> No.14209212

Deffboss might even have working Gellar fields from some of the Imperial ships he Krumped.

>> No.14209216

The olde english text is kind of hard to read. It would be easier on the eyes if it were in a different font.

>> No.14209223

queue DEFFBOSS fighting the Hive Fleets and probably winning

>> No.14209233

That's true. But could a planet sized ork even keep his waaaaugh going? Eventually the boyz would get bored and move on to work for someone more mobile, and planet ork'd deflate like a balloon.

>> No.14209251

Old boys leave, new boys get on.......he could be some crazy ork training ground.....

>> No.14209258

The Tyranids would cream themselves if they saw him.

"You say it's biomass ALL THE WAY THROUGH?"

Cue fighting, fighting everywhere.

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Except that he has infinite Boyz due to a unique property of his biosphere turning spores from dead Orks into full fledged Nobs in under five minutes.
Nids would never get a chance to harvest He Which is the WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGHHHHHHH!

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To be fair.

This guy.



He's been around since the War in Heaven, fighting and fighting and fighting.

When he WAAAGHs a tear in reality is ripped into the Warp and he goes in to fight Khorne while his body is covered in Bloodthirsters and shit.

When he awakens, he releases a pulse of pure WAAAGH that gives Ork's throughout the Galaxy the Ork equivalent of a Boner.

When he hit a Tyranid Hive Fleet, it calls for reinforcements.

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>mfw I read this thread


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>this thread

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Wouldn't stop them trying.

Hell, the canon Ork-Tyranid war (that's attracting huge numbers of Orkz and Tyranids from all over the place) would look like a pissing contest compared to the shitstorm this giant bastard would cause.

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Hey guys.
What if-
What if this is how Gork and Mork were made?

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So, have we reached the point of "enuff dakka" yet?

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I am picturing an Ork with planets for boxing gloves, or imperial ships rigged as a massive power claw.

Covered in orks, who have their own power claws.

>> No.14209534

where's da zoggin' archive, ya grotz?

>> No.14209546

not just alive during the war in heaven, this guy must have been one of the first orks EVER made by the old ones.

>> No.14209586

Use a planetkiller and watch the mess.

You know that bit in the Chaos 3.5 codex where Abaddon fires one a a planet? Yeah, like that, only with Ork bits.

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I'm seeing it now; the Hive mind, in order to put up a fight, makes their own giant 'nid beast to fight him. Planet sized brawl, destroying galaxies as they constantly throw and claw around.

>> No.14209606

It would be sort of like the end of Guren Lagaan... only with an Ork and a Tyranid. Thus considerably more messy.

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>Each bit is a giant mass of orkspores, with Orks riding them
>You just triggered the WAAAAAAUGH

>> No.14209643


I have one question.

Is it -this- Orc that is planet-sized?

>> No.14209653

Except that he's so big that he and all his Boyz think he's unkillable, therefore he cannot be Exterminatused.

>> No.14209657

okay, now we MUST archive this.

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rolled 1 = 1


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>open thread for Ork pin-up girl nose-art
>stay for DeathBoss

>> No.14209802


Am i the only guy who knows how to archive?

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quit mukkin about

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oi you squishy fat gits
datz not how yer waaaagh

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File: 201 KB, 600x600, Hott_Goff_Gurl_Gubbinz_by_Kazuv.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>hot goff girl gubbinz

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You are the only guy who believes that this shit is worth anything.

>> No.14209882

How the fuck is that even possible?

Oh well.. uh... I lure or force him into a star... Burned to a crisp.

>> No.14209905

ITT: Tengen Choppa Gorken Lagann

>> No.14209921

>Orc loots star
>Planet sized orc riding star

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He'll eat the bloody thing

>Orky C'Tan

>> No.14209950

don't mind me, just checking something.

>> No.14209960

>Orky C'tan
The fuck you just done bro.

>> No.14209979



>> No.14210004

Orky C'tan vs C'tan vs Humanity vs Chaos


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We have no choice... SEND HIM TO THE WARP.


>> No.14210106

So he can WAAAGH through the Warp with Gork and Mork and get even bigger?

Fuck, Khorne already got the shit beat out of him once, it would just be embarrassing for it to happen again

>> No.14210152

>Waaghs in warp
>Krumps Khorne
>Stomps Slaanesh
>Zogs Tzeench
>....shit. Nukes Nurgle?

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could he fit in the Maze of Tzeentch?

>> No.14210167

This deathboss is the epitome of teching-up.

>> No.14210170

Khorne's ax is said to regular chop planets in half. This guy is down.

>> No.14210176


>> No.14210190

Khorne already got knocked the fuck out my Gork and Mork

DEFFBOSS won't have any trouble

>> No.14210193

>by Gork and Mork

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Send a team of promethium drillers to do The Emperor's will.

>> No.14210203

So this motherfucker is not only the size of a planet, but for all intents and purposes, he IS a planet.
How big of a planet though? Earth sized, or more the size of a gas giant?
Anyway, he's been cruising around since the very beginning of Ork creation, and even after all this time he's still had to do a SHIT TON of fighting to reach his current size.
Anyway, the entire "planet" is covered in ork boyz. Probably some pretty fucking tough ones too, most would probably be a lot bigger than what the Imperium is used to seeing.
They've probably got all kinds of fucking ancient technology. Lots of Necron shit, gauss weaponry and the like. Not sure what they'd be using for the choppy/smashy weapons, but I'm sure they'd be pretty fuckin powerful and huge.
Given his massive size, the WAAAAGH! field he generates is probably sufficient to allow safe warp travel. But to have gone unnoticed this long by the Imperium, who would they have been fighting?
I'm thinking mostly Tyranids.
Or maybe he's powerful enough to actually travel to other galaxies? He probably just showed up after fucking things up in Andromeda.

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The Labyrinth of Tzeentch is made of pure magic and miracles. If he can destroy that shit I think the Imperium is done for.

>> No.14210209

>could he fit in the Maze of Tzeentch?
could the Maze of Tzeentchhe fit in him?


Does he count as a single ork for the purpose of warp impression? or a planets mass worth?
The amount of WAAAUGH! buildup would either make him the most powerfull being in reality (if he can "control" it) causing Gork and Mork to materialise from the imaterium. Or he would explode wiping the warp clean for several sectors.

>> No.14210216


Maybe he got so big that he finally understands that fighting is pointless when you're too big to loot anything.

>> No.14210226


His WAAAAGH! field is powerful, but I don't think he could yet compete with an actual God of Chaos.
Plus it's Tzeentch, so no matter what happens, Tzeentch still wins.

>> No.14210240

Eh, footsloggers suck in 5th ed. He needs a battlewagon powered by a sun

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Good point.

>> No.14210250


Maybe there's waaaaay bigger things for him to loot in Andromeda, and now he's back to have a galaxy-wide WAAAAGH! in the Milky Way?

>> No.14210260


Stars are still waaaaay bigger than planets.

>> No.14210263

>I have no loot but I must Waaagh

>> No.14210289


with Gork and Mork anything is possible

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>> No.14210320

rolled 3 = 3

So in order to grow so big he'd have to have been fighting hardass enemies for forever. But no one has seen this huge ork, hardly the most subtle creatures at the best of times.

Additionally he could have been doing it anywhere, as the sheer time involved would allow him to travel incredibly long distances through the warp.

SO, I thus deduce that the only threat that could possibly allow him to grow so large, and the reason he has not been seen til now, is that he took off to another galaxy, found some buggy gits that kept getting tougher to fight, allowing him to grow stronger fighting. He eventually drove them to flee, and is pursuing them, hence his return.

Aka DREFFBOSS is the reason the Tyranids are running, and the thing they are running from.

>> No.14210325

granted, Gork and Mork are constantly fighting. DEFFBOSS entering the Immaterium would just add a third combatant who isn't quite as powerful as the other two.

>> No.14210340
File: 192 KB, 468x600, 1297871090167.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This. Is. Awesome.

Seriously, keep on going. Stat him. Someone make a model. Someone actually use him in Apocalypse. Just do it!

>> No.14210356
File: 98 KB, 500x417, 1297109776393.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.14210359

I imagine him having grown so intelligent that he is drifting around philosifising, his warp-prescense so immense that his every whim and thought materialises in some way. He can't really loot anything anymore, orks are allready the pinacle of creation. Always fighting, drawin enjoyment only from fighting. There is only war, for everyone else this is the cause of misery.

So there he floats, content that the final struggle for the orks is won, and that reality is their nirvana, their heaven. Of course, he makes sure orkz gets the best fights, so he's constantly trolling other races to fight the orks.

>> No.14210364
File: 58 KB, 873x627, m2110110_99060103129_BossSnikrot1_873x627.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Nobody has seen him till now
>Nobody has seen him till now
>Nobody has seen him till now
>Nobody has seen him till now
>Nobody has seen him till now
>Nobody has seen him till now
>Nobody has seen him till now


>> No.14210366

the thing is, if modelled to the scale of other models, he would be the size of a house.

>> No.14210368




>> No.14210376


I don't think the Tyranids would ever run from that kind of biomass.

>> No.14210387

So this Ork is the size of a planet.

And he's a several thousand year old Kommando.

So he could easily sneak up on Terra, plant a bomb, and sneak away.


>> No.14210391

there is no evidence Tyranids are running from anything except for half a sentence in the codex.

I does make sense that he would have gone to another galaxy though

also, where the fuck are the drawfags?

>> No.14210403

Fucking wow. His gestalt field would be so large, he would be literally impossible to detect. He's like motherfucking Creed.

>> No.14210414

that would be one cool apocalypse/space hulk/ epic battle.



>> No.14210430

Ok, so we got a planet-sized Ork, that can travel through the Warp on his own power.

And now he's invisible.


>> No.14210431


>> No.14210514

if only we had Drawfags

>> No.14210517

Modelled to the size of battlefleet gothic models, for fairness.

>> No.14210526

An dis ere's da skarr from all da waay when da Deffboss wuz a lil git, it stretched out as 'e got bigga.

Giant scar tissue patch as wide as the grand Canyon and half as tall as the canyon is deep, occasionally parts of it reopen and a squiggoth or ten comes out.

>> No.14210541

so basically setting a Gargant on the table?

>> No.14210581
File: 827 KB, 1024x768, 1297870732307.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Mind = Blown.

That would make for an awesome battlefield with objectives.

>> No.14210584

anyone made a 1d4chan page yet?

DEFFBOSS is clearly /tg/ canon now

>> No.14210590

>I don't think the Tyranids would ever run from that kind of biomass.
His gestalt field would erase communication between individuals of the hive.
As soon as they enter orbiting range all the Tyranids go fucking mental.

The hive mind, sensing the black-hole chasing it screaming WAAAAUGH!
through the empty void, mobilises all of its forces away from the andromeda galaxy.

The undirected Tyranids cannot beat the natural flora of the orkoid.

When ever a piece of metal lands, a mekboy is there.
When ever Tyranids land, Nobs are there.
When ever the enemy is retreating, Orkoi I is there.

>> No.14210605

Sadly not. You see, there is a certain phenomona found on /tg/. When a small number of people really like an idea, it seems to build up a life of its own. It becomes "awesome" simply because other people are saying it's "awesome". The same thing happened with the Necromputer.

Also, for the record, planet sized orcs have been mentioned in fluff before. The answer to the OP's question appears to be "nothing".

>> No.14210643

>No one has seen this huge ork.

That's because he's a Kommando.

>> No.14210646

>Also, for the record, planet sized orcs have been mentioned in fluff before. The answer to the OP's question appears to be "nothing".
If I'm thinking about what you are, from memory, it wasn't an ORK sized planet or even the ORK strain. Only a fungus that spawned proto grotz that tended the fungus giving it superiority over all other funa on that planet (rip out plant, put in spores > win)

>> No.14210738

Planets don't fight back.

>> No.14210771


Well seeing as how this guy is smaller than Khorne's axe...

>> No.14210898

Not necessarily. Khorne's axe can split planets, yes. My axe can split trees. My axe is not as big as a tree.

>> No.14210937
File: 13 KB, 250x300, news-graphics-2008-_655745a[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I see no orks...

>> No.14210956

Are you saying that Khorne's axe is the size of a tree?

>> No.14210974

>Given his massive size, the WAAAAGH! field he generates is probably sufficient to allow safe warp travel.

There is no evidence that the wagh allows for warp travel on its own. It helps make warp engines work, yes, but I don't recall ever seeing an ork being orky enough to step into the warp unaided.

>> No.14210993

the fuck is a wagh?

>> No.14211013


You make a good point sir, but keep in mind that this is the Orkiest Ork that's ever existed. I think that enough WAAAAAGH! could do anything.

>> No.14211017
File: 37 KB, 642x320, Exterminatus.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Cyclonic Torpedoes Dawg.

>> No.14211026

WAAAAAAAAAAGH, spoken by a man with a quiet voice.

>> No.14211046

part of the definition of the word WAAAAAAAGH! is that it must be spoken with an earsplitting cry.

>> No.14211056

Wot dis boy meanz iz dat humiez can't pernou...pernuch...sayz WAAAAGH proper-loik cos deyz not green.

>> No.14211068

There ARE records of Ork's the size of Mountains/Titans though.

>> No.14211087
File: 35 KB, 462x612, green_man[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>he thinks humans aren't naturally green

>> No.14211163


I have no idea what a wagh is.
A WAAAAGH! is an ork thing. Look it up on Lexicanum.

>> No.14211179

I wonder what weapons he would use

a gun made out of several starships taped together and the trigger activating all their defenses at the same time?

You'd prolly have thousands upon thousands of orks who's only job is maintaining said gun

>> No.14211211

Deffboss's WAAAGH!!! energy would put him on the same psychic scale as the Chaos Gods. His strength would be comparable to Khorne, and the Orky fauna living on him would be potent enough to compete with the biohazards of Nurgle.

If this guy gets into the Warp, Chaos is done for. Hell, Malal would probably side with him; since the Gods would almost certainly unite against him, that unity would piss off Malal enough to take action. And Gork and Mork would undoubtedly get involved too, we're talking about the biggest WAAAGH!!! ever, on their turf. The Emperor would like the idea of the Chaos gods dying, so he would help out as well. Cegorach might want in on it for the chance of offing Slannesh, but I doubt it. Warp War I isn't exactly his thing.

Gork, Mork, Deffboss, Malal, and the Emperor against Khorne, Slannesh, Nurgle, and Tzeentch. Place your bets people.

>> No.14211218


Let's not forget that this guy has been around since the beginning, and he's most likely spent a ton of time in Andromeda. We have no idea what the fuck goes on over there, but this guy's been fighting for a looooong time, and he'd have to be fighting some pretty huge/powerful enemies, so chances are he's acquired some of their huge-ass weapons as well.
Also, since he's been around since the beginning, I'd say they probably have plenty of Necron shit like gauss weaponry. There's a good chance that since this guy's so huge and powerful, the orks living on him are able replicate it.

>> No.14211240

>Chaos is done for.
Chaos is never "done for". As long as a single being is feeling emotions in the galaxy, chaos is there.

>> No.14211254

How long would it be before Slaanesh tries to rape it?

>> No.14211275
File: 63 KB, 853x1200, 1299175799545.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

.064 Nanoseconds after first encounter

>> No.14211300

Pretty damn awesome how Deffboss has evolved out of the collective ideas of this thread.

>> No.14211412

What if Deffboss was a weirdboy?
How much shit would he be able to fuck up then?
What about all the boyz that lived on him?

>> No.14211557

rolled 2 = 2

to the people saying hes too big to fight anything, cant tyrannid ships grow to whatever size their biomass allows?
Tyrannid Ultra titan ship vs DEFFBOSS.
Could DEFFBOSS have been floating around andromeda just kicking the shit out of every tyrannid he met?


>> No.14211589

Orks get smarter with age making him an awesome manipulater, the waaaaaaaaggggghh begins.

>> No.14211652

Deftboss, sadly, is a Snotling. The biggest one ever.

Snotlings are round like planets, .and he probably is happy just eating dark matter with tons of orks living on his back.

>> No.14211833

'T͘h͢͞is͢͏ ̸i̸̧͢s̸ ̴́͠ţ͏h͢e͢ ҉̕s҉t͜͡ŕ͜͞ik̶͢e͠ ҉͟͏c͜ui͞͞s͏er̶҉ Bli͘n͘d́i҉n̵g͟ Pu̶r͝g͏i͜tat͠ion̷.́ ͝I ͡re͠peat̴:̵ ͘T̡hi̹̘s̬͈̱ͅ ͚̝̻̥i̬̹͎̳s ̟͙t̖̦̣̪̰h͏e stri͢k͏e̡ ̧cr̢u҉işeͨ̓rͤͪͫ̄ͧ,͆ͮͧ̆ͣ t͌heͧ͊͊ͩ́ͮ́ Blinding Purgitation.

We have been engaged by a massive battle-station of Orkish design. Though the weapons are weak, the sheer amount of them, the sheer mass of the ship-'

The thin man lost his concentration for a moment, looking back at his commanding officer.
"Silence!" he hushed him. He reached out with his mind once more.

'-ing. We cannot hold out for long! We've sustained heavy damage and our escape is cut off. Our sector is-
"Oh shit."
"Sweet Emperor!"'

The transmission of thoughts halted suddenly. The psyker tried vainly to touch minds with his comrade, but it was too late.
He felt a hand on his shoulder. "What was it? What did you hear?"
The psyker began to answer as a stray though in the Warp caught his attention. He reached for it through the void, daring to hope it was someone still ali-

The psyker dropped dead intantly, a trickle of blood coming from his nose.

>> No.14211949


>> No.14212069

Deffboss is pretty much the shit

>> No.14212264


>> No.14212477


>> No.14212662

There's a drawfag thread at
>>14212622 and Im trying to get them in here.

>> No.14212678

I meant to ref. >>14211949

>> No.14212686

Good. Need moar pikshur gubbinz fer DEFFBOSS. Iz anyone gonna make a page fer 1d4chan?

>> No.14212795
File: 35 KB, 360x270, CHALLENGE-ACCEPTED.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Drawfag here.

>> No.14212811


>> No.14212982
File: 97 KB, 600x600, deffboss_01.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


First rough draft. Gimme some ideas fer 'im, guys!

>> No.14213000

I think he needs to be orkier.

Needs more dakka, more choppy, and should be thinner.

I love the galactus helmet, though

>> No.14213022

Needs moar dakka. Covered in gunz and the axe should have guns on it.

>> No.14213029

And the guns need guns on them, and those guns need to fire smaller guns.

>> No.14213041

And those smaller guns fire choppas

>> No.14213049

That explode

>> No.14213051

No need for him to be so fat, he's planet sized, not shaped. And he needs to be orkier; his choppy should be a power klaw, not a choppa, and his dakka should be fucking enormous. It should make Luna look undegunned. Also, he just looks too unaugmented; you should base him off of a Warboss, not an ordinary Boy.

What you have right now is an overweight boy, this is motherfucking Deffboss, the orkiest ork in the galaxy.

>> No.14213067

What if It had a gun

A gun That shoots Orks

Who shoot guns

>> No.14213081
File: 49 KB, 800x600, warboss.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Here, this is a random warboss I found on google image. Might be useful if you want a visual.

>> No.14213087

And those boyz had choppas too.

>> No.14213093

I really love that I came up with the name Deathboss.

It was a joke about the Death Star at first but it fit's so well now.

>> No.14213108
File: 14 KB, 300x159, Ork_Mekboy_Spanner_Boy.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Good point, boss. I'll get right on dat!

>> No.14213129

You know, I never realized that was the allusion. Deathboss just seems like the kind of thing Orks would name their ultimate boss.

>> No.14213139

Thats no moon. Its a space station.

>> No.14213147

I just checked 1d4chan.

There still isn't a Deffboss article.

Get on that 1d4fag's.

>> No.14213160

Well it's Deffboss in the Orky periphery, but yeah, that was the first thing that came to me back then.

>> No.14213180
File: 99 KB, 600x600, deffboss_02.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Still not done, obviously.

>> No.14213187

I just imagined this thing fighting TTGL.

>> No.14213191

There should be a solid wall of dakka mounted on his shoulders and back.

>> No.14213202


what if this thing loots Luna?

it seems big enough for it

>> No.14213226

Better. Much better. You've got the overall body shape, though he could do with a little more mass around the gut. Right now there's |------| much gap between the chest and stomach, bring that down to |---|.

The shoulder plate is fantastic, there should be an echo of it on the other shoulder. And his jaw should be mechanical. You're obviously working on the weapons so I won't rehash them.

This is coming along great, I look forward to seeing the next draft!

>> No.14213250

needs more sense of scale. More tek as well, because it has been established that no small part of the deffboss is made up of wrecked and repurposed ships.

>> No.14213282

"Sir! That's no space station!"

And thus, the Battle Barge "Emperor's Blessing", was lost to the warp.

>> No.14213301
File: 130 KB, 600x600, deffboss_03.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Iz I doin' is proppa, boss?

>> No.14213312


>> No.14213321

the cities are too large relative to him.

>> No.14213330

Imperium warships engage it from a range where it wouldn't even be able to see it.

Aim for the eyes

>> No.14213332

Teef guns. YES

>> No.14213345


nobody bothers to think about how horrible that existence would be for the ork... i mean what the hell would it interact with? it'd just be floating in an endless darkness, occasionally getting slammed into by fast moving rocks or shot at by scared-shitless space craft. The ork would spend most of his time either too hot or WAY too cold, probably tumbling through space at a terrible velocity and trying just to grab onto something dense enough to anchor it's massive body for any period of time.

>> No.14213349

That's why it needs Dakka armor manned by smaller Orks. It's like he has eyes in the back of his head, except they're guns and kill things.

>> No.14213354

Brilliant. This is very, very good. The only problem with the right arm is that the claws on the power klaw are a little too short/straight. They should have a joint halfway up the blade and be a bit longer. Other than that it's coming along spectacularly, I'm on the edge of my seat waiting for the dakka side of him.

BTW, you can ignore my comment on the gut/chest ratio, your addition of a belt made up the difference.

>> No.14213357
File: 178 KB, 761x956, gorkken morkann.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

never change, /tg/ never change...

>> No.14213364
File: 19 KB, 450x358, walrusautofellatio1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.14213365

No they are not. We need moar boyz t' fire all da gunz

>> No.14213371

with WAAAAGH power it can probably telepathically communicate with pretty much whatever the fuck it wants.

>> No.14213393

He could have some minor infection in his left leg

infection being a whole swarm of nids that are enjoying the literal walking buffet

>> No.14213397

The orc is so old it is a genius and can probably beet Tzeech at chess.

>> No.14213401

Use biggar dakka

>> No.14213407

He's probably more of a tactical genius than Creed!

>> No.14213408


that's even worse! at least if it was an idiot it might not realize how horrible it's existence is.

>> No.14213414
File: 123 KB, 500x375, ideon_guns.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


About the sense of scale:

The Imperium battleships are too large. They are only about 20-30 km long, compared to a planetary body at least 20,000 km tall (size of Earth) and most likely even bigger. The battleships should look like clouds of dusts from that cosmic distance, shaped like a formation.

Needs moar planets and asteroids around it to show scale.

Although a lot of ships form the weapons and armours of DEFFBOSS, they are, in His scale, only point-defense weapons at best, and should be illustrated with tiny lines coming out of all directions from His body, each of this line represents ALL weapons of a battleship firing at once in one direction. Each of these lines is capable of glassing (not obliterating outright) another planet...

Such is His level of dakka...

The only weapons even worthy of scale comparison to DEFFBOSS are

Mars Cannon.
Luna Cannon.
Talisman of Vaul?

Anything else is simply too tiny...

>> No.14213421


Your inferior mind cannot begin to comprehend Deffboss.

>> No.14213428

Yeah, I mean... wait, is that a gargant? DEFFBOOOOOOOOOOOOOOSSSS!!!!!

>> No.14213437

if he sneezes does the snot become comets?

>> No.14213446

He has enough mekboyz to be able to make a second mars cannon

>> No.14213448

His nose is filled with smaller WAAAGHS. He sneezes whenever the Orks need to invade a planet

>> No.14213457
File: 147 KB, 600x600, deffboss_04.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Okay, I downsized him a bit because, really, if he were the size of Earth we wouldn't be able to see ANY kind of detail. Moon-sized object shown in the corner for a better scale.

Got a little Waaagh! going on on his right knee. Perky Tyranids!

>> No.14213460

What is this "mars cannon" everyone keeps talking about? I get that it's a really big gun on Mars, but I've never heard mention of it in any 40k codex or novel.

>> No.14213461

He sneezes squigoths

Why is this not on 1d4chan?

>> No.14213483



>> No.14213486

I like the gubbinz. Excellent touch. The only thing that seriously needs work now is the Dakka, his guns are puny. The barrels need to be longer and there should be ammo feeds coiling around his arm.

And that right arm above the klaw is looking a little barren, throw in another Ork settlement.

>> No.14213487

I think he needs an iron gob. Question is, what should it be made from?

>> No.14213489

Maybe some battle barges on the edge of the scene?

>> No.14213502

His boot's could use a little more detail, they should look more salvaged and ship-like.

>> No.14213511

core of a star gone iron?

>> No.14213529

Yet it would STILL only take 1 Charlie Sheen to get Deffboss high

>> No.14213540
File: 52 KB, 800x583, 1295476540430.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ah, yes, Terra-class Titan (posted before, reposted here) should be shown for scale as well. I don't remember how big the Terra-class Titan is supposed to be (since it is a /tg/ thing), but let's just say that it is only the Emperor's palace (the size of the Eurasia continent), and not the whole Earth...

Then it would be slightly smaller than DEFFBOSS, but still quite close.

>>them; humns

Dem crafty 'ummies...

>> No.14213542

Cause the 1d4fag's are being lazy.

>> No.14213548
File: 162 KB, 600x600, deffboss_05.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Runnin' out o' room 'ere, boss!

>> No.14213551
File: 64 KB, 500x505, 1298282684434.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I challenged Jaimas to do so.
He accepted.

>> No.14213554


Not the drawfag, but I actually think that the irongob takes a little away from DEFFBOSS. The current facial expression is just golden...

Also, DEFFBOSS is simply too dead'ard that he never lost a jaw in a battle, and his proud nature makes him consider having an iron gob a sign of weakness...

something like that

>> No.14213649
File: 179 KB, 600x600, deffboss_06.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

About ready to call this one done. Not sure what else I could add to the big boy.

If I gets approved, I'll move on to colours and such over the weekend. I'm voting Deathskull!

>> No.14213653


No, a Gargant AS the table

>> No.14213655

You've forgotten the Planet he uses as a codpiece that was established earlier in the thread

also, he should be MUCH larger when compared to Mars or Terra, he has been around and fighting since the War in Heaven, he's older than the Chaos Gods and possibley one of the first Krork created by the Old Ones.

>> No.14213673

Also Deffboss is supposedly a Kommando

But as for colours, he should have ALL of the Orky colours featured on him


>> No.14213687

if hes a komando he should have a Orange jumpsuit, and then small rok like fortresses in STRATEEJIK locatoions

>> No.14213699

Any news on 1d4chan yet?

>> No.14213701

People were saying he's a Kommando because no one ever actually sees him and lives to tell about it, so he's sneakin' about the Galaxy after his personal WAAAGH!

>> No.14213710

nothing up for DEFFBOSS yet

>> No.14213716

If yellow is dakka, what is choppa?

>> No.14213717

and as everyone knows any ork sneaking about should be wearing an orange jump suit!

>> No.14213732

Black is killy, choppy is lumped in there. Dakka gets its own colour because you ALWAYS need more of it, no matter what

>> No.14213806

Simply fantastic. Any further suggestions I could give would be trivial and irrelevant. I call this sketch ready for color.

>> No.14213819

People, Green Iz Best. Deffboss is the bestest Ork eva. He needs to be green. His boots should be red (they go fasta) and his guns should be yellow (shootier) but his main color should be green.

>> No.14213827

he wouldnt need gun maintained, his willpower would create weapons out of ships. and if he could hear a mekboy saying they were upgrading his guns... well reality is done for

>> No.14213852

dis my gun, da squishy umies made it, the boys say its called the litny. so i made it da litny of WAAAAAHHH! an its got a right bit of dakka. id say its da shootiest gun in da galaxy

>> No.14213854

>weapons out of ships


>> No.14213861

i already did

>> No.14213874

due to the sheer size that DEFFBOSS is supposed to be, one battlebarge is much too small.

Think of the opening to the first episode of TTGL

>> No.14213875

>No picture


>> No.14213879

Two battlebarges welded together then.

>> No.14213884

im no artfag, just his gun has to be a fist smashed through the remains of the litany of litanys litany

>> No.14213897

it should be more like a small Fleet welded together

>> No.14213908


There, I wrote a 1d4chan entry. It's not very long, but at least it's there.

>> No.14213919

This reminds me of one discussion we had at the local gamestore.
Blood Angel's home-planet. With wings and engines. They Deepstrike their planet.

>> No.14213972

Say some big mean Mother Hubbard plans on tearing me a structurally superfluous new behind. My solution?
Use some Exterminatus. If that don't work? Use some more Exterminatus.

>> No.14214179
File: 692 KB, 1223x1600, OrkTek.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I eagerly await the drawfags results

>> No.14214906

I think we've found what happened to the squats. he ate them.

>> No.14215981

So that's the Kraken? I've got you tooth, dum deffboss.

>> No.14216006

Not wanting to be outdone, the Chaos Gods put aside their differences to turn into a Chaos Megazord out of the Eye of Terror.

>> No.14216032
File: 54 KB, 600x502, nid warrior.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

no, that was us.

>> No.14216036

He looted two space hulks and made it a twin linked shokk attack gun.

Firing his weapon can cause warpstorms.

>> No.14216118




Get to updating.

>> No.14216255


> The hive mind, sensing the black-hole chasing it screaming WAAAAUGH!

Oh jesus, the Deffboss is so WAAAGH-y that he picks up black holes and uses them as microphones.

"But that doesn't-""WAAAAAAAAAAGH!!!"

>> No.14216753

If black holes actually do have worm holes coming out teh other side, then just imagine some random locations in the galaxy hearing this massive WAAAAAAAAGH scream every so often.

>> No.14216777

Most Orkz consider themselves the center of the universe.

This one actually knows it's the center of the galaxy....

Truth- our galaxy does not revolve around a black-hole... it is a green hole, an object so orky that not even light or conventional logic can escape.

>> No.14216827

God-emp vs Orkoid.

Emps gets a ship to land on him, and all his battle gear.

>> No.14216839

>Implying sound can travel in a vacuum

>> No.14216843


Single virus bomb. Orkz arent immune to them and a big one would just melt down.

>> No.14216869

OK, we're getting to that point in the thread where it's simply too huge for anyone to read the whole thing, and so they're rehashing what's already been covered.

Someone fully update 1d4chan, then start a new thread.

>> No.14216912


>> No.14217019

"Dearie, I can't sleep, that damned green hole is screaming again."
"Oh shush honey, that's probably just the Tyranids in your bed."

>> No.14217270

Drawfag from earlier here.

I'll be slapping on some colour on the Deffboss over the weekend. So expect me to update around Sunday evening or Monday morning.

>> No.14218480

brilliant! also bump

>> No.14219987

one more bump for awesomeness

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